Most Searches Expensive Questions on Google 1000+ High CPC

Are you curious about the most expensive queries to search on Google? Well, we got you covered. This article will throw light on the top searches most expensive queries people search on Google. We’ll discuss the reasons for the high cost and provide valuable insight into each question.

People use Google to search for answers to various questions, and it is fascinating to discover the most expensive questions that people ask.


We conducted thorough research on various sources to identify the top 15 most expensive questions on Google. We used various tools, including Google Keyword Planner, to determine the average cost per click of each keyword. We also took into account the cost of acquiring the necessary assets or services required for each question.

Most Searches Expensive Questions on Google 1000+ High CPC

Here is the list of most asked questions on google

Sr. No.Most Asked Questions on Google (A to Z)Search Volume Monthly Global CPC
1are all drugs addictive                                           90$32
2are all reverse mortgages fha                                           10$68
3are annual termite inspections necessary                                           10$46
4are binary options halal                                           40$36
5are blood clots dangerous during periods                                           20$35
6are brokerage accounts fdic insured                                           30$40
7are brokerage accounts insured                                           40$52
8are brown recluse in california                                        110$38
9are business credit card rewards taxable                                           30$58
10are business degrees useful                                           30$54
11are business loans hard to get                                           20$39
12are california employers required to provide health insurance                                           10$53
13are caribbean medical schools bad                                           50$42
14are cars cheaper in mexico                                           40$33
15are concrete block homes energy efficient                                           10$33
16are contributions to a roth ira tax deductible                                           70$34
17are credit card knives legal in australia                                           10$34
18are disability insurance payments taxable                                           50$36
19are disability insurance premiums deductible                                           20$41
20are discover cards accepted in europe                                           20$32
21are electronic medical records a cure for health care                                           50$83
22are etfs better than mutual funds                                           50$35
23are facebook ads vatable                                           10$38
24are foundation cracks normal                                           20$51
25are garage door openers easy to install                                           10$41
26are health insurance companies making record profits                                           20$37
27are health insurance premiums tax deductible 2016                                           30$53
28are high yield savings accounts safe                                           10$71
29are home improvement expenses tax deductible                                           30$133
30are income protection payments taxable                                           40$59
31are insurance rates higher for red cars                                           10$50
32are insurance settlements taxable irs                                           10$64
33are landslides covered by homeowners insurance                                           10$37
34are law settlements taxable                                        320$67
35are lawsuit settlements taxable                                        390$35
36are lawyer fees tax deductible                                        210$39
37are leaking pipes covered by homeowners insurance                                           10$36
38are life insurance payments taxable                                           90$36
39are life insurance policies taxable                                        110$41
40are life insurance premiums tax deductible                                        480$64
41are life insurance proceeds taxable to the estate                                           40$41
42are line of credits good                                           20$65
43are managed investment accounts worth it                                           10$33
44are masters degrees worth it                                        170$48
45are mouse droppings dangerous                                           50$44
46are new cars cheaper to insure                                           90$47
47are old cars cheaper to insure                                           90$35
48are online casinos safe                                           70$35
49are online classes easier                                        210$37
50are online college classes cheaper                                           20$69
51are online colleges accredited                                           20$60
52are online colleges good                                           40$64
53are online colleges legit                                           70$32
54are online degrees the same as traditional degrees                                           10$63
55are online degrees worth anything                                           70$36
56are online degrees worthless                                           50$31
57are online masters programs respected                                           30$34
58are online psychics reliable                                           10$67
59are online roulette tables fixed                                           30$53
60are online slot machines rigged                                           10$114
61are online slots rigged                                           50$38
62are part time employees eligible for health insurance                                        110$55
63are personal injury settlements taxable                                        170$112
64are premature babies developmentally delayed                                           10$33
65are premiums paid on life insurance tax deductible                                           20$156
66are proceeds from a life insurance policy taxable                                           10$102
67are psychic detectives real                                           30$46
68are psychics real yahoo                                           90$40
69are red cars more expensive to insure                                        170$37
70are refinance closing costs tax deductible                                           50$33
71are roth contributions tax deductible                                           50$42
72are short term disability benefits taxable                                           90$39
73are silver rounds a good investment                                           20$34
74are small business loans hard to get                                           20$35
75are stocks and shares isas safe                                           20$46
76are tax attorneys worth it                                           20$39
77are term life insurance premiums tax deductible                                           10$49
78are there any online nursing programs                                           20$35
79are there any real psychics online                                           10$38
80are trailers covered under auto insurance                                           20$34
81are umbrella insurance policies worth it                                           20$57
82are university of phoenix credits transferable                                           50$33
83are va loans fixed rates                                           10$34
84are va loans good                                           70$124
85are va loans hard to get                                           20$58
86are viatical settlements taxable                                           20$49
87are voip phones secure                                           10$61
88are wells fargo student loans good                                           20$45
89are wild rats dangerous                                           20$36
90are workers comp settlements taxed                                        170$39
91are workers compensation benefits taxable income                                           20$38
92are workers compensation payments taxable                                        170$34
93are you insured to drive any car                                           20$72
94can a bail bondsman check for warrants                                           30$45
95can a blow dryer kill bed bugs                                           40$45
96can a business file chapter 7                                           20$35
97can a car insurance company deny coverage                                           30$52
98can a child put themselves up for adoption                                           30$35
99can a company buy its own shares                                           90$36
100can a cosigner insure the car                                           50$37
101can a dentist pull an abscessed tooth                                           40$38
102can a divorced spouse get veterans benefits                                           20$33
103can a doctor of chiropractic prescribe medicine                                           20$33
104can a furnace be installed in an attic                                           10$59
105can a harp loan be refinanced                                           20$36
106can a heroin addict recover                                           30$42
107can a landlord make you get renters insurance                                           20$35
108can a leaking water heater be repaired                                           10$106
109can a man still ejaculate after a vasectomy                                        110$52
110can a medical assistant start an iv                                           50$47
111can a non us citizen get a mortgage loan                                           40$38
112can a pension plan be rolled over to an ira                                           10$36
113can a person die from opiate withdrawal                                           20$33
114can a person have two dental insurance plans                                           10$32
115can a physical therapist prescribe medicine                                           20$60
116can a registered nurse write prescriptions                                           50$33
117can a second mortgage be discharged in chapter 7                                           20$36
118can a tax attorney really help                                           30$113
119can a va home loan be transferred to another person                                           20$47
120can alcohol go bad                                        720$56
121can alcohol help a cold                                        170$54
122can alcoholism be inherited                                           90$55
123can americans buy real estate in cuba                                           30$44
124can an employee be forced to work overtime                                           50$36
125can an impotent man ejaculate                                           30$58
126can an insurance company cancel your policy                                           30$92
127can an insurance company drop you after a claim                                           20$37
128can annuities be cashed out                                           20$53
129can antibiotics cause rheumatoid arthritis                                           10$49
130can army reserve get va loan                                           10$33
131can asbestos cause kidney cancer                                           10$34
132can asbestos cause sarcoidosis                                           20$40
133can attorney fees be deducted on taxes                                           20$84
134can bankruptcy stop repossession of vehicle                                           20$34
135can be divided into                                           70$34
136can bed bugs live in cardboard                                           10$35
137can bleach unclog drain                                           70$34
138can blood thinners cause internal bleeding                                           50$40
139can blood thinners make you feel tired                                           20$32
140can boot cut jeans be altered to straight leg                                           10$33
141can buy money order with credit card                                           20$40
142can bydureon be used with insulin                                           20$58
143can canadian open bank account in usa                                           20$66
144can cancer be seen on an x ray                                           20$43
145can car insurance be backdated                                           20$41
146can carpal tunnel be caused by a car accident                                           20$61
147can celiac disease cause rheumatoid arthritis                                           10$62
148can chemo make cancer spread                                           10$32
149can co owner sell house                                           20$40
150can consolidated student loans be refinanced                                           10$36
151can cord blood cure cancer                                           20$44
152can depression cause dry eyes                                           10$34
153can dogs eat quinoa                                     2,400$37
154can federal student loans be consolidated                                           10$36
155can federal student loans be refinanced                                           30$32
156can feel iud strings                                           30$33
157can felons become nurses                                           20$40
158can fire ants kill people                                           10$36
159can gastric sleeve cause cancer                                           10$34
160can graduate students apply for fafsa                                           50$40
161can herniated disc cause chest pain                                           10$35
162can herniated disc heal on their own                                        110$38
163can home equity loans be refinanced                                           10$36
164can i add my girlfriend to my car insurance                                           70$58
165can i apply for business credit card                                           20$38
166can i backup my computer to google drive                                           30$35
167can i backup my windows pc to icloud                                           10$34
168can i bail someone out of jail online                                           10$34
169can i ban myself from online gambling                                           20$44
170can i be a social worker with a criminal record                                           90$35
171can i be a teacher without a teaching degree                                           40$38
172can i be terminated while on workers compensation                                           50$41
173can i become a medical assistant online                                           10$71
174can i become a social worker with a psychology degree                                           20$56
175can i become a teacher with an online degree                                           10$76
176can i become an accountant without a degree                                           20$36
177can i become an rn in 2 years                                           10$49
178can i become an rn online                                           30$42
179can i borrow from a rollover ira                                           10$37
180can i borrow from my roth ira without penalty                                           10$38
181can i borrow money against my ira                                           10$32
182can i borrow money from my term life insurance policy                                           10$32
183can i buy a car without insurance                                        110$47
184can i buy a gun with a dui                                           50$47
185can i buy a multifamily home with a va loan                                           10$34
186can i buy a second home with va loan                                           20$37
187can i buy auto insurance online                                           30$99
188can i buy auto insurance without owning a car                                           20$117
189can i buy car insurance for one day                                           10$36
190can i buy life insurance online                                           10$77
191can i buy shares in aldi                                           30$64
192can i buy stocks online without a broker                                           30$33
193can i cancel auto insurance at any time                                           30$52
194can i cancel my auto insurance anytime                                           30$32
195can i cancel my auto insurance early                                           30$95
196can i cancel my bank account online                                           50$45
197can i cash my work check at any bank                                           10$41
198can i cash out an annuity                                           20$84
199can i cash out life insurance policy                                           20$36
200can i cash out my 401k to pay off debt                                           30$35
201can i cash out my term life insurance policy                                           20$41
202can i cash out refinance a rental property                                           10$35
203can i claim compensation for being assaulted                                           20$32
204can i claim compensation for domestic violence                                           20$56
205can i claim criminal injuries compensation                                           20$47
206can i claim for an accident at work                                           10$39
207can i claim for medical negligence                                           20$76
208can i claim student loan interest on my taxes                                           50$40
209can i consolidate my private student loans                                           40$33
210can i contribute to 401k and ira                                        210$47
211can i contribute to a rollover ira                                        140$32
212can i contribute to an ira if i am retired                                           90$36
213can i contribute to ira and 401k                                        140$42
214can i convert a sep ira to a roth ira                                           10$47
215can i deduct health insurance premiums from my taxes                                           90$66
216can i deduct lawyer fees from taxes                                           10$40
217can i dispute a collection on my credit report                                           20$43
218can i do medical billing and coding from home                                           30$56
219can i drink whey protein for breakfast                                           20$34
220can i earn a teaching degree online                                           10$60
221can i earn points on balance transfers                                           10$108
222can i file my own business taxes                                           10$35
223can i fire my lawyer before trial                                           70$49
224can i fire my personal injury lawyer                                           30$62
225can i fire my workers comp attorney                                           30$38
226can i get a bsn without being an rn                                           30$41
227can i get a business degree online                                           10$85
228can i get a business loan with no credit                                           10$45
229can i get a car insurance quote without a car                                           20$32
230can i get a car title loan without the title                                           20$41
231can i get a certified check at any bank                                           30$46
232can i get a college degree online                                           10$111
233can i get a grant for online college                                           10$51
234can i get a mechanical engineering degree online                                           20$48
235can i get a nursing degree online                                           70$56
236can i get a psychology degree online                                           20$83
237can i get a second va home loan                                           20$32
238can i get a student loan for college                                           40$34
239can i get a teaching degree online                                           90$73
240can i get car insurance before buying a car                                           20$45
241can i get car insurance online                                           90$32
242can i get car insurance without owning a car                                           40$44
243can i get financial aid for online classes                                           70$48
244can i get fired for getting hurt at work                                           20$38
245can i get full coverage on an old car                                           10$33
246can i get gastric bypass surgery again                                           10$39
247can i get home equity loan on investment property                                           10$34
248can i get life insurance after being diagnosed with cancer                                           10$34
249can i get my bachelors degree online                                           30$41
250can i get my lpn degree online                                           10$38
251can i get my masters degree online                                           10$36
252can i get my rn degree online                                           10$38
253can i get pre approved for a mortgage                                           50$42
254can i get pregnant any time of the month                                        110$34
255can i get prequalified for a mortgage online                                           20$37
256can i get rich from the stock market                                           20$38
257can i give my 4 yr old cough medicine                                           30$32
258can i go to patient first without insurance                                           10$45
259can i have car insurance without a license                                           30$35
260can i have closed accounts removed from my credit report                                           20$39
261can i have two checking accounts                                           50$32
262can i have two credit cards from capital one                                           10$49
263can i have two different car insurance policies                                           40$46
264can i have two roth ira accounts                                           30$41
265can i insure my car without driving licence                                           10$59
266can i make money forex trading                                           10$52
267can i make money trading stocks online                                           10$35
268can i negotiate my tax debt with the irs                                           20$48
269can i open a bank account at 17 by myself                                           30$33
270can i open a bank account for my baby                                           50$49
271can i open a business checking account online                                           40$63
272can i open an ira if i have a 401k                                           70$34
273can i own a car without insurance                                           30$66
274can i pay bond with credit card                                           20$47
275can i purchase a money order with my credit card                                           40$52
276can i refinance an arm mortgage                                           10$41
277can i refinance fha loan                                           20$37
278can i refinance from fha to conventional                                           10$39
279can i refinance my mortgage after chapter 7                                           30$42
280can i refinance my mortgage with no equity                                           10$36
281can i refinance my mortgage without my spouse                                           10$43
282can i refinance my private student loan                                           30$34
283can i refinance private student loans                                           20$67
284can i refinance student loans to a lower rate                                           10$45
285can i refinance to a va loan                                           10$35
286can i refinance with the same lender                                           30$35
287can i refinance without closing costs                                           10$54
288can i refuse workers comp                                           20$51
289can i register a vehicle without insurance                                           10$32
290can i register and insure a car without a license                                           20$38
291can i rent my current home and buy another                                           10$60
292can i resign while on workers compensation                                           70$37
293can i rollover a roth ira                                           10$37
294can i rollover a roth ira to another roth ira                                           10$32
295can i rollover my 401k into an existing ira                                           10$38
296can i rollover my 401k to an existing ira                                           10$39
297can i rollover my hsa into an ira                                           10$33
298can i rollover part of my 401k                                           20$38
299can i sell liquor on ebay                                           20$36
300can i sell my habitat for humanity home                                           70$41
301can i sell my home as is                                           30$109
302can i sell my house before foreclosure                                           90$33
303can i sell my house for less than i owe                                           10$36
304can i sell my house if it is in foreclosure                                           30$35
305can i sell my house in foreclosure                                           20$77
306can i sell my house myself                                           90$38
307can i settle with the irs                                           20$37
308can i still sell my house in foreclosure                                           20$40
309can i sue a hit and run driver                                           10$98
310can i sue for food poisoning uk                                           10$40
311can i sue my car insurance company                                           50$57
312can i sue my insurance company                                        110$36
313can i sue my lawyer for bad representation                                           20$76
314can i sue the nhs                                        110$35
315can i sue the nhs for misdiagnosis                                           10$36
316can i sue the nhs for negligence                                           20$54
317can i switch from formula to breast milk                                           20$32
318can i take a loan against my car                                           10$35
319can i take medical assistant classes online                                           10$77
320can i take out my 401k to buy a house                                           20$35
321can i teach at a private school without certification                                           10$54
322can i teach at a university with a masters degree                                           20$87
323can i teach with a masters in education                                           10$37
324can i teach without a degree                                           70$32
325can i trade stock without a broker                                           40$52
326can i transfer money online from one bank to another                                           40$35
327can i transfer my 401k to a roth ira                                           30$65
328can i travel to usa with a drink driving conviction                                           30$42
329can i use a cellphone on a cruise ship                                           10$78
330can i use drain cleaner in my toilet                                           20$36
331can i use interac in usa                                           10$36
332can i use liquid plumr in my toilet                                           70$33
333can i use my credit card at an atm                                        260$37
334can i use my credit card for western union                                           20$46
335can i withdraw money from a roth ira without penalty                                           20$32
336can i withdraw money from life insurance policy                                           10$154
337can ibuprofen make you drowsy                                        140$33
338can illegal immigrants sue for personal injury                                           50$134
339can insurance companies deny coverage                                           90$54
340can insurance cover lasik                                           30$44
341can invisalign push teeth forward                                           20$55
342can lantus be mixed with regular insulin                                           30$106
343can lasik correct astigmatism nearsightedness                                           30$36
344can lasik eye surgery fix astigmatism                                           20$32
345can lasik surgery be repeated                                           20$36
346can lasik surgery correct farsightedness                                           10$42
347can lpn teach cna class                                           20$101
348can lyme cause rheumatoid arthritis                                           10$59
349can markers cause skin cancer                                           10$55
350can medical bills affect your credit                                        320$53
351can medicare negotiate drug prices                                           50$32
352can mesothelioma be cured                                           50$139
353can mesothelioma be cured if caught early                                           10$98
354can mesothelioma be treated                                           20$124
355can money be withdrawn from credit card                                           20$35
356can movers store your stuff                                           10$34
357can my dog get the flu from me                                        140$47
358can national guard get a va loan                                           10$34
359can nri take life insurance in india                                           10$116
360can nurse practitioners prescribe medication                                        480$34
361can one exposure to asbestos be harmful                                           20$33
362can personal loans be included in bankruptcy                                           20$35
363can psoriasis affect the eyes                                           20$32
364can psoriasis be on your face                                           10$46
365can psoriasis cause baldness                                           10$35
366can psoriasis cause low white blood cell count                                           30$43
367can recovering alcoholics ever drink again                                        110$40
368can refinancing hurt your credit                                           50$42
369can reverse mortgages be refinanced                                           10$39
370can rheumatoid arthritis cause elevated liver enzymes                                           20$41
371can seasonal allergies cause dry mouth                                           30$33
372can seller back out of contract before closing                                        110$44
373can smoking cause mesothelioma                                           10$93
374can social security disability be garnished for medical bills                                           20$35
375can someone access my computer remotely without me knowing                                           30$72
376can someone cosign on a home loan                                           30$34
377can someone donate a car to me                                           10$40
378can someone remotely access my mac                                           10$56
379can someone steal my identity with my social security number                                           10$32
380can someone steal your identity with your cell phone number                                           20$32
381can someone take over your car loan                                           30$32
382can sprint track my phone if its off                                           10$41
383can squirrels carry rabies                                        390$41
384can squirrels eat pistachios                                           70$52
385can stage 3 melanoma be cured                                           20$66
386can stress cause premature birth                                           40$71
387can t connect to ethernet                                        110$42
388can t open window                                        140$48
389can t ping network printer                                           20$38
390can t stop bass tab                                     2,900$47
391can talcum powder cause lung cancer                                           10$48
392can the irs levy a joint bank account                                           10$37
393can the irs take your income tax for student loans                                           10$37
394can toothpaste get rid of acne                                        320$34
395can u bail yourself out of jail                                           30$33
396can u buy a money order with credit card                                           30$32
397can va loans be assumed                                           10$97
398can we pay off the national debt                                           20$40
399can webex do video conferencing                                           10$52
400can welfare find out about bank accounts                                           20$33
401can work experience equal college credits                                           30$35
402can yaz cause depression                                           30$40
403can you apply for student loans after bankruptcy                                           10$47
404can you ask for alimony after the divorce is final                                           20$32
405can you backdate insurance                                           20$40
406can you bartend with a dui                                           30$59
407can you become a cpa without an accounting degree                                           30$39
408can you become a surgical tech online                                           10$53
409can you become a teacher online                                           50$41
410can you become a teacher without a teaching degree                                           70$47
411can you bleach hardwood floors                                           90$49
412can you borrow from an ira account                                           20$33
413can you borrow from term life insurance                                           50$33
414can you buy a house while in chapter 13                                           30$36
415can you buy a house with business credit                                           10$58
416can you buy abandoned homes                                           20$42
417can you buy an annuity at any age                                           20$33
418can you buy and sell stock in the same day                                           50$67
419can you buy auto insurance online                                           20$65
420can you buy ftse 100 shares                                           10$40
421can you buy homeowners insurance online                                           10$33
422can you buy multiple life insurance policies                                           20$33
423can you buy nasdaq stock                                           20$37
424can you buy stock after market closes                                           30$49
425can you buy stocks online without a broker                                           10$54
426can you buy vanilla reload with credit card                                           10$54
427can you cancel insurance anytime                                           90$99
428can you cash out a gerber life insurance policy                                           10$54
429can you change medicare supplement plans at any time                                           40$35
430can you change your homeowners insurance anytime                                           30$35
431can you claim credit card interest on your taxes                                           50$78
432can you claim income protection on tax                                           40$117
433can you claim whiplash if the accident was your fault                                           50$33
434can you consolidate private and federal student loans together                                           10$51
435can you contribute to a 401k and ira                                           70$49
436can you contribute to a rollover ira                                           90$39
437can you cool sculpt your face                                           10$33
438can you deduct attorney fees on taxes                                           20$69
439can you deduct car insurance                                           50$42
440can you deduct home equity loan interest                                           50$41
441can you default on federal student loans                                           10$43
442can you die from black mold                                        110$32
443can you do a partial balance transfer                                           20$48
444can you do an mba without a business related degree                                           10$40
445can you do cashback on credit cards                                           30$103
446can you drill out a door lock                                           10$33
447can you drink alcohol after taking abortion pill                                           10$34
448can you drink alcohol while taking a z pack                                           90$37
449can you drink beer on blood thinners                                           20$32
450can you drive a car with transmission problems                                           30$32
451can you drive without insurance                                        480$34
452can you drive without insurance if the car is insured                                           50$43
453can you earn a audiology degree online                                           20$83
454can you file bankruptcy against student loans                                           10$37
455can you file bankruptcy for school loans                                           10$50
456can you file bankruptcy on a judgement lien                                           10$35
457can you file bankruptcy on court fines                                           50$34
458can you file bankruptcy on court judgements                                           20$38
459can you file bankruptcy on judgements                                           50$38
460can you fire your personal injury attorney                                           10$73
461can you force someone into rehab for alcohol                                           30$47
462can you force someone into rehab in california                                           70$52
463can you french kiss with braces                                           50$34
464can you gain weight back after gastric sleeve surgery                                           20$36
465can you get a bachelors degree online                                           20$81
466can you get a business degree online                                           30$133
467can you get a business loan with no credit                                           30$35
468can you get a business loan without collateral                                           20$58
469can you get a conventional loan with 5 down                                           30$46
470can you get a dba online in texas                                           10$38
471can you get a degree in human resources                                           10$41
472can you get a degree online                                           70$36
473can you get a dui expunged in ohio                                           20$40
474can you get a false positive pregnancy test                                     2,400$37
475can you get a home equity loan with no equity                                           10$36
476can you get a home improvement loan with a mortgage                                           30$33
477can you get a masters degree in culinary arts                                           10$61
478can you get a masters degree online                                           70$34
479can you get a masters in accounting                                           10$33
480can you get a masters in nursing                                           50$87
481can you get a medical assistant degree online                                           10$104
482can you get a nursing degree online                                        140$59
483can you get a psychology degree online                                           40$60
484can you get a pta degree online                                           20$68
485can you get a public defender for divorce                                           10$59
486can you get a quick divorce in las vegas                                           20$31
487can you get a residential mortgage on a commercial property                                           20$45
488can you get a reverse mortgage on a manufactured home                                           20$35
489can you get a root canal with braces                                           30$34
490can you get a small business loan with bad credit                                           50$43
491can you get a teaching degree from a community college                                           10$34
492can you get a teaching degree online                                        170$60
493can you get a va loan to build a house                                           30$34
494can you get an associates degree in business management                                           10$45
495can you get an education degree online                                           10$47
496can you get an rn degree online                                           30$37
497can you get business loans with bad credit                                           20$37
498can you get car insurance before you buy a car                                           20$78
499can you get car insurance online                                           70$47
500can you get car insurance under 18                                           20$76
501can you get car insurance with a learners permit                                           70$44
502can you get car insurance with a permit                                        390$33
503can you get car insurance without a drivers license                                           10$33
504can you get cash back using a credit card                                           70$46
505can you get cashback with credit card                                        110$40
506can you get financial aid for online college                                           40$33
507can you get grants for online colleges                                           20$48
508can you get grants for online schooling                                           10$45
509can you get into law school with an online degree                                           10$36
510can you get law degree online                                           10$62
511can you get life insurance if you had cancer                                           20$33
512can you get life insurance on an unborn child                                           10$37
513can you get mesothelioma without asbestos exposure                                           30$67
514can you get pregnant after essure                                           50$81
515can you get pregnant after essure and ablation                                           10$34
516can you get pregnant any day of the month                                        210$113
517can you get pregnant during ovulation                                        720$45
518can you get pregnant on low dose birth control pills                                           10$32
519can you get rid of bedbugs on your own                                           30$33
520can you get rid of student loans by filing bankruptcy                                           10$79
521can you get satellite tv in an apartment                                           10$35
522can you get scholarships for online college                                           30$75
523can you get student loans for online colleges                                           20$127
524can you get teaching degree online                                           20$43
525can you get your bachelors degree online                                           40$78
526can you get your bachelors in nursing online                                           10$78
527can you get your bachelors online                                           10$32
528can you get your lpn degree online                                           20$32
529can you get your masters in nursing                                           10$62
530can you get your nursing degree online                                           20$45
531can you get your own car insurance at 16                                           10$81
532can you get your teaching degree online                                           30$61
533can you give a baby formula and breastmilk                                           30$33
534can you give an older child up for adoption                                           10$47
535can you go to med school with a nursing degree                                        170$41
536can you go to trade school with a ged                                           10$51
537can you have a second gastric bypass surgery                                           10$34
538can you have car insurance without owning a car                                           10$40
539can you have lasik with astigmatism                                           70$41
540can you have secondary dental insurance                                           10$41
541can you have two separate roth ira accounts                                           20$35
542can you have two va home loans                                           10$67
543can you lose money in a roth ira                                           90$34
544can you lose your teaching license for a dui                                           20$34
545can you make money online trading                                           20$40
546can you make money playing online poker                                           70$48
547can you make money spread betting                                           30$59
548can you make money trading futures                                           20$52
549can you make money trading online                                           20$42
550can you negotiate tax debt with the irs                                           10$60
551can you negotiate with the irs on overdue taxes                                           10$52
552can you open a bank account online without a deposit                                           20$71
553can you open a checking account online                                        210$39
554can you open a student bank account online                                           10$35
555can you overdraft on credit cards                                           10$33
556can you paint aluminum gutters                                           70$35
557can you paint wood paneling                                        320$44
558can you pay bond with a credit card                                           70$39
559can you pay for a house in cash                                           50$41
560can you pay your taxes in installments                                           30$54
561can you post a job on linkedin for free                                           30$76
562can you post jobs for free on linkedin                                           10$52
563can you post jobs on facebook                                           10$83
564can you purchase car insurance online                                           10$56
565can you put an alarm on your laptop                                           10$38
566can you put your child up for adoption                                           30$101
567can you read kindle books on iphone                                        210$41
568can you really make money from forex trading                                           20$58
569can you recover data from a wiped hard drive                                           10$50
570can you refinance a car loan with the same bank                                           70$65
571can you refinance a private student loan                                           20$39
572can you refinance a rental property                                           70$34
573can you refinance a sallie mae student loan                                           10$40
574can you refinance a student loan                                        110$32
575can you refinance a student loan after consolidation                                           10$41
576can you refinance an fha loan to a conventional loan                                           40$35
577can you refinance fha loan                                           50$32
578can you refinance government student loans                                           30$42
579can you refinance private student loans                                           70$32
580can you refinance school loans                                           10$34
581can you refinance student loans more than once                                           50$35
582can you refinance student loans to a lower interest rate                                           10$41
583can you refinance with a va loan                                           30$46
584can you refinance without closing costs                                           20$34
585can you remortgage with the same bank                                           20$34
586can you rent a car with a dui                                        170$33
587can you repeat year 12 vce                                           10$45
588can you request a lower interest rate on credit cards                                           50$32
589can you roll a home equity loan into your mortgage                                           10$35
590can you roll an annuity into an ira                                           20$47
591can you roll closing costs into va loan                                           30$34
592can you roll over 401k into ira                                           10$42
593can you roll over ira to 401k                                           30$80
594can you rollover 401k to roth ira                                           40$37
595can you rollover a 457 plan to an ira                                           10$37
596can you rollover a pension into a 401k                                           20$33
597can you rollover a pension lump sum into an ira                                           10$59
598can you sand engineered hardwood                                           70$33
599can you sell a house in skyrim                                           40$54
600can you sell houses in monopoly                                        210$34
601can you sell your home in gta 5                                           10$52
602can you sell your home while in chapter 7                                           40$91
603can you send fax through email                                           20$35
604can you settle irs tax debt                                           10$42
605can you shoot someone breaking into your car                                           40$63
606can you short sell on etrade                                           20$50
607can you stop a credit card payment                                           30$38
608can you sue the va hospital                                           30$35
609can you switch insurance companies anytime                                           40$48
610can you switch mortgage lenders before closing                                           30$47
611can you take a loan against your ira                                           30$41
612can you take nursing prerequisites online                                           10$51
613can you take online classes for nursing                                           30$40
614can you take the cpa exam without an accounting degree                                           10$47
615can you teach college with a masters degree                                           50$49
616can you teach community college with a masters degree                                           70$36
617can you teach kindergarten with an early childhood education degree                                           30$49
618can you teach online with a bachelor degree                                           10$70
619can you teach with a masters                                        110$36
620can you trade forex without leverage                                           10$62
621can you trade options after hours                                           70$59
622can you trade options in an ira account                                           10$42
623can you transfer credit card debt to another person                                           20$38
624can you transfer ira to 401k                                           30$60
625can you turn in leased car early                                           20$40
626can you use a cellphone on a plane                                        170$40
627can you use an american express gift card online                                        140$36
628can you use credit cards at atms                                        480$36
629can you use financial aid for online classes                                           10$44
630can you use plumbers putty on pvc                                           30$33
631can you use two credit cards online                                           20$32
632can you visit someone in rehab                                           30$37
633can you wear contacts after they dry out                                           20$59
634can you win on online slots                                           20$39
635can you win online slots                                           10$74
636can you withdraw from an ira without penalty                                           10$35
637can you withdraw from ira without penalty                                           20$52
638can you withdraw money from an annuity                                           20$36
639can you withdraw money from ebt                                           20$33
640can you write off auto insurance                                           10$82
641can your bank account be garnished without notice                                           30$35
642can your employer cancel your health insurance                                           20$56
643do you 1099 an llc                                           90$34
644do you need a firewall                                           50$56
645do you need car insurance                                        260$40
646do you need car insurance in new hampshire                                           50$60
647do you need car insurance to buy a car                                           90$52
648do you need car insurance to drive                                        110$53
649do you need insurance to buy a car                                        260$51
650do you pay taxes on casino winnings                                           70$66
651do you tip movers from a moving company                                           90$52
652does a red car increase insurance                                           30$38
653does a workers compensation settlement affect social security disability                                           10$60
654does applecare cover water damage                                     2,400$75
655does auto insurance cover the car or the driver                                           40$56
656does auto insurance cover theft                                        140$44
657does baking soda and vinegar unclog drains                                           70$72
658does business insurance cover theft                                           20$43
659does car insurance cover break ins                                           40$92
660does car insurance cover cracked windshield                                           90$58
661does car insurance cover hail damage                                        170$69
662does car insurance cover rental                                        260$39
663does car insurance cover rental cars                                        320$39
664does car insurance cover stolen car                                           50$38
665does car insurance cover vandalism                                        260$36
666does car insurance cover water damage                                           70$68
667does car insurance follow the car or the driver                                           90$65
668does car insurance go down at 21                                           90$37
669does distilling water remove fluoride                                        110$75
670does filing bankruptcy stop foreclosure                                           20$33
671does forex trading really work                                           50$38
672does getting married help your taxes                                           90$55
673does insurance follow the car or the driver                                        110$78
674does iphone 6 have siri                                     1,000$36
675does my credit card cover rental car insurance                                        170$67
676does niacin help detox thc                                           40$36
677does phone insurance cover theft                                           70$36
678does russia have car insurance                                           20$36
679does sizegenetics actually work                                           30$36
680how are mobile apps developed                                           47$35
681how can i open a roth ira                                           20$74
682how car insurance premiums are calculated                                           10$31
683how cell phone jammers work                                           50$110
684how do glasses work                                     1,300$40
685how do i buy shares online uk                                           10$60
686how do i connect my wii to the internet                                        320$83
687how do i find an app developer                                           10$38
688how do i know if i have mesothelioma?                                           20$49
689how do i refinance my student loans                                           90$34
690how do i turn off windows firewall                                           70$47
691how do insurance brokers get paid                                        170$83
692how do life insurance companies make money                                        590$55
693how do you buy shares online                                           20$74
694how do you diagnose mesothelioma10$280
695how do you get mesothelioma                                        170$39
696how do you pronounce mesothelioma                                           40$39
697how does a t1 line work                                           10$101
698how does car insurance deductible work                                        320$36
699how does drain cleaner work                                        140$33
700how drug rehab works                                           10$58
701how fast is t1 internet                                           50$87
702how is a termite inspection done                                           40$34
703how long do you boil corn                                  14,800$43
704how long does an air conditioning unit last                                        320$31
705how long does it take to get a business degree                                        720$33
706how long does it take to install a garage door                                           70$36
707how many fl ounces in a gallon                                  14,800$55
708how many health insurance companies in the us                                           50$45
709how many laser hair removal treatments are needed for underarms                                           20$33
710how many ounces in a cup dry                                     1,600$132
711how many ounces is a gallon                                     4,400$94
712how many pounds are in a kilogram                                     9,900$59
713how much are dui lawyers                                           30$41
714how much auto insurance                                           30$35
715how much can forex traders make                                           20$64
716how much car insurance coverage do i need                                           50$147
717how much do criminal lawyers make                                        480$58
718how much do dental assistants make an hour                                        320$37
719how much do dui lawyers make                                           10$42
720how much do insurance underwriters make                                        110$36
721how much do movers charge for a long distance move                                           10$52
722how much do nurse practitioners make                                     3,600$31
723how much do surgical techs make                                     1,900$32
724how much do termite treatments cost                                           40$33
725how much does a drug rehab cost                                           10$34
726how much does a garage door spring cost to repair                                           10$45
727how much does a pediatric dentist make                                        170$37
728how much does a t1 line cost                                           70$34
729how much does car insurance cost in california                                           50$34
730how much does car insurance usually cost                                           50$35
731how much does garage door repair cost                                           50$53
732how much dui lawyer cost                                           10$82
733how much is a money order                                     1,600$40
734how much is car insurance in ohio                                           70$34
735how much is car insurance in texas                                        210$34
736how much is home security system                                           30$68
737how much is storage in nyc                                           20$41
738how much is voip                                           10$35
739how much is window replacement in a house                                           20$38
740how much to replace garage door torsion spring                                           20$34
741how much to tip movers long distance                                        260$36
742how old are you google                                     5,400$156
743how personal injury claims work                                           30$34
744how personal injury settlements work                                           10$118
745how phones are made                                        210$32
746how tall is arnold schwarzenegger                                  14,800$88
747how to add a shopping cart to facebook                                           10$46
748how to address two people in an email                                        880$96
749how to allow a website through windows firewall                                           10$55
750how to allow spotify through firewall                                           40$71
751how to apply for car insurance                                           90$38
752how to be a successful online college student                                           20$64
753how to become a life coach nyc                                           10$37
754how to block a contact on iphone                                     2,400$32
755how to buy home at auction                                           40$37
756how to bypass iphone passcode                                     4,400$54
757how to cancel health insurance through employer                                           70$39
758how to change 401k contribution                                           20$53
759how to change a brake caliper                                        210$37
760how to change a combination lock                                        210$32
761how to change brake light                                        590$57
762how to change front brakes                                        210$32
763how to change name on iphone                                     1,000$51
764how to change sim card on iphone 4                                        480$35
765how to change the name of an iphone                                        140$40
766how to change wifi password comcast business                                           20$89
767how to change yahoo email password on iphone                                        110$55
768how to check if windows firewall is on                                           30$56
769how to clear browser history on iphone                                        720$48
770how to clear cookies on iphone                                     4,400$41
771how to close apps on iphone                                     5,400$40
772how to compare auto insurance                                           50$35
773how to compare auto insurance quotes                                           50$53
774how to create a archive folder in outlook                                           70$97
775how to create a hotspot on iphone                                        320$33
776how to create a job posting                                           70$34
777how to create a new archive folder in outlook                                           70$96
778how to create a vpn windows 7                                           90$45
779how to create an archive folder in outlook 2013                                        260$64
780how to create archive folder in outlook 2007                                        260$49
781how to create archive folder in outlook 2013                                        720$52
782how to create folders in outlook                                     1,000$50
783how to create folders on iphone                                     2,900$38
784how to create mobile apps with javascript                                           10$35
785how to factory reset iphone 4 without passcode and itunes                                        110$66
786how to finance home improvement                                        170$46
787how to find a medical malpractice lawyer                                           40$47
788how to find cheap auto insurance                                           50$36
789how to get a business management degree                                           30$64
790how to get a business phone number                                        140$35
791how to get a degree in human resources                                           50$32
792how to get auto insurance                                        170$52
793how to get auto insurance quotes                                           40$32
794how to get insurance on a car                                        260$45
795how to get real estate leads from craigslist                                           70$35
796how to get real estate leads on facebook                                           50$56
797how to get student loans off your credit report                                           50$32
798how to get through a firewall                                           70$37
799how to give up a child for adoption                                           70$63
800how to hack a yahoo email account without software                                           70$37
801how to host a dedicated terraria server                                           10$50
802how to install new garage door springs                                           10$46
803how to insure a car in gta 5 online                                           90$71
804how to invest in oil futures                                        210$40
805how to kill winged termites                                           30$76
806how to know if a website is reliable                                        260$47
807how to learn about marketing                                           20$35
808how to learn web development free                                           20$35
809how to lower auto insurance                                        110$40
810how to lower car insurance rates                                        140$35
811how to lower your auto insurance                                           30$51
812how to make an ecommerce website with wordpress                                           40$32
813how to make folders on iphone                                     2,400$39
814how to make grocery shopping easier                                           20$41
815how to make money as a college student from home                                           20$44
816how to make money gambling online                                        110$46
817how to make money in forex currency trading                                           10$52
818how to market your online business successfully                                           10$36
819how to open a stuck garage door from the outside                                           50$42
820how to pick a deadbolt lock with bobby pins                                           70$32
821how to put sim card in iphone                                     1,000$58
822how to recover unsaved word document                                     5,400$33
823how to refinance federal student loans                                           70$35
824how to refinance student loan                                     1,300$31
825how to repair garage door sensor                                           20$45
826how to replace garage door rollers yourself                                           30$40
827how to restore iphone backup                                        720$67
828how to retrieve archived emails                                        590$41
829how to save money on auto insurance                                           50$42
830how to screenshot on hp stream laptop                                        110$39
831how to sell annuities                                        140$62
832how to sell car insurance in texas                                           10$55
833how to sell car insurance over the phone                                           20$47
834how to set up network server                                           50$43
835how to set up retirement plan for small business                                           10$41
836how to set up voicemail on voip phone                                           10$51
837how to settle back taxes with the irs                                           10$32
838how to setup your own ecommerce website                                           10$48
839how to shop for auto insurance                                           90$38
840how to shop for car insurance                                        390$39
841how to ssh from windows                                        260$33
842how to start a cable company                                           90$36
843how to start a server hosting company                                           50$34
844how to start an app development company                                           40$44
845how to start an auto insurance company                                           40$49
846how to start your own online store                                        210$59
847how to stop irs garnishment                                           40$38
848how to stop irs wage garnishment                                           70$49
849how to tell if a website is reliable                                        260$52
850how to treat multiple sclerosis                                        140$32
851how to turn off autocorrect on iphone                                     4,400$68
852how to turn off camera sound on iphone                                     1,900$33
853how to turn off router firewall                                           70$37
854how to turn off windows firewall                                     1,300$51
855how to turn on windows firewall                                        390$41
856how to use electronic medical records                                           50$34
857how to use project management software                                           50$43
858is a masters degree in cyber security worth it                                           30$94
859is a masters degree in human resources worth it                                        140$63
860is a squirrel a rodent                                     1,300$47
861is business administration a good major                                        390$42
862is business administration hard                                        140$35
863is business credit card interest tax deductible                                           20$56
864is business school hard                                        110$43
865is car insurance deductible                                           30$41
866is credit card cashback taxable                                           90$87
867is credit card interest tax deductible                                        390$39
868is e commerce worth it                                           30$42
869is email marketing effective                                           90$44
870is forex trading good                                           50$45
871is forex trading halal                                        260$32
872is forex trading legal in saudi arabia                                           40$34
873is home improvement loan interest tax deductible                                           10$63
874is insurance higher for red cars                                           50$52
875is it illegal to not have car insurance                                        260$88
876is life insurance tax deductible                                        880$36
877is mesothelioma always fatal                                           40$146
878is mesothelioma lung cancer40$299
879is purchases a debit or credit                                           90$40
880is salesforce saas or paas                                           30$35
881is stripe a payment gateway                                           30$38
882is the cloud secure                                        210$44
883is this real life                                     8,100$60
884is voip a landline                                           40$36
885is voip reliable for business                                           10$74
886should i get a lawyer for social security disability                                           10$35
887should movers be tipped                                           40$51
888should you tip movers                                        720$55
889what age does car insurance go down                                        260$72
890what age does car insurance go down for females                                           50$54
891what age does car insurance go down for males                                           90$54
892what are colocation services                                           20$124
893what are dental dams                                     1,300$33
894what are forex trading signals                                           20$46
895what are plant cells                                        480$34
896what are the best web hosting companies                                           40$69
897what are the cheapest auto insurance companies                                           20$39
898what can a human resources degree do                                           10$35
899what can i do with a business administration degree                                        590$31
900what can i do with a human resource management degree                                        210$43
901what can i do with a international business degree                                           50$42
902what can i do with a masters in human resources                                        170$43
903what can i do with business management degree                                           70$34
904what can you do with a business administration degree                                        880$32
905what can you do with a degree in business management                                           70$35
906what car insurance is cheaper                                           10$50
907what car insurance is the best                                           70$33
908what car was used in the movie christine                                           50$43
909what career can i do with a psychology degree                                           30$36
910what colleges offer human resources degrees                                           10$31
911what credit reporting agency does capital one use                                           10$39
912what degree do you need for business management                                           30$38
913what degree is business management                                           30$35
914what do personal injury lawyers charge                                           10$44
915what do you need to get car insurance                                        210$37
916what do you need to start a business online                                           10$45
917what does a personal injury attorney do                                           90$54
918what does an insurance broker do for you                                           20$40
919what does auto comprehensive insurance cover                                           40$37
920what does cna stand for                                     2,400$38
921what does colocation mean                                           90$32
922what does corrupt mean                                     2,900$45
923what does deductible mean in car insurance                                        170$43
924what does full coverage car insurance cover                                        390$36
925what does kmsl mean                                     8,100$47
926what does managed services mean                                           30$39
927what does opec stand for                                     5,400$40
928what does personal injury lawyer do                                           10$43
929what does personal injury protection cover                                        140$34
930what does restore backup mean                                     1,600$40
931what does restore backup mean on itunes                                        210$72
932what does smartphone mean                                        140$37
933what email is the most secure                                           10$49
934what happens if a person cannot get auto insurance                                           40$36
935what happens to your student loans when you die                                        170$36
936what is a broker dealer                                        880$31
937what is a brokerage account                                     2,400$34
938what is a car insurance deductible                                        170$80
939what is a car insurance quote                                        110$51
940what is a cheap car insurance                                           20$34
941what is a degree in business management                                           30$33
942what is a finance charge                                     1,600$54
943what is a firewalls                                           30$49
944what is a good credit score for refinancing a mortgage                                           10$42
945what is a good ctr for adwords                                        170$34
946what is a journeyman electrician                                        390$53
947what is a msp                                        260$33
948what is a non fixed voip phone                                        480$37
949what is a platform                                     2,400$33
950what is a registered investment advisor                                        140$35
951what is a structured settlement                                     1,000$44
952what is a venture capital firm                                        480$81
953what is a voip call                                        480$33
954what is a voip phone line                                           30$54
955what is a voip phone number                                        170$32
956what is a voip phone system                                           90$31
957what is air conditioning service                                           50$41
958what is an auto insurance deductible                                           40$53
959what is auto insurance score                                           30$82
960what is business credit card                                           30$49
961what is car insurance deductible                                           70$52
962what is collision auto insurance                                           70$40
963what is comprehensive auto insurance                                        320$31
964what is considered full coverage auto insurance                                        140$102
965what is covered under comprehensive auto insurance                                           70$48
966what is credit reporting agency                                           30$61
967what is debt snowball                                           90$38
968what is game center android                                           30$33
969what is hosted voip                                           50$52
970what is information gain in data mining                                           20$38
971what is infrastructure management services                                           90$53
972what is managed hosting?                                        140$60
973what is mesothelioma lung cancer                                           20$81
974what is mesothelioma prognosis                                           30$137
975what is meta data seo                                           70$33
976what is no fault car insurance                                           90$39
977what is online currency trading                                           10$32
978what is pbx phone system                                        110$32
979what is personal injury law                                        110$50
980what is rooter service                                           40$51
981what is spread betting forex                                           50$32
982what is t1 internet                                        210$54
983what is t1 speed                                           40$75
984what is the best auto insurance                                        210$48
985what is the best email marketing software                                           20$35
986what is the best forex trading platform uk                                           10$62
987what is the best mobile app development platform                                           10$46
988what is the best poker site                                           50$37
989what is the best property management software                                           30$46
990what is the best web hosting provider                                           50$68
991what is the best web hosting provider uk                                           10$54
992what is the best web hosting site for small business                                           20$39
993what is the biggest state                                     6,600$53
994what is the relationship between genes and chromosomes                                        390$48
995what is voip phone service                                        390$57
996what is workforce management in a call center                                           50$33
997what should car insurance cost                                           30$60
998what to do with a business management degree                                        210$32
999what to do with a finance degree                                        480$78
1000what to do with a totaled car and no insurance                                        140$37
1001what to do with business management degree                                           90$62
1002what type of auto insurance do i need                                           20$55
1003what was one reason that businesses moved to the south                                        480$46
1004what will a business management degree do for me                                           10$37
1005when are social security disability payments made                                           50$49
1006when can i refinance my house                                        210$32
1007when can you get medicare health insurance                                           40$33
1008when did dental implants start                                           20$47
1009when does car insurance go down for males                                        140$50
1010when to get an attorney for a car accident                                        260$145
1011when was the odyssey written                                     1,900$55
1012when will social security disability run out of money                                           10$33
1013where can i donate my car                                        320$35
1014where to cash a check without bank account                                           30$49
1015where to donate a car                                        320$36
1016where to post jobs for free online                                           50$43
1017where to post jobs online                                           70$39
1018where to put microwave in kitchen remodel                                           30$38
1019where to refinance student loans                                           70$32
1020where was arnold schwarzenegger born                                     1,900$43
1021which auto insurance company is the cheapest                                           20$82
1022which business credit card is best                                           20$33
1023which business credit card is easiest to get                                           10$32
1024which business credit cards report to dun and bradstreet                                           10$70
1025which car insurance is better                                           20$63
1026which car insurance is the best and cheapest                                           30$42
1027which car insurance should i get                                           30$35
1028which email service is most secure                                           30$65
1029which equilibrium expression represents the ionization of water                                        210$52
1030which firewall should i use                                           20$37
1031which is an advantage of using a checking account                                        260$115
1032which is the best paraphrase for this passage from beowulf                                        210$42
1033which mba is right for me quiz                                           20$35
1034which mba programs are worth it                                           10$41
1035which mba school is right for me                                           30$56
1036which of the following is true of voip                                        480$39
1037which of the following represents sales force automation                                           90$43
1038which online poker site is the best                                           10$32
1039which personal training course is best                                           10$36
1040which voip service is best                                           20$60
1041which way should the ceiling fan turn                                        320$31
1042who are the best personal injury lawyers                                           20$41
1043who has the best auto insurance                                           90$34
1044who has the cheapest car insurance                                        720$34
1045who has the cheapest car insurance rates                                           70$32
1046who has the lowest car insurance rates                                           90$33
1047who is the cheapest auto insurance                                           50$41
1048who is the cheapest auto insurance company                                           20$78
1049who pays for termite inspection buyer or seller                                           50$57
1050who repairs garage doors                                           20$37
1051who repairs water heaters                                           70$37
1052who to call for water damage                                           30$48
1053why are firewalls important                                           50$34
1054why car insurance is so expensive in ontario                                           10$53
1055why do companies buy back stock                                        480$33
1056why do i need car insurance                                           90$38
1057why do you need car insurance                                        110$63
1058why have life insurance                                        140$38
1059why have stock markets falling today                                           10$33
1060why is auto insurance important                                           50$115
1061why is auto insurance so expensive                                           70$34
1062why is cloud computing important                                        140$37
1063why plumbers are so expensive                                           10$31
1064why refinance student loans                                           50$40
1065why use a crm system                                           30$37
1066why use data mining                                           40$32
1067why use project management software                                           40$57
1068why whole life insurance is good                                           40$41

Top 15 Most Expensive Questions on Google

How to buy a private jet?

The cost of buying a private jet can vary significantly depending on the type of jet, age, and condition. On average, a private jet can cost anywhere from $3 million to $90 million. This question is popular among high net worth individuals who prefer private air travel.

How to invest in stocks?

Investing in the stock market can be an effective way to build wealth over time, but it requires knowledge and research. Many online platforms offer low-cost trading fees, but some stocks can be expensive to buy. Moreover, the cost of hiring a financial advisor or investing in mutual funds can also add up.

How to buy a yacht?

Owning a yacht can cost millions of dollars, and it requires significant expenses to maintain it. The cost of a yacht can range from $10 million to $500 million or more. This question is popular among wealthy individuals who enjoy luxury experiences on the water.

How to buy a house?

Buying a house is a significant financial decision that requires a substantial investment. The cost of a house can vary depending on the location, size, and condition. According to Zillow, the median home value in the United States is $266,104.

How to buy a sports team?

Owning a sports team is a dream for many sports enthusiasts, but it requires a massive financial investment. The cost of a sports team can range from $50 million to several billion dollars. Moreover, running a sports team also requires significant ongoing expenses, including player salaries, marketing, and stadium maintenance.

How to start a business?

Starting a business can be a rewarding experience, but it also requires a considerable financial investment. The cost of starting a business can vary depending on the type, size, and location. It can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to several million dollars.

How to invest in real estate?

Investing in real estate can be a profitable way to build wealth over time, but it also requires significant capital upfront. The cost of investing in real estate can range from a few thousand dollars for a small rental property to several million dollars for a large commercial property.

How to buy a Lamborghini?

Owning a Lamborghini is a status symbol for car enthusiasts, but it comes with a hefty price tag. The cost of a Lamborghini can range from $200,000 to $5 million or more. Additionally, the cost of maintenance and insurance can be significant.

How to get a divorce?

Divorce can be a difficult and expensive process. The cost of a divorce can vary depending on the complexity of the case, the length of the proceedings, and the lawyers’ fees. The average cost of a divorce in the United States is $15,000.

How to become a pilot?

Becoming a pilot requires significant training and certification. The cost of obtaining a pilot’s license can range from $5,000 to $200,000 or more, depending on the type of license and the training program.

How to get a law degree?

Getting a law degree is a significant investment in time and money. The cost of obtaining a law degree can range from $50,000 to $200,000 or more, depending on the law school and the program.

How to buy a franchise?

Buying a franchise can be a great way to start a business, but it requires a significant investment upfront. The cost of buying a franchise can range from a few thousand dollars to several million dollars.

How to get a doctorate?

Obtaining a doctorate degree requires several years of study and research. The cost of obtaining a doctorate degree can range from $50,000 to $200,000 or more, depending on the program and the institution.

How to get a master’s degree?

Getting a master’s degree can enhance one’s career prospects and earning potential. The cost of obtaining a master’s degree can range from a few thousand dollars to $100,000 or more, depending on the program and the institution.

How to get a bachelor’s degree?

Getting a bachelor’s degree is an essential step for many individuals in starting their careers. The cost of obtaining a bachelor’s degree can range from a few thousand dollars to $50,000 or more, depending on the program and the institution.


People search for expensive questions on Google for various reasons, including curiosity, planning, and investment purposes. The cost of each question varies significantly depending on the type, location, and complexity. Therefore, it is essential to conduct thorough research and seek professional advice before making any significant financial decisions.

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