How to Promote Blog Posts After Publish

Dear readers, let’s know How to Promote Blog Posts After Publish, Promote Blog Post, How to Promote Blog Post – Traffic is very important for any blog. Only writing a good post does not increase your blog traffic. You have to share/promote it on different networks. Today in this article we will discuss how to share Blog Posts after publishing them.

After publishing a post on a blog, it is very important to promote them, because the number of bloggers in blogging has increased a lot, due to which the competition has also increased. If you write good content on your blog but do not share or promote them, then you will fail in blogging.

Where to share or promote after publishing Blog Posts

This post will tell you about some great websites that are necessary to promote blog posts. If you share your blog content on these websites, then it will help in increasing your blog traffic. Apart from this, you can also create a community and fan followers. Here I have listed some of the best and popular networks that you can use to promote your blog posts.

So, let’s start with where to share blog posts after publishing them for more traffic…

Share on facebook

Facebook is the world’s most popular and largest social network site and millions of people are logged into it every day, so you can get an idea of ​​how many people can click on your blog posts.

So, share your blog post link in Facebook profile, Facebook page (if you have Facebook page for your blog) and Facebook group.

Share on twitter

Twitter is the second largest and popular social networking site in the world which helps in getting good traffic to your blog. On this, you can share your post title and link. Twitter does not allow you to have more than 140 words.

Share on Reddit

Reddit is a very content marketing site which is now supporting all language as well. Here many bloggers and online business promote their business by sharing their hard work. It allows you to share YouTube videos, images, text posts and blog posts links.

In Reddit, you have to share your blog post in a Subreddit (such as a Facebook group). Each subreddit has its own rules if you don’t follow their term and condition then you can be blocked.

Share on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is also a very good social networking site. You can get good traffic by sharing your content here. If you publish articles like business, career, or professional topics on your blog, then LinkedIn is the best place to promote your blog posts.

Send Email Newsletter

If you collect reader emails via an opt-in form, those email addresses can be very useful to you. You can share your blog post link to the reader’s email inbox. But keep one thing in mind, send a snippet of the blog post in the email with the link.

Make the snippet and title of the blog post very attractive so that the reader is forced to click on it.

Sahre on Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual social bookmarking site. If you use an image in your blog post, you can increase blog traffic by sharing it on Pinterest. Pinterest is the best place to promote your blog content (images and infographics).

Join Quora

Quora is a question and answer site. Here you can promote your blog by sharing your blog post link. When you answer people’s questions on Quora, add your blog post link to it. This is the best platform to increase your blog traffic.

Additionally, you can also find out what the user wants to read and write an article on it.

Share on Skill Infinity

Skill Infinity is a great place to promote a blog post after it’s published. It also helps each blogger to connect with each other. Here you can easily submit your article, just add your link and click on submit button.

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