What is Shared Hosting? Full Guide, Best Provider

Friends, there are many types of hosting, out of which the most popular hosting is Shared Hosting. But what is shared hosting and why is it so popular?

What is Shared Hosting, Services Meaning, Best Shared Hosting Provider in all ways, Advantages, Disadvantages & more details read here about shared hosting before you buy a hosting.

So let’s understand it in simple words.

What is Shared Hosting?

What is Shared Hosting: Friends, as can be understood from the name of this hosting. Shared hosting is such hosting where many users share the same web server. In other words, shared hosting is such hosting where a web server hosts many websites.

The concept of Shared Hosting came in the market because the cost of web hosting is very high. If every user starts using an entire server to host just a small website, then the cost will be very high and most people will not be able to afford web hosting.

Along with this, the second disadvantage will be that most of the resources of the server will not be used. So in a way it will be wastage of resources.

Let us now understand it with an example.

Suppose you have to go from Lucknow to Delhi and you have two options: 1. You go by your personal car which will cost more money or 2. You go by government bus which will cost money.

If you go by car then your money will be more because you will be bearing all the expenses there. That is, you will have to bear the cost of car maintenance, petrol cost, toll tax etc.

Whereas if you go by bus, then you will have to pay only for one ticket, the responsibility of the rest of the things will be taken by the bus department. Because there are many passengers in the bus, then the cost of that journey will be divided among all the people and you will get cheap tickets.

Similarly, to reduce the cost of web hosting and to make web hosting affordable to the people, the concept of shared hosting came in the market. In this way, every person can easily afford web hosting and there is no wastage of resources. now more What is Shared Hosting:

I may have already answered this. Because in shared hosting, the cost of web hosting is divided among all the users of the web server, then it becomes quite affordable for the people. And if a good thing is found at cheap prices, then it will be popular.

The second reason for this is also that whenever we start a website, in the beginning there is neither much traffic nor much content on our website, due to which our work goes on with a simple shared hosting plan.

That’s why most of the people start their website with shared hosting and when their website becomes very popular then they shift to upper level hosting. So at present, if you want to start a new website, then Shared Hosting is the cheapest and best option for you.

This website of mine is also on Shared Hosting which is sufficient for its needs. read more What is Shared Hosting:

How does Shared Hosting work?

Shared hosting also works like any other web hosting where your website files are stored on the server.

Whenever a visitor enters the name of your website in the browser of his computer or mobile, on his request, your server sends your website files to that visitor’s browser, where those files appear like a website to that visitor.

Shared hosting is by the way a very good option for new users or for owners of low and medium traffic websites. But like anything else in the world, it also has its advantages and disadvantages. So let us first know its benefits.

Advantages of Shared Hosting.

There are many benefits of Shared Hosting such as:

To be cheap:

The biggest advantage of shared hosting is that it is very cheap, due to which most people can afford it. Especially those students who want to do something new but they are short of money.


Friends, almost all web hosting companies give their users an easy-to-use cPanel where they can easily create their websites. These companies provide a one-click app installer in their cPanel, using which you can easily install many popular software such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. in a few clicks.

These cPanels are so easy to use that any new user who does not have any knowledge of creating a website, they can easily create their website. Along with this, many companies also help you to create your first website. Some even give you a web hosting plan by installing popular software like WordPress along with buying it.

Technical maintenance is not required:

The special thing about Shared Hosting is that in this you do not need to do any kind of maintenance on the server side. Simply put, in shared hosting, your web hosting provider does not allow you to make any changes on the server.

On the contrary, your hosting provider does the maintenance of the server itself instead of you. He does this because there are many other users on that server other than you and their websites are also of different types. So the hosting provider configures the server in such a way that it can run different types of websites without any interruption.

Shared Hosting is Scalable:

What I mean by Scalable here is that almost all hosting providers provide you with a plan upgrade button in your hosting account so that if you ever need more resources in future, you can easily upgrade your plan.

Many web hosting companies also provide you the option to downgrade the plan.

Shared Hosting is Secure:

Even though in shared hosting many users are hosting their websites on the same server but no user can access any other user’s files. Even you will not even know which websites are hosted on your server.

Along with this, your hosting provider maintains all the security of the web server for you, which includes many services like installing security patch, installing firewall, installing anti-virus, updating the server.

Compatibility with different types of websites:

This is another feature of Shared Hosting that you can run different types of websites in it like WordPress website, Joomla Website, Drupal Website, Custom Made Website etc.

This feature is not available in hosting like Managed WordPress Hosting because there servers are optimized for only one software. In this type of web hosting, you can start only WordPress website and cannot install any other software. If you do this, the hosting provider will automatically close the website built on other software and may even warn you not to do this again.

But this is not the case with shared web hosting, here you can install your desired software and create your website.

Friends, these were some advantages of shared web hosting, so let’s know some of its disadvantages as well.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

Along with the advantages of shared hosting, there are also some disadvantages which are as follows:


Yes friends, even if shared hosting is cheap or has many advantages, but its biggest disadvantage is its speed. By the way, in good web hosting companies, you will not have much problem of speed in shared hosting, but because there are many users on the server, then it may be that more traffic starts coming to a user’s website so that the load on the server increases and Server slows down.

In this situation, your website may also start loading slowly or it may also happen that it may not load at all.

To avoid this problem, web hosting providers give a limited bandwidth to every user, if their website crosses that bandwidth, then the web hosting company asks that user to upgrade their plan or put a cap on their website traffic. Gives so that the traffic remains within the limits of its plan.

Even after constantly telling the user, if the user does not upgrade his plan, then many web hosting companies also ban his website and advise the user to shift to another hosting company.


Security is also a disadvantage of shared hosting. Because many websites are running on the same server, then in this case it may also happen that some malicious activity may be transferred from one website to another.

For example, you can understand that a virus can be transferred from one website to another. The chance of this happening is very less but due to the shared nature of hosting, it remains a possibility.

Not optimized for any one software:

Friends, many types of websites are running in shared web hosting, due to which it is not possible to optimize the server for any one software. Because of this, the server may not perform very well for your website.

Whereas in contrast, in hosting like managed WordPress hosting, the server is optimized for a particular software, due to which your website gets the best performance from the server. In the case of Managed WordPress Hosting, the server is optimized for WordPress software. However, this type of web hosting is very expensive.

Gets Limited Customization:

Friends, as I have already told you that in shared hosting, the web hosting provider maintains the server, so it does not allow you to make any changes on the server. Maybe some companies let you do some customization but they are very limited.

In this type of hosting, whatever facility your host is providing, you have to run your work in it. However, if you are not a tech savvy person and you only want to create websites like WordPress, Joomla etc., then Shared Hosting is a very good option for you.

Nowadays, most web hosting providers optimize their servers for WordPress.

Shared Hosting is not for High Traffic Websites:

Shared hosting is a very good option for low and medium traffic websites but it is not a good option for high traffic websites. If your website is a high traffic website then I would recommend you to choose VPS, Dedicated, or Cloud Hosting.

So friends, so far we have known what is shared hosting? Why is this so popular? How does this work? And what are its advantages and disadvantages?

I think now you must have got a basic knowledge of shared hosting, so let us now know about some of the best shared hosting providers from where you can buy shared hosting plans.

2 Best Shared Hosting Providers:

Below are some of the best web hosting companies from where you can buy shared hosting:



FastComet is a fast growing web hosting company. By the way, the entire architecture of this web hosting company is built on the cloud, which means that it only provides cloud hosting.

But this company gives shared cloud hosting, due to which its plans are very cheap and at the same time we get powerful cloud hosting.

FastComet is one step ahead of SiteGround in terms of features and price which is why I chose it to host my website.

FastComet’s web hosting plans start very cheaply. Its basic plan starts at just $2.95 per month. This basic plan gives you a lot of features and resources like :-

  • 1 website hosting facility
  • 15GB SSD storage
  • free domain transfer
  • 1 Free website transfer
  • Multiple data center locations
  • Multiple PHP versions
  • Free daily backups
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Automatic WordPress Updates
  • Dedicated support and more.

Friends, if you are currently hosting your website on some other hosting company and want to shift hosting from there, then you can select FastComet. It does free cPanel transfer which means that all your websites and email accounts will come to their servers.

If you do not want to transfer the entire cPanel, then you can transfer one of your websites according to their basic plan.

If you look overall, you will find that FastComet’s web hosting is very good as well as their support is also very good, then you can choose this company to host your website.

Visit FastComet 

If the companies I have mentioned so far are above your budget then you can buy shared hosting plan from Hostinger. Hostinger is known for providing web hosting at the cheapest prices.

In this company, a basic shared hosting plan starts from just $0.99 per month, which every budget person can afford. With this basic web hosting plan, Hostinger provides you with limited features that are enough to start a website.

Some of these features and resources are as follows:

  • 1 website hosting facility
  • 10GB SSD storage
  • 100GB bandwidth
  • 1 Email account
  • Weekly backups
  • Multiple PHP versions
  • Multiple data center locations
  • Dedicated support etc.

You do not get a free SSL certificate in the Basic plan of Hostinger, which you can get from Cloudflare. Cloudflare not only provides SSL certificate for free but it also gives you CDN services for free. This is the reason why I use Cloudflare’s SSL certificate.

If your budget is very limited then you can choose Hostinger. This is a very well known web hosting company that will not let you down.

Start Your Website Today Click Here 

Hostinger Hosting Plan

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So overall if seen, Hostinger is a budget web hosting. If you want to start your new blog with a good web hosting in Affordable Budget then according to me Hostinger is a perfect web hosting solution for you.

Not only in hosting, it also reduces the cost of your domain name (Normally 700-800 rupees) along with taking hosting. Which is a big deal for any beginner in the beginning.

So friends, this was all the information about shared hosting. If you liked my post then do share it.

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