Most Searched Travel Keywords on Google 1000+

Are you a travel blogger, a hotel owner, or a travel agency looking to optimize your website for search engines? Do you want to know how to use travel-related keywords to attract more traffic to your website?

In this blog, we will provide everything you need to know about travel-related keywords, how to find them, and how to use them to optimize your content for search engines.

Most Searched Travel Keywords on Google 1000+

Sr. No.Best Keywords for Travel (A to Z)Search Volume Monthly Global CPC
1best 2018 travel destinations70$0.04
2best 2018 travel trailers110$2.68
3best 30l travel backpack110$0.71
4best 4 travel2,400$0.77
5best 50l travel backpack50$0.39
6best affordable travel camera210$0.52
7best affordable travel destinations50$1.15
8best affordable travel insurance70$7.57
9best affordable travel system170$0.28
10best affordable travel trailers50$0.01
11best at travel60,500$0.16
12best budget travel backpack140$1.23
13best budget travel camera1,000$0.40
14best budget travel destinations260$2.08
15best budget travel insurance90$11.51
16best budget travel laptop90$0.36
17best budget travel system110$0.27
18best budget travel tripod590$0.40
19best buy travel210$0.64
20best buy travel adapter720$0.27
21best buy travel adaptor720$0.27
22best buy travel alarm clock70$0.35
23best buy travel converter140$0.29
24best buy travel insurance320$3.25
25best buy travel money50$0.74
26best buy travel power adapter70$0.09
27best buy travel router210$0.38
28best buy travel system70$0.28
29best cheap travel backpack170$0.56
30best cheap travel destinations390$0.57
31best cheap travel guitar50$0.47
32best cheap travel insurance480$7.85
33best cheap travel insurance uk50$6.47
34best cheap travel laptop50$1.93
35best cheap travel places1,900$0.86
36best cheap travel sites110$2.78
37best cheap travel stroller90$0.31
38best cheap travel system70$0.20
39best cheap travel tripod90$0.53
40best day travel coupon70$2.45
41best deal travel340$2.05
42best deal travel insurance880$5.72
43best deal travel money320$0.46
44best deal travel packages260$1.95
45best deal travel sites1,300$2.00
46best discount travel70$4.79
47best discount travel clubs70$1.05
48best discount travel sites390$4.09
49best disney world travel agent170$2.22
50best for travel60,500$0.16
51best for travel insurance246$6.28
52best inexpensive travel camera110$0.71
53best jobs for world travel390$0.71
54best n less travel320$0.72
55best of travel13,060$0.16
56best of travel 2018110$0.71
57best of travel dubai50$1.20
58best of traveling wilburys110$0.17
59best over shoulder travel bag70$1.44
60best reviewed travel insurance1,300$4.78
61best reviewed travel trailers140$0.44
62best seller travel books90$0.87
63best selling travel books90$0.87
64best selling travel trailer90$2.54
65best travel60,500$0.16
66best travel accessories5,400$0.95
67best travel accessories for men260$1.11
68best travel accessories for women260$1.14
69best travel acoustic guitar480$0.48
70best travel adapter2,900$0.48
71best travel adapter 2018210$0.54
72best travel adapter and converter170$0.28
73best travel agency6,600$2.79
74best travel agency near me1,300$3.18
75best travel agency nyc260$4.12
76best travel agency to work for260$2.35
77best travel agency website1,000$2.74
78best travel agents6,600$2.79
79best travel agents for cruises50$2.92
80best travel agents near me1,300$3.18
81best travel alarm clock590$0.37
82best travel apps12,100$1.49
83best travel apps 20181,300$2.42
84best travel backpack40,500$0.97
85best travel backpack for men150$1.04
86best travel backpack for women180$1.28
87best travel backpacks18,695$0.97
88best travel bags9,900$1.30
89best travel bags for men1300$0.76
90best travel bags for women312$1.34
91best travel bassinet590$0.52
92best travel binoculars480$0.55
93best travel blanket720$0.38
94best travel blogs8,100$0.59
95best travel blogs 2018720$2.79
96best travel blow dryer480$1.06
97best travel book520$0.60
98best travel booking site1,000$2.48
99best travel books4,400$0.60
100best travel books 2018260$0.56
101best travel books of all time590$0.48
102best travel bookshop london70$0.45
103best travel booster seat590$0.82
104best travel boots590$0.80
105best travel bottles480$0.33
106best travel briefcase390$1.10
107best travel budget app140$0.00
108best travel camera27,100$0.64
109best travel camera 20185,400$0.65
110best travel camera backpack118$0.78
111best travel camera bag340$0.68
112best travel camera tripod260$0.37
113best travel camera under 50090$0.30
114best travel campers50$0.53
115best travel canon camera260$0.36
116best travel canon lens880$0.53
117best travel car320$1.68
118best travel car seat391$0.56
119best travel car seat bag480$0.34
120best travel car seat for toddler480$0.33
121best travel carbon monoxide detector170$0.34
122best travel card12,100$12.37
123best travel card 20181,000$11.96
124best travel card for students90$7.62
125best travel card games50$1.60
126best travel card no annual fee390$27.97
127best travel cardigan170$0.48
128best travel cards12,100$12.37
129best travel careers260$1.63
130best travel carriers for dogs90$0.84
131best travel carry on480$1.21
132best travel carry on backpack122$1.11
133best travel carry on tote320$1.06
134best travel charger390$0.55
135best travel clothes2,400$1.86
136best travel clothes for women880$2.33
137best travel clubs390$1.91
138best travel coffee mug9,900$0.49
139best travel coffee mug 201890$0.25
140best travel coffee mugs500$0.49
141best travel companies1,600$4.16
142best travel companies to work for480$4.53
143best travel comparison sites90$1.13
144best travel converter590$0.25
145best travel cot3,600$0.43
146best travel cpap590$3.48
147best travel cpap machine390$4.98
148best travel credit card90,500$17.01
149best travel credit card canada5,400$9.14
150best travel credit card reddit390$16.71
151best travel credit cards 20184,400$21.35
152best travel crib1,600$0.78
153best travel cubes320$0.40
154best travel daypack2,900$0.70
155best travel deal apps320$3.44
156best travel deal sites1,300$2.00
157best travel deal websites590$2.33
158best travel deals2,900$2.05
159best travel deals black friday390$0.00
160best travel deals in december50$2.00
161best travel deals today140$1.87
162best travel destinations6,600$0.58
163best travel destinations 20182,400$0.51
164best travel destinations in december880$1.11
165best travel destinations in february390$0.84
166best travel destinations in january480$0.33
167best travel destinations in march390$0.67
168best travel destinations in the us880$0.26
169best travel discount sites390$4.09
170best travel discounts50$2.32
171best travel document organizer170$0.71
172best travel documentaries1,000$2.38
173best travel documentaries on netflix390$2.03
174best travel documentaries on youtube110$1.99
175best travel dog bed70$0.85
176best travel dog carrier110$0.55
177best travel dog crate390$0.69
178best travel dogs590$1.18
179best travel door lock90$0.29
180best travel dopp kit50$1.36
181best travel double stroller73$0.50
182best travel dress1,000$1.56
183best travel drone1,300$0.56
184best travel duffel590$1.35
185best travel duffel backpack140$0.80
186best travel duffel bag260$0.83
187best travel earbuds260$0.55
188best travel earphones170$0.50
189best travel easel50$0.34
190best travel electric guitar480$0.90
191best travel electric razor170$0.71
192best travel electric toothbrush480$2.51
193best travel electronics70$0.00
194best travel electronics organizer50$0.92
195best travel equipment50$0.28
196best travel espresso maker70$0.56
197best travel essays70$0.00
198best travel essentials140$0.78
199best travel expense tracker app50$9.72
200best travel experiences260$1.68
201best travel extension cord50$0.68
202best travel external hard drive90$0.30
203best travel eye mask590$0.45
204best travel eyeshadow palette390$1.04
205best travel fan260$0.39
206best travel fanny pack50$0.60
207best travel february110$0.05
208best travel fins110$0.61
209best travel first aid kit210$0.55
210best travel fishing rod390$0.26
211best travel flashlight70$0.29
212best travel flat iron320$0.33
213best travel flats260$1.44
214best travel flight sites1,300$3.61
215best travel fly rod90$0.45
216best travel foam roller70$0.74
217best travel food390$1.46
218best travel footrest110$0.34
219best travel for christmas50$0.10
220best travel for singles75$2.13
221best travel forums140$0.00
222best travel french press140$0.54
223best travel gadgets1,900$0.85
224best travel gadgets 2018590$1.01
225best travel games1,000$0.28
226best travel games for kids210$0.29
227best travel garment bag590$0.85
228best travel gear1,300$1.49
229best travel gear 2018390$0.75
230best travel gift73$0.82
231best travel gift cards320$2.92
232best travel gift ideas140$0.50
233best travel gifts1,200$0.82
234best travel gifts for men320$0.77
235best travel gifts for women210$1.31
236best travel golf bag170$0.88
237best travel groups170$2.03
238best travel guide books720$0.38
239best travel guides1,600$0.80
240best travel guides 2018110$0.45
241best travel guitar1,900$0.79
242best travel hacks260$0.39
243best travel hair brush210$0.33
244best travel hair dryer3,600$0.60
245best travel hair dryer 201890$0.51
246best travel hair straightener320$0.31
247best travel hammocks140$0.42
248best travel handbags1,600$0.75
249best travel hashtag instagram260$0.00
250best travel hashtags1,900$0.77
251best travel hashtags 2017480$1.33
252best travel hashtags 2018590$2.85
253best travel hashtags instagram260$0.00
254best travel hastings90$1.32
255best travel hat320$0.59
256best travel headphones2,900$0.49
257best travel headphones 2018210$0.37
258best travel health insurance720$7.06
259best travel high chair590$0.33
260best travel hoodie260$1.10
261best travel host agency210$3.88
262best travel hot rollers260$0.25
263best travel humidifier320$0.22
264best travel humidor480$0.24
265best travel in december170$0.25
266best travel in february110$0.05
267best travel in january110$1.72
268best travel in march90$3.56
269best travel in november170$0.03
270best travel instagram hashtags170$0.00
271best travel instagrams1,600$1.14
272best travel instruments50$0.37
273best travel insurance27,100$6.05
274best travel insurance cancel for any reason140$8.86
275best travel insurance comparison70$8.08
276best travel insurance comparison sites70$4.55
277best travel insurance credit card720$14.20
278best travel insurance for backpackers880$6.97
279best travel insurance for cruises720$8.19
280best travel insurance for europe880$7.72
281best travel insurance for families480$6.57
282best travel insurance for mexico170$5.76
283best travel insurance for schengen visa260$6.73
284best travel insurance for seniors590$9.55
285best travel insurance for us citizens110$9.79
286best travel insurance medical1,300$7.39
287best travel insurance over 65210$7.89
288best travel insurance over 70170$7.78
289best travel insurance over 8070$8.25
290best travel insurance reddit90$0.00
291best travel insurance reviews1,300$4.14
292best travel iron880$0.19
293best travel items880$0.98
294best travel items 2018110$0.52
295best travel itinerary110$1.02
296best travel itinerary app590$1.88
297best travel jacket1,900$0.69
298best travel jacket ever90$1.60
299best travel jackets mens720$1.20
300best travel january110$1.72
301best travel jeans210$1.04
302best travel jewelry50$0.47
303best travel jewelry case390$0.76
304best travel jobs2,900$0.81
305best travel journal app320$0.15
306best travel journals1,000$0.54
307best travel kennel for dogs50$0.33
308best travel kettle320$0.30
309best travel keyboard210$0.23
310best travel keyboard piano50$0.83
311best travel kit260$1.01
312best travel knapsack70$1.80
313best travel knife77$0.00
314best travel laptop2,900$1.66
315best travel laptop backpack350$0.97
316best travel laptop bag880$0.87
317best travel laptop under 500140$1.30
318best travel laundry bag170$0.56
319best travel laundry soap170$0.39
320best travel leggings320$0.89
321best travel lens880$0.70
322best travel lens for canon880$0.53
323best travel lens for sony a630070$0.38
324best travel light stand50$2.47
325best travel lighted makeup mirror110$1.16
326best travel liquid containers110$0.52
327best travel locations480$1.10
328best travel locations in the us70$0.00
329best travel locks260$0.35
330best travel luggage4,400$1.49
331best travel luggage 2018260$2.00
332best travel luggage bags70$0.88
333best travel luggage carry on320$1.63
334best travel luggage set210$0.64
335best travel magazines1,600$1.76
336best travel makeup480$0.80
337best travel makeup bag1,544$0.71
338best travel makeup brushes260$0.78
339best travel makeup mirror320$0.70
340best travel mattress110$1.05
341best travel medical insurance1,300$7.39
342best travel memoirs210$0.36
343best travel messenger bag320$0.85
344best travel midi keyboard110$0.89
345best travel miles credit card220$26.51
346best travel mirror260$0.39
347best travel money belt720$0.39
348best travel monitor110$0.49
349best travel mouse720$0.42
350best travel movies4,400$0.00
351best travel mug6,600$0.47
352best travel mugs 2018480$0.36
353best travel nebulizer110$0.59
354best travel neck pillow4,400$0.47
355best travel neck pillow 2018140$0.39
356best travel neck wallet170$0.43
357best travel newsletters70$0.17
358best travel noise cancelling headphones720$0.59
359best travel notebook320$1.34
360best travel novels320$0.95
361best travel november170$0.03
362best travel nursing agencies in california70$15.21
363best travel nursing companies1,600$5.89
364best travel nursing companies 2017390$6.63
365best travel nursing pillow70$0.55
366best travel offers110$1.00
367best travel oil diffuser50$0.42
368best travel on a budget70$0.00
369best travel on luggage4,400$1.49
370best travel organizer320$1.26
371best travel organizer app170$1.41
372best travel outfits880$1.53
373best travel over ear headphones170$0.45
374best travel pack720$0.96
375best travel pack n play390$0.54
376best travel packages880$1.47
377best travel packing cubes320$0.61
378best travel pants2,400$1.53
379best travel pants for men230$1.97
380best travel pants for women140$1.24
381best travel pillow18,100$0.45
382best travel pillow for airplane56$0.49
383best travel pillows reviews140$0.45
384best travel places510$1.19
385best travel planning apps1,900$1.55
386best travel podcasts1,300$0.32
387best travel points credit card570$24.38
388best travel pouches170$0.50
389best travel power adapter260$0.41
390best travel power converter390$0.28
391best travel power strip170$0.51
392best travel products480$0.83
393best travel purse4,400$0.52
394best travel quotes5,400$0.82
395best travel quotes ever50$0.00
396best travel rain jacket480$0.91
397best travel raincoat260$0.88
398best travel razor170$1.27
399best travel review sites110$0.00
400best travel reviews70$0.62
401best travel rewards260$11.19
402best travel rewards card2,400$21.74
403best travel rewards card 2018110$25.03
404best travel rewards credit card14,800$21.85
405best travel rewards programs480$12.81
406best travel rod320$0.25
407best travel roller bag210$1.37
408best travel route170$3.39
409best travel router880$0.55
410best travel router wirecutter50$0.00
411best travel running shoes140$1.57
412best travel sandals1,300$0.73
413best travel search engine390$1.65
414best travel shoes5,400$1.95
415best travel shoes men804$1.17
416best travel shoulder bag320$0.67
417best travel shows1,300$0.00
418best travel sickness tablets720$0.27
419best travel sites8,100$3.34
420best travel sites for flights1,000$3.61
421best travel slippers170$1.00
422best travel snacks720$6.27
423best travel sneakers720$1.76
424best travel socks590$2.44
425best travel songs1,600$0.18
426best travel speaker720$0.30
427best travel speakers720$0.30
428best travel steamer1,600$0.42
429best travel store4,400$0.17
430best travel stroller9,900$0.51
431best travel stroller 2018720$0.45
432best travel suitcase1,586$1.35
433best travel system3,600$0.32
434best travel system 20171,000$0.37
435best travel system 20182,900$0.27
436best travel system 2018 uk480$0.31
437best travel system stroller5,400$0.46
438best travel t shirt210$1.10
439best travel tea mug390$0.60
440best travel tech 2018140$1.21
441best travel telescope320$0.35
442best travel thermos140$0.51
443best travel tips590$0.74
444best travel toiletries260$0.52
445best travel toiletry bag1,900$0.72
446best travel toothbrush720$1.51
447best travel totes1,300$1.37
448best travel tour companies480$3.24
449best travel towel1,300$0.66
450best travel toys for toddlers880$0.42
451best travel trailer battery390$0.73
452best travel trailer brands1,600$1.03
453best travel trailer covers260$1.89
454best travel trailer tires590$0.65
455best travel trailers4,400$1.52
456best travel trailers under 5000 lbs1,000$1.20
457best travel trailers under 6000 lbs170$1.19
458best travel tripod6,600$0.50
459best travel tripod 2018590$0.47
460best travel trolley50$0.40
461best travel ukulele70$0.25
462best travel umbrella1,900$0.66
463best travel umbrella stroller102$0.36
464best travel underwear590$1.02
465best travel usa70$0.00
466best travel usb charger170$0.51
467best travel utensils90$0.45
468best travel vacations90$0.52
469best travel vacuum bags140$1.08
470best travel vans480$0.27
471best travel vehicle480$0.84
472best travel vest260$0.85
473best travel video camera390$1.12
474best travel video songs260$0.00
475best travel video tripod260$0.43
476best travel videos590$0.05
477best travel visa210$4.54
478best travel visa cards390$12.83
479best travel visa credit card260$17.76
480best travel vlog camera210$0.26
481best travel vloggers1,600$0.05
482best travel voltage converter390$0.39
483best travel vouchers70$1.58
484best travel waist pack260$0.71
485best travel walking shoes170$0.93
486best travel wallet1,900$0.67
487best travel wallet mens480$0.83
488best travel wash70$0.43
489best travel wash bag140$0.52
490best travel watch880$0.30
491best travel watch case320$0.58
492best travel water bottle1,300$0.59
493best travel water filter210$0.94
494best travel water flosser110$0.81
495best travel watercolor set260$0.52
496best travel waterpik170$0.59
497best travel weather app70$1.47
498best travel website for flights480$3.14
499best travel websites6,600$2.51
500best travel wheelchair260$0.67
501best travel white noise machine90$0.64
502best travel wifi hotspot210$1.33
503best travel world320$0.70
504best travel wraps260$0.71
505best travel writing590$0.15
506best travel zoom camera390$0.50
507best travel zoom lens50$0.01
508best travelling gadgets1,900$0.85
509best u.s. travel70$0.00
510best world travel blogs320$1.85
511best worldwide travel adaptor320$0.28
512compare best travel insurance70$4.74
513review best travel insurance1,300$4.14
514the best travel agency320$2.73
515the best travel apps170$1.21
516the best travel backpacks590$1.12
517the best travel bag260$1.41
518the best travel blogs223$0.59
519the best travel books110$0.20
520the best travel card170$9.02
521the best travel credit card1,000$18.03
522the best travel insurance1,440$6.05
523the best travel luggage110$0.76
524the best travel movies50$0.00
525the best travel mug210$0.39
526the best travel pillow480$0.60
527the best travel sites110$1.78
528the best travel stroller170$0.37
529the best travel trailers140$1.29
530the best travel websites110$2.30
531travel and leisure best hotels720$0.76
532travel best bet33,100$0.56
533travel best bets33,100$0.47
534travel best bets vancouver590$0.56
535travel best bets.ca50$0.29
536travel best buys210$0.64
537travel channel best beaches140$0.00
538what’s the best travel insurance90$7.52
539which best travel insurance540$6.05
540which best travel insurance540$6.05
541which best travel system3,600$0.32
542which best travel system3,600$0.32
543who makes best travel trailer210$0.90
544who makes best travel trailer210$0.90
545world best travel destination 2018210$0.75
546world’s best memory foam travel pillow90$0.50
547world’s best travel pillow170$0.34

Introduction to Travel-Related Keywords

Travel-related keywords are words or phrases that people use to search for travel-related content on search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. These keywords can be divided into three categories: broad keywords, long-tail keywords, and geo-targeted keywords.

Broad Keywords

Broad keywords are general keywords that are related to travel. Examples of broad keywords are “travel,” “holiday,” “vacation,” “tourism,” and “destination.” These keywords are highly competitive, and it can be difficult to rank for them on search engines.

Long-tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are more specific than broad keywords and are composed of three or more words.

Examples of long-tail keywords are “best travel destinations in Europe,” “cheap flights to Bali,” or “family-friendly resorts in the Caribbean.

Long-tail keywords are less competitive than broad keywords, and they can drive more targeted traffic to your website.

Geo-targeted Keywords

Geo-targeted keywords are specific to a particular location. Examples of geo-targeted keywords are “hotels in New York,” “things to do in Paris,” or “beaches in Hawaii.” Geo-targeted keywords are highly relevant for local businesses and can help them attract more local customers to their website.

Why are Travel-Related Keywords Important for SEO?

Travel-related keywords are important for SEO because they help search engines understand the content of your website and match it with users’ search queries. By using the right travel-related keywords, you can increase your website’s visibility on search engines, attract more traffic, and ultimately increase your revenue.

How to Find Travel-Related Keywords

Finding the right travel-related keywords can be challenging, but there are several tools and techniques that you can use to make the process easier.

Google Autocomplete

One way to find travel-related keywords is to use Google Autocomplete. When you start typing a search query on Google, the search engine will suggest several related keywords. These suggestions are based on what people commonly search for, so they can give you an idea of what keywords you should target.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that allows you to find the most relevant keywords for your business. You can enter a list of keywords or your website URL, and the tool will suggest several related keywords along with their search volume, competition, and suggested bid.


SEMrush is a paid tool that allows you to analyze your competitors’ keywords, find new keyword opportunities, and track your keyword rankings. The tool provides detailed insights into the search volume, competition, and trends of each keyword, allowing you to make informed decisions about which keywords to target.

How to Use Travel-Related Keywords to Optimize Your Content

Once you have found the right travel-related keywords, it’s essential to use them strategically in your content. Here are some tips on how to use travel-related keywords to optimize your content:

Use Keywords in Your Titles and Headings

Including your target keywords in your titles and headings can help search engines understand the content of your website and improve your chances of ranking for those keywords.

Use Keywords in Your Content

Using your target keywords in your content can also help search engines understand the relevance of your content to users’ search queries. However, it’s important to use your keywords strategically and naturally within your content to avoid keyword stuffing, which can hurt your website’s search engine ranking.

Use Keywords in Your Image Alt Tags

Including your target keywords in your image alt tags can help search engines understand the content of your images and improve your website’s accessibility for visually impaired users.

Use Geo-Targeted Keywords for Local SEO

If you run a local travel business, using geo-targeted keywords can help you attract more local customers to your website. Make sure to include your city, region, or country name in your keywords to improve your website’s local SEO.


Travel-related keywords are crucial for optimizing your website for search engines and attracting more traffic to your website.

Remember to use a combination of broad keywords, long-tail keywords, and geo-targeted keywords in your content, and use them strategically and naturally within your content. By following these tips, you can create content that is optimized for search engines, engages your audience, and ultimately drives more traffic and revenue to your website.

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