Most Searched Dog Training Keywords Niches List 500+

If you’re looking to start a dog training business or simply want to improve your dog’s behavior, it’s important to understand the most searched dog training keywords niches list. By optimizing your website and content for these keywords, you can improve your online visibility and attract more potential clients.

In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of the most searched dog training keywords niches. We will also discuss the importance of targeting these keywords and provide tips on how to use them effectively.

Why Target Dog Training Keywords?

As a dog trainer or business owner, your goal is to attract potential clients who are actively searching for dog training services online. By targeting the right keywords, you can ensure that your website and content are visible to these potential clients.

Optimizing your website and content for dog training keywords can also improve your website’s overall SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking. This means that your website will appear higher in search engine results pages, making it more likely that potential clients will click on your website.

Most Searched Dog Training Keywords Niches

  • Dog training
  • Puppy training
  • Obedience training
  • House training
  • Agility training
  • Behavioral training
  • Clicker training
  • Positive reinforcement training
  • Leash training
  • Crate training
  • Guard dog training
  • Service dog training
  • Therapy dog training
  • Tricks training
  • Hunting dog training

Most Searched Dog Training Keywords Niches List 500+

Sr. No.Keywords for Dog Training (A to Z)Search Volume Monthly CPC
1are dogs allowed on trains2500$0
2are shock collars good for training dogs1220$2.02
3can a dog be litter box trained1210$0
4can a service dog in training go anywhere1240$2.99
5can aggressive dogs be trained1230$1.60
6can dogs go on trains1790$0
7can dogs travel on trains1520$2.19
8can older dogs be trained1290$1.29
9can t potty train dog1240$0.55
10can you crate train a 1 year old dog1230$1.93
11can you house train an old dog1270$0.66
12can you litter box train a dog1370$0.88
13can you litter train a dog1410$1.09
14can you potty train a dog1240$0.12
15can you potty train an older dog1270$0.04
16can you take dogs on trains2080$0
17can you toilet train a dog1240$0.34
18can you train a cat like a dog1310$2.19
19can you train a dog not to bark1270$0.13
20can you train a dog not to bite1230$0.54
21can you train a dog to like cats1340$0
22can you train a dog to use a litter box1410$2.22
23can you train an old dog1460$2.26
24how are dogs trained1230$4.76
25how are drug dogs trained1290$0
26how are guide dogs trained1370$4.04
27how are police dogs trained1370$4.20
28how can i potty train my dog1230$2.05
29how can i train my dog1340$1.11
30how can you train a dog1250$2.34
31how do i house train my dog1250$0.77
32how do i potty train my dog1310$1.27
33how do i train a dog1230$1
34how do i train my dog1410$1.12
35how do i train my dog to come1220$0.95
36how do police train dogs1250$1.02
37how do they train police dogs1250$1.17
38how do you crate train a dog1340$0.99
39how do you house train a dog1410$1.15
40how do you house train an older dog1230$0.86
41how do you leash train a dog1240$0.79
42how do you potty train a dog1590$1.82
43how do you potty train a dog fast1210$2.31
44how do you potty train an older dog1230$1.77
45how do you train a dog1920$2.17
46how do you train a dog not to bite1270$2.14
47how do you train a dog to fetch1230$5.33
48how do you train a dog to sit1250$2.70
49how do you train a dog to stop barking1270$1.38
50how do you train a therapy dog1230$3.04
51how do you train dogs1340$1.56
52how do you train your dog1340$1.64
53how long do you crate train a dog1250$3.01
54how long does it take to crate train a dog1340$3.33
55how long does it take to house train a dog1680$1.94
56how long does it take to potty train a dog2200$2.57
57how long does it take to train a dog1590$3.62
58how long to crate train a dog1310$0.87
59how long to house train a dog1460$0
60how long to potty train a dog1520$2.63
61how long to potty train dog1270$1.52
62how much are dog training classes1310$1.65
63how much are dog training classes at petco1220$2.85
64how much are dog training classes at petsmart1220$1.24
65how much does dog obedience training cost1250$2.71
66how much does dog training cost1590$3.14
67how much does dog training cost at petco1230$2.87
68how much does dog training cost at petsmart1240$1.19
69how much does it cost for dog training1230$4.03
70how much does it cost to train a dog1460$2.91
71how much does it cost to train a police dog1270$0.46
72how much does it cost to train a service dog1410$2.24
73how much does petsmart charge for dog training1210$2.09
74how much for dog training1230$2.35
75how much is dog obedience training1250$1.62
76how much is dog training1460$2.34
77how much is dog training at petco1270$0.54
78how much is dog training at petsmart1250$0.51
79how much is it to train a dog1264$2.02
80how much is obedience training for dogs1240$1.35
81how much to train a dog1286$1.75
82how police dogs are trained1270$2.81
83how potty train a dog1270$0.93
84how potty train dog1210$1.86
85how to bell train a dog1410$2.36
86how to bell train your dog1290$0.64
87how to clicker train a dog1460$2.89
88how to clicker train your dog1680$1.57
89how to crate train a dog5600$0.65
90how to crate train a dog at night1370$1.32
91how to crate train a dog when you work1250$0.71
92how to crate train a dog with separation anxiety1410$2.13
93how to crate train adult dog1240$0.07
94how to crate train an adult dog1410$0.69
95how to crate train an older dog1790$0.38
96how to crate train an older dog with separation anxiety1370$2.52
97how to crate train dog1520$0.69
98how to crate train dog with separation anxiety1210$1.32
99how to crate train older dog1290$0.76
100how to crate train your dog1790$0.41
101how to dog training1370$1.23
102how to house train a 1 year old dog1240$0.63
103how to house train a 2 year old dog1250$0.82
104how to house train a 3 year old dog1230$0.12
105how to house train a dog6600$0.74
106how to house train a dog in 7 days1370$0.57
107how to house train a dog in an apartment1250$1.06
108how to house train a older dog1240$0.20
109how to house train adult dog1240$0.23
110how to house train an adult dog1460$0.71
111how to house train an old dog1920$0.68
112how to house train dog1460$0.85
113how to house train your dog1680$0.81
114how to kennel train a dog1790$0.66
115how to leash train a dog2800$1.93
116how to leash train an older dog1270$0.98
117how to leash train your dog1590$2.69
118how to litter train a dog1520$1.42
119how to obedience train a dog1290$0.90
120how to obedience train your dog1270$2.50
121how to pad train a dog1340$1.79
122how to paper train a dog1340$1.80
123how to potty train a 1 year old dog1310$0.72
124how to potty train a 2 year old dog1410$1.22
125how to potty train a 3 year old dog1250$1.41
126how to potty train a 6 month old dog1220$0.42
127how to potty train a adult dog1240$0.70
128how to potty train a boy dog1230$1.39
129how to potty train a deaf dog1240$1.84
130how to potty train a dog13300$1.37
131how to potty train a dog fast1590$1.80
132how to potty train a dog fast and easy1250$1.30
133how to potty train a dog in 7 days1920$0.93
134how to potty train a dog in an apartment1460$1.26
135how to potty train a grown dog1270$0.96
136how to potty train a male dog1230$2.04
137how to potty train a one year old dog1250$0.58
138how to potty train a small dog1290$1.18
139how to potty train a two year old dog1230$0.40
140how to potty train adult dog1310$0.25
141how to potty train an adult dog1520$0.32
142how to potty train an older dog2200$1.05
143how to potty train an older dog in an apartment1340$1.10
144how to potty train dog2200$1.76
145how to potty train dogs fast1270$1.08
146how to potty train my dog1310$0.75
147how to potty train older dog1410$0.58
148how to potty train your dog3100$1.09
149how to potty train your dog fast1250$1.50
150how to potty train your dog to go outside1230$0.95
151how to properly train a dog with a shock collar1460$0.68
152how to puppy pad train a dog1250$2.16
153how to re house train a dog1240$0.75
154how to re potty train a dog1290$0.55
155how to re potty train your dog1290$1.12
156how to start a dog training business1310$4.71
157how to start training a dog1240$0.46
158how to toilet train a dog2500$0.65
159how to train a 2 year old dog1370$1.15
160how to train a 4 year old dog1250$2.27
161how to train a bad dog1270$1.95
162how to train a barking dog1240$1.51
163how to train a bird dog1590$2.79
164how to train a blind and deaf dog1220$2.42
165how to train a blind dog1340$1.09
166how to train a boxer dog1410$0.43
167how to train a cadaver dog1240$10.48
168how to train a catahoula leopard dog1230$0.65
169how to train a cattle dog1340$0.39
170how to train a cattle dog to work cattle1230$1.79
171how to train a coon dog1370$0.85
172how to train a deaf dog2080$1.63
173how to train a disobedient dog1290$2.34
174how to train a dog19300$1.03
175how to train a dog at home1460$0.67
176how to train a dog book1270$0.91
177how to train a dog for agility1240$0.69
178how to train a dog for hunting1250$1.79
179how to train a dog for toilet1520$0.73
180how to train a dog from barking1250$0.96
181how to train a dog in german1230$1.11
182how to train a dog not to bark2800$0.89
183how to train a dog not to bark at everything1220$0.65
184how to train a dog not to bark at strangers1250$1.15
185how to train a dog not to bite2080$0.97
186how to train a dog not to bite strangers1370$0.92
187how to train a dog not to bite when playing1210$1.03
188how to train a dog not to chase cats1270$0.67
189how to train a dog not to jump1680$1.48
190how to train a dog to1250$0.21
191how to train a dog to attack2080$1.83
192how to train a dog to attack on command1520$1.07
193how to train a dog to bark1370$0.02
194how to train a dog to bark at strangers1460$0.62
195how to train a dog to bark on command1290$0.53
196how to train a dog to be calm1270$1.78
197how to train a dog to be protective1270$1.39
198how to train a dog to bite1290$0.65
199how to train a dog to bite on command1270$15.38
200how to train a dog to catch a frisbee1290$0.24
201how to train a dog to come2200$1.18
202how to train a dog to come when called1370$0
203how to train a dog to detect low blood sugar1270$2.40
204how to train a dog to do tricks1310$0.28
205how to train a dog to drop it1250$2.14
206how to train a dog to fetch1920$2.31
207how to train a dog to fight1240$0.71
208how to train a dog to give paw1310$2.77
209how to train a dog to go outside1340$1.19
210how to train a dog to go potty1230$1.12
211how to train a dog to go potty outside1270$1.86
212how to train a dog to heel1680$2.07
213how to train a dog to hunt1370$1.73
214how to train a dog to hunt squirrels1230$2.01
215how to train a dog to lay down1520$0.07
216how to train a dog to like cats1310$3.06
217how to train a dog to not bite1340$1.27
218how to train a dog to pee and poop outside1250$1.67
219how to train a dog to pee on a pad1270$2.35
220how to train a dog to pee outside1680$1.53
221how to train a dog to play fetch1290$2.87
222how to train a dog to poop on a pad1230$1.07
223how to train a dog to poop outside1520$0.90
224how to train a dog to potty1230$1.53
225how to train a dog to protect1290$0.97
226how to train a dog to retrieve1270$0.97
227how to train a dog to roll over1790$3.94
228how to train a dog to run with you1310$2.88
229how to train a dog to shake1370$1.50
230how to train a dog to shed hunt1290$1.77
231how to train a dog to sit3100$1.32
232how to train a dog to sit and stay1340$1.55
233how to train a dog to speak1410$1.07
234how to train a dog to stay1920$1.37
235how to train a dog to stay home1230$3.40
236how to train a dog to stay in the yard1370$0.98
237how to train a dog to stay in yard1230$0.57
238how to train a dog to stay off furniture1250$0.87
239how to train a dog to stop barking1920$0.78
240how to train a dog to stop biting1410$0.79
241how to train a dog to stop chewing1250$1.61
242how to train a dog to stop digging1230$0.53
243how to train a dog to stop jumping1340$0.81
244how to train a dog to stop licking1240$0.43
245how to train a dog to track1310$3.97
246how to train a dog to use a doggie door1290$4.75
247how to train a dog to use the bathroom outside1310$1.77
248how to train a dog to use the toilet1290$1.09
249how to train a dog to walk1340$2.57
250how to train a dog to walk off leash1310$1.41
251how to train a dog to walk on a leash2080$1.53
252how to train a dog to walk on leash1370$0.21
253how to train a dog to walk without a leash1290$0.32
254how to train a dog tricks1310$0.80
255how to train a dog using a shock collar1240$2.87
256how to train a dog video1270$1.34
257how to train a dog where to poop1270$1.06
258how to train a dog with a shock collar1520$1.35
259how to train a dog with separation anxiety1340$1.51
260how to train a dog youtube1240$1.07
261how to train a dominant dog1290$0.07
262how to train a drug dog1270$1.64
263how to train a drug sniffing dog1290$1.54
264how to train a duck dog1410$1.89
265how to train a duck dog puppy1240$2.55
266how to train a duck hunting dog1230$1.55
267how to train a farm dog1230$0.27
268how to train a fearful dog1290$0.81
269how to train a german shepherd dog1410$1.03
270how to train a guard dog1920$2.79
271how to train a guard dog instructions1240$0.25
272how to train a guide dog1340$1.82
273how to train a gun dog1410$1.17
274how to train a herding dog1290$1.05
275how to train a hog dog1250$2.61
276how to train a hound dog1270$0.31
277how to train a house dog1230$2.48
278how to train a hunting dog1590$1.88
279how to train a hyper dog1460$1.99
280how to train a mean dog1220$1.30
281how to train a nervous dog1270$4.86
282how to train a new dog1250$4.29
283how to train a older dog1310$1.40
284how to train a pitbull dog1270$0.76
285how to train a pitbull to be a guard dog1310$0.68
286how to train a police dog1340$1.13
287how to train a psychiatric service dog1290$1.50
288how to train a rabbit dog1270$1.80
289how to train a rescue dog1460$2.58
290how to train a scared dog1290$1.58
291how to train a search and rescue dog1370$2.02
292how to train a service dog2500$2.13
293how to train a service dog for anxiety1520$2.82
294how to train a service dog for seizures1240$2.11
295how to train a shy dog1270$1.69
296how to train a skittish dog1270$1.43
297how to train a sled dog1250$2.01
298how to train a small dog1370$1.06
299how to train a small dog not to bark1230$0.75
300how to train a squirrel dog1460$1.15
301how to train a stray dog1310$3.09
302how to train a stubborn dog1520$1.56
303how to train a stupid dog1230$2.19
304how to train a therapy dog2080$1.99
305how to train a timid dog1290$1.43
306how to train a tracking dog1240$1.65
307how to train a wild dog1250$2.30
308how to train a working dog1290$0.59
309how to train abused dogs1230$4.21
310how to train adult dog1310$0.58
311how to train aggressive dog1590$0.55
312how to train an abused dog1340$1.52
313how to train an adult dog1410$1.82
314how to train an aggressive dog1920$0.95
315how to train an aggressive dog not to bite1240$2.80
316how to train an agressive dog1920$1.34
317how to train an alpha dog1230$3.03
318how to train an attack dog1460$2.49
319how to train an australian cattle dog1270$0.52
320how to train an old dog1920$2.44
321how to train an older dog to come when called1250$2.92
322how to train an older dog to pee outside1250$0.35
323how to train an older dog to use puppy pads1240$2.31
324how to train an overprotective dog1240$1.06
325how to train an untrained dog1230$0.92
326how to train bird dogs1270$1.26
327how to train cattle dogs1250$0.62
328how to train deaf dogs1370$2.19
329how to train dog7800$1.02
330how to train dog not to bark2200$0.86
331how to train dog not to bite1790$1.28
332how to train dog not to chew1310$0.77
333how to train dog not to jump1590$3.12
334how to train dog not to jump on people1250$2.13
335how to train dog off leash1310$0
336how to train dog to attack1520$0.34
337how to train dog to come1590$0.95
338how to train dog to fetch1410$0
339how to train dog to heel1310$1.69
340how to train dog to lay down1290$0.50
341how to train dog to pee outside1410$0.91
342how to train dog to sit1790$1.93
343how to train dog to speak1270$5.84
344how to train dog to stay1460$1.52
345how to train dog to stay in yard1310$0.37
346how to train dog to stop barking1590$0.79
347how to train dog to stop biting1290$0.14
348how to train dog to walk1250$0
349how to train dog to walk on a leash1270$0.06
350how to train dog to walk on leash1520$0.23
351how to train dog with shock collar1370$2
352how to train dogs to come1590$1.69
353how to train dogs to do tricks1270$1.67
354how to train dogs to get along1270$0.37
355how to train dogs to pee on pads1370$2.26
356how to train dogs to pee outside1340$0.96
357how to train dogs to poop outside1410$1.48
358how to train dogs to stay off furniture1270$0.68
359how to train guard dog1340$1.34
360how to train guide dogs1270$1.85
361how to train herding dogs1230$0
362how to train hog dogs1250$1.81
363how to train hunting dogs1340$0.48
364how to train little dogs1230$1.48
365how to train multiple dogs1240$0
366how to train my dog2500$1.34
367how to train my dog not to bark1370$1.20
368how to train my dog not to bite1270$0.61
369how to train my dog to come1290$0.84
370how to train my dog to sit1290$2.13
371how to train my dog to stop barking1340$0.87
372how to train my dog to walk on a leash1290$4.03
373how to train my german shepherd like a police dog1290$1.36
374how to train old dogs1410$0.55
375how to train older dogs1410$5.31
376how to train rabbit dogs1240$2.67
377how to train search and rescue dogs1270$2.75
378how to train service dogs1590$3.18
379how to train small dogs1370$1.34
380how to train stubborn dogs1290$0.52
381how to train therapy dogs1410$1.87
382how to train two dogs1250$13.74
383how to train ur dog1310$1.08
384how to train you dog1310$1.46
385how to train your dog13300$1.44
386how to train your dog at home1370$1.97
387how to train your dog book1290$0.99
388how to train your dog for agility1240$0.33
389how to train your dog for dummies1230$0.59
390how to train your dog for protection1290$0.82
391how to train your dog for search and rescue1250$2.29
392how to train your dog in german1250$0.09
393how to train your dog not to bark2500$1
394how to train your dog not to bark at people1230$0.49
395how to train your dog not to bite2080$1.18
396how to train your dog not to bite you1220$0.73
397how to train your dog not to chew1250$2.42
398how to train your dog not to jump1590$2.12
399how to train your dog not to run away1340$4.98
400how to train your dog obedience1230$2.45
401how to train your dog off leash1340$1.40
402how to train your dog on a leash1340$0.84
403how to train your dog to1270$0.34
404how to train your dog to attack1920$2.13
405how to train your dog to attack on command1410$2.18
406how to train your dog to attack strangers1310$0.38
407how to train your dog to bark1340$4.50
408how to train your dog to be calm1270$6.61
409how to train your dog to behave1290$0.36
410how to train your dog to bite1250$0.42
411how to train your dog to bite on command1250$3.21
412how to train your dog to come2200$2.42
413how to train your dog to do tricks1410$1.62
414how to train your dog to fetch1680$2.79
415how to train your dog to find sheds1230$0.13
416how to train your dog to get a beer1230$2.23
417how to train your dog to go outside1310$2.33
418how to train your dog to heel1520$4.04
419how to train your dog to hunt1310$1.96
420how to train your dog to hunt birds1220$2.89
421how to train your dog to lay down1520$2.39
422how to train your dog to listen1290$1.76
423how to train your dog to listen off leash1230$9.59
424how to train your dog to pee and poop outside1340$1.57
425how to train your dog to pee on a pad1270$1.58
426how to train your dog to pee outside1590$1.70
427how to train your dog to play dead1520$4.68
428how to train your dog to poop in one spot1290$0.58
429how to train your dog to poop on a pad1290$2.49
430how to train your dog to poop outside1460$1.31
431how to train your dog to potty outside1270$0.99
432how to train your dog to protect1250$1.83
433how to train your dog to protect you1370$3.65
434how to train your dog to retrieve1240$3.01
435how to train your dog to roll over1790$2.52
436how to train your dog to search1230$2.24
437how to train your dog to shake1410$1.93
438how to train your dog to shake hands1270$6.40
439how to train your dog to sit2800$1.64
440how to train your dog to sit and stay1310$2.14
441how to train your dog to speak1410$2.54
442how to train your dog to stay2080$2.09
443how to train your dog to stay in the yard1370$0.70
444how to train your dog to stay off the bed1220$0.36
445how to train your dog to stay off the couch1270$0.75
446how to train your dog to stop barking1790$0.92
447how to train your dog to stop biting1410$1.14
448how to train your dog to stop chewing1230$1.86
449how to train your dog to walk1340$2.08
450how to train your dog to walk off leash1310$2.95
451how to train your dog to walk on a leash1790$1.22
452how to train your dog to walk without a leash1370$1.88
453how to train your dog tricks1520$1.12
454how to train your dog walk on a leash1230$1.33
455how to train your dog with a clicker1310$5.81
456how to train your dog with a shock collar1340$1.44
457how to train your dragon dog costume1270$0.17
458how to train your pitbull to be a guard dog1240$1.86
459how to train your puppy to be a therapy dog1220$2.27
460how to trap pigeons for dog training1220$0
461how to use a clicker for dog training1290$1.69
462how to use a clicker in dog training1210$0.79
463how to use a dog training collar1270$2.91
464how to use a shock collar for dog training1230$2.02
465how to use dog training collar1290$1.57
466how to use remote dog training collar1240$1.61
467how to use training pads for dogs1230$2.86
468how train a dog1460$1.65
469how train your dog1290$0.94
470service dog training raleigh nc1460$0.53
471service dog training san antonio1460$0.73
472service dog training san diego1460$1.97
473service dog training school1460$2.32
474service dog training schools1460$1.16
475service dog training seattle1460$1.98
476service dog training texas1460$1.28
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Tips for Using Dog Training Keywords Effectively

Here are some tips for using dog training keywords effectively:

1. Conduct Keyword Research

Before you start using dog training keywords on your website and content, it’s important to conduct thorough keyword research. This will help you identify the most relevant and popular keywords in your niche.

2. Use Keywords Naturally

When using dog training keywords, it’s important to use them naturally in your content. Avoid stuffing your content with too many keywords, as this can negatively affect your SEO ranking.

3. Optimize Your Website

Optimizing your website for dog training keywords involves using them in your website’s title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, and content. This will help search engines understand the relevance of your website to specific dog training queries.

4. Provide Quality Content

In addition to using dog training keywords, it’s important to provide quality content that is informative and engaging to your target audience. This will increase the likelihood of your website being shared and linked to by other websites, which can improve your website’s SEO ranking.


Targeting the most searched dog training keywords niches is essential for improving your online visibility and attracting potential clients to your dog training business.

By conducting thorough keyword research and using these keywords effectively in your website and content, you can improve your website’s SEO ranking and drive more traffic to your website.


1. What is the most searched dog training keyword?

The most searched dog training keyword is “dog training.”

2. How can I improve my website’s SEO ranking?

You can improve your website’s SEO ranking by conducting thorough keyword research, optimizing your website for specific keywords, providing quality content, and building high-quality backlinks to your website.

3. What are some popular dog training niches?

Some popular dog training niches include puppy training, obedience training, house training, agility training, and behavioral training.

4. What is positive reinforcement training?

Positive reinforcement training is a type of dog training that involves rewarding desired behaviors and ignoring or redirecting undesired behaviors.

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