Why WordPress is Best for Blogging 2023 (Top 10 Reason)

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You must have done some research about WordPress. WordPress is the most used Content Management System or CMS in the Internet world, whose main purpose is to help you build a website and simplify your blogging journey.

But do you know what is special about WordPress that makes it different from other content management systems like Blogger, Wix and Joomla? Today we will discuss this topic and also know the FAQ related to WordPress. But first let’s start with Basic and understand what is WordPress?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is such a CMS through which you can easily create any type of website in a very short time without the help of coding. It is not limited to creating a website, but whatever content you put on your website in the future, whether it is text, images or videos, you will not need coding for all this.

The basic purpose of WordPress is to provide opportunities to even ordinary people to create a website so that no person needs the help of any kind of Coding Expert in running their business online.

Due to the facility of Drag and Drop, more than 40% of the world’s websites have been built on WordPress. Drag and Drop is such a technique in which you do not need to do any kind of coding to create the web-page you want, you just have to pick up the necessary things from the easy editor given on your screen and place them on the page. The process of lifting it up is called Drag and Drop.

WordPress uses a database server (MySQL) as well as a web server (usually NginX or Apache) to store all of its content and site settings. Talking about the design, WordPress has been prepared with the help of PHP and JavaScript.

10 Reasons Why WordPress is Best for Blogging?

So we have come to know a little bit about WordPress, but what exactly is it that makes WordPress better than any other CMS?

Generally, when we talk about blogging, we have many concepts associated with it, like if we are making a technical related website, then its load time should be better than other competitive sites, similarly SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or User Experience, Ease to Use, there are many such things, on the basis of which we choose a CMS to build our website.

With some similar properties, here we will tell 10 major reasons so that you can understand why WordPress is best for blogging?

1. WordPress loading speed

There is no doubt that today’s era is an era of speed. No person likes slow things and if it comes to internet related things then here man expects more intensity, according to a research a person clicks on any site for only 3 seconds after clicking on it. Waits to open.

3 seconds and the user’s return or return to your site is decided. So don’t you think 3 seconds is a very short time? Meaning you worked hard day and night to create content and unfortunately after clicking on your site it took more than 3 seconds to open it?

So here you need to pay attention to the speed of your website. Website speed depends on many things. Like on time record of your web hosting provider, inappropriate coding in your page, size of image file etc. But apart from all this, there is one more thing that affects the speed of your site and that is your CMS.

Yes, if the load time of your Content Management System or CMS is very high, then it means that the performance graph of your site may also see a decline. But this is not the case with WordPress. WordPress maintains a consistent speed compared to all other CMS. Apart from this, there are many such plugins in WordPress that help in increasing the speed of the website, which increases the site performance and also increases the rating of User Experience.

2. User Experience of WordPress

Suppose you have a shop! You would prefer to have such items in the shop that your customers accept. Acceptance of something by the customer means that you have given them a good experience, so the choice of customers is called User Experience.

Using WordPress greatly increases the User Experience on your website, the main reason for this is that the people operating WordPress work day and night on its User Experience. They constantly focus on the visuality and user experience of WordPress and this is the reason why WordPress is available with hundreds of plugins and themes which gives us the opportunity to engage our customers.

3. WordPress to be SEO Friendly

Is WordPress SEO Friendly? Can a CMS also be SEO Friendly?

The answer is yes, before understanding what is SEO Friendly, we need to know what is SEO.

SEO whose Full Form is “Search Engine Optimization”, which means to optimize your website or blog page for the search engine. There are three types of SEO, and it has many factors. Which includes telling Search Engine Bots about your site (also called Submitting Sitemap) to doing the right Keyword Research.

In such a situation, how can a CMS be SEO friendly? Actually here we can use different plugins in WordPress which can make our website SEO friendly. And the most prominent of these plugins are Yoast SEO and Rank Math SEO.

Friends, both of these are such SEO Plugins that fulfill the requirements of all your three types of SEO and at the same time it is capable of making the content worth reading of the readers. But at a time, you can use only one of these two for your site.

In such a situation, how can a CMS be SEO friendly? Actually here we can use different plugins in WordPress which can make our website SEO friendly. And the most prominent of these plugins are Yoast SEO and Rank Math SEO.

Friends, both of these are such SEO Plugins that fulfill the requirements of all your three types of SEO and at the same time it is capable of making the content worth reading of the readers. But at a time, you can use only one of these two for your site.

4. Constant updating of WordPress

In the world of the Internet, one cannot keep the same version of an object for a long time. There are many reasons for this like-

It is very dangerous to maintain the same version from the security point of view because it becomes very easy for hackers to hack any software which has been rusty for a long time, the same also remains prone to spam and malware.

Updates are a better option to solve bug fixes and many other types of problems. There are many competitors in the market who make the exact software, updation becomes very important to stay better than them.

Keeping all this in mind, WordPress constantly brings itself to the latest version, and in each of its updates, something new is present, and it always improves itself from its old version.

As of the writing of this article, the version 5.7.2 of WordPress has arrived, which is the seventh rank update in this year, while the fifth month of the year i.e. May is going on. With this you can understand that WordPress understands the importance of its customers, and does not want to compromise in any way with its product.

5. WordPress being free

One of the most important thing is is this CMS free? The answer is yes. Even your hosting provider has brought features like installing it on one click in your cPanel Dashboard.

The price of an item is an important factor in its stay in the market, and if someone gives the best thing for free, then there is a crowd of people there. But with this the public also starts having doubts about the product.

So let’s know in brief that how can someone give such a great thing cheaply?

The name of the parent company of WordPress is Automattic. Automattic Company has two types of WordPress –

So when we talk about free WordPress, it is WordPress.org, which is an open source CMS. Whereas WordPress.com is not an open source CMS. That’s why WordPress.com promotes its advertising on your free website, people who see ads are attracted to WordPress.com.

But you have another option of premium, if you go to this option then you get an opportunity to create Ad-Free site. Not only this, WordPress earns through its many other products, such as Plugin, Themes and Customer Fund etc.

6. WordPress to be Mobile Friendly

A large part of the traffic coming to any blogging site which is specially built on India comes through mobile, in fact today the number of mobile users has increased tremendously as compared to any other device (like computer).

People now use mobile for the smallest details. And why don’t you start a desktop and search for as long as you can, in that time you will get information about that topic in mobile in just one click.

According to a figure, about 80% of the people searching Google in India use mobile. This simply means that you should build your website with a CMS that is mobile friendly. WordPress is the best option for this, it provides you Responsive Themes like Newspaper, Astra and OceanWP etc. that too for absolutely free.

Apart from this, Google has created a new type of plan, which is named – AMP, giving utmost importance to mobile friendly sites.

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, as the name suggests, web-pages are made so accessible to mobile that they open faster than normal, that is, as you click.

But now you must be thinking what does this mean to WordPress? Whereas AMP has a deeper meaning than WordPress, because the way people are increasing in the trend towards mobile in the coming days, people prefer AMP version to get instant information in their mobile with just one click. And many such technical websites are also slowly becoming mobile friendly by using AMP version.

WordPress is also making complete preparations to provide mobile friendly feature to the people, and for this reason WordPress is giving priority to all types of plugins that are working for AMP. Therefore there should be no doubt about WordPress being called Mobile Friendly.

7. Free Plugins to Support WordPress

In all the above 6 points, we have given you information about some or the other plugin. Plugin is a tool that you can install on your WordPress site at any time with a single click. Actually WordPress itself is not a complete CMS, sometimes you need something that does not exist with WordPress, an external tool can be useful in such a place, this external tool is a plugin.

For example, how many times can you ask your readers to share your content? But if you add such a tool to your WordPress, whose job is to always keep Social Sharing Buttons present in front of your readers so that if your readers like your content better, then with just one click, share it on whatever social media they want. could. This type of tool that works to make WordPress complete and fulfill our small needs is called Plugin.

There are currently more than 50 thousand plugins in WordPress which make the work of bloggers easy. Plugins are very easily available on WordPress, and you can easily install it in a moment.

8. Hundreds of Free Themes on WordPress

The most important factor to add to the beauty of any website is its theme. Yes, it is the theme on which the settings of Footer, Header, Widget and Menu Bar etc. can be done. The better your theme, the more powerful the User Experience of your readers will be. So the theme is directly related to your User Interface.

So the more theme options you have, the easier it will be to make your site beautiful. As above we have named some themes like – Newspaper, Astra, Oceanwp, Hueman etc. You will get both free and premium versions of these themes. These themes are also leading in terms of User Interface and Speed.

You easily get hundreds of themes on WordPress, apart from this you also get to see the feedback of the logo for that theme, so that you can easily ask yourself before installing any theme whether this theme fulfills your requirement. does. By the way, some statistics show that there are more than 8000 themes available for use in WordPress.

9. Best Support System of WordPress

Another advantage of being a world famous CMS is that you do not have to search any more questions and answers related to it. If you are stuck on any question or have come across any problem related to WordPress, then you can easily get the answer in Google.

Apart from this, due to being a very large CMS, there are many blog websites whose entire article is based on WordPress, so you can easily ask for help by joining the comment box or forum of these websites. They are always ready to help people because their real capital is their readers.

10. WordPress is a reliable CMS

Any CMS is said to be reliable only when the following qualities are found in it :-

  • It’s secure.
  • It should be SEO friendly.
  • It should be mobile friendly.
  • It was constantly updated.
  • Its working speed is good.
  • His User Experience is excellent.
  • Its helpful plugins are easily available.
  • Its theme should be cheap and easily available.
  • It should be free in cost or cheap enough that a novice (who has little knowledge about coding) will not find it expensive.

If we go by these parameters of trustworthiness, then we have proved all the above things in detail. This proves that WordPress is indeed a reliable CMS.

Some common questions and answers related to WordPress


Q 1. Is WordPress Free?

Ans. WordPress is free as a CMS but it also has different hosting plans. In fact, WordPress also does the job of providing hosting. If you create a site on WordPress, then it also provides you the facility of web hosting. If you want better hosting then maybe you have to pay some charges for that. You can buy hosting on the internet from web hosting providers like A2Hosting, BlueHost and Hostinger.

Q 2. Do you need to learn coding to use WordPress?

Ans. Not at all, the real purpose of WordPress is to remove your fear of coding. Even a person who does not know any of the languages ​​html, java, c++ can easily master WordPress in a few days.

Q 3. Can I shift all my content from my old CMS to WordPress?

Ans. Yes, you can very easily import any of your CMS to WordPress without losing any data, even you can export it to other CMS without losing any data. That too with 1 click.

Q 4. How do I install the plugin on WordPress?

Ans. You can do this work very easily. All you have to do is click on Plugins>>Add New appearing on the left side of your WordPress Dashboard and then install the plugin as per the instructions given below.

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The real purpose of this article is to clear the doubts arising in the minds of those readers who think that WordPress is not the best CMS. In fact, we should understand the importance of WordPress from the fact that it has opened the doors of blogging for those people who do not have any knowledge of coding at all.

Still, this is my advice to the readers who do not like WordPress as much, they should stay on the same CMS on whichever CMS they are running their site, without falling prey to anyone. Because once you get used to working on the thing, that becomes the best for you. But if you are bored or fed up with your CMS, then without any delay choose WordPress blindly.

I hope you like this article “Why WordPress is best for Blogging?” would have liked. If you still have any kind of question related to WordPress, then write your question on the comment box below and we will try to answer it as soon as possible.

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