Why isn’t my site showing in Google Search – 12 Reasons

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In the initial days of most of the new bloggers, this problem is seen quite a lot that why my site is not showing in Google Search Results? And due to this problem, he is not able to focus on his blogging for a long time.

If you are also constantly searching on Google why my site is not showing in Google Search? Or why your website is not ranking in Google? So you have come to the right place.

Because in today’s important post I am going to cover this topic that what can be the main reasons for a website not showing up in Google? And how to fix them?

Many times it happens that you do everything right according to your own accord, but still some such things either happen by mistake or you do not take them seriously. Due to which it may be that your site is not reaching the door of Google.

So further in this post we will talk about 12 such possible reasons which can be the main reason for any site not showing in Google.

If your site is not showing in Google Search Results, then first of all it becomes very important to know whether your site is also indexed in Google or not?

Because when a website is indexed in Google, then it is also displayed in its search results and if there is no index, then there is no point in appearing in search results in that situation.

So first of all you need to find out whether my blog is also indexed in Google or not? Which you can easily find out?

How to check whether a blog is indexed in Google or not?

It is very easy to check the indexing of any website or blog in Google Search Engine. For this, just type in Google Site: yoursitename.com

Make sure to change yoursitename to the name of your site. If your site is indexed in Google, then here you will see all the pages of your site that have been indexed by Google.

Even if you are seeing a single page, then Google knows your site that means the site is indexed. And if there is not a single result related to your site, then Google does not know anything about your site yet, which means that the site is not indexed.

Therefore, if the site is indexed, then there is no need to do much about it and if the site itself is not indexed, then first of all you have to reach your site to the door of Google, which means that you will have to index it.

For this, first you have to submit the Sitemap of your site but before submitting you have to generate XML Sitemap for which you can generate Yoast SEO, Rank Math SEO by whichever one you use.

XML Sitemap of any site tells Google which web pages of that site are ready for indexing and this also helps Google to index the site fast.

However, for your more information, it is also important to know here that sitemap does not boost the ranking of the website, it only helps in crawling the content of your site faster and better.

How to Generate Sitemap with Yoast SEO?

  • To generate XML Sitemap through Yoast SEO, go to Yoast SEO >> General >> Features and from here turn on the option “XML Sitemaps”.
  • After turning ON, if you click on “See the XML Sitemap” written in blue color, it will take you to the page with the XML Sitemap generated from Yoast SEO.

How to Create a Sitemap with Rank Math SEO?

To generate XML Sitemap through Rank Math SEO, click on Rank Math >> Sitemap Settings >> General.

And after coming here, then click on Post and Pages and turn on the Include in Sitemap option for both.

After this, after going to General again, click on the Sitemap link given above, it will take you to the XML Sitemap page of your website. In the address bar, copy the URL given after the domain name, which is something like this:


How to Fast Index New Website in Google?

The best way to index any new website or blog in Google Search Engine is Google Search Console. Which is a service of Google itself. It is also called Google Webmaster Tool. Let us understand how to submit Sitemap in Search Console?

After logging into Search Console, click on Sitemaps.

Now copy the URL after your domain name (sitemap_index.xml) and click on SUBMIT after pasting the copied URL next to Domain Name under Add a New Sitemap.

Why is my site not showing in Google Search?

Now you have also submitted the Sitemap of your site, but still it is not visible in Google search results even far and wide, then there may be some other main reasons for this, which are further given in this post.

1. Your website is brand new.

If you have created a new website a few days ago, then in that case it is new not only for Google but also for the whole internet. In such a situation, it may take 3 to 4 weeks for your site to be displayed in Search Engine Results.

So don’t worry, wait a bit. Keep learning and keep focusing on Quality Content.

2. “No index” tag can be enabled in your site.

If someone wants that your site cannot be indexed by Search Engines, then in that case No Index Tag is used. But if for some reason you have accidentally added the No Index Tag to the site, then it will not allow your site to be indexed in the search engine.

This is an HTML tag like this: <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex”/> If this tag is enabled, even if you have submitted the sitemap to Google Search Console, the site will not be indexed.

By default inside WordPress, all the pages of your site have the option to put No Index Tag in One Click. Which prevents the Search Engine Visibility of the site.

While creating a WordPress website, most users or web developers keep this option of WordPress enabled so that the search engines will not be able to index any of its pages until the site is completely ready.

Disable Search Engine Visibility in WordPress

But if you forget to disable it later for some reason, then this will also prevent your site from freely entering the world of the Internet. So once you have clicked on Settings >> Reading in your WordPress Dashboard, check whether or not you have clicked on “Discourage search engines from indexing this site”. If Checkbox is enabled there, then remove it carefully.

3. There is no index tag in the Robots.txt file.

Most websites have a file named Robots.txt which is a part of Technical SEO. This file allows Search Engines to go to which part of the site and which not. Meaning which pages have to be indexed and which ones should not.

If you understand it in a few simple words, then search engines can only index the part of the website that you allow for indexing inside the Robots.txt file. Not to the rest.

You can check this Robots.txt file of your own or any site in the browser with this URL: yoursitename.com/robots.txt

If you see a 404 error here, it means that you have not created this txt file for your website. And if some such information comes as you are seeing in the image, then some things need extra attention.

Check if this code is not inside that file:

User-agent: Googlebot
Disallow: /

or else

Disallow: /
User-agent: Googlebot

If you see any of the above code in the robots.txt file, then delete it immediately. Because this is the code that is preventing Googlebot from crawling your website. And for this reason your site is not showing in search results.

If you know more about robots.txt file and how to fix it then read here

4. Lack of High Quality Backlinks.

Backlinks play a very important role in the high and fast ranking of any website. The more and higher quality links that point to your site, the more Google’s confidence in your site will increase.

Remember, do not create backlinks anywhere in the name of backlinks, if you create low quality backlinks, then it can also have a bad effect on the ranking of your site. 100 Quality Backlinks are far better than 1000 Low Quality Backlinks.

According to MOZ, backlinks are a very important SEO factor to increase the domain authority of the website.

You can follow some quick tips given below to generate High Quality Backlinks:

  • You must have heard that content is the king, so first of all always try to give high quality content to your users on the blog. By doing this people will link your site on their own.
  • Guest posting is the second most effective way to get high quality backlinks. Do Guest Post on Blogs with High Authority.
  • Submit your blog in Top Blogging Directories and Social Bookmarking Site.
  • You can also create backlinks through comments, although such links are no-follow but they also affect the ranking. But keep in mind, comment only on the blog related to your Blogging Niche.

5. Your site has been removed from Google.

If you do blogging, then it seems almost impossible to get success in blogging without Google because Google is the most used search engine in the world.

In such a situation, if you do not optimize your blog according to the Quality Guidelines made by Google, then in that condition Google can punish you at any time.

Due to which Google can take some such steps to stop indexing of your blog, temporarily or permanently remove it from search results. So if you want to keep your blog in the eyes of a decent person in the eyes of Google, then work on the blog keeping in mind his guidelines.

6. Due to Google Algorithm Changes

Google always keeps making changes in its Search Algorithms to give its users the best and the right content related to their search.

Due to which there is a jump in the ranking of some sites and a drop in the ranking of some. If your site was ranking well till some time ago and not now, then one of the reasons may be due to new update in Google’s algorithm.

Therefore, whenever such major updates come, you should keep an eye on them and then optimize your content according to those updates.

7. Website not being mobile friendly

In today’s time 80 to 90% of the traffic comes from mobile devices. Therefore, to make Search Results Mobile Friendly, Google has started keeping Mobiles as Primary Ranking Factor instead of Computer.

According to Google Search Console, Google’s Crawlers have also started giving priority to Mobile Devices first for indexing. Therefore, while creating a website or blog, you should have complete focus not only on desktop but also on mobile optimization.

To check whether your site is Mobile Friendly or not, you can take the help of this Online Mobile Friendly Testing Tool of Google. So if you have created your own website on WordPress, then install a Responsive Mobile Friendly WordPrss Theme. And if someone else has designed your website then you can ask them to optimize it mobile friendly.

8. Not having proper content optimization according to SEO

Even if you do all the things mentioned above correctly, but do not properly optimize your content from the point of view of SEO, then all your hard work is going to be in vain. Because Advance SEO Techniques is the only Brahmastra that can make you stand on the top.

To make a blog SEO friendly, it is necessary to work on two main techniques of SEO:

While writing a blog post, to optimize the post according to the search engine and readers, which are different types of techniques such as Title tag, Meta description, Internal / External linking, Alt Tags etc. All these come under On Page SEO Techniques. Huh.

And after publishing Blog Post, Blog Promotion, Link Building, Social Sharing, Guest Posting etc. come under Off Page SEO Techniques.

9. Slow Page Loading Performance

If the loading speed of your site is very slow, then it has a very negative effect on the ranking and SEO of your site. Because Google takes the loading performance of the site as a ranking factor.

If your site takes a long time to load in the browser, then you should fix it very soon. Otherwise the ranking of your site in Google Search Results will go down gradually.

Sites that load fast in the browser benefit both its ranking and user experience, so that they consistently perform well in search results.

You can use many online tools such as GtMatrix, Pingdom and Google’s official tool PageSpeed ​​Insights to check the loading speed of your website.

10. Lost of Backlinks

So much so that you must be aware that backlinks are an important factor in the ranking of any site. So if there were some high quality backlinks for your site earlier but for some reason now your site has lost those backlinks, then it can have a very bad effect on your site’s Off Page SEO and Ranking.

That’s why you should always keep an eye on the backlink profile of your site. For which you can take help of many online SEO tools such as SEMRush, Ahrefs, UberSuggest etc. and you can control the site’s Backlinks, Ranking Keywords, SEO, Site Health, Keyword Research etc.

11. Competition and Short Tail Keywords

In today’s time the competition in blogging has increased a lot whereas it was very less till 3-4 years ago. And since the birth of Jio in India, there has been a flood of content on the internet.

So in such a situation, if you are not working on the blog with proper SEO strategy and on the right keywords, then it can also be a main point that your website is not getting ranked in Google Search Results.

Meaning that either you are working on very high competitive keywords, on which people have already worked more than the limit and they are ranked at the top.

If you want to get your site ranked in Google as soon as possible, then first of all write articles on some keywords which have less competition. For which the best way is to target Long Tail Keywords.

Competition on Long Tail Keywords is very less and they get ranked very soon. This is a Detail Guide related to Long Tail Keywords which you must read.

12. Keyword Stuffing

In the beginning, most of the new bloggers feel that the more times the keyword is repeated in the blog post, the better it is for SEO. But it is not like that at all. Putting the same keyword again and again inside the post is called Keyword Stuffing, which is a part of a Black Hate SEO.

By doing this, Google can take your site down negatively, it will feel that you are writing to get rank in Search Engine, not for Readers. Because of which Google can also Penelize your site and your Search Ranking can also be badly affected.

I do not say that you should not keep keywords more than once inside a blog post, you must keep it very important for SEO but do not repeat the same keywords again and again. Other related keywords related to that topic should also be added.

For example, if you are writing a post whose main Targeted Keyword is “What is SEO?” So you can make its related keywords like “Who is SEO”, “How to do SEO”

Read more….


So friends, I hope that if your site is not getting ranked or displayed in Google Search Results, then this article must have been helpful for you. Out of all the reasons mentioned above, you just have to find out which are the valid reasons that are preventing your site from displaying in Google.

If you reach that reason, then fix it immediately and then after some time you will see that your site is also appearing in Google and ranking well.

If you liked this information and found it helpful, then do share it. And if you want to ask something related to this, then you can reach us through the comment box below. I always try to answer your every question as soon as possible.

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