Top Searched Online Degree Keywords on Google 200+

Are you looking to optimize your online degree program for search engines? The key to success is using the right keywords. In this blog, we’ll discuss the top online degree keywords that can help you improve your SEO strategy and attract more students to your program.

We’ll cover everything from broad keywords to long-tail phrases, as well as how to research and use them effectively.

Top Searched Online Degree Keywords on Google 200+

Sr. No.Best Keywords for Online Degree (A to Z)Search Volume Monthly Global CPC
11 year phd programs online1900$ 0.09
22 year rn programs online2900$ 0.21
34 week medical assistant program online1900$ 0.14
4accelerated bachelor's degree2400$ 0.24
5accelerated undergraduate degree1600$ 0.16
6accounting certificate online8100$ 0.15
7accounting online12100$ 0.14
8accredited online colleges27100$ 0.42
9accredited online courses2900$ 0.04
10accredited online degree programs5400$ 0.26
11accredited online schools14800$ 0.33
12affordable online colleges4400$ 0.42
13affordable online mba programs33100$ 0.30
14arizona state university online degrees1600$ 0.58
15associate in computer technology1900$ 0.12
16asu online degrees5400$ 0.50
17bachelor of community services2400$ 0.03
18bachelor of cyber security6600$ 0.11
19bachelor of early childhood education8100$ 0.08
20bachelor of human services2400$ 0.20
21bachelor of nursing online5400$ 0.03
22bachelor of public administration5400$ 0.09
23bachelor of science in business administration12100$ 0.14
24bachelor of science in business management1600$ 0.16
25bachelor online1900$ 0.05
26bachelor's degree in business administration6600$ 0.18
27bachelor's in business administration40500$ 0.08
28best msw programs1000$ 0.26
29best online bachelor degree programs1600$ 0.25
30best online business schools8100$ 0.38
31best online colleges18100$ 0.39
32best online computer science degree2400$ 0.23
33best online degree programs6600$ 0.19
34best online degree programs for working adults1300$ 0.26
35best online degrees9900$ 0.18
36best online it schools3600$ 0.42
37best online marketing mba2400$ 0.25
38best online master's programs2400$ 0.13
39best online mba14800$ 0.19
40best online mba programs33100$ 0.30
41best online phd programs1300$ 0.11
42best online schools9900$ 0.28
43best online undergraduate degree1900$ 0.17
44best online universities6600$ 0.15
45best online universities in the world1300$ 0.06
46bsn online1830000$ 0.11
47business management courses online14800$ 0.04
48cheapest online college9900$ 0.35
49cheapest online mba74000$ 0.16
50coursera mba6600$ 0.07
51cyber law course2400$ 0.01
52diploma of nursing online2900$ 0.02
53distance certificate1600$ 0.00
54distance learning degrees1900$ 0.07
55distance learning mba6600$ 0.03
56distance learning universities5400$ 0.02
57doctor of business administration22200$ 0.06
58doctor of public administration2400$ 0.11
59early childhood development courses2900$ 0.01
60early childhood development degree1300$ 0.25
61early childhood education degree online5400$ 0.38
62earn online degree3600$ 0.27
63edx micromasters1300$ 0.02
64emergency management degree2400$ 0.22
65free bachelor degree online3600$ 0.07
66free masters degree online6600$ 0.03
67free online bachelor degree courses with certificates1600$ 0.01
68free online colleges27100$ 0.33
69free online degree5400$ 0.07
70free online degree courses5400$ 0.01
71free online masters degree courses with certificates1300$ 0.01
72free online mba4400$ 0.04
73free online medical billing and coding certification programs1600$ 0.07
74free phd programs online1300$ 0.03
75health information management degree1300$ 0.23
76hr degree online3600$ 0.29
77human resources masters programs1900$ 0.24
78iit online degree2900$ 0.01
79interior design courses online18100$ 0.04
80jain online mba1600$ 0.03
81jd online8100$ 0.01
82leadership courses online33100$ 0.08
83library science degree online1900$ 0.15
84low cost medical coding and billing online program1000$ 0.18
85lpn classes online2900$ 0.16
86lpn to bsn online1300$ 0.14
87lpn to rn online programs2400$ 0.13
88lsu online degrees2400$ 0.26
89lsu online mba2900$ 0.31
90ma psychology distance education1900$ 0.01
91master degree public administration4400$ 0.15
92master of health administration9900$ 0.19
93master of legal studies4400$ 0.18
94master online40500$ 0.05
95master public administration online4400$ 0.30
96master's degree in business administration6600$ 0.14
97master's degree in counseling4400$ 0.22
98masters in criminal justice5400$ 0.21
99masters in early childhood education5400$ 0.12
100masters in education online14800$ 0.22
101masters in educational leadership6600$ 0.20
102masters in healthcare administration12100$ 0.32
103masters in hospital administration6600$ 0.04
104masters in human resources9900$ 0.16
105masters in international relations9900$ 0.06
106masters in leadership2900$ 0.15
107masters in nursing education4400$ 0.20
108masters in organizational leadership2900$ 0.28
109masters in public administration27100$ 0.14
110masters in public relations2900$ 0.08
111masters in social work online12100$ 0.47
112masters in special education4400$ 0.17
113mba degree online33100$ 0.26
114mha online1900$ 0.19
115mph online12100$ 0.20
116msc psychology distance education2400$ 0.01
117msn online3600$ 0.23
118msw online12100$ 0.47
119nursing classes online14800$ 0.24
120nursing degree online33100$ 0.20
121nursing online5400$ 0.10
122nursing school online14800$ 0.29
123online accounting60500$ 0.08
124online accounting degree18100$ 0.38
125online architecture degree4400$ 0.06
126online associate degree12100$ 0.23
127online bachelor degree programs8100$ 0.29
128online bachelor's degree27100$ 0.27
129online bba2900$ 0.04
130online biology degree3600$ 0.24
131online bsn programs4400$ 0.33
132online business administration degree6600$ 0.48
133online business degree18100$ 0.51
134online business management degree12100$ 0.54
135online certificate programs110000$ 0.10
136online civil engineering degree3600$ 0.07
137online classes degrees2400$ 0.18
138online college business degree2900$ 0.66
139online college courses110000$ 0.30
140online college degrees14800$ 0.39
141online college programs9900$ 0.42
142online colleges110000$ 0.51
143online colleges near me2400$ 0.52
144online colleges that accept fafsa2900$ 0.85
145online community college6600$ 0.21
146online computer science degree22200$ 0.24
147online construction management degree5400$ 0.17
148online counseling degree9900$ 0.26
149online counselling courses8100$ 0.03
150online criminal justice degree74000$ 0.77
151online cyber security degree135000$ 0.40
152online cyber security degree programs1900$ 0.32
153online data science masters18100$ 0.17
154online dba programs3600$ 0.18
155online degree49500$ 0.13
156online degree courses33100$ 0.02
157online degree programs60500$ 0.22
158online degree swayam1600$ 0.01
159online degrees accredited4400$ 0.27
160online degrees it8100$ 0.38
161online dnp programs2900$ 0.39
162online doctoral programs8100$ 0.16
163online doctorate2400$ 0.09
164online education degree14800$ 0.30
165online electrical engineering degree5400$ 0.19
166online engineering courses6600$ 0.03
167online engineering degree14800$ 0.18
168online executive mba22200$ 0.18
169online finance degree6600$ 0.27
170online game development degree2400$ 0.27
171online graduate programs4400$ 0.21
172online graphic design degree40500$ 0.26
173online healthcare degrees18100$ 0.22
174online history degree2900$ 0.19
175online human resources degree8100$ 0.40
176online interior design degree18100$ 0.10
177online jd1300$ 0.06
178online jd programs2900$ 0.07
179online law degree9900$ 0.08
180online law school18100$ 0.07
181online law school programs1600$ 0.10
182online llm4400$ 0.05
183online lpn programs12100$ 0.13
184online lpn to rn programs2400$ 0.14
185online marketing degree368000$ 0.31
186online master degree49500$ 0.12
187online master degree programs18100$ 0.21
188online masters in computer science12100$ 0.15
189online masters in psychology9900$ 0.24
190online masters programs33100$ 0.19
191online math degree3600$ 0.12
192online mba110000$ 0.15
193online mba courses27100$ 0.04
194online mba programs135000$ 0.38
195online mechanical engineering degree4400$ 0.24
196online medical assistant programs27100$ 0.22
197online mph programs6600$ 0.42
198online msw programs8100$ 0.62
199online nurse practitioner programs8100$ 0.46
200online nursing courses27100$ 0.05
201online nutrition degree5400$ 0.18
202online paralegal programs3600$ 0.28
203online phd14800$ 0.05
204online phd programs14800$ 0.09
205online phd psychology3600$ 0.16
206online physical therapy programs1600$ 0.20
207online physics degree1900$ 0.09
208online programming courses14800$ 0.07
209online programs22200$ 0.12
210online psychology degree60500$ 0.38
211online psyd programs3600$ 0.23
212online public administration1900$ 0.15
213online radiology tech programs2900$ 0.08
214online rn to bsn programs2900$ 0.46
215online school counseling programs1600$ 0.36
216online schooling programs18100$ 0.32
217online social work degree18100$ 0.38
218online software engineering degree4400$ 0.23
219online speech pathology programs1900$ 0.32
220online teaching degree12100$ 0.31
221online technology schools2400$ 0.51
222online undergraduate degree8100$ 0.15
223online university40500$ 0.19
224online university courses18100$ 0.04
225online university degrees6600$ 0.23
226paralegal certificate online4400$ 0.15
227phd in business administration6600$ 0.06
228phd in public administration2400$ 0.08
229popular online degrees1600$ 0.07
230psychology courses online18100$ 0.06
231psychology online4400$ 0.16
232regionally accredited online colleges1600$ 0.30
233rn bsn14800$ 0.27
234rn degree online2900$ 0.23
235rn to bsn8100$ 0.36
236rn to bsn online5400$ 0.40
237rn to bsn programs5400$ 0.37
238schools online for business14800$ 0.33
239self paced online college1900$ 0.30
240stanford online masters1600$ 0.05
241study psychology online5400$ 0.07
242suny online degrees1300$ 0.09
243swayam online degree1900$ 0.01
244symbiosis online mba3600$ 0.02
245tech schools online5400$ 0.35
246technology degrees online2400$ 0.36
247top online colleges1900$ 0.32
248top online mba9900$ 0.20
249top online mba programs5400$ 0.29
250wharton online mba1000$ 0.15

Understanding Online Degree Keywords

Keywords are the phrases and terms that people use when searching for something online. For online degree programs, keywords can help you target potential students who are interested in pursuing higher education.

The goal is to choose keywords that are relevant to your program and have high search volume, but aren’t too competitive.

Broad Online Degree Keywords

Broad keywords are general terms that describe a category or topic. For online degrees, some common broad keywords include:

  • Online degree
  • Distance learning
  • E-learning
  • Online education
  • Virtual classes
  • Remote learning

These keywords have high search volume but can be very competitive. It’s important to use them in combination with more specific keywords to help your program stand out.

Specific Online Degree Keywords

Specific keywords are more targeted and describe a particular program or course. Examples of specific online degree keywords include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration
  • Master’s degree in nursing
  • Doctorate in education
  • Online MBA program
  • Computer science degree online
  • Online criminal justice degree

Using specific keywords can help you attract more qualified leads who are actively searching for a program like yours.

Long-Tail Online Degree Keywords

Long-tail keywords are longer phrases that are more specific than broad or specific keywords. They may have lower search volume, but they also have less competition. Examples of long-tail online degree keywords include:

  • Online psychology degree for working adults
  • Best online college for military veterans
  • Affordable online degrees for single parents
  • Online marketing degree with no GRE requirement
  • Fastest online degree completion programs

Using long-tail keywords can help you target a niche audience and improve your chances of ranking higher in search results.

How to Research Online Degree Keywords

Keyword research is an important step in optimizing your online degree program for search engines. Here are some tips for finding the best keywords:

  • Use Google’s Keyword Planner tool to find keyword ideas and search volume data.
  • Look at your competitors’ websites to see what keywords they’re using.
  • Use Google’s autocomplete feature to see what related search terms come up when you type in a keyword.
  • Ask current and prospective students what keywords they would use to search for a program like yours.

Using Online Degree Keywords Effectively

Once you’ve found the right keywords, it’s important to use them effectively on your website. Here are some best practices for using online degree keywords:

  • Use your main keyword in your page title, URL, and meta description.
  • Use variations of your main keyword throughout your website content.
  • Use header tags (H1, H2, H3) to structure your content and include keywords in headings.
  • Use keywords in image alt tags, but make sure they’re relevant to the image.

Keyword Placement Best Practices

Keyword placement is crucial for SEO success. Here are some best practices for placing keywords in your content:

  • Use your main keyword in the first 100 words of your content.
  • Include your main keyword in your H1 heading.
  • Use your main keyword in subheadings (H2, H3) throughout your content.
  • Use variations of your main keyword throughout your content, but don’t overdo it.
  • Include your main keyword in the last paragraph of your content.

Remember, keyword placement should always be natural and flow with the rest of your content. Don’t sacrifice quality for the sake of including keywords.

Tips for Writing Quality Content with Online Degree Keywords

Using keywords is important, but quality content should always be your top priority. Here are some tips for writing high-quality content with online degree keywords:

  • Write for your target audience and provide value to them.
  • Use active voice and keep your sentences concise.
  • Use personal pronouns to make your content more conversational.
  • Include relevant statistics, facts, and examples to support your claims.
  • Use bullet points and numbered lists to break up your content.

Avoiding Keyword Stuffing and Other SEO Mistakes

Keyword stuffing is the practice of using too many keywords in your content, which can hurt your SEO efforts. Here are some other common SEO mistakes to avoid:

  • Using irrelevant or low-quality keywords.
  • Copying content from other websites.
  • Neglecting website design and user experience.
  • Forgetting to optimize your website for mobile devices.
  • Ignoring analytics and not tracking your website’s performance.

Tracking and Measuring Keyword Performance

Tracking and measuring your keyword performance is crucial for improving your SEO strategy. Here are some tools and metrics to consider:

  • Google Analytics can help you track website traffic and user behavior.
  • Google Search Console can help you monitor your website’s search performance and identify errors.
  • Keyword rankings can help you see where your website ranks for specific keywords.
  • Click-through rate (CTR) can help you measure how often users click on your website in search results.
  • Conversion rate can help you measure how many users take a desired action on your website, such as filling out a form or making a purchase.


Placing the best online degree keywords is essential for improving your SEO strategy and attracting more students to your program. By understanding broad, specific, and long-tail keywords, researching effectively, and using best practices for keyword placement and content writing, you can optimize your website for search engines and stand out from the competition.

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