8 Steps in Digital Marketing For NGO’s & Nonprofits Org. Best Guide

Nonprofit Organizations often run with the help of Funding with which some Volunteers are associated who help them financially.

In such a situation, if funding is not available then it becomes difficult for that organization to run.

Today there are more than 10 million i.e. more than 1 crore registered NGOs in the world, As of 2021, there are about 1.5 million NGOs in operation in the United States, representing a wide variety of causes.

Many of these organizations were badly affected by Covid. Perhaps your NGO will also be involved in these.

In such a situation, it becomes necessary to know why this happened after all? After all, what was the reason that many NGOs were closed during that Covid period?

Some of the main reasons behind this were:

Your reach was limited and only a few people knew your NGO. 

You had a shortage of funds. 

Your Permanent Donors were not able to help you as they had lost their jobs and business was also closed. 

You were not able to meet your donors, were not able to organize any event so that more people could be connected with you. 

But, today you have a great marketing strategy, with the help of which you will be able to increase your reach and connect interested people with your NGO.

The name of this Non Profit Marketing Strategy is Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing For Nonprofits is very much discussed nowadays because with its help you can reach every person who understands the Cause, Mission & Vision of your NGO and wants to help you financially.

It helps you to increase Reach as well as Fund Raising, Community Building & Fulfilling the Goals of your Nonprofit Organization.

But how will this happen and how will you be able to take advantage of Digital Marketing For NGOs?

Today in this blog, we are going to see the same which will give you clarity that How To Apply Digital Marketing Strategies For NGOs.

Let’s start without delay.

Nonprofit Marketing Meaning

Nonprofit Marketing

Nonprofit Marketing Strategy or NGO Marketing Strategy means using various Marketing Tactics & Strategies for your Non-Profit Organization.

In this, Content Marketing, Event Marketing & Social Media Campaigns are generally run so that the Organization’s Mission, Vision, Cause & Ideas can be promoted and Volunteers, Supporters or Donors can be attracted.

Today, online marketing is being given more preference than traditional marketing strategies, for which there are many reasons.

We have mentioned some important reasons in the next section.

Importance of Digital Marketing For NGOs

Growth of an NGO depends on many factors in which it matters a lot that how many people you are contacting.

The more people you reach, the more likely you are to get support.

By implementing Digital Marketing, you can create your Non Profit Marketing Strategy and reach not only different cities but also countries.

This increases your reach and Globally people get to know you, understand your mission and support you.

Attract More Funding

Attract Funding

Most of the Nonprofits work on the same Fundamental – Taking Monetary Help from Volunteers or Supporters and helping the needy people with it.

NGO cannot run without Donations & Support and the offices of NGOs can be closed in no time.

By creating a Digital Marketing Plan For NGO, you can attract both Online & Offline Supporters, so that you continue to receive Funds continuously.

Build Long Term Donor Membership

Donor Membership

It is often seen that a donor who has contributed once does not help again. Sometimes he forgets about your NGO.

In such a situation, it is necessary to constantly remind your Donors or Supporters and establish good relations with them.

By creating your NGO Marketing Strategy, you can create a Long Term Donor Membership Plan, with the help of which you can connect with new members and remind old supporters for monetary help.

Give Your NGO A Unique Identity

Create Unique Identity

Don’t you want that just by taking the name of your NGO, people become willing to join you and funds keep coming in to run it smoothly?

All this will be possible only when a unique identity of your Non Profit Organization will be created.

In so much competition, you have to stand out from the crowd, for which your online presence will matter a lot.

As you keep creating online content, your Photos, Videos & Texts will reach people and people will know you more than other NGOs.

With this, your NGO will start getting a different identity and people will also come forward to support your cause.

It Is Affordable Than Any Other Marketing Strategy

Whenever a New Nonprofit Organization is opened, it does not have much fund.

Only a few people are involved in it and they are helping the needy people by investing money from their own pocket.

In such a situation, if more volunteers are required, then Newspaper Ads or Other Traditional Marketing Activities are performed.

But, all these cost a lot of money and Reach is also not available that much.

By implementing Digital Marketing Strategies (Marketing Strategies For NGOs) all these problems end to a great extent and you can reach people by spending less money or even for free.

Let us now talk about Effective Digital Marketing Strategies For NGOs which are necessary for an NGO to grow.

8 Steps in Digital Marketing For NGO’s & Nonprofits Org. Best Guide

1. Define Your Goal & Message

Define Your Goal

Before implementing Digital Marketing For Nonprofits, you must know what you want.

What are your Goals and Objectives and what message do you want to convey through your Marketing Campaign?

Along with this, you also have to define your Mission & Vision in the beginning, due to which you can attract your Target Volunteers.

Your Goal can be to raise Funding, to increase your Awareness or to spread awareness among people.

Try to make your Goal SMART.

For Eg you run an NGO for orphan children then your SMART Goal should be something like this:

Specific – To raise funds for orphans, you have to spread awareness among people, for which you can plan two Blog Posts & YouTube Videos every week, which can be a specific goal of yours.

Measurable – Your goal should be Measurable, which means you should know how many people you want to reach, how many people you want to volunteer, how much engagement you expect on your social media, etc.

Attainable – Is your goal Attainable? Is it not something that is impossible to reach? Must see this.

Relevant – To raise funds for orphans, you have to reach out to people who believe more in charity. For this, you have to design your Marketing Campaigns properly.

Timely – When you want to help a large number of orphans with the help of NGO, then you will need more funds.

With the help of your Digital Marketing Tactics, you can inform your followers for an event, for which you can create a calendar for Blog Post & Social Media Content and define how many Blogs or Social Media Posts to publish Weekly. Are.

2.Know Your Audience

Know Your Audience

Your Audience also varies according to your Cause & Mission.

Here Audience means those people whom you can impact with your mission and work. They are ready to fulfill your goals, but for that you have to reach them.

Keep in mind, if you are running an NGO for orphans then your audience will be different and if you are running your Nonprofit Organization to help Cancer Patients then you will have to target a different audience.

3. Build A Professional Website For Your NGO

Website Designing

Your online presence is incomplete without a website.

If you want to tell people about yourself and reach more and more people, then website is very important for you.

Must read this blog to understand the how to create blog on wordpress.

On the website you can share pictures of your NGO, some pictures of your work, videos, photos of events, certifications, awards, mission, vision, ideas & future plans.

In fact, only after reaching the website, people understand what your NGO does, how it works and how it works.

4.List Your NGO On Google My Business

Law Firm on Google My Business & Local Directories

Along with increasing Online Presence, it is also necessary to increase your Local Presence.

This gives you an opportunity to reach out to Local Volunteers and you do not even have to spend money to reach them.

To increase Local Presence, you have to do Local SEO of your Website & NGO.

Under this, you have to put all the Detail of your Non-Profit Organization on Google My Business and use some Local Keywords.

Whenever an Interested Individual will search about NGO in your area, he will see your NGO at the top of Google.

In this way he will contact you and connect with you.

5. Create Awareness Through Your Content

Create Awareness Through Your Content

After defining your Message & Audience, you have to create your Awareness through Content.

In content, you have to pay more attention to Social Media & Blogging.

On Social Media Platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, YouTube, Instagram & Facebook, you will surely find people who would like to volunteer for you.

To reach them, you have to consistently create content on your social media.

Through Textual Content, Videos, Photographs, Reels, etc., you will be able to create your good Social Presence on all these Social Platforms as well.

In such a situation, it is possible that someone may contact you after watching one of your YouTube videos or visit your website after seeing Instagram’s post and understand your mission.

If he likes your cause, then he will definitely contribute something for it.

Along with Social Media, you also have to focus on Blogging.

Blogging is one of the Best Digital Marketing Strategy For NGO, with the help of which you can engage with your Donors and reach New Supporters.

With the help of Blogs, you can convey your Mission & Vision to the world by Storytelling, so that new people also get ready to join you for your Noble work.

6. Do Paid Ads

It is considered an Easy & Fast Method to reach your Target Supporters by investing money on PPC Ad Campaign.

PPC Ads are often Google, YouTube And Social Media Platforms Viz. Runs are done on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, where you pay some money to your Ad Platform for each click on your Ad.

But here the question comes that how to run the ads?

Well, you should run Awareness Campaigns or Run Campaigns for Conversion.

While running Ad Campaigns, always keep in mind that there must be some Strong Call To Action (CTA) at the end of Ad, so that whoever sees your Ad will understand what to do.

You can create a Landing Page and link it with your Ad or you can also use a link to your website.

It would be better to create a Donation Page of your own, by clicking on which the user can choose whether to do One Time Donation or to do it at different intervals.

According to a report, 79% of Donors get more Influence after watching Video Ad. Therefore, try to create a Video Ad in which visuals of your NGO or visuals of your events are visible.

Along with this, to connect people with your NGO, you have to create a separate page on your website so that by clicking on your ad, people can land on that page and connect with you.

In this way, Volunteers will keep joining you and you will continue to get Funds.

In this way, this whole system will work like a funnel in which you will attract interested people through your Social Media, Blogging & Paid Ads and connect them with you by giving Call To Action.

Pro Tip: Google gives Grant up to $10,000 for Non Profit Organizations which means you can run Ads up to $10,000 on Google absolutely free to reach Donors or Sponsors. You must take advantage of it.  

7. Use Email Marketing To Reach Potential Donors

Email Marketing is also called a Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy for Nonprofits & NGOs because the results obtained from it are excellent.

Under Email Marketing, you can Run Email Marketing Campaigns to Attract New Sponsors or Donors and to Remind Existing Donors.

With the help of tools like ConvertKit , you can already design your emails according to your subscribers.

By doing this you do not need to write email again and again and you can add new supporters with you through automation at once.

8. Reach Out To Influencers

Today Influencer Marketing is growing very fast.

Whenever a new organization launches a new product or service, it definitely contacts Influencers for its promotion.

You can also take the help of Influencers to promote your NGO and reach more and more people.

Popular Instagram Influencers, YouTubers & Bloggers often come forward for the Noble Cause.

In such a situation, you have to choose the Right Influencer according to you, understand their Follower Base and if their Followers fit in your Target Market, then you will have to take the help of those Influencers and promote your work.

This is another better No Profit Marketing Strategy, with the help of which you reach Potential Donors in less time.

9. Use Event Marketing

Event Marketing

We have kept Event Marketing in the list of Digital Marketing For Nonprofits because it creates a strong community for you.

Whenever you do an online or offline event, do a meetup and all the members meet together, then the chances increase that other people also want to join you.

But, when will this be possible?

This will be possible only when you promote your event and urge people to register for it in maximum numbers.

When you organize regular events, it not only increases trust, but also increases the number of people who support your cause.

In this way you do not have shortage of funds and you can work continuously for the needy people.

Last Thought – Digital marketing for Nonprofit or NGOs

A Nonprofit Organization often runs on the basis of Funds.

But when Pandemic like Covid 19 comes, then these organizations have to suffer a lot and many organizations even get locked.

In such a situation, if your NGO has an online presence, then it does not make much difference to you.

Digital Marketing Strategies (Digital Marketing For Nonprofits Organizations) are used to create Online Presence which is also known as Non Profit Marketing Strategy.

This includes everything from Website & Social Media to Email Marketing & Event Marketing, which help your NGO get an online identity.

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