11 things you should do after Adsense Approval?

Dear friends, in this article we will talk about 11 things you should do after Adsense Approval? What to do after Adsense Approval? read till last for better understand.

The happiness that comes after getting Adsense approval cannot be expressed, but no one knows what to do after getting Adsense approval. Friends, today we are going to give complete information about this so that you can understand what should be done after getting Adsense approval and what not.

What to do after Adsense Approval?

1. Ad placement

Ad placement means that you place Adsense ad on your blog at such a place where there is a possibility of getting the most clicks like –

  • Below post title
  • In the middle of the post
  • At the end of the post
  • In the sidebar

These four positions are perfect for Adsense. Basically, when you visit any website and blog, you will see Adsense ads in all these four places.

2. Enable Auto Ads

Auto ad is such a function that when enabled, there is automatic ad placement on your blog. Auto ads help a lot in increasing your Adsense revenue. We have already written a post about auto ad function, you must read it and enable it in your blog.

3. Don’t put too many ads

There should be a balance between your blog content and Adsense ad, that is, no one should have any problem due to Adsense ad. You must have seen in many blogs and websites that they put many ads on their blog so that someone accidentally clicks on them.

If you also do this and people put too many ads on your blog, then it will come in invalid activities, and your Adsense account may also be disabled.

That’s why you put the same number of ads on your blog, due to which no one has a problem and no one clicks on the ad by mistake.

4. Improve Traffic to Blog

Without traffic you cannot earn well through Adsense. If the traffic will improve then automatically Adsense earning will also improve. Therefore, after getting Adsense approved, first of all you have to do ad placement on your blog and then focus on improving the traffic of your blog. You can also read the post given below for reference.

5. Keep checking Adsense CTR

After getting Adsense approval, most of the people focus only on their earning, this is a good thing but you also have to pay attention to your Adsense ctr.

Ctr means click through rate, that is, what percentage of blog visitors are clicking on the ad. Suppose 100 visitors came to your blog, out of which 5 people clicked on the ad then Adsense ctr will be 5%.

You should always keep in mind that your Adsense ctr is less than 10%, if it exceeds 10% then your Adsense account may be disabled.

6. Focus on Blogging

After Adsense approval, most bloggers start to improve their blog’s traffic and Adsense earning and do not publish a single post on their blog. You should not do this, because Adsense is only a way to earn money from your blog, if the blog itself is not updated then you cannot improve the traffic of your blog.

7. Do not click on Ad by yourself

Your Adsense was approved and ads started showing on your blog. If you think that the ad you have put on your blog is working properly or not and you want to check by clicking on it, then do not do this.

By doing this Adsense will suspend your account without any warning. There are many chances of getting a new Adsense approved account disabled and the reason for this is the mistake that we make intentionally.

If Adsense ads are showing on your blog, then you should understand that it is working and when someone clicks on it, you will earn, you should not click on your ad yourself.

8. Do not ask anyone to click on the ad

After getting Adsense approval, there is an itch in the hands, and this itch is to earn money. When Adsense ad does not get clicked as much because of which earning is not done, then we think that by asking our friends and relatives, we get clicked by ad.

If you are also thinking of doing this or do so, then this will be your biggest mistake which will suspend your Adsense account. Do not do this and do not ask anyone to click on your Adsense ad.

9. Verify Address PIN

When your Adsense earning exceeds 10 dollars, then a letter is sent from Adsense to your address which contains a PIN, we have to verify the address by entering that PIN in our Adsense account.

Your Adsense account has been approved, but you will also have to verify your address. We have written a post related to address verification, you must read it.

10. Upload Identity Proof

When your earning becomes $ 10, then a letter will be sent to you from Adsense so that your address can be verified, and with this you have to upload your id proof in Adsense. You will have to upload the id proof of the same name in Adsense by which you have created your Adsense account. For complete information about this, a post is going to be published soon.

11. Add Bank Details

Adsense pays you through EFT, that is, whatever you earn, that amount will come directly to your bank. For this you have to tell your bank account details to Adsense.

My Last World:

When you verify your address, you will see the option to add your bank details. Therefore, you must first verify your address through the PIN sent by Adsense and then fill your bank account details. Read the post given below for reference.

Friends, this is all the basic information that has to be followed after Adsense approval. If you follow all these points then your Adsense account will always be healthy. If you want other information related to Adsense, then definitely visit our Adsense category.

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