How to Do Digital Marketing For Textile Merchants to Grow – 8 Best Steps

Now a days, textile industry is a global phenomenon which includes every business involved in the development, production, manufacture and distribution of garments. Now it is also a very complex industry. It begins in agriculture with fiber production, sheep and silkworm rearing, mining of metals and minerals.

These fibers are then processed into yarn, fabrics and apparel. This includes spinning mills, weaving mills, weaving mills, dyeing mills, textiles. In addition, companies selling buttons, zippers, knitting supplies, sewing machines and threads, laces, looms, and drapery hardware also belong to this industry.

What is an example of a Textile Industry?

Example of Textile Industry

This includes spinning mills, weaving mills, weaving mills, dyeing mills, textiles. In addition, companies selling buttons, zippers, knitting supplies, sewing machines and thread, lace, looms, and drapery hardware also belong to this industry.

In the last year (2022), US$8.5 billion revenue was generated in the textile market of USA.

But the question is how much did you earn? How much profit did your clothing business make?

Have you been able to bring more customers to your Clothing Business?

Have you used any marketing strategy to grow your clothing business?

If your answer is no or you still have not been able to grow your textile business, then you should take it online with the help of popular strategy like Digital Marketing.

On How to grow online Clothing Business And How To Implement Digital Marketing For Clothing Business Or Textile Merchants.

To increase the Clothing Business Online, you have to bring it in front of your Potential Customers and build your Authority so that you can get ahead of your competitors.

So let us understand in today’s blog – Digital Marketing For Textile Merchants that how you can grow your Clothing Business with Digital Marketing.

What problems do textile traders face?

Before discussing Digital Marketing Ideas For Clothing Business, let us understand what problems a textile merchant has to face while running his business.

Local Competition

Local Business Competition

If you have a Clothing Store in any market, then the biggest challenge in front of you is Competition.

Apart from you, there are many other stores in the market which are selling Apparels like T-Shirts, Pants, Shirts, Sarees, Suits.

In such a situation, the customer coming to that market many times does not come to you and goes to your competitor.

Solution : The solution to this problem can be possible only when you have an authority and people come to you. The use of Digital Strategies like Search Engine Optimization is very effective to build authority.

Changed People’s Preferences

Today people are short of time, they want good and affordable things in less time.

In such a situation, most people prefer to go to Malls or Shopping Complex and shop there from Known Brands (which have already won the trust of the customers).

Also, people are now preferring online shopping a lot.

Wherever you are sitting, pick up your mobile, search the Apparels of your choice, select the size and order within minutes.

Online Clothing Shopping has become so easy that people are now starting Clothing Online Business.

But Local Clothing Businesses are facing a lot of loss due to this, which is also a big challenge for them.

Solution: Its only solution is to Digitally Transform (Digital Transformation In Textile Industry) your Clothing Business.

Trust Issue

Trust Issue on Textile Industries

Trust issue is such a problem which is also seen in other businesses apart from Textile Merchants.

To convert a person into a customer, it is first necessary to win his trust. But, this is a very difficult task for a Local Clothing Business Owner or Apparels Manufacture.

It takes several months to years for an Establishing Clothing Business to win the trust of its customers.

In such a situation, there is no guarantee that a new customer will come to you.

Solution : When you implement Digital Marketing For Clothing Business, you create a website of your Online Clothing Business, put Reviews of your customers on it, put Ratings, which helps you to win the trust of New Visitors.

Limited Reach

As an offline clothing business owner, your reach is limited to a limited area only.

Only people living in the surrounding 5-10 KM area come to your Clothing Store.

In this way, even if you want to, you are not able to bring more customers to your Local Fashion Clothing Store.

And if you are a Textile Manufacturer, then you can deliver your Designed Clothes to a Certain Area only, not more than that. 

SolutionIncreasing Reach means bringing your business in the eyes of Target Customers, for which the most effective way is Implementation Of Digital Advertising For Online Clothing Business.

Here you can effectively run your Paid Ad Campaigns and target Interested Audience.

Fashion Trends chanding

Today the world is changing rapidly where new trends are seen every month.

As soon as a celebrity wears a suit or dress of a new design, its copy starts being made in the market, which sometimes makes it difficult to fulfill the demand of the people.

Many times the trend changes so fast that the Local Offline Clothing Businessmen may not have that kind of Textile Material & Clothing available.

But, it has been seen that these trends are seen on Online Marketplaces.

In such a situation, instead of going to the Offline Market, people prefer to shop on Online Marketplaces.

SolutionThis Changing Trends problem can be avoided by creating your E-Commerce Website or by listing your business on Online Marketplaces.

Lack Of Marketing Knowledge

Today is undoubtedly the era of Digitalization but there are still many Apparel Merchants who are dependent on Old Marketing Strategies.

They think that by giving their visiting card to the customers, by distributing Pamphlets of their store or by putting up Banners & Posters on the roads, the work will be done and people will start coming.

But they probably forget that today’s generation is more active on Mobile & Laptop and spends most of their time on these devices.

Due to lack of proper knowledge of this, they are not able to grow their clothing business.

Solution: You have to get information about Digital Marketing Strategies In Textile Industry so that you will be able to get ahead in the race of competition, build your authority and attract the right people to your Online Clothing Business.

Limited Scope For Growth

Limited Scope For Growth

Growth of a business happens only when its sales increase or the number of customers increases.

But an Offline Textile Merchant whose Reach is only up to a limited area, how will it reach more customers?

He will not be able to reach more people.

He does not have any option which makes his Growth Limited and he is known only by those who are familiar with him.

Solution: Digital Marketing is the only way through which he can attract his Target Customers by taking his Clothing Business Online and running different types of Marketing Campaigns.

Thus, these are some of the problems that an Apparel Seller often faces.

Let us go ahead in this Digital Marketing For Clothing Business blog and Discuss Some Popular Marketing Ideas For Clothing Business.

Before understanding Digital Marketing For Clothing Business, we should also understand Important 7 Ps Of Marketing which help you to grow your Online Clothing Business.

What Are The 7Ps Of Marketing In Textile Industry

7Ps Of Marketing In Textile Industry

Before applying Digital Marketing in Fashion Industry (Digital Marketing In Fashion Industry), it becomes very important to understand the 7 Ps of Marketing.

Marketing is often structured around 7 pillars. Without knowing these pillars, it may take time to grow the business.

These 7 Ps of Marketing include:

Product: Product is the Center Point of your Entire Marketing Strategy. In this, you have to see what product you are making, whether it is Market Fit, whether it is better than the products available in the market or not, how to improve it and what Addons can be done.

Analyzing competitors becomes very important here because only then you will get an idea of ​​what changes have to be made in the products.

While designing the product, also keep in mind that it is meeting the needs of your target audience and there is no shortage in its quality, because only then people would like to buy from you.

Price  You have to decide the price of your product and see what is your cost price, how much markup you will do on it, how much profit you want from that product.

Also analyze the products pricing of your competitors and see if you can give a good quality product to your customers for equal or less than that.

Basically, Product decides your positioning, so you have to decide all these things keeping in mind.

Place: Place means Location, that is, where will you list your products so that customers can see them and interact with you.

For an Online Clothing Business Owner, it is often their E-commerce Website on which Apparels are Listed and which is like an Online Store.

However, if you do online as well as offline wholesale work, then this will be your offline space where you deal with direct customers.

Promotion: The help of Promotion is taken to reach the products to the target customers.

Here you have to understand which Tools & Techniques you will use (Digital Marketing Techniques For Clothing Business) and how to promote your products.

You have to choose the right strategy according to your audience by understanding Paid Advertising, SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing etc.

You also have to use Best Marketing Tools to reach the customer. In this way, you have to make a powerful strategy for your product promotion.

People : People means who are the people with you who are helping to deliver your products to your target customers.

This often involves your team handling enquiries, interacting with leads, answering their questions.

These people are the face of your business, so try to hire the right people.

Process : As a Textile Merchant, you would like your goods to sell more, but for this it is necessary that the journey of converting Stranger to Customer is smooth.

This journey cannot be smooth without the right process.

From people’s inquiries to solving their queries, talking to them, understanding their needs and selling apparels at the right price, the process should be very easy.

Physical Evidence: This 7th P shows the existence of your business. This is very important to win the trust of your target customers.

Because no one would want to deal with a business that shuts down in just a few days or sells the wrong stuff.

Ratings & Reviews on your Website, Offline Store, App, Website give proof that your Business is Trustworthy and Sells Good Apparels.

Hope you have understood 7 Ps Of Marketing. Let us now go ahead and understand that how to grow Clothing Business Online through digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Importance’s In Textile Industry?

Before reaching How To Implement Digital Marketing For Clothing Business, let us also understand the Importance & Need of Digital Marketing.

In today’s era of competition, it has become very difficult to make a new customer.

But, digital marketing helps in your business promotion and makes customer acquisition easy.

Following are the advantages of digital marketing in textile business:

  • You understand your target customers and know exactly what they need.
  • You are not limited to one area, but you can sell your apparels in any corner of the country and the world.
  • Compared to Traditional Marketing, the cost of Digital Marketing is less and you get the benefit of Effective Targeting.
  • You go ahead of your competitors and you become an authority, which gives an advantage in sales.
  • You can effectively track & analyze your marketing campaigns and take the right decisions based on the data.

We have understood the Importance Of Digital Marketing For Textile Merchants, now let’s talk about some Most Suitable Digital Marketing Strategies For Clothing Business.

How to Do Digital Marketing For Textile Merchants to Grow – 8 Best Steps

Digital Marketing For Textile Merchants

If we talk about Online Clothing Business, today a large section is taking its Clothing Business online.

But, one thing common has been seen in all of these – selling your products by listing them on Online Marketplaces.

But, it takes a lot of time for New Sellers to set foot on these Platforms, so it is better to implement other Digital Marketing Tactics For Online Clothing Sale as well.

So let’s see in steps how to grow your clothing business online with digital marketing.

Create your website

Website Creation is the first step to start your Online Clothing Business.

The website acts like your Online Store on which you can list your Apparels and give information about your Clothing Online Business.

On this, your Target Customers land, see Listed Clothing Products, and purchase as per their choice.

To make a good E-Commerce Website, you need Domain & Hosting and need a Content Management System (viz. WordPress).

Get your website in front of your target audience

Target Audience

The sale of your online store can increase only when people come to it or reach you.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO Strategy is used   to bring people to your store ie website.

By implementing SEO, you can bring your website to Google’s Search Result. In such a situation, whenever a person types his query on Google (such as Men’s T-shirts Under 800 Rs.), he will see your website and he will come to your website.

There are many types of Tactics Involved in SEO such as Content Optimization, On Page Website Factors Optimization, Link Building, etc.

This is a long term strategy, that means it takes a few months to see the result of SEO, but during this time you become an authority in the eyes of Google and Google starts showing you above your online clothing competitors.

Integrate Clothing Online Business with Google Map

Law Firm on Google My Business & Local Directories

Starting and growing an online clothing business often requires a space from where you deliver the clothing to your customers.

Also, if you are a Wholesale Textile Merchant, then you may also sell your goods in Retail.

In such a situation, it becomes necessary to integrate your business with Google Map, so that if a person is coming from far away and wants to reach you through Google, he can reach you.

Within Google Map, you also get the option of Google Business Profile where you enter your Business Details (viz. Name, Address, Contact No., Website URL, Opening & Closing Hours, Tags) so that Google can understand your business better. Can and rank in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

Start Ad Campaigns

Creating Ad Campaigns

Till some time ago only Print Advertising (such as Pamphlets, Posters, Banners, Visiting Cards) and Media Advertising (such as Radio, Television) etc. were available in the name of Advertising.

But in today’s digital age, a powerful technique like digital marketing has come.

If you have to reach your target customers quickly, then it can be possible with the help of Paid Advertising.

You can do Social Media Marketing, under which you have to run Content Creation & Ads on some Suitable Platforms (such as Facebook & Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn Marketing).

Along with this, you can also do Search Engine Marketing, under which you optimize your website for some keywords and run Targeted Ad Campaign on YouTube.

With Paid Advertising Technique, you can reach your Potential Customers quickly and grow your Online Clothing Business Fast.

Invest in Social Media Content Creation and Influencer Marketing

Social Media Content Creation

Social Media Content Creation is an effective Digital Marketing Idea For Clothing Business Owners for your Textile Business.

First of all, you have to see that on which Social Channels the Suitable Audience is available for your business.

After this you have to analyze your competitors on which platforms they are active.

After this you have to create your Content Creation Strategy.

In Content Creation, you basically promote your products, under which you create Pictures & Short Videos, present a Model (who is dressed in your brand) and give a Call To Action (which contains the URL of the website Is).

Apart from this, along with creating content yourself, you can also take the help of Influencers.

Influencers are those people who have a good fan following on social media and people like to see and hear them.

According to a study, 22% of people prefer to buy products that have been recommended by an Influencer.

You can promote your products by paying some money to these Influencers, so that your products reach their audience and your sales increase.

Hopefully, after reading this point, you must have understood that how to start your Clothing Business Online?

Attract with Email Marketing

Email Marketing

You can convert your Leads into Customers through Email Marketing.

But to implement it better, you have to do Lead Generation which you can do through your Website, Social Media and Paid Ads.

As soon as you get the Leads, their Email Id & Contact No. Will come which you can use to send Emails to them.

In these emails, you can inform your leads about Discounts, Offers, Monsoon Sale, Festival Sale, etc.

When people come to know about your Offers & Sale, then definitely your Sale will increase and Online Clothing Business will grow.

Use Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Posts for Business Growth

Sponsored Post & Advertorials is a better technique for marketing your Online Clothing Business.

Here you can post your Sponsored Articles on Related Websites and give a link to your website in it so that if a reader reads that content, it can reach you.

For example, if you are running your own Online Clothing Store, then you can give your Sponsored Content on Websites that deal in Wholesale Clothing or Big Boutique Merchant.

But before selecting these websites, you have to check what is their Reputation, how much Authority is there, how many Daily or Monthly Visitors are there.

From this you will be able to guess whether it is worth taking Backlink from them.

Hope you have liked this blog of today – Digital Marketing For Clothing Business Owners and got to know many new things.

Do tell us by commenting that by reading which points you got to learn something new.

Final Thought on Digital Marketing for Textile Merchants

Clothing Industry is continuously growing and Online Clothing Business Owners are earning a lot of money from it.

To grow the clothing industry online, it is necessary to implement some online marketing strategies that can help business owners reach their target customers.

Now it is no longer the case when customers were attracted only by putting up their Banners & Posters or by giving advertisements in Newspapers, today your customers have become digital, so you also have to grow your business digitally.

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