Most Searched Dating Keywords Niches List 1000+

Are you struggling to get traffic to your dating website? Do you want to increase your online presence? Well, one of the most important things you can do is optimize your website for search engines. The key to successful SEO is choosing the right keywords.

In the digital age, having a dating website can be a lucrative business. But with so many dating websites out there, how can you make sure that yours stands out from the competition? One of the ways you can increase your website’s visibility and attract more visitors is by optimizing it for search engines. This means using the right keywords to rank higher in SERPs.

In this article, we will explore the top dating-related keywords for SEO that can help you rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) and attract more traffic to your website.

Most Searched Dating Keywords Niches List 1000+

Sr. No.Best Keywords for Dating (A to Z)Search Volume Monthly Global CPC in Dollar
1100 free dating sites14,800$1.87
2100 percent free dating sites12,100$1.85
33 way relationships1,600$0.00
45 relationships in confucianism1,000$0.81
5a dating sim49,500$1.01
6a dating site for 13 year olds1,600$1.07
7a relationship1,900$0.00
8about relationship1,600$0.00
9about relationships love9,900$0.00
10about relationships problems12,100$0.00
11absolutely free dating sites1,600$2.40
12adult dating40,500$1.97
13adult dating sites18,100$4.40
14adult matchmaker246,000$0.00
15adult sex dating1,300$3.22
16african dating3,600$1.29
17african dating sites990$1.62
18aldult matchmaker90,500$0.17
19all dating sites1,600$1.38
20all free dating sites1,000$1.57
21alternative dating1,600$0.89
22american dating8,100$0.97
23american dating sites6,600$1.80
24arab dating site2,400$3.37
25arab match making1,300$1.90
26arabic date27,100$1.40
27are dating sites free301,000$2.82
28are dating sites legit1,000$2.05
29are dating sites real2,400$1.62
30are dating sites scams2,400$1.43
31asian dating online2,900$2.48
32asian dating review12,100$4.00
33asian dating site12,100$3.48
34astrology match making8,100$0.20
35astrosage matchmaking1,300$0.36
36australia date3,600$3.36
37b2 dating2,400$0.75
38bbw dating22,200$1.46
39best dates3,600$2.16
40best dating sites60,500$4.32
41best dating sites for seniors1,300$5.03
42best dating sites over 402,900$3.34
43best dating websites9,900$5.33
44best free dating sites14,800$2.27
45best free dating websites1,300$2.71
46best free online dating sites5,400$2.67
47best online dating2,900$4.19
48best online dating sites9,900$4.15
49best online dating websites880$4.56
50big beautiful woman dating12,100$1.74
51bisexual dating12,100$1.33
52black dating6,600$1.21
53black dating sites8,100$3.21
54blind date60,500$1.26
55brazilian dating1,000$2.80
57bumble algorithm1,600$1.25
58bumble app49,500$1.08
59bumble app reviews1,900$1.36
60bumble bff22,200$1.03
61bumble bizz4,400$0.42
62bumble boost6,600$1.38
63bumble chat1,300$0.83
64bumble conversation1,000$0.51
65bumble conversation starters1,600$0.00
66bumble customer service1,600$1.53
67bumble dating1,390$1.33
68bumble dating app reviews1,300$1.50
69bumble dating reviews12,100$1.67
70bumble definition1,600$0.00
71bumble download1,900$0.51
72bumble etiquette3,600$0.00
73bumble extend3,600$0.00
74bumble extend match3,600$0.00
75bumble extension3,600$0.00
76bumble facebook3,600$0.52
77bumble fake profiles3,600$1.56
78bumble faq3,600$0.00
79bumble filters3600$0.00
80bumble first date3,600$0.00
81bumble first message3,600$0.00
82bumble for business3,600$1.58
83bumble for gays3,600$1.65
84bumble for guys3,600$1.24
85bumble for hookups3,600$1.12
86bumble for ipad3,600$0.54
87bumble for pc3,600$0.05
88bumble free trial3,600$1.59
89bumble friends12,100$0.81
90bumble icons3,600$0.00
91bumble instagram3,600$0.99
92bumble instructions3,600$0.00
93bumble jobs12,100$0.30
94bumble jokes3,600$0.07
95bumble location1,600$0.05
96bumble match1,600$1.33
97bumble meet3,600$0.84
98bumble networking3,600$0.83
99bumble news3,600$0.00
100bumble no facebook3,600$0.00
101bumble no matches12,100$0.00
102bumble not working12,100$0.00
103bumble notifications3,600$0.00
104bumble nums12,100$0.01
105bumble online1,900$1.42
106bumble openers1,600$0.00
107bumble or tinder2,900$1.62
108bumble pick up lines2,400$1.08
109bumble profile3,600$0.96
110bumble review12,100$2.26
111bumble superswipe1,300$1.13
112bumble swipe1,300$1.47
113bumble tinder3,600$0.74
114bumble vs tinder6,600$1.53
115canada dating3,600$1.73
116canada dating site9,900$2.79
117cardi b dating1,900$0.45
118casual dating49,500$1.69
119catfish tinder2,900$1.37
120catholic dating3,600$3.06
121catholic dating site1,056$3.64
122catholic dating sites1,900$3.13
123celebs go dating110,000$0.47
124chat dating site1,000$1.48
125chinese dating4,400$4.51
126christian dating27,100$3.42
127christian dating advice1,600$2.59
128christian dating for free33,100$2.42
129christian dating sites27,100$4.10
130christian dating uk1,300$2.54
131christian dating website2,400$4.08
132christian matchmaking1,600$0.00
133christian online dating1,600$3.43
134christian singles dating1,600$4.67
135coach dating12,100$3.24
136completely free dating9,900$1.33
137completely free dating sites5,400$2.14
138cougar dating33,100$1.44
139couple relationship1,600$0.86
140couples dating8,100$0.23
141courting vs dating1,900$0.42
142cupid dating9,900$1.05
143cupid dating site9,900$0.88
144cute date ideas for your boyfriend1,600$0.00
145date finder2,400$1.39
146date ideas90,500$1.51
147date in asia550,000$1.82
148date in new york2,400$1.94
149date lady1,900$0.47
150date mobile1,900$0.60
151date online4,400$1.70
152date site12,100$2.30
154dating 1 year anniversary gifts for him1,000$0.79
155dating 10 years younger man1,000$0.27
156dating 1011,000$1.29
157dating 20171,000$0.43
158dating 3 months1300$0.09
159dating 4201,900$0.66
160dating 50+2,900$2.96
161dating 50s1,300$4.32
162dating a capricorn man1,600$0.85
163dating a cop1,900$1.26
164dating a coworker3,600$0.02
165dating a doctor3,600$1.79
166dating a friend4,400$0.53
167dating a guy with kids)1,300$0.04
168dating a latina3,600$3.51
169dating a man with kids2,400$1.54
170dating a married man8,100$0.90
171dating a married woman5,400$2.20
172dating a narcissist4,400$0.58
173dating a nurse1,600$1.64
174dating a pilot1,000$1.33
175dating a player1,000$0.90
176dating a police officer1,600$2.24
177dating a scorpio man1,900$0.30
178dating a scorpio woman1,000$0.92
179dating a single mom9,900$1.68
180dating a single mom reddit3,600$1.36
181dating a sociopath2,400$0.04
182dating a stripper2,400$1.29
183dating a taurus man1,600$3.23
184dating a teacher1,300$1.35
185dating a team magma grunt1,600$2.54
186dating a widower5,400$1.64
187dating a woman with kids1,900$1.00
188dating a younger guy2,400$1.25
189dating a younger man6,600$1.47
190dating ads1,300$1.34
191dating advice6,600$1.56
192dating advice for men1,600$1.68
193dating advice for women1,900$1.44
194dating advice reddit5,400$0.25
195dating after divorce5,400$3.46
196dating age rule2,400$0.15
197dating agency5,400$3.51
198dating agency sydney3,600$5.62
199dating an alcoholic1,900$0.31
200dating an introvert4,400$1.46
201dating an older man9,900$1.94
202dating an older man 20 years1,300$1.57
203dating an older woman4,200$1.26
204dating and chatting2,900$0.00
205dating and relationships1,000$0.39
206dating and waiting1,900$0.74
207dating app raya12,100$1.04
208dating app uk6,600$2.04
209dating apps673,000$1.89
210dating apps 20185,400$1.63
211dating apps for couples3,600$1.37
212dating apps for facebook27,100$0.87
213dating apps for gamers3,600$1.10
214dating apps for hookups1,600$1.10
215dating apps for kids5,400$1.14
216dating apps for lesbians40,500$1.81
217dating apps for nerds1,900$1.49
218dating apps for singles12,100$1.60
219dating apps for teens27,100$1.07
220dating apps for women1,600$0.87
221dating apps free301,000$3.07
222dating apps free uk40,500$2.59
223dating apps like tinder1,600$1.76
224dating apps list1000$1.33
225dating apps without facebook1,300$0.83
226dating around12,100$2.66
227dating australia3,600$3.53
228dating back to2,900$0.00
229dating bases1,290$0.61
230dating black men2,400$1.90
231dating blog12,100$0.90
232dating blogs1,600$1.85
233dating book2,400$0.72
234dating boundaries1,900$0.42
235dating brazilian women1,600$2.93
236dating british men1,000$1.63
237dating bumble74,000$0.97
238dating bundaberg3,600$2.40
239dating buzz18,100$0.13
240dating calculator368,000$0.69
241dating canada3,600$1.73
242dating cancer4,400$1.80
243dating capricorn man1,600$4.36
244dating catfish1,300$1.66
245dating chat27,100$0.75
246dating chat lines880$1.79
247dating chat rooms2,900$1.69
248dating chat sites1,000$1.48
249dating chinese girl2,900$3.99
250dating chinese women2,400$4.35
251dating christian27,100$3.35
252dating classifieds1,600$1.05
253dating club74,000$0.08
254dating coach12,100$3.24
255dating conversation1,600$0.73
256dating cougars12,144$1.44
257dating coworker3,600$0.91
258dating d.c3,600$3.26
259dating daan1,900$0.39
260dating daddy1,900$0.80
261dating daily880$2.13
262dating def6,600$115.00
263dating define27,100$1.17
264dating definition27,100$1.07
265dating depression1,600$0.54
266dating direct27,100$1.18
267dating discord1,900$3.02
268dating divas5,400$1.31
269dating divorced man2,400$2.21
270dating dna1,300$1.80
271dating doctor3,600$1.79
272dating dress1,600$60.00
273dating etiquette1,300$0.98
274dating events sydney3,600$1.98
275dating exclusive3,600$4.61
276dating exclusively3,600$3.34
277dating facebook12,100$1.50
278dating fails1,600$0.37
279dating for 3 months1,300$0.09
280dating for disabled4,400$0.00
281dating for dummies1,300$0.33
282dating for gamers18,067$1.09
283dating for hippies1,000$1.47
284dating for introverts4,400$1.46
285dating for marriage880$0.95
286dating for married9,900$2.58
287dating for money1,000$1.32
288dating for nerds2,348$1.51
289dating for over 509,900$4.77
290dating for professionals1,900$7.52
291dating for seniors5,400$4.96
292dating for sex5,960$1.86
293dating for teens27,100$0.77
294dating format8,100$0.09
295dating forums1,600$2.31
296dating fossils1,000$1.39
297dating free14,832$2.63
298dating french men1,900$1.39
299dating friends ex1,300$1.09
300dating game74,000$0.88
301dating game app3,600$0.00
302dating game host1,300$14.44
303dating game killer4,400$1.66
304dating game questions1,900$0.81
305dating game rodney alcala2,400$0.00
306dating game serial killer2,900$0.00
307dating game show880$0.05
308dating game theme song1,000$0.00
309dating games74,000$0.88
310dating games for boys4,400$0.46
311dating games for girls8,100$0.51
312dating games online5,400$0.78
313dating games online simulation880$1.34
314dating geelong3,600$2.62
315dating gemini man1,300$2.01
316dating german guy3,600$1.93
317dating german women1,600$1.62
318dating ghosting3,600$0.72
319dating girl with boyfriend3600$0.07
320dating girls18,100$0.44
321dating girls number1,600$0.31
322dating gold coast3,600$2.91
323dating gumtree12,100$1.10
324dating headlines1,300$0.84
325dating hinge14,800$1.28
326dating hookup apps2,900$1.36
327dating hotline880$1.58
328dating ideas3,600$170.00
329dating in 20171,000$0.43
330dating in 20181,900$1.39
331dating in adelaide3,600$5.10
332dating in asia8,100$238.00
333dating in atlanta1,000$3.59
334dating in australia3,600$3.61
335dating in brisbane3,600$5.47
336dating in canberra3,600$4.43
337dating in chicago1,000$2.94
338dating in college2,400$2.03
339dating in high school2,900$2.29
340dating in japan6,600$4.53
341dating in london2,900$3.20
342dating in los angeles1,000$2.39
343dating in melbourne12,100$5.49
344dating in new york2,400$1.94
345dating in nyc2,400$2.42
346dating in perth3,600$5.00
347dating in san francisco1,300$3.08
348dating in seattle1,300$3.18
349dating in spanish2,400$1.48
350dating in sydney3,600$4.99
351dating in the dark12,100$0.72
352dating in the workplace3,600$0.96
353dating in your 30s2,900$2.51
354dating in your 40s1,600$3.18
355dating in your 50s880$3.45
356dating indian men1,600$0.88
357dating italian men1,900$0.84
358dating japan6,600$4.53
359dating japanese girl4,400$3.74
360dating japanese man880$1.34
361dating japanese women1,300$5.56
362dating jokes1,900$1.27
363dating justin bieber880$0.12
364dating kenya12,100$0.33
365dating kik3,600$1.33
366dating kolkata12,100$0.14
367dating korean girl2,400$2.02
368dating korean guys1,300$1.26
369dating las vegas880$2.79
370dating latino1,600$3.99
371dating line4,400$1.70
372dating long distance1,900$1.40
373dating love2,510$0.61
374dating married men12,100$1.09
375dating match22,200$0.00
376dating meaning49,500$0.28
377dating melbourne1,000$4.62
378dating memes14,800$0.21
379dating movies1,150$0.25
380dating multiple people1,600$0.00
381dating my daughter40,500$0.43
382dating my daughter android1,900$0.07
383dating my daughter apk5,400$3.78
384dating my daughter application2,400$0.60
385dating my daughter chapter 31,300$0.00
386dating my daughter f953,600$4.48
387dating my daughter gameplay880$1.15
388dating my daughter patreon2,900$0.00
389dating my daughter rules4,400$0.16
390dating naked season 25,400$0.20
391dating naked season 41,300$0.00
392dating nearby1,600$0.61
393dating new zealand1,600$2.38
394dating non christian880$2.68
395dating not marriage33,100$0.62
396dating older guys1,600$1.98
397dating older men9,900$1.94
398dating older women22,200$1.26
399dating older women sites3,600$1.97
400dating on facebook1,510$1.00
401dating online33,400$1.91
402dating online apps27,100$0.93
403dating online australia1,300$5.53
404dating online tips4,400$2.08
405dating over 402,900$3.43
406dating over 509,900$5.35
407dating over 602,900$3.55
408dating persian women3,600$0.65
409dating personals1,300$1.97
410dating philippines3,600$1.82
411dating places near me2,400$1.53
412dating podcast1,000$1.91
413dating podcasts880$0.00
414dating polish women1,000$3.06
415dating pregnancy8,100$0.49
416dating pregnancy scan3,600$1.49
417dating professionals1,900$7.52
418dating profile4,400$1.59
419dating profile examples2,900$1.65
420dating profile examples for men1,300$1.80
421dating profile examples for women1,300$0.99
422dating profile generator1,000$0.71
423dating profile headline1,900$0.86
424dating profile template1,000$1.55
425dating psychology1,000$3.30
426dating puns880$0.11
427dating qatar12,100$1.13
428dating queen5,400$0.00
429dating questions12,100$1.12
430dating questions funny1,300$1.85
431dating questions game1,900$0.81
432dating quiz1,900$0.54
433dating quotes12,100$0.42
434dating quotes funny2,400$0.00
435dating reality shows1,300$0.19
436dating red flags3,600$1.14
437dating reddit1,350$3.99
438dating relationships1,600$0.81
439dating restaurants1,300$1.93
440dating review sites2,900$3.53
441dating reviews sites2,900$3.53
442dating rich men1,000$2.38
443dating ring1,900$0.99
444dating rocks880$0.83
445dating rsvp12,100$1.13
446dating rule age12,100$0.03
447dating rules6,600$1.15
448dating rules for women880$0.84
449dating rules from my future self2,400$0.00
450dating russian man1,300$2.73
451dating russian women5,400$5.51
452dating scams2,900$1.02
453dating scan4,400$1.27
454dating script1,000$1.20
455dating services8,100$3.34
456dating show australia3,600$1.33
457dating shows4,400$1.51
458dating sight1,000$1.76
459dating sim49,500$1.01
460dating sim android1,300$0.82
461dating sim anime3,600$0.60
462dating sim online1,900$2.36
463dating sims for girls2,400$0.81
464dating sims for guys1,900$1.01
465dating sims free1,900$1.48
466dating sims online1,900$2.36
467dating simulation games6,600$1.36
468dating simulator40,500$0.88
469dating simulator online1,300$1.77
470dating single moms5,400$2.65
471dating site for farmers9,900$2.18
472dating site for gamers3,600$2.03
473dating site headlines1,900$1.69
474dating site in usa27,100$1.78
475dating site reviews2,900$3.53
476dating site scams2,400$1.43
477dating site username1,600$2.47
478dating sites673,000$3.22
479dating sites app2,130$0.51
480dating sites australia9,900$4.64
481dating sites for couples2,900$1.28
482dating sites for gamers3,600$2.03
483dating sites for kids3,600$0.90
484dating sites for married1,300$2.25
485dating sites for married in india1,000$0.61
486dating sites for married people2,900$2.80
487dating sites for nerds1,900$1.40
488dating sites for older people1,600$3.49
489dating sites for older women3,600$1.97
490dating sites for over 504,425$6.47
491dating sites for over 50 free2900$3.93
492dating sites for over 50s1,300$4.63
493dating sites for professionals4,400$8.86
494dating sites for seniors8,712$7.12
495dating sites for seniors free2900$4.04
496dating sites for seniors over 601,900$4.42
497dating sites for seniors over 701,000$3.53
498dating sites for singles12,100$2.33
499dating sites for singles free2,900$2.69
500dating sites for teens22,200$0.88
501dating sites for women3,600$2.32
502dating sites free165,000$3.48
503dating sites free apps4,400$1.17
504dating sites free australia3,600$4.07
505dating sites free chat3,600$1.60
506dating sites free messaging1,900$2.12
507dating sites free online27,100$2.14
508dating sites free over 502,900$3.93
509dating sites free trial880$2.89
510dating sites in india18,100$0.49
511dating sites in ireland1,900$2.98
512dating sites in kenya9,900$0.12
513dating sites in nigeria12,100$0.24
514dating sites in usa27,100$1.78
515dating sites india18,100$0.49
516dating sites list2,900$1.19
517dating sites nz4,400$3.85
518dating sites over 401,900$4.21
519dating sites over 509,900$5.72
520dating sites reviews2,900$3.53
521dating sites sa2,400$0.83
522dating sites that work1,600$3.23
523dating sites tinder49,500$1.46
524dating sites uk14,800$4.02
525dating sites where messaging is free1,900$2.12
526dating software9,900$1.49
527dating someone with adhd1,000$0.46
528dating someone with anxiety3,600$0.89
529dating someone with bipolar1,900$0.25
530dating someone with bpd1,300$0.58
531dating someone with depression3,600$2.07
532dating someone with herpes2,400$1.70
533dating someone with kids2,400$0.48
534dating someone with ptsd880$0.76
535dating south africa1,600$0.69
536dating stamp14,800$1.58
537dating sucks1,000$0.30
538dating tayo6,600$0.00
539dating tayo chords4,400$0.52
540dating tayo lyrics18,100$1.44
541dating the enemy1,900$0.00
542dating timeline1,600$1.12
543dating tinder1,470$1.37
544dating tips8,100$0.75
545dating tips for men2,400$0.48
546dating tips for women2,400$0.76
547dating topics1,000$0.33
548dating transwomen2,900$0.88
549dating tv shows1,900$2.06
550dating uk3,600$2.93
551dating ukraine22,200$1.78
552dating ukrainian women1,000$3.98
553dating ultrasound1,600$3.89
554dating unicorn1,000$0.97
555dating uniform14,800$1.73
556dating urban dictionary880$0.00
557dating usa3,600$1.43
558dating valentines day40,500$0.33
559dating venezuela3,600$3.23
560dating victoria3,600$1.75
561dating video2,400$0.37
562dating video funny3,600$0.00
563dating violence2,900$2.92
564dating vs courtship1,000$0.34
565dating vs relationship2,400$0.00
566dating web sites1,000$4.31
567dating website free33,100$3.76
568dating websites60,500$4.58
569dating websites for kids1,000$0.97
570dating websites for teens3,600$0.97
571dating websites free4,800$3.76
572dating websites free online1,600$2.20
573dating websites free uk1,000$3.99
574dating whatsapp4,400$0.96
575dating whatsapp group3,600$0.18
576dating when depressed1,600$0.54
577dating when disabled5,400$1.08
578dating when married880$0.95
579dating while separated1,000$1.88
580dating with a purpose1,600$0.81
581dating with boyfriend3,600$0.25
582dating with dogs1,000$0.79
583dating with girlfriend1,000$0.75
584dating with herpes12,100$1.74
585dating with kids1,300$1.47
586dating with purpose1,600$0.81
587dating women4,400$1.18
588dating women with kids1,900$1.00
589dating you hating you2,900$0.39
590dating zac efron18,100$2.08
591dating zippo lighters1,100$0.00
595depression and relationships1,900$0.75
596desi dating1,300$1.43
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Understanding Keywords and SEO

Before we dive into the best dating-related keywords for SEO, let’s take a moment to understand what keywords are and how they relate to SEO. Keywords are words or phrases that people use to search for information on search engines like Google. SEO is the practice of optimizing your website so that it appears higher in SERPs when people search for certain keywords.

Why Use Dating-Related Keywords for SEO?

Using dating-related keywords for SEO can help you attract more traffic to your website. When people search for dating-related terms, they are more likely to be interested in your website’s content. By using the right keywords, you can reach your target audience and increase your chances of converting them into customers.

The Best Dating-Related Keywords for SEO

Popular Dating Keywords

  • Dating
  • Online dating
  • Free dating
  • Singles
  • Dating site
  • Dating app
  • Matchmaking
  • Love
  • Romance
  • Relationship

Long-Tail Dating Keywords

  • Best dating site for singles
  • Top dating sites for relationships
  • Free online dating sites for singles
  • Matchmaking services for professionals
  • Dating apps for serious relationships

Location-Based Dating Keywords

  • Dating sites in [city name]
  • Local dating apps
  • Singles events [city name]
  • [city name] speed dating
  • Matchmaking services in [city name]

Niche Dating Keywords

  • Christian dating sites
  • Senior dating sites
  • LGBTQ+ dating sites
  • Interracial dating sites
  • Muslim dating sites

Tips for Using Dating-Related Keywords for SEO

Use Keywords in Your Website’s Content

One of the most important places to use your dating-related keywords is in your website’s content. Make sure your website’s pages have high-quality, relevant content that includes your target keywords. Use keywords in your page titles, headers, and body text, but make sure to avoid keyword stuffing, which can actually hurt your SEO.

Use Keywords in Your Website’s Meta Data

Another important place to use your keywords is in your website’s meta data. This includes your page titles, descriptions, and meta tags. Make sure to include your target keywords in these areas, but also make sure that they are relevant and compelling to your target audience.

Use Keywords in Your Website’s URLs

Using your target keywords in your website’s URLs can also help boost your SEO. For example, if you are targeting the keyword “free online dating sites,” you could use a URL like “” This not only helps with SEO but also makes your website’s URLs more user-friendly and memorable.

Use Keywords in Your Website’s Anchor Text

Using your target keywords in your website’s anchor text (the clickable text in a hyperlink) can also help with SEO. For example, if you are linking to a page about “free online dating sites,” you could use anchor text like “check out our list of free online dating sites.”


In conclusion, using the right keywords can make a big difference in your website’s SEO and overall online visibility. By using the dating-related keywords we have discussed in this article, you can reach your target audience and attract more traffic to your website.

Remember to use your keywords strategically in your website’s content, meta data, URLs, and anchor text.

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