9 Steps in Digital Marketing For Startups – Grow Business Online

Are you a Startups? if yes then you should need to grow business online in this era. In this blog we cover all topic related to Digital marketing for startups to grow business online.

Every month someone becomes a New Startup Unicorn which is really good news for world economy.

Internet, Online Marketing, Digitalization etc. have played an important role behind such fast growth.

If you are also thinking of starting your own Small Business or Startup, then you have to learn the correct implementation of Internet and understand How To Use Digital Marketing For Startups.

In today’s blog, we are going to know all this and understand some important Digital Marketing Strategies For Startups And Their Importance.

Let’s start it without delay.

Digital Marketing Strategy For Startups

Digital Marketing for Startup

Digital Marketing is a way to increase Awareness of your Company, Products or Services in which Digital Devices (Like Computer & Mobile), Social Media (Like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn), Search Engines (Like Google, YouTube, Bing) and Direct Marketing Tools (Like Emails & Messages) are used.

A company using Digital Marketing,

  • Can sell its product or service in other cities or countries.
  • Can create its own awareness in the market.
  • Leads can be generated for your business.
  • Can establish itself as a brand.

The biggest advantage of Digital Marketing Strategies For Startup is that you can track them.

By tracking, you can understand which strategy is working and which is not, you get clarity whether you are targeting the right customers or not, how is their engagement, etc.

Let us now understand some of its benefits after understanding the meaning of Digital Marketing For Startups.

Digital Marketing For Startups Importance – 5 Benefits

Growth of a business is possible only when it reaches its Ideal Customer.

By using Digital Marketing, you not only reach your customers but also attract them to your business.

Let us discuss some such Digital Marketing Benefits For Startups.

1. Low Marketing Cost

low marketing cost

Most startups do not have much funding, so they have to invest money very thoughtfully.

It is very expensive to give advertisements on Traditional Marketing such as TV, Newspaper, Radio, in which a lot of money can be spent in their budget.

In such a situation, by using Digital Marketing Strategies For Startups, they are able to invest their money in the right Marketing Strategies.

Along with being less expensive, it also gives Targeted Result.

2. Online presence is established

Today more than half of the world is using internet and spending their time online.

In such a situation, you also need to create Online Presence to grow your Startup in less time.

This is possible only when you understand the Importance Of Digital Marketing For Startups.

Digital Marketing helps you to create Online Presence through Social Media, Website, YouTube, Mobile Applications etc.

You do not even have to leave your office to interact or convince your potential customers.

3. Increases Brand Visibility & Awareness

Brand Visibility

A startup cannot be successful until it comes in the eyes of its target customers.

For this it is necessary to tell people about your business or create awareness.

Digital Marketing Strategies such as Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Website etc help you to increase your Visibility.

You create content of interest to your target audience, share it on different platforms and get noticed through advertisements.

With this, your Brand Voice reaches them and they get to know exactly who you are, what you sell and how you can solve their problems.

4. Understanding Customer Behavior becomes easy

This is one of the Best Digital Marketing Benefits For Startups.

You must agree with this that you can provide Best Products or Services only by understanding your customer.

Digital Marketing helps you to know the Customer Behavior.

By knowing Customer Behavior, you can decide their Journey and convert them from a Stranger to Paying Customer by making a Step by Step Strategy.

5. Customer Engagement Improves

Customer Engagement Improves

Through social media & Website, you can reach your Products or Services to your Ideal Customers.

With this, they get engaged on your posts or videos and do Like, Comment & Share.

This not only increases the interaction, but also you can understand exactly what they want.

Along with this, Brand Awareness also increases and Traffic on your website and Downloads on Mobile Application also increase.

Hope you have understood all these Digital Marketing Importance For Startups.

Let us now move forward in our Digital Marketing For Startups blog and understand some of the best Digital Marketing Strategies For Startups.

9 Steps in Digital Marketing For Startups – Grow Business Online

1. Identify your Ideal Customer

Are you thinking of starting such a Startup in which everyone will be targeted?

If yes then you may have to work hard for this and may have to invest a lot of funds. Even after this, the probability of being successful is very less.

Therefore, try to remove the problems of a specific group of people from your Startup.

For this you have to create your Buyer Persona.

By creating a Buyer Persona, you will be able to deliver your Brand Message to the right people.

You will come to know what are the Choices of your Ideal Customers, what are their Interest, Passion, Problems, Demographics, Average Earning etc. and how they research Online Products or Services, which Platforms they use more, etc.

After knowing all these details, it will be very clear which people you have to cater.

Research also says that by creating a Persona, you can make your website two to five times more effective.

2. Make Professional Website

Create Landing Page Strategy

A website is the identity of any business that tells people about your business.

Rather, it would not be wrong to say that the website is the focal point of all your Digital Marketing Strategies.

People see your content or Ad somewhere and are eager to know about you if they like it.

In such a situation, they search about you on Direct Google.

Now if you do not have a website, then how will those people know you or how will you be able to convert them into your customers?

Therefore, we have placed Website Design in our Digital Marketing Strategy For Startup list.

Keep in mind while creating a website that,

  • Home page should be telling your Brand Mission & Vision. On this, you can also explain your business model and clearly mention how you will solve the problems of your target consumers.
  • All the necessary pages should be made on the website such as Product Page or Service Page, Contact Us, Disclaimer Page, Privacy Policy Page etc.
  • The navigation of the site should be good so that the user does not have much trouble to go to different pages.
  • The loading speed of the website should be good and it should be optimized for Mobile & Tablet. By not doing this, you can lose millions of mobile users.

3. Use Inbound Marketing Strategies

You have to use Inbound Marketing Strategies to reach your target customers.

It mainly includes three strategies – Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, and Content Marketing.

Social Media OptimizationIn view of the increasing Craze of Social Media, today it is necessary for every business to come on Social Media to grow fast.

Producing Attractive, Engaging And Informative Content by creating a profile on Social Media Platforms is called Social Media Optimization.

In the beginning, you may have to be active on all platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora), but as you get experienced, you start to understand on which platforms your ideal customers are more active.

Based on this data, you focus more on Selected Platforms only and through Effective Content Creation, you are able to Attract Audience and get your point across.

Search Engine OptimizationAs we have talked earlier, the website is the focal point of all your Digital Marketing Strategies, so it is important to bring it in front of your Ideal Customers.

For this, Multiple Types Of SEO Techniques have to be implemented.

In SEO, you optimize your website internally and increase its Authority & Visibility by working on some external factors.

By doing Proper SEO, your website starts ranking on the first page of Search Engines like Google, Bing on some specific keywords in no time.

With this, Quality Traffic comes to you, along with it Brand Visibility also increases and people come to know about your existence.

Content MarketingThis is one of the Most Used Strategy Of Digital Marketing For Startups which is used by many Startups.

Under this, you have to make a strategy that when, what kind of content, at what time and on which platform it will be published.

Here you have to try all types of Content Type and do Proper Content Planning and Distribute Effectively.

This includes your website’s Blogs, Whitepapers, E-books, Social Media’s Infographic, Carousels Posts, Long & Short Videos, Reels, Email Newsletter etc.

Its effectiveness can be gauged from the fact that today 90% B2C Organizations use it to spread awareness of their business and 88% B2B Marketers believe that Content Marketing is an important part of their Marketing Programs.

content marketing,

  • Introduces new people to your Business or Brand.
  • Increases Engagement & Interaction with Business.
  • Increases the Customer Conversion Rate.
  • Helps in creating a Strong Tribe or Community.

Hope you are understanding this Digital Marketing For Startups In India blog and are getting to learn something new.

4. Do Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing for Startups is a great Cost Effective Marketing Strategy which helps in Interacting with Customers & Leads.

If you are a user of brands like Flipkart, Amazon, Uber, Redbus etc. then you must have received emails in these.

You can also engage with your customers like these and tell them about Newly Launched Products, Services, Offers & Discounts etc.

Even if you have not launched a new product, you can still interact with people through Coming Soon or some such attractive Headlines.

Let’s talk about some Stats of Email Marketing

  • Investing $1 in Email Marketing gives an ROI of $36 which makes it an Affordable & Best Digital Marketing Strategy For Startups.
  • Looking at this Effectiveness, today 37% Brands are increasing their Email Marketing Budget.
  • 64% of small businesses use it to reach their customers.
  • 81% of B2B Marketers say that Email Newsletter is the Most Effective Content Marketing Type which has given them good results.
  • 87% of B2C marketers consider email automation to be a great marketing strategy.

You can follow the following strategies while using Email Marketing:

  • Keep emails personalized so that people open your emails and the Click Through Rate of the website increases. The tendency to open an email written with personalized headlines is 26% higher.
  • Take support of Email Segmentation & Automation so that you can decide from a Casual Visitor to each of your customers, when and what emails to send them. For this you can use Email Marketing Tools like  ConvertKit , Mailchimp , GetResponse , Active Campaign.
  • Pay attention to Email Layout & Copywriting, so that people open it and read it.
  • Cover the benefits in the email so that the reader can also understand what he is going to get.

Let us now understand the next Marketing Strategy of Digital Marketing For Startups In India blog.

5. Invest on PPC Advertising

How to be a PPC Specialist

PPC i.e. Pay Per Click Advertising is capable of giving instant results to your business.

Through this, you can instantly bring your website to the first page of Google by placing ads.

Not only website, you can also create your ads on YouTube (Search Engine Marketing), start Ad Campaigns on Social Media (Social Media Marketing) and complete Goals like Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, Sales Conversion.

The biggest feature of PPC Ads is that most of the people who reach you are in the mood of Buying Decision.

In such a situation, if they like your ad, then they reach your website or application and understand their needs and connect with you as a customer.

PPC Ads,

  • Gives High ROI because you have to pay your Ad Network only when someone clicks on the Ad.
  • You get Exactly to your Ideal Clients, that too at the right time.
  • Gives Important Data & Insights which helps in making your Digital Marketing Strategies For Startups stronger.
  • Most of the business goals help in achieving.

6. Influencer Marketing is also important

Influencer Marketing

You cannot ignore Influencer Marketing for the growth of your Startup.

71% of Marketers say that the Quality of Traffic & Customers coming from Influencer Marketing is much better than any other sources.

That’s why it is included in the list of One Of The Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy For Startups.

Here you need to contact a right Influencer who can promote you at Affordable Cost.

You have to find such an Influencer whose following is good and does not have Fake Followers.

A good Influencer, on whom his followers trust, when he recommends your Brand, Product or Service, people will listen to him and visit your website as well.

In the beginning, if you do not have a budget, then you can also hire Micro Influencers. Engagement is also good on their posts and they charge less money from you.

7. Implement Retargeting Marketing

You must have noticed that you do not give your details in the first go on any website.

You have to know exactly how the company’s products or services will help you.

But, in the meantime, you see the advertisements of the online platforms you visit again and again.

This is called Retargeting Marketing where you show your Retargeting Ads to those people who visited your website but did not take any action.

When your Potential Customer comes to your website, Pixel Place becomes in his Web Browser or simply put, you store his Cookies.

Now if that person goes to any other platform or website, then your Ad Network retargets him by showing your Ad.

In this way, you start seeing him on almost every online platform, so that he starts trusting you and he gets ready to connect with you.

In this way you can convert your previous visitors into customers through Retargeting Marketing Strategy For Startups.

8. Get Featured on Famous Publication Houses

It has often been seen that whenever people talk about Digital Marketing For Startups In India, they completely forget this strategy.

If you want good exposure and high quality traffic, then having a feature on Popular Publication Houses is considered the best.

You can feature your brand on Publication Giants like The Hindu, HuffPost, Forbes, India Times and increase your visibility.

By the way, the brands that achieve excellent achievements in a short time, these houses themselves feature them without taking any money.

But, as a New Startup Owner, you may have to pay some money for having the feature, for which you will have to contact them first.

9. Use Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing can also be called an Underrated Digital Marketing Strategy For Startups In India.

This means getting your Brand Promotion done from your Existing Customers.

For this, you have to create a Referral Program, to promote which you take the help of your existing customers.

Keep in mind that your existing customers will promote you or your products only when they are happy with your solution and know its importance.

Therefore, it is important that you create good bonding with each and every one of your customers and give them something free.

You can offer your existing customer some commission, additional discount on the product, or some freebies whenever someone else buys your product or service from their referral code or link.

In this way, by using all these online marketing strategies, you can boost the growth of your startup and create a tribe of your own.

Final Thought:

Benefit of digital marketing is being seen in every industry.

Startups are also not far behind.

Till some time ago, it used to take many years to grow a new Startup, but today the same work is done in only 4 to 5 years.

The biggest reason behind this is the rise of Internet & Online Marketing Trends.

Today, instead of stepping out of the house, people turn to online to get solutions to their problems.

In such a situation, it becomes very important to understand Digital Marketing Strategies which bring a brand in the eyes of these online users.

How all this happens and what are those Digital Marketing Strategies For Startups, we saw them in our Blog – Digital Marketing For Startups In India.

Hope you have liked this blog and Digital Marketing Importance For Startups would also have been cleared well.

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