Most Searched Plumbing Keywords Niches List 1000+

Plumbing is one of the most in-demand services, especially in the residential and commercial sectors. As a result, it is crucial for plumbers and plumbing companies to optimize their online presence to increase their visibility and reach their target audience.

To do so, they need to identify the most relevant and profitable plumbing-related keywords for SEO. In this article, we will discuss the essential plumbing-related keywords for SEO that can help plumbing businesses rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Most Searched Plumbing Keywords Niches List 1000+

Sr. No.Keywords for Plumbing (A to Z)Search Volume Monthly Global CPC in Dollar
11st choice plumbing320$20.75
220 20 plumbing260$24.48
32012 international plumbing code390$4.04
424 7 plumbing1,300$15.37
524 hour emergency plumbing480$21.36
624 hour plumbing service880$21.01
724 hour plumbing supply320$8.18
824 hours plumbing8,100$21.65
924/7 plumbing720$12.84
105 star plumbing590$10.50
11911 plumbing320$15.35
12a 1 plumbing5,400$7.81
13a 1 plumbing and heating390$7.32
14a boy plumbing480$12.07
15a plumbing720$16.39
16a plumbing we will go320$15.66
17a plus plumbing720$15.08
18a to z plumbing880$10.99
19a1 plumbing2,900$8.33
20a-1 plumbing1,300$7.81
21aa plumbing880$14.01
22aaa plumbing1,900$13.76
23aaaction plumbing2,900$8.35
24aaron plumbing1,600$13.50
25aaron plumbing supply390$5.67
26aav plumbing320$0.67
27ab plumbing480$8.91
28abacus plumbing1,900$6.67
29abbey plumbing320$6.25
30abc plumbing2,900$4.94
31abc plumbing colorado springs480$7.65
32able plumbing1,900$3.31
33above all plumbing320$14.37
34abs plumbing590$16.97
35absolute plumbing1,600$8.65
36ac plumbing590$17.90
37ac plumbing supply260$19.85
38access plumbing390$8.65
39accurate plumbing720$10.29
40ace plumbing2,900$9.18
41ace plumbing and heating480$8.67
42ace plumbing supply260$13.19
43acme plumbing590$7.50
44acorn plumbing590$6.70
45action plumbing3,600$12.23
46action plumbing and heating320$6.74
47action plumbing supply320$4.38
48active plumbing1,900$8.89
49adams plumbing880$11.36
50admiral plumbing390$4.96
51affordable plumbing5,400$15.27
52affordable plumbing and heating320$11.27
53affordable plumbing service590$0
54after hours plumbing590$10.14
55air gap plumbing320$1.62
56aj plumbing1,900$8.34
57ajax plumbing320$14.68
58ajs plumbing260$15.44
59aladdin plumbing320$17.67
60alans plumbing320$16.53
61albuquerque plumbing480$17.78
62alfano plumbing320$3.90
63algor plumbing260$12.14
64all about plumbing880$10.71
65all american plumbing1,000$9.74
66all around plumbing260$29.43
67all city plumbing260$42.88
68all clear plumbing590$7.56
69all florida plumbing390$1.45
70all hours plumbing320$9.68
71all plumbing590$8.68
72all pro plumbing1,300$10.24
73all rite plumbing390$21.09
74all service plumbing320$33.96
75all star plumbing1,600$12.14
76allens plumbing1,900$8.14
77allgood plumbing720$21.97
78alliance plumbing880$9.66
79allied plumbing1,300$7.95
80allright plumbing260$18.23
81alpha plumbing720$4.85
82alpine plumbing590$10.42
83alvarez plumbing720$13.33
84always plumbing720$4.46
85am pm plumbing390$8.87
86amarillo plumbing260$16.97
87american plumbing3,600$5.71
88american plumbing and heating260$23.09
89american plumbing supply390$2.57
90american society of plumbing engineers49,500$0.38
91american standard plumbing720$2.24
92an plumbing590$19.98
93anchor plumbing320$12.49
94anchorage plumbing and heating390$7.68
95anderson plumbing2,400$10.65
96angel plumbing390$13.57
97anthony plumbing590$10.62
98any hour plumbing390$17.32
99anytime plumbing1,300$14.70
100ap plumbing720$1.82
101apex plumbing2,900$16.67
102apex plumbing supply590$7.30
103apollo plumbing880$12.57
104apple plumbing480$25.24
105applewood plumbing1,600$24.80
106applewood plumbing and heating320$11.61
107aqua plumb1,600$10.95
108aquarium plumbing590$1.19
109aquarius plumbing390$10.40
110aquatech plumbing320$11.63
111aramendia plumbing480$6.36
112arlington plumbing320$38.41
113armstrong plumbing720$5.57
114around the clock plumbing390$14.12
115arrow plumbing1,300$6.69
116ars plumbing1,300$8.57
117art plumbing1,000$7.77
118artisan plumbing320$18.17
119arts plumbing1,000$7.12
120asap plumbing1,300$14.81
121associated plumbing320$20.88
122athens plumbing390$5.16
123atlanta plumbing1,000$30.84
124atlantic plumbing3,600$3.95
125atlantic plumbing dc4,400$5.07
126atlantic plumbing supply880$3.14
127atlantis plumbing480$14.02
128atlas plumbing1,300$6.95
129atomic plumbing590$6.66
130auburn plumbing260$24.61
131auger plumbing390$4.16
132aurora plumbing1,900$20.79
133austin plumbing1,000$30.48
134austin plumbing supplies260$11.20
135avon plumbing480$7.39
136az plumbing590$15.82
137aztec plumbing880$3.56
138b and b plumbing320$6.38
139b and d plumbing320$1.64
140b c plumbing480$12.95
141backlund plumbing480$2.16
142baker plumbing390$9.03
143bakers brothers plumbing1,900$9.34
144bakersfield plumbing390$10.04
145baltimore plumbing480$37.02
146banner plumbing1,900$9.40
147banner plumbing supply590$8.04
148barnes plumbing320$17.54
149barnett plumbing720$5
150barnett plumbing supply390$0.31
151bartlett plumbing260$16.33
152basement plumbing320$3.75
153basic plumbing880$4.82
154basic plumbing tools390$0.23
155bass plumbing320$14.46
156bath plumb880$5.65
157bathroom plumbing1,900$8.79
158bathroom plumbing diagram720$0.85
159bathroom plumbing layout480$9.07
160bathroom sink plumbing880$7.13
161bathroom sink plumbing diagram320$0.25
162bathtub plumbing880$6.16
163baton rouge plumbing320$7.81
164bay area plumbing260$29.89
165bay plumbing590$12
166bayonet plumbing480$16.66
167bayshore plumbing260$30.04
168bayside plumbing320$8.56
169bc plumbing480$11.34
170beacon plumbing1,600$5.22
171bear plumbing320$13.35
172beaverton plumbing390$6.24
173bejamin franklin plumbing480$7.48
174bell plumbing2,900$10.33
175bell plumbing and heating390$9.72
176bellevue plumbing480$47.45
177bellows plumbing320$20.51
178belsito plumbing320$11.25
179ben franklin plumbing14,800$7.67
180ben franklin plumbing coupons480$5.34
181benchmark plumbing260$18.83
182bender plumbing1,600$8.86
183bender plumbing supply320$4.52
184benders plumbing1,600$4.32
185benicia plumbing390$19.80
186benjamin franklin plumbing14,800$7.34
187benjamin franklin plumbing coupons480$6.26
188benjamin franklin plumbing mn320$9.39
189benjamin plumbing1,000$8.15
190benjaminfranklin plumbing390$9.97
191bennett plumbing320$11.37
192berkeley plumbing320$33.89
193berkeys plumbing320$6.19
194best choice plumbing480$11.31
195best plumbing5,400$12.72
196best plumbing co320$23.32
197best plumbing company260$19.60
198best plumbing scarsdale320$5.38
199best plumbing seattle480$21.52
200best plumbing somers590$0.50
201best plumbing specialties260$16.26
202best plumbing supply480$3.25
203best plumbing tools320$0.51
204betz plumbing320$13.16
205big blue plumbing320$5.85
206bill fenwick plumbing480$1.38
207bill howe plumbing1,600$12.19
208bill smith plumbing320$25.70
209bills plumbing480$5.77
210birmingham plumbing390$22.91
211bishop plumbing480$16.03
212bj plumbing720$20.21
213bk plumbing480$16.01
214black diamond plumbing880$3.59
215black mountain plumbing390$17.69
216black plumbing720$9.75
217black plumbing pipe390$1.99
218blackman plumbing hicksville320$2.71
219blackman plumbing huntington320$7.61
220blackman plumbing locations260$17.44
221blackman plumbing supply co390$16.39
222blackmann plumbing6,600$5.92
223blackmans plumbing supply3,600$2.38
224blitch plumbing480$15.75
225blue frog plumbing480$5.60
226blue sky plumbing720$22.69
227blue water plumbing320$9.97
228bluewater plumbing390$2.17
229bob hamilton plumbing880$9.84
230bodenheimer plumbing260$16.93
231boise plumbing480$19.12
232bond plumbing320$9.61
233bonfe plumbing320$4.88
234bonney plumbing1,300$10.43
235bonnie plumbing1,300$9.56
236boone plumbing3,600$6
237boston plumbing390$15.46
238bowers plumbing320$4.10
239boyd plumbing390$6.55
240bp plumbing720$11.07
241bradley plumbing480$9.90
242brass plumbing fittings720$1.58
243briggs plumbing720$4.48
244brooklyn plumbing590$17.99
245brooklyn plumbing supply320$0.99
246brooks plumbing390$9.74
247brothers plumbing1,900$9.32
248brothers plumbing sacramento260$43.73
249brown plumbing1,000$8.17
250bruce plumbing supply390$2.48
251buckeye plumbing880$7.94
252bucks plumbing590$6.44
253bulldog plumbing390$16.48
254burke plumbing260$16.03
255burton plumbing1,000$5.95
256butler plumbing880$12.30
257caccia plumbing390$19.34
258cahill plumbing390$13.22
259california plumbing code1,300$1.14
260calumet city plumbing260$14.39
261cambridge plumbing880$5.70
262campbell plumbing390$10.43
263canyon plumbing880$11.95
264cape coral plumbing590$18.85
265capital plumbing1,000$7.02
266capps plumbing320$21.55
267carolina plumbing390$27.06
268carr plumbing480$12.04
269cary plumbing1,000$18.78
270cass plumbing320$9.15
271cast iron plumbing320$5.64
272central plumbing2,400$6.70
273central plumbing and heating1,000$3.61
274central plumbing and heating anchorage390$3.76
275certified plumbing720$15.29
276chandler plumbing320$44.38
277chandlers plumbing260$33.93
278charles plumb880$0
279charlotte plumbing880$37.17
280chase plumbing320$8.79
281cheap plumbing2,900$12.60
282cheap plumbing services320$20.28
283cheap plumbing supplies480$0.75
284chicago plumbing1,300$18.42
285christian brothers plumbing320$7
286christian plumbing390$12.53
287cincinnati plumbing590$22.32
288city plumbing33,100$4.14
289city plumbing and electric880$4.07
290cj plumbing480$8.87
291classic plumbing390$10.06
292clearwater plumbing880$23.88
293cleveland plumbing720$13.40
294cole plumbing320$9.51
295colt plumbing320$19.22
296commercial plumbing4,400$16.26
297commercial plumbing contractors720$13.92
298commercial plumbing jobs320$2.66
299commercial plumbing service390$24.10
300commercial plumbing services390$27.89
301commercial plumbing supplies880$3.71
302complete plumbing720$10.82
303construction plumbing320$7.34
304cook plumbing390$8.71
305copper plumbing880$5.34
306copper plumbing fittings590$1.61
307courtesy plumbing590$19.51
308cox plumbing480$10.15
309cpi plumbing320$2.87
310cps plumbing390$8.42
311cypress plumbing320$23.24
312d s plumbing590$5.63
313d w plumbing320$31.75
314dahl plumbing1,000$14.50
315dallas plumbing1,600$42.20
316danco plumbing480$13.94
317dauenhauer plumbing880$11.82
318day and night plumbing590$9.17
319days plumbing320$18
320db plumbing260$13.20
321dc plumbing590$35.15
322define plumb2,900$5.86
323delta plumbing fixtures480$1.20
324denver plumbing1,300$69.31
325dependable plumbing590$23.83
326diamond plumbing720$10.32
327discount plumbing1,600$9.73
328diy plumbing1,000$2.44
329dj plumbing390$6.10
330do it yourself plumbing720$8.46
331does homeowners insurance cover plumbing                                       210$20.36
332done plumbing480$19.19
333done right plumbing390$28.84
334drain plumbing590$20.57
335ds plumbing480$4.23
336dunedin plumbing720$28.07
337dwv plumbing320$4.04
338e j plumbing390$16.92
339eagle plumbing3,600$10.88
340eco plumbing720$4.54
341einstein plumbing390$6.58
342ej plumbing390$15.60
343emergency plumbing14,800$18.81
344emergency plumbing repair390$15.72
345emergency plumbing service1,000$26.74
346emergency plumbing services880$22.34
347epic plumbing260$32.16
348erb plumbing320$3.43
349eve plumb49,500$0.07
350expert plumbing590$14.70
351ez plumbing320$6.46
352fast plumbing260$21.38
353ferguson plumbing denver320$7.86
354ferguson plumbing supply18,100$1.64
355ferguson plumbing tampa320$3.86
356ferguson plumbing tucson390$3.62
357fip plumbing480$18.54
358first class plumbing480$9.26
359florida plumbing code480$1.48
360fort worth plumbing390$34.34
361fox plumbing1,000$16.25
362franklin plumbing1,600$7.65
363free plumbing estimate390$12.05
364friendly plumbing390$17.23
365friends plumbing260$18.12
366funny plumbing pictures390$110.61
367garbage disposal plumbing320$10.26
368garrett plumbing260$16.35
369gas plumbing2,400$13.60
370gator plumbing320$13.29
371gem plumbing1,600$2.49
372general plumbing1,300$14.20
373general plumbing supply3,600$2.66
374george brazil plumbing320$10.63
375george morlan plumbing2,400$11.36
376gilbert plumbing320$43.41
377gill plumbing260$16.87
378good plumbing720$12.20
379government plumbing jobs480$0.52
380gps plumbing1,300$9.92
381green plumbing880$6.20
382greensboro plumbing390$17.59
383guy plumbing390$18.82
384h20 plumbing480$21.59
385h2o plumbing720$9.54
386hajoca plumbing supply390$8.53
387halls plumbing320$10.40
388handyman plumbing480$14.62
389heating and plumbing1,600$6.33
390heating and plumbing supplies390$2.24
391help plumbing590$11.34
392hill plumbing390$11.30
393hofmeyer plumbing320$11.28
394holt plumbing880$3.16
395home plumbing1,000$14.06
396hope plumbing720$5.66
397horizon plumbing1,900$6.68
398horn plumbing320$8.74
399house plumbing590$8.20
400how do you spell plumbing                                       590$29.12
401how does plumbing work                                       260$0
402how long is plumbing school                                       170$2.44
403how much does plumbing cost                                       390$9.63
404how to a toilet                                          10$0
405how to build a basement                                    1,000$3.22
406how to connect copper pipe to pvc                                       110$0.44
407how to connect pvc pipe                                       590$3.32
408how to do plumbing                                       320$4.12
409how to get a plumbing license                                       210$3.50
410how to get plumbing license                                       260$3.18
411how to install a toilet                                    9,900$3.76
412how to install dishwasher                                    2,900$3.70
413how to install kitchen sink plumbing                                       170$0.37
414how to install pex plumbing                                       140$1.77
415how to install plumbing                                       110$0.09
416how to install shower plumbing                                       170$1.38
417how to join pvc pipe                                       260$0.30
418how to plumb a basement bathroom                                       140$0.78
419how to plumb a bathroom                                       880$0.94
420how to plumb a bathroom sink                                       210$0.96
421how to plumb a bathtub                                       170$0.23
422how to plumb a dishwasher                                       480$3.09
423how to plumb a double sink                                       170$11.25
424how to plumb a house                                       480$1.67
425how to plumb a kitchen sink                                       320$0.25
426how to plumb a shower                                       720$1.09
427how to plumb a shower drain                                       260$0.68
428how to plumb a sink                                       590$8.24
429how to plumb a toilet                                       720$1
430how to remove a sink                                       480$0
431how to repair a toilet                                       320$1.58
432how to rough in plumbing                                       140$0.38
433how to start a plumbing business                                       260$6.90
434how to unclog a toilet                                 40,500$8.42
435how to unclog toilet                                 12,100$7.15
436how to use a plumbing snake                                       590$1.03
437how to use plumbing snake                                       210$1.05
438how to vent plumbing                                       170$0.24
439hudson plumbing480$18.13
440hughes plumbing supply720$3.59
441hurst plumbing260$11.80
442hvac plumbing260$16.59
443hydro jetting plumbing320$25.24
444icon plumbing320$11.88
445ideal plumbing1,000$13
446illinois plumbing code880$11.41
447indianapolis plumbing590$37.45
448indoor plumbing1,300$0.99
449industrial plumbing1,000$11.32
450industrial plumbing supply320$3.60
451ips plumbing320$7.20
452is plumbing a good career                                       140$2.91
453j b plumbing880$7.06
454j c plumbing1,000$10.35
455j d plumbing880$8.61
456j p plumbing720$12.93
457j r plumbing720$11.50
458jb plumbing880$12.08
459jc plumbing1,000$10.78
460jd plumbing880$6.87
461jet plumbing480$14.42
462jims plumbing1,900$10.40
463jj plumbing390$9.65
464john plumb1,600$0.02
465johnson plumbing1,000$19.43
466jolly plumbing720$7.80
467jp plumbing720$7.90
468jr plumbing720$13.20
469js plumbing320$10.58
470jt plumbing390$3.51
471just plumbing480$12.75
472katy plumbing590$19.82
473kc plumbing480$13.46
474kens plumbing320$10.30
475kent plumbing320$10.52
476king plumbing590$13.65
477kitchen plumbing720$8.01
478kitchen sink plumbing2,400$9.42
479kitchen sink plumbing diagram720$5.27
480kuhn plumbing260$14.36
481la plumbing260$35.18
482las vegas plumbing1,300$47.80
483lcr plumbing720$1.99
484lcr plumbing warehouse390$4.02
485lead plumbing260$25.92
486lee plumbing390$4.19
487lewis plumbing320$12.27
488lion plumbing320$18.83
489local plumbing9,900$14.26
490local plumbing companies590$25.11
491local plumbing supply590$4.29
492locke plumbing supply880$6.63
493los angeles plumbing1,600$39.84
494louisville plumbing390$35.21
495love plumbing260$13.72
496lrs plumbing480$25.65
497lucas plumbing260$11.19
498lutz plumbing320$7.07
499m j plumbing320$7.93
500magic plumbing320$10.85
501magnolia plumbing1,300$16.26
502mainline plumbing880$5.89
503mann plumbing320$16.96
504mark plumbing2,400$10.98
505marshall plumbing320$14.98
506masters plumbing5,400$14.64
507maxwell plumbing390$2.39
508mc plumbing320$20.13
509mcgill plumbing720$22.25
510md plumbing320$9.25
511mechanical plumbing1,600$8.45
512meridian plumbing720$11.01
513mesa plumbing320$49.19
514miami plumbing1,300$16.77
515midwest plumbing320$11.05
516mike diamond plumbing1,600$7.72
517mj plumbing320$8.43
518moen plumbing320$2.39
519moody plumbing320$6.13
520moore plumbing supply1,300$7.45
521mountain plumbing1,900$7.87
522mountain plumbing products480$1.33
523mp plumbing320$5.94
524mr rooter plumbing2,400$9.93
525mr. rooter plumbing2,400$9.60
526mvp plumbing320$14.03
527national plumbing code590$1.59
528nearest plumbing supply880$5.43
529neiman plumbing390$4.65
530new construction plumbing320$9.49
531next plumbing1,300$15.86
532nicks plumbing390$9.87
533nieman plumbing390$5.32
534ohio plumbing code390$8.34
535omega plumbing720$2.44
536one call plumbing260$12.68
537orange coast plumbing260$11.90
538orange county plumbing1,000$42.81
539oregon plumbing code320$0.08
540outdoor plumbing260$19.40
541p j plumbing480$12.59
542p trap plumbing480$6.77
543pace plumbing720$15.34
544par plumbing480$6.11
545paradise plumbing390$15.95
546park plumbing720$6.76
547pb plumbing260$13.53
548pdi plumbing880$21.57
549pecks plumbing390$1.92
550pex plumbing6,600$1.83
551pf plumbing320$2.09
552phoenix plumbing1,000$40.12
553pipe wrench plumbing320$3.05
554pipes plumbing590$8.99
555pj plumbing480$4.41
556pk plumbing260$12.28
557plumb center33,100$0.09
558plumb centre90,500$0.30
559plumb crazy1,300$8.61
560plumb definition2,900$0.75
561plumb supply4,400$3.28
563plumbing 1011,000$5.60
564plumbing 24 7480$16.58
565plumbing 247480$19.65
566plumbing a bathroom480$9.52
567plumbing a dishwasher320$2.35
568plumbing a shower390$2.98
569plumbing a sink320$3.22
570plumbing a toilet390$8.51
571plumbing abbreviations320$1.57
572plumbing access panels1,000$2.11
573plumbing accessories880$2.30
574plumbing advice320$2.33
575plumbing air vent320$0.72
576plumbing albuquerque720$14.27
577plumbing anchorage320$4.03
578plumbing and electrical480$8.08
579plumbing and heating4,400$7.30
580plumbing and heating supplies390$1.34
581plumbing and heating supply390$4.64
582plumbing and things320$3.96
583plumbing apprentice jobs1,900$1.16
584plumbing apprenticeship12,100$1.47
585plumbing arlington tx590$47.88
586plumbing atlanta1,000$30.50
587plumbing auger1,300$2.48
588plumbing augusta ga480$7.10
589plumbing austin1,000$33.53
590plumbing austin tx720$31.11
591plumbing basics2,400$5.42
592plumbing bathroom480$2.31
593plumbing baton rouge720$6.54
594plumbing birmingham al590$30.05
595plumbing blog590$8.41
596plumbing board390$8.31
597plumbing boise590$25.12
598plumbing books1,300$1.54
599plumbing boot320$1.40
600plumbing buffalo ny590$13.43
601plumbing business590$11.17
602plumbing business cards880$6.71
603plumbing business for sale480$5.49
604plumbing calculator390$0.93
605plumbing calgary1,900$21.36
606plumbing camera1,600$4.15
607plumbing camera inspection320$10.07
608plumbing camera rental320$2.19
609plumbing career720$4.72
610plumbing certification1,000$5.04
611plumbing charlotte nc1,300$45.79
612plumbing chicago1,600$21.41
613plumbing chicago il260$22.41
614plumbing cincinnati880$24.83
615plumbing city1,600$3.82
616plumbing clamps480$3.47
617plumbing classes480$3.17
618plumbing clean out590$17.98
619plumbing clipart720$15.81
620plumbing code1,900$2.79
621plumbing code book720$2.32
622plumbing colorado springs1,300$22.36
623plumbing columbia mo590$6.74
624plumbing columbia sc880$39.02
625plumbing columbus ohio1,000$14.65
626plumbing com590$8.30
627plumbing companies hiring390$12.87
628plumbing companies near me1,900$23.91
629plumbing company9,900$22.94
630plumbing company names590$10.08
631plumbing company near me1,000$26.48
632plumbing concepts260$18.56
633plumbing connections590$5.36
634plumbing connectors480$2.12
635plumbing contractor4,400$16.20
636plumbing contractors near me720$15.15
637plumbing corpus christi390$21.51
638plumbing cost1,300$9.08
639plumbing cost estimator320$7.44
640plumbing coupling390$2.09
641plumbing courses9,900$1.73
642plumbing crimping tool480$1.17
643plumbing dallas1,000$40.86
644plumbing dayton ohio590$23.10
645plumbing definitions3,600$20.62
646plumbing degree320$12.09
647plumbing denver1,600$68.05
648plumbing depot480$4.74
649plumbing des moines480$11.93
650plumbing design1,300$0.65
651plumbing diagrams1,000$4.55
652plumbing direct880$1.97
653plumbing distributors390$3.21
654plumbing distributors inc390$11.67
655plumbing doctor880$5.24
656plumbing drain590$6.93
657plumbing drain cleaning260$23.95
658plumbing drawings1,000$4.40
659plumbing edmonton1,000$16.87
660plumbing emergency1,300$20.16
661plumbing engineer1,600$5.49
662plumbing epoxy880$0.67
663plumbing equipment1,300$1.94
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665plumbing estimating software260$11.77
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Why are Plumbing-related Keywords Important for SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice of improving the quantity and quality of traffic to a website from search engines through organic search results. In simpler terms, SEO aims to increase the visibility of a website on search engine result pages (SERPs). Plumbing-related keywords play a vital role in improving the SEO of plumbing businesses. Keywords are words or phrases that people type into search engines to find specific information, products, or services.

By incorporating relevant and high-traffic plumbing-related keywords in your website’s content, you can increase your chances of ranking higher on SERPs. This, in turn, can drive more traffic to your website, generate leads, and ultimately increase sales.

How to Choose Plumbing-related Keywords for SEO

Choosing the right plumbing-related keywords for SEO can be a daunting task. Here are some tips to help you choose the most relevant and profitable plumbing-related keywords for SEO.

1. Conduct Keyword Research

The first step in choosing plumbing-related keywords for SEO is to conduct keyword research. There are several tools available, such as Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, and SEMrush, that can help you identify relevant and high-traffic keywords.

2. Analyze the Competition

Once you have identified potential plumbing-related keywords, the next step is to analyze the competition. Analyzing your competitors’ websites can help you identify the keywords they are targeting and how they are using them. This can help you identify new opportunities or gaps in the market that you can exploit.

3. Consider Searcher Intent

It is essential to consider the searcher’s intent when choosing plumbing-related keywords for SEO. Searcher intent refers to the reason behind a person’s search query. By understanding the searcher’s intent, you can create content that matches their needs and interests.

4. Focus on Local Keywords

If you are a local plumbing business, it is essential to focus on local keywords. Local keywords are phrases that include a location, such as the name of a city or town. Including local keywords in your content can help your website rank higher on local search engine result pages (SERPs) and attract more local customers.

5. Target Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are longer phrases that are more specific and targeted than general keywords. Although long-tail keywords may have lower search volumes, they often have higher conversion rates. Targeting long-tail plumbing-related keywords can help your website attract more qualified leads that are more likely to convert into customers.

Essential Plumbing-related Keywords for SEO

Here are ten essential plumbing-related keywords for SEO that you should consider incorporating into your website’s content.

1. General Plumbing Keywords

  • Plumbing Services
  • Plumbing Repair
  • Plumbing Contractor
  • Plumbing Company
  • Plumbers Near Me

2. Emergency Plumbing Keywords

  • Emergency Plumbing Services
  • 24-Hour Plumbing Services
  • Emergency Plumber
  • Emergency Plumbing Repair
  • Urgent Plumbing Services

3. Residential Plumbing Keywords

  • Residential Plumbing Services
  • Home Plumbing Repair
  • New Home Plumbing Installation
  • Bathroom Plumbing Services
  • Kitchen Plumbing Services

4. Commercial Plumbing Keywords

  • Commercial Plumbing Services
  • Industrial Plumbing Services
  • Office Plumbing Services
  • Restaurant Plumbing Services
  • Hotel Plumbing Services

5. Drain Cleaning Keywords

  • Drain Cleaning Services
  • Clogged Drain Repair
  • Sewer Cleaning Services
  • Hydro Jetting Services
  • Drain Snake Services

6. Water Heater Keywords

  • Water Heater Installation
  • Water Heater Repair
  • Water Heater Replacement
  • Tankless Water Heater Services
  • Gas Water Heater Services

7. Pipe Repair Keywords

  • Pipe Repair Services
  • Pipe Replacement Services
  • Burst Pipe Repair
  • Frozen Pipe Repair
  • Sewer Line Repair

8. Leak Detection Keywords

  • Leak Detection Services
  • Water Leak Repair
  • Slab Leak Repair
  • Gas Leak Detection
  • Pipe Leak Detection

9. Bathroom Plumbing Keywords

  • Bathroom Plumbing Services
  • Shower Installation Services
  • Bathtub Installation Services
  • Toilet Installation Services
  • Sink Installation Services

10. Kitchen Plumbing Keywords

  • Kitchen Plumbing Services
  • Garbage Disposal Installation
  • Dishwasher Installation Services
  • Faucet Installation Services
  • Water Filtration Services


Selecting the right plumbing-related keywords for SEO can help your plumbing business rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs), attract more traffic to your website, and ultimately generate more leads and sales.

By conducting keyword research, analyzing the competition, considering searcher intent, focusing on local keywords, and targeting long-tail keywords, you can identify the most relevant and profitable plumbing-related keywords for SEO.

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