Utilize Your Time in Analysis Digital Marketers With These 5 Steps

We all are running a race in the world of Digital Marketing. But it is a bit difficult to say how many are ahead of the world and how many are ahead of the world.

Time Utilization Analysis or Time Management Analysis is very important in the world of Digital Marketing.

If you do not know How To Manage Your Time Efficiently As A Digital Marketer, then you will keep on Struggling to get the Desired Results and in that time someone else will be growing their business.

Most of the Digital Marketers are not able to decide their Time Proportion and most of the time they get entangled in those things where perhaps they should have given the least time or should not have given time at all.

How many of our Users ask in Comments, Mails and Interactions that why they do not get the Desired Result even after so much Hard Work, why they are not able to grow their Business!

This is because they are doing Hard Work in the era of Smart Work and this is also a major reason for the failure of Digital Marketers.

Smart Work means Time Management Analysis – Investing as much time as is necessary on a Vertical or Activity.

Many people know about Digital Marketing Tools & Techniques, how many are there who know that How To Manage Your Time Efficiently As A Digital Marketer?

There would probably be only a few people who would know about this.

That’s why in this article of ours today we will talk about Time Management Analysis For Digital Marketers.

Many of you also wanted to know the Exact Proportion, how much time to devote in which vertical?

The answer to this question of yours is also hidden in this blog itself, so definitely read this blog till the end.

Compition in Digital Marketing

In the world of Digital Marketing, we all are running a race.

Some are creating a website, some are doing content marketing, some are trying to earn money from Affiliate Marketing.

There are so many verticals in digital marketing that everyone is running a different race in each vertical.

Any of you must have participated in a marathon at one time or the other, or must have seen a marathon.

Racer participating in Marathon will never be able to win if he keeps running at the same speed continuously.

If you want to win a marathon, it is important to know when to run, how long to run and at what speed.

The same rules apply to do Digital Marketing in an effective way and hence Time Utilization Analysis For Digital Marketers is very important.

Utilize Your Time in Analysis Digital Marketers With These 5 Steps

Utilize Your Time

A common Digital Marketer works for 8 – 10 hours and our analysis is also on this basis.

You can divide the time into different verticals according to the amount of time you invest in your work or digital marketing.

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We will understand Digital Marketing Time Utilization Analysis with the help of 5 Verticals.

These five verticals will give you clarity on when, how much and where you should invest your time.

1. Gain New Customers

gain new customer

You should invest 50% of the time you spend in your business in adding new customers.

If you are doing Digital Marketing Practice for 10 hours, then 5 hours of your time should be spent on acquiring new customers.

This is the first rule of Time Management Analysis.

Now the question comes why so?

Let’s go on giving you the answer to this too.

The most challenging and important task in any kind of marketing funnel or business is to add or acquire new customers.

Your old customers can undoubtedly give you revenue or in simple language you can give business, but only your new customers can give you business growth.

Whether you are selling Courses or doing Affiliate Marketing or Freelancing 

If New Costumers are not connecting with you or your business then you will not be able to Survive.

If it is said in a few harsh words, then without new customers your business will end.

That’s why 50% of your time should go to Lead Generation, Traffic Building and Customer Acquisition.

If you are selling Digital Courses, then you should spend maximum time in Webinars or WhatsApp Classes , so that you can engage New Learners.

If you are a Content Creator then your time should be more in Influence Building.

Will not forget! – “Work Speaks For Itself”.

And if you are an Affiliate Marketer, then maximum of your time should go into Traffic and Lead Generation.

Now let’s talk about our second vertical.

2. Nurturing Existing Customers

Nurturing Existing Customers

Many people may find it strange to hear this, but you should invest only 10% of your time on your existing customers.

This is the second rule of Time Utilization Analysis For Digital Marketers

Give value to your existing customers.

Pre-frame them for the next level.

Guide them, Connect with them on Whatsapp and Telegram, Pay attention to their Feedbacks but Invest only 10% of your Digital Marketing Practice time on them.

Your Existing Customers need Value and Team Guidance more than your time.

The more you or your team pay attention to them, connect with them, the more healthy customer relationship will be built.

But remember, you have to invest only 10% of your time in this. If you invest more time than that, then somewhere your Time Management Analysis will go wrong and you will have to Compromise in other Verticals.

Now let’s move on to the next rule of our Third Vertical and Time Analysis.

3. Creating Unique & Fresh Content

create fresh content

We have said this before in many of our articles and are repeating it again today.

“Content Is The Heart Of Digital Marketing”. Without this, doing Digital Marketing Practice is probably not possible.

But here we are specifically talking about Fresh Content Creation.

If you are not creating something new then you are stuck, tired and have come far behind all those who are following the trends in this dynamic industry.

That’s why Rule Three of Time Management Analysis says that 20% of your time should be invested in creating fresh content.

When we talk about content, we do not mean specifically written content, but apart from blogs, Videos, Podcasts, Reels and other content types are also included in it.

Apart from this, if you are creating any products or services, then it is also a part of Fresh Content, so it is also included in the Third Vertical of Time Utilization Analysis.

Learn this blog Content Marketing

4. Managing Online Systems

Managing Online Systems

While working digitally, we work on many new and old systems and also have to manage all those systems.

For Example- LMS i.e. Learning Management System- This is a system where E-learning courses are created, managed and stored.

Apart from this there are many systems like – Email Marketing System, Website Management System, Webinar System, Lead Management System etc.

Proper Functioning of all these systems is necessary for your Smooth Digital Marketing Process, but only 10% of your time investment should be on the management of all these.

This is Rule Number 4 of Time Management Analysis For Digital Marketers.

You should invest 10% of your time in checking whether these systems are functioning properly or not.

Somewhere your entire Marketing Funnel depends on these systems.

Nowadays, we are also investing a lot of money in advertisements, in such a situation, if your system stops or crashes anywhere, then your entire Marketing Funnel from Top to Bottom will be disturbed and there are also chances of Huge Financial Losses.

That’s why it is necessary to check once a day whether your systems are working properly or not.

5. Business Analysis

Business Analysis

Our fifth and last vertical is Business Analysis.

Rule Number 5 of Time Management Analysis says that you should invest 10% of your time in Business Analysis.

Many factors have to be considered in Business Analysis such as:

  • Traffic Sources – How much traffic is coming from which sources on your website or Digital Profiles.
    How much is Paid Traffic, how much is Organic Traffic, how many Qualified Leads are being generated from YouTube Videos, how much Traffic is being Driven from Instagram and Facebook – it is necessary to analyze all these factors.
  • Lead Generation – Lead Generation is an important factor for businesses. Especially Qualified Leads because these Leads go ahead and convert into Potential Customers.That’s why Leads Analysis is necessary and it is also important to study how many Dead Leads are there. It is very important for the growth of your business to reduce your Dead Leads.

    For those who are not familiar with this term, let us tell you, Dead Leads are called such users who either lose interest in your business in the very initial stage or cannot be converted due to any other reason or there is no financial transaction. Do.

  • There is probably no need to tell how important Sales is for Business. If there is no sales then there is no business, so it is very important to monitor the sales figures at regular intervals.
  • Revenue – Revenue is that part of our business from where we start the calculation of ROI. Readers, note that we are talking about Revenue here, not Profit.Profit is a part of Revenue which is calculated after deducting Taxes and Expenses.

    Both Revenue and Profit reflect the growth of your business, so it is important to monitor both at regular intervals.

  • Taxes – Tax Calculation is very important for any Investment and New Proposal Analysis.There are many taxes like Service Charges, TDS and GST which different Digital Practitioners are required to fill from time to time.

    That’s why it is important to understand them so that Through Maximum Tax Benefit of Subsidies and Tax Rebates can be availed.

    If you are not able to monitor them at regular intervals, then if you analyze your business by taking one or two hours a week, then you will understand in which direction your business is working and how much profit it is generating. And which segment requires revisions.

Once you revise the five verticals of your How To Manage Your Time Efficiently As A Digital Marketer.

According to Time Management Analysis, 50% of your time should be invested in acquiring new customers.

Your 10% Time should be Invested in Nurturing Existing Customers.

According to Time Usage Analysis, 20% time should be invested in Fresh Content Creation.

10% Of The Time Should Be Invested In Online System Management.

And the remaining 10% in Time Business Analysis.

This is the complete math of Time Utilization Analysis For Digital Marketers.

Last Thought:

You must have heard this phrase “Time Is Money” many times. Whether it is money or time, if invested at the wrong place or excessively, then the returns are disastrous.

As A Digital Marketer, this should not happen to you, so Time Management Analysis is very important for you.

Hopefully by now you have got answers to many questions, including How To Manage Your Time Efficiently As A Digital Marketer, How To Do Time Utilization Analysis For Digital Marketers and How Much Time To Invest In Each Vertical, many important questions like are also included.

While leaving, he also gives you an answer to a question and also an important information.

One of our users had asked us whether Digital Marketing leads to ROI Increase?

Friend, the answer to your question is yes.

ROI increases to a great extent from Digital Marketing, the only condition is that you know where to invest money and time.

We are not saying this only, but it has been found in many studies and researches.

If you question Google, it will take you to these studies.

One of the many studies was also published on Study Incrementors.com, in which it was told that 49% of marketers believe that they have got the best ROI from digital marketing.

That’s the question, now important information.

Once you learn to effectively utilize time in your digital marketing practices or career, you will be able to focus on self growth as well.

Self Growth means having the right mindset, having a Growth Mindset, learning new skills, keeping yourself up to date with everything.

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