High CPC Photography Keywords 2024

Are you a photographer or a photography business owner looking to increase your revenue through online advertising?

Have you heard about high CPC photography keywords but don’t know how to use them effectively?

In this article, we’ll explore what high CPC photography keywords are, why they are important, and how to use them to improve your online advertising strategy.

What are high CPC photography keywords?

High CPC photography keywords are specific words or phrases that are commonly searched for in search engines and are related to photography.

These keywords have a high cost per click (CPC), meaning that advertisers need to pay more money for each click they receive on their ads.

For example, some high CPC photography keywords include “wedding photography,” “portrait photography,” and “stock photography.

These keywords have a high CPC because they are highly competitive, with many advertisers vying for the top spot in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Why are high CPC photography keywords important?

Using high CPC photography keywords in your online advertising strategy can help you reach your target audience more effectively.

By bidding on these keywords, your ads will appear in the top positions of SERPs, increasing the visibility of your business and driving more traffic to your website.

Furthermore, high CPC photography keywords can also help you attract more qualified leads. Since these keywords are specific to photography, the people who are searching for them are likely to be interested in your services.

How to find high CPC photography keywords

There are several ways to find high CPC photography keywords. One of the easiest is to use a keyword research tool, such as Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, or Ahrefs.

These tools allow you to enter a keyword and see how much competition there is for that keyword, as well as how much advertisers are paying for each click.

Another way to find high CPC photography keywords is to analyze your competitors’ advertising campaigns. Look at the keywords they are bidding on and see if any of them are relevant to your business.

You can also use social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest to identify popular photography-related hashtags. These hashtags can give you an idea of what people are searching for and what kind of content is popular in the photography niche.

List of High CPC Photography Keywords for SEO

Sr. No.Photography Keywords (A to Z)Search Volume MonthlyCPC
13d photography27800$0.76
2abstract photography10600$1.93
3action photography8800$1.58
4adult photography18800$0.34
5adventure photography3600$0.86
6advertising photography3600$6.05
7aerial photography22900$2.73
8alphabet photography5100$0.80
9amateur nude photography6100$0.71
10amateur photography10600$2
11amazing photography33800$0.67
12analogue photography6100$1.21
13angel photography8800$0.70
14animal photography5100$1.58
15antique photography3100$0.61
16architectural photography10600$2.40
17arial photography33800$1.99
18art photography15500$1.87
19artistic photography15500$1.87
20aura photography6100$1.06
21award winning photography3600$1.03
22awesome photography8800$0.80
23babies photography246700$0.85
24baby boy photography5100$0.57
25baby girl photography7300$0.56
26baby photography27800$2.05
27baby photography ideas5100$0.87
28baby photography props4300$0.29
29backdrop for photography5100$0.71
30backdrops for photography5100$0.71
31background photography22900$0.51
32backgrounds for photography5100$0.66
33backlight photography3100$0.82
34backlighting photography3100$0.82
35backlit photography3100$0.82
36bad photography6100$0.18
37basic photography3600$1.59
38basics of photography3100$1.46
39beach photography7300$0.99
40bear photography3600$0.61
41beautiful photography6100$1.41
42beauty photography3100$2.06
43beer photography3100$3.18
44beginners photography3100$1.69
45best cameras for photography10600$0.44
46best friend photography6100$0.82
47best nude photography5100$0.33
48best photography41200$0.87
49best photography apps12800$0.18
50best photography books3600$0.72
51best photography cameras5100$0.43
52best photography editing software22900$0.58
53best photography editors110700$0.08
54best photography website5100$6.17
55best photography websites4300$6.71
56best stock photography sites4300$18.09
57better photography3100$0.23
58bird photography22900$0.74
59birth photography6100$1.92
60birthday cakes photography22900$0.10
61birthday photography33800$0.40
62birthing photography6100$1.92
63black and white photography61200$1.43
64blacks photography27800$0.09
65blur photography33800$0.24
66body paint photography4300$0.18
67body photography4300$1.01
68bondage photography5100$0.58
69book photography4300$2.81
70braless photography8800$0.03
71breast photography15500$0.80
72breastfeeding photography4300$0.21
73bridal photography8800$0.52
74building photography4300$0.71
75buy photography5100$11.21
76cake photography33800$0.12
77camera photography6100$0.30
78cameras for photography3100$0.90
79candid photography27800$0.51
80candy photography3100$0.43
81canvas photography10600$4.28
82captured photography3100$3.08
83car photography6100$1.14
84careers in photography3100$2.57
85celebrity photography15500$0.47
86child photography7300$1.89
87chocolate photography4300$0.59
88christmas photography41200$1.21
89cinematic photography3600$0.98
90classic photography5100$2.40
91close up photography3600$0.81
92color photography4300$2.86
93commercial photography7300$3.71
94composition photography4300$2.06
95concept photography3100$1.69
96conceptual photography6100$1.29
97contemporary photography3600$2.78
98contrast photography3100$2.99
99cool photography50200$0.96
100corporate photography3600$3.78
101couple photography33800$0.99
102couples photography3100$1.93
103creative photography8800$1.58
104creative photography ideas4300$1.96
105cricket photography8800$0.39
106crime scene photography33800$0.71
107cute photography41200$0.93
108dance photography5100$2
109dark photography3600$0.76
110dark room photography3100$0.63
111death photography7300$1.37
112deep photography3100$0.69
113deer photography3600$0.45
114define photography3600$0.92
115desert photography3100$1.40
116design photography7300$0.73
117different types of photography3100$1.60
118digital photography15500$2.83
119digital photography magazines3100$1.04
120digital photography school15500$5.92
121director of photography8800$3.17
122documentary photography7300$2.59
123dog photography5100$1.29
124double exposure photography7300$1.74
125drone photography8800$2.59
126dslr photography8800$0.46
127eagle photography5100$1.53
128editorial photography5100$2.30
129emotion photography4300$0.66
130engagement photography4300$2.13
131erotic photography22900$1.18
132erotic sex photography3600$0.01
133erotica photography22900$1.18
134event photography7300$1.84
135exposure photography4300$1.36
136expression photography3600$1.46
137eye photography8800$0.99
138fairy photography3600$1.40
139family photography10600$2.02
140famous photography3100$1.65
141fashion photography22900$1.34
142film photography8800$1.14
143fine arts photography15500$1.81
144firework photography3100$1.26
145first photography12800$1.25
146fish photography12800$0.50
147fisheye photography4300$1.68
148fishing photography12800$0.50
149fitness photography6100$2.04
150flag photography4300$0.63
151flash photography10600$0.99
152flashlight photography10600$0.99
153flowers photography8800$0.85
154focused photography3600$3.21
155food photography27800$2.24
156forensic photography3100$2.42
157forest photography3100$1.23
158framing photography3600$3.07
159free online photography courses3100$2.73
160free photography74700$2.80
161freelance photography6100$1.92
162freestyle photography6100$5.12
163funny photography91200$0.22
164galaxy photography8800$1.18
165garden photography7300$0.83
166gay photography22900$0.90
167girls photography91200$0.15
168glamour photography15500$0.95
169glitter photography3600$0.27
170good cameras for photography3600$0.84
171good photography12800$0.54
172graduation photography10600$1.59
173group photography12800$2.56
174guitar photography6100$0.42
175halloween photography7300$0.96
176hands photography3100$0.80
177hd photography74700$0.54
178high contrast photography3100$0.49
179high definition photography91200$0.38
180high dynamic range photography33800$1.50
181high key photography6100$2.81
182high resolution photography8800$4.72
183high speed photography3100$1.40
184history of photography10600$1.32
185holiday photography4300$3.06
186home photography7300$1.10
187horror photography8800$0.87
188horse photography6100$0.80
189how much does wedding photography cost960$1.90
190how much to charge for photography960$0
191how to build a photography portfolio960$3.88
192how to create a photography portfolio1090$3.64
193how to do photography1290$2.10
194how to do time lapse photography1020$2.57
195how to get into photography1700$2.99
196how to get photography clients960$6.79
197how to get started in photography1020$2.01
198how to learn photography2000$1.60
199how to make a photography logo1090$1.01
200how to make a photography portfolio1420$2.67
201how to make a photography website1020$8.92
202how to make money from photography1580$1.51
203how to make money in photography1090$1.24
204how to make money with photography1580$2.43
205how to price photography960$6.11
206how to sell photography1580$4.32
207how to sell photography prints1020$3.76
208how to sell your photography1020$2.66
209how to start a photography business3600$6.97
210how to start a photography business3600$6.97
211how to start photography1580$2.38
212how to start photography business1290$3.20
213how to start your own photography business1090$4.91
214images photography41200$0.81
215improve photography3600$1.76
216infrared photography10600$1.07
217instant photography5100$0.66
218interesting photography6100$0.65
219interior photography3600$1.79
220international center of photography6100$3.56
221iphone photography18800$1.04
222island photography5100$1.54
223jewelry photography5100$2.04
224kids photography15500$1.96
225king photography4300$0.60
226kiss photography61200$0.18
227landscape photography33800$1.94
228large format photography3100$1.31
229learn photography8800$2.25
230learning photography8800$2.25
231leonards photography3600$1.77
232lifestyle photography6100$2.27
233lifetouch photography12800$1.29
234light box photography5100$0.60
235light painting photography7300$1.42
236light photography7300$0.44
237lines photography6100$0.74
238lingerie photography6100$0.52
239lion photography18800$1.38
240long exposure photography12800$1.62
241love photography201700$0.56
242low key photography6100$1.28
243low light photography4300$0.42
244magic photography18800$0.11
245makeup photography7300$0.39
246marriage photography15500$0.51
247master of photography8800$1.67
248masters of photography3600$0.91
249maternity photography15500$1.79
250max photography3100$1.43
251micro photography4300$1.68
252microscopic photography3100$2.07
253milky way photography5100$3.16
254miniature photography3600$0.98
255mirror photography301700$0.23
256mobile photography8800$0.37
257model photography41200$0.48
258modern photography3100$1.60
259monochrome photography27800$1.73
260moon photography3600$0.93
261motorcycle photography3100$0.42
262mountain photography6100$1.76
263music photography3600$0.84
264naked photography61200$0.24
265natural photography91200$1.07
266nature photography18800$1.88
267negative photography4300$0.51
268newborn baby photography7300$1.49
269newborn photography41200$2.05
270newborn photography ideas5100$1.70
271nice photography27800$0.09
272nice print photography3600$3.86
273night photography12800$1.15
274night sky photography3600$0.87
275nighttime photography12800$1.15
276nude art photography3100$2.02
277nude couples photography4300$0.60
278nude photography41200$1.16
279nudist photography246700$0.28
280old photography18800$0.72
281online photography10600$2.53
282online photography class5100$13.04
283online photography classes5100$12.65
284online photography courses7300$6.71
285outdoor photography6100$0.62
286panorama photography3600$1.83
287people photography3600$1.88
288perspective photography4300$2.35
289pet photography6100$1.60
291photography accessories3100$0.43
292photography agency3600$1.17
293photography app135700$0.40
294photography apprenticeships3100$1.82
295photography apps50200$0.10
296photography apps free5100$0.88
297photography art8800$1.74
298photography artist8800$1.74
299photography awards3600$1.49
300photography backdrop stand4300$0.88
301photography backdrops33800$0.74
302photography backgrounds74700$0.60
303photography basics7300$1.75
304photography blogs22900$2.25
305photography books8800$1.34
306photography box74700$0.33
307photography business3600$2.21
308photography business cards6100$4.71
309photography businesses3600$2.21
310photography cameras22900$0.66
311photography careers3100$3.05
312photography challenges8800$0.13
313photography classes27800$9.97
314photography clubs6100$1.24
315photography colleges3600$9.75
316photography companies3100$2.13
317photography competitions15500$1.19
318photography composition6100$1.14
319photography contests27800$1.09
320photography contracts4300$0.92
321photography copyright3100$1.09
322photography courses33800$4.60
323photography courses online4300$5.86
324photography day3100$0.84
325photography deals4300$1.94
326photography definitions10600$2.68
327photography drone4300$1.25
328photography editing9140700$0.16
329photography editing software61200$1.17
330photography editing software free8800$1.27
331photography editor201700$0.16
332photography effects165700$0.20
333photography equipment8800$0.79
334photography essay18800$1.38
335photography exhibition6100$1.77
336photography film3100$0.52
337photography fonts4300$0.41
338photography for beginners12800$1.57
339photography forums15500$1.31
340photography galleries110700$0.49
341photography games8800$0.65
342photography gifts2600$1.09
343photography hashtags5100$0.59
344photography history3100$1.78
345photography ideas18800$1.38
346photography images18800$0.82
347photography institute3600$0.55
348photography internships3600$1.53
349photography jobs18800$0.75
350photography journal5100$1.02
351photography keychain5100$1.45
352photography lessons4300$2.65
353photography life10600$2.79
354photography lighting8800$0.86
355photography lighting equipment4300$0.83
356photography lights6100$0.73
357photography logo33800$1.38
358photography logos8800$2.20
359photography magazines15500$1.16
360photography meaning3600$2.06
361photography models3100$1.52
362photography names5100$0.35
363photography news10600$0.92
364photography nudes3100$1.41
365photography paper18800$0.96
366photography photos3100$0.75
367photography pictures12800$0.68
368photography portfolios8800$2.70
369photography portraits3600$3.56
370photography poses15500$0.78
371photography printers10600$1.98
372photography printing135700$3.08
373photography project ideas3600$1.88
374photography projects6100$1.72
375photography props18800$0.40
376photography quotes50200$1.51
377photography reflectors3600$0.29
378photography schools7300$13.66
379photography services3100$2.62
380photography session10600$1.47
381photography shops301700$0.24
382photography site4300$3.22
383photography sites8800$4.36
384photography skills3100$2.98
385photography software15500$0.66
386photography stores15500$0.73
387photography studio equipment3100$0.73
388photography studios201700$1.79
389photography styles12800$0.55
390photography supplies4300$0.67
391photography techniques10600$1.50
392photography templates5100$1.61
393photography terms5100$0.86
394photography themes8800$1.38
395photography tips33800$0.94
396photography tips and tricks3100$2.33
397photography tours3100$1.91
398photography tricks4300$1.58
399photography tutorials8800$2.15
400photography types3100$1.08
401photography videos3100$1.60
402photography wallpapers27800$0.76
403photography watermarks3100$0.99
404photography websites15500$3.80
405photography websites templates3600$6.74
406photography workshops6100$1.80
407pinhole photography4300$0.35
408popular photography6100$0.95
409porn photography450700$0.47
410portfolio photography4300$1.92
411portrait photography tips5100$1.34
412portraits photography61200$2.98
413post mortem photography12800$0.72
414pre wedding photography15500$1.48
415pregnancy photography27800$1.47
416pregnancy photography ideas5100$1.52
417pregnant photography27800$1.47
418prestige photography5100$2.12
419prince photography10600$0.53
420prism photography3600$0.96
421product photography18800$2.90
422product photography tips3100$1.72
423professional photography15500$2.47
424professional photography cameras4300$0.98
425professional photography editing software4300$1.77
426professional photography printing7300$4.81
427pussy photography110700$0.06
428rain photography4300$1.50
429rainbow photography4300$0.26
430real estate photography12800$3.32
431reflection photography5100$1.23
432retro photography4300$1.02
433rock photography6100$0.94
434romantic photography50200$0.47
435rose photography4300$1.87
436roses photography27800$0.22
437scary photography6100$0.75
438school photography12800$1.77
439self portrait photography4300$2.59
440self portraits photography4300$2.59
441sell stock photography5100$6.06
442sensual photography3100$1.27
443sexual photography1500700$0.22
444sexy photography673700$0.13
445shadow photography6100$1.99
446shoe photography5100$0.20
447simple photography3600$1.38
448smile photography7300$1.72
449smoke bomb photography3600$0.21
450smoke photography7300$0.94
451smoking photography7300$0.94
452snake photography12800$0.34
453snap photography41200$0.54
454snapshot photography3600$1.47
455snapshots photography3600$1.47
456snow photography6100$1.32
457space photography10600$0.69
458spiritual photography3100$2.18
459sport photography8800$2.07
460sports photography12800$1.27
461spring photography7300$0.59
462star photography6100$2.35
463stars photography10600$1.87
464still life photography18800$2.94
465still photography3600$2.11
466stock photography201700$22.83
467stock photography free18800$9.06
468stock photography sites4300$17.49
469street photography33800$1.14
470studio photography10600$1.40
471summer photography8800$3.48
472sun photography7300$0.29
473sunflower photography3600$0.54
474sunrise photography6100$1.07
475sunset photography10600$1.02
476sunshine photography3100$0.58
477texture photography3100$2.16
478the art of photography3100$0.97
479tiger photography18800$1.33
480time lapse photography7300$3.19
481travel photography8800$1.63
482tree photography3100$0.98
483trick photography3600$1.32
484twin photography4300$1.20
485twins photography4300$1.20
486type of photography12800$1.58
487types of photography12800$1.58
488underwater photography10600$1.01
489unique photography12800$0.41
490urban photography7300$2.53
491vagina photography27800$0.59
492valentine photography10600$1.80
493valentines photography10600$1.80
494venture photography5100$0.27
495village photography3600$1.76
496vintage photography22900$1.30
497war photography6100$2.03
498water drop photography3100$0.72
499water droplet photography3100$0.72
500water photography6100$1.68
501wedding photography74700$2.30
502wedding photography ideas10600$1.44
503wedding photography packages5100$2.10
504wedding photography prices5100$2.51
505wedding photography tips5100$1.34
506what are good cameras for photography870$1.43
507what does a director of photography do1020$6.52
508what does iso mean in photography1290$0
509what does iso stand for photography1180$6.21
510what does photography mean1290$2.90
511what does slr stand for in photography960$0
512what is a director of photography910$0
513what is aperture in photography1580$0.56
514what is bokeh photography960$0
515what is boudoir photography2300$0.92
516what is bracketing in photography1090$0
517what is commercial photography1090$2.70
518what is composition in photography1700$0
519what is contrast in photography1090$0
520what is depth of field in photography1090$0
521what is digital photography1580$3.66
522what is editorial photography1090$0.33
523what is exposure in photography1580$0.90
524what is fine art photography1420$1.52
525what is framing in photography1020$0
526what is freelance photography1090$0
527what is hdr photography1700$2.24
528what is iso in photography3100$2.61
529what is iso photography1020$0
530what is landscape photography1290$2.03
531what is lifestyle photography1090$0
532what is macro photography1700$1.42
533what is noise in photography1090$0
534what is photography7300$2.02
535what is portrait photography1700$4.75
536what is principal photography960$0
537what is shutter speed in photography1090$0
538what is still life photography1290$3.42
539what is stock photography1420$9.70
540what is street photography1290$1.47
541what is the best camera for photography960$0.69
542what is the rule of thirds in photography960$0
543what is white balance in photography1180$0
544what was the first commercial photography process1090$0
545what year was photography invented910$0
546when did color photography begin840$0
547when did photography begin1180$2.09
548when did photography start960$0
549when was color photography invented1420$0
550when was photography invented4300$3.59
551when was photography invented4300$3.59
552why is photography important1090$7.36
553wildlife photography18800$1.38
554winter photography3600$1.17
555wolf photography6100$1.02
556woods photography3100$2.12
557wordpress photography themes4300$1.56
558world photography4300$1.31
559world photography day10600$0.85
560yoga photography7300$0.79

How to use high CPC photography keywords in your advertising strategy

Once you have identified high CPC photography keywords, it’s time to use them in your advertising strategy. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Create targeted ads: Use the keywords in your ad copy and make sure that the ad is relevant to the user’s search query.
  • Optimize your landing pages: Make sure that the landing page is optimized for the keyword and provides valuable information to the user.
  • Bid on the right keywords: Set your bids strategically to ensure that your ads appear in the top positions of SERPs.
  • Test your ads: Run A/B tests to see which ads perform best and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Tips for optimizing your advertising campaign using high CPC photography keywords

Here are some additional tips to help you optimize your advertising campaign using high CPC photography keywords:

  • Use negative keywords: Use negative keywords to exclude irrelevant searches and improve the quality of your traffic.
  • Monitor your campaign regularly: Keep an eye on your ad performance and adjust
  • Use ad extensions: Use ad extensions, such as call extensions or site links, to provide additional information to users and improve the click-through rate of your ads.
  • Use geo-targeting: Target your ads to specific geographic locations to reach users who are more likely to convert.
  • Use retargeting: Use retargeting campaigns to target users who have already interacted with your website or social media channels.

Common mistakes to avoid when using high CPC photography keywords

While using high CPC photography keywords can be a powerful tool for your advertising strategy, there are some common mistakes that you should avoid:

  • Using broad match keywords: Using broad match keywords can result in irrelevant clicks and wasted ad spend. Instead, use exact or phrase match keywords to target more specific searches.
  • Bidding too high: Bidding too high on a keyword can quickly exhaust your ad budget. Set your bids strategically and monitor your ad performance regularly.
  • Focusing too much on CPC: While CPC is an important metric, it’s not the only one that matters. Focus on other metrics, such as click-through rate and conversion rate, to evaluate the success of your advertising campaign.
  • Ignoring negative keywords: Ignoring negative keywords can result in irrelevant clicks and wasted ad spend. Make sure to use negative keywords to exclude irrelevant searches.

Best practices for using high CPC photography keywords

Here are some best practices for using high CPC photography keywords in your advertising strategy:

  • Focus on relevance: Make sure that your ads and landing pages are relevant to the user’s search query.
  • Monitor your ad performance: Keep an eye on your ad performance and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Use a mix of high and low CPC keywords: While high CPC keywords can drive a lot of traffic, they can also be expensive. Use a mix of high and low CPC keywords to balance your ad spend and traffic.
  • Use long-tail keywords: Long-tail keywords are more specific and have lower competition, making them a more cost-effective option for your advertising strategy.
  • Be creative with your ad copy: Use creative ad copy that stands out from the competition and attracts users’ attention.

Examples of high CPC photography keywords

Here are some examples of high CPC photography keywords:

  • Wedding photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Stock photography
  • Landscape photography
  • Commercial photography
  • Fine art photography
  • Event photography
  • Nature photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Product photography


High CPC photography keywords can be a powerful tool for your online advertising strategy. By using these keywords strategically, you can increase the visibility of your business and attract more qualified leads.

However, it’s important to use these keywords in a targeted and strategic way to avoid wasting ad spend and driving irrelevant traffic. By following the best practices outlined in this article and avoiding common mistakes, you can use high CPC photography keywords to grow your business and reach your target audience.

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