150+ New Directory Submission Sites for Newbie

Directory submission increases your page rank i.e., Google search of your website position in it.

If you have, submit the directory of your site. So, Google gives more importance to your website.

Here we have provided 150+ directory submission sites list with high DA PA and details, which will be very beneficial for you.

What is directory submission

If it is understood in easy language, then in the directory submission, you will be with the category and subcategory of your website. Brief information related to the website. Let’s give to another such website. Whose page rank is very good. This is called directory submission or website listing.

How many types of directory submission are there?

Friends, now you know what directory submission is. Now we will know how to do direct submission, but before that you also need to understand what the types of directory submission are, so let us first know that there are many types of directory submission.

There are three types of directory submission.

  • Free Directory Submission.
  • Paid Directory Submission.
  • Reciprocal link submission.
  • Let us now understand further. In detail which type of directory submission is beneficial for you and which is not?

What do you need to have for directory submission?

Now before going any further, you should know how to do directory submission. First let’s know what the things are you need for directory submission.

  • Email address
  • Site Author Name
  • 100 to 150 words website description
  • Blog URL/link
  • Blog title or name
  • Site RSS feed

150+ New Directory Submission Sites for Newbie

10wordsDiscover new apps and startups in 10 words or less.20Do-Follow
AddonBizThe best way to find & discover local businesses.32No-Follow
addYP.comShowcase your business or your service to the public.31Do-Follow
AkamaOnly for startups/companies from the United States.34No-Follow
All Startups InfoStartups not older than 5 years.24Do-Follow
Alternative.meFind better software alternatives.52No-Follow
AlternativeToOnly for software startups/companies and website content in English.87No-Follow
AngelListA platform for startups, angel investors and job-seekers.88No-Follow
AppAggOnly for Google Play, App Store, Microsoft Store, Steam Store, PlayStation Store, Nintendo Store apps.52No-Follow
AppRaterAwesome apps every single day since 201127Do-Follow
Apps ListoOnly for Google Play and App Store apps.14Do-Follow
AppsTimesOnly for Google Play and App Store apps.24Do-Follow
AwardoOnly for software startups/companies and web design/web development/marketing agencies.16Do-Follow
Awesome IndieDiscover products made by indie makers.10No-Follow
A-Zbusinessfinder.comOnly for startups/companies from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia & New Zealand.44Do-Follow
B2bcoOnly for B2B startups/companies.31No-Follow
BetaboundOnly for startups with Beta products.51Do-Follow
BetafyBrand new startups explored and discovered.32Do-Follow
BetalistOnly for Beta startups.59Do-Follow
BetaPageA community of tech lovers and early adopters.40No-Follow
BharathListingA business listing website where users can search for businesses nearby & write reviews.17Do-Follow
BigStartupsA global networking platform for startups, members, and startup communities.29Do-Follow
Biz of ITOnly for technology solutions.35Do-Follow
BizBangBoom.comThe most complete business database.31Do-Follow
BizMakerTrusted network of top-rated business listings.15Do-Follow
BizToBizFinding businesses is easy by searching our trusted network of top-rated professionals.8Do-Follow
BrownBookThe global business listing database.59No-Follow
Business Listing PlusOnly for startups from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, New Zealand, Singapore, USA and UK38No-Follow
BusinessListings.net.auOnly for Australian startups/companies.45Do-Follow
CallupContactBusiness listing and local marketing service.51Do-Follow
Canadian PlanetOnly for Canadian startups/companies.31No-Follow
CapterraOnly for business apps.74Do-Follow
CataloxyOnly for startups/companies from the United States, Australia, Canada & United Kingdom.41No-Follow
CGMIMMTrusted network of top-rated local businesses.37Do-Follow
ChamberOfCommerce.comOnly for startups/companies from the United States.58No-Follow
ChangelogOnly for developer related startups.54Do-Follow
ClutchOnly for B2B startups.67No-Follow
Crazy About StartupsInnovative platform for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.36Do-Follow
CreativeCityBerlinOnly for startups/companies from Berlin.43Do-Follow
CrooziWe provide all the information about any business, brand or service of any part around the world.30Do-Follow
CrozDeskOnly for SaaS.48No-Follow
CrunchBaseIntelligent prospecting software powered by live company data.91No-Follow
CSS LightA platform to showcase and promote new talents and trends in the world of design.41Do-Follow
CyboSearch over 200 million businesses in 50 languages anywhere in the world.53No-Follow
CylexOnly for startups/companies from the United States.45No-Follow
DEV CommunityOnly for software services/products.81Do-Follow
Digital Marketing DealOnly for startups/companies from India.30No-Follow
e27Connecting you to Asia's startup and tech ecosystem.71Do-Follow
eBusiness PagesOnly for startups/companies from the United States.54No-Follow
EdexyOnly for startups/companies from the Middle East, UK, India, Canada, Australia, and the United States.20No-Follow
EnestsThe leading business listing site where you can find top companies and better service providers.21No-Follow
EnrollBusinessAn online directory of local businesses.48No-Follow
EU-StartupsOnly for European startups.64Non-Existent
EZlauncherOnly for technology services51Do-Follow
EZLocalOnly for startups/companies from the United States.55No-Follow
F6SA network where founders get deals, recruit and apply for funding.72No-Follow
Fintech CanadaOnly for Canadian startups/companies.9No-Follow
Folkd.com (New)One of the biggest social bookmarking services out there.77No-Follow
FreeListingIndia.inOnly for startups/companies from India.37No-Follow
FreeListingUSA.comOnly for startups/companies from the United States.39No-Follow
FypleOnly for startups/companies from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand & South Africa.41No-Follow
G2Only for software startups/companies.82No-Follow
GeekwireOnly for startups located in the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, or British Columbia.87No-Follow
GetListedUAEOnly for startups/companies from the UAE.33No-Follow
Global CatalogGrow your business globally & reach millions of active buyers around the world44Do-Follow
GoLocal247Only for startups/companies from the United States.46No-Follow
GoodFirmsOnly for software startups/companies and web design/web development/marketing agencies.52No-Follow
GumroadDigital products, memberships and more.90No-Follow
GustThe best place to start, grow and fund your venture.72Do-Follow
HackernewsAn active community of hackers and entrepreneurs.87Do-Follow
Hampton Roads Business LiveInstantly connect with great local businesses.30No-Follow
HotfrogA place to tell the world what makes your products and services different.57Do-Follow
HouzzOnly for home renovation and design startups/companies.90Do-Follow
InnMind# 1 Deal flow platform for Startups & Investors.41No-Follow
InsertbizOnly for startups/companies from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, China, India, Japan, Russia & United Arab Emirates.27No-Follow
InsurTechOnly for insurance-related startups.13Do-Follow
Klusster (New)A global community of bloggers and business owners.50Do-Follow
LacartesDiscover and connect with people & businesses around you.61Do-Follow
Land-bookAwesome websites to help creatives find inspiration & motivation.41No-Follow
LaunchedShowcase your startup/product and get feedback from early adopters.28Do-Follow
Launching NextLaunching Next publishes the newest, trending tech startups and projects.41No-Follow
Link CentreInternet directory and search engine.49Do-Follow
ListlyCurate and publish great lists on Listly and on your website.85No-Follow
LocalmoteBusiness marketing platform.8No-Follow
MagnittYour startup data platform for emerging venture markets.44Do-Follow
MantaOnly for startups/companies from the United States.82Do-Follow
MerchantCircleOnly for startups/companies from the United States.75No-Follow
MoriohOnly for technology services.48No-Follow
MyFrenchStartupOnly for French startups.36Do-Follow
N49Only for startups/companies from the United States, Canada & United Kingdom47No-Follow
NearFinderOnly for startups/companies from the United States.25No-Follow
NettedOnly for B2C startups.50Do-Follow
NoCodeFoundersGlobal community of founders and businesses using no-code tools to grow faster.31Do-Follow
ParkbenchFind local deals and events. Read local news and business reviews.48Do-Follow
PeepLocalLocal community website.34No-Follow
PorchOnly for home repair and improvement companies/startups.80No-Follow
Product HuntThe best new products in tech.89Do-Follow
PromoteProjectShowcase your creations to the world.23Do-Follow
Rapide-EntreprisesOnly for French startups/companies.6Do-Follow
Reddit - Alpha & Beta UsersOnly for startups in Alpha or Beta stage.91Do-Follow
Reddit - CouponsOnly for startups with coupons or offers.91Do-Follow
Reddit - Design CritiquesGet constructive feedback for your product design.91Do-Follow
Reddit - IndiebizSub-reddit exclusively for indie biz owners.91Do-Follow
Reddit - Lady BusinessOnly for women startups91Do-Follow
Reddit - ProgrammingOnly for products that help programmers.91Do-Follow
Reddit - Roast my startupA subreddit post your start-up (or start-up idea) for other entrepreneurs to roast it91Do-Follow
Reddit - SideprojectsSub-reddit exclusively for showcasing side projects.91Do-Follow
Reddit - Small BusinessA subreddit for small business owners.91Do-Follow
Reddit - StartupsA subreddit for showcasing your startup.91Do-Follow
SaaS CommunityOnly for SaaS startups/companies.18Do-Follow
SaaSHubThe independent software marketplace.36Do-Follow
SaiditAn environment that encourages thought-provoking discussion.36No-Follow
SideProjectorsFriendly marketplace to sell and buy interesting side projects.39Do-Follow
SitelikeFind similar websites, competitors and related sites.31No-Follow
SlantProduct recommendation community.56No-Follow
SlashdotTimely source for technology-related news.91No-Follow
SmartMoneyMatchConnecting the global investment community.32Do-Follow
SnapMunkTechnology news, trends and ideas that matter most to startups.48Do-Follow
solo.to (New)Make it easy for customers to find, follow, contact, and engage with your brand.65Do-Follow
SortlistOnly for marketing agencies.45No-Follow
SourceForgeOnly for software startups/companies.93Non-Existent
SpokeDiscover relevant business information.58No-Follow
StackShareThe best open source, software as a service (SaaS), and developer tools in one place.57No-Follow
Startup BufferDiscover new startups or promote your startup.40No-Follow
Startup CollectionsResources and tools for starters.33No-Follow
Startup EuropeThe biggest EU directory for innovative startups.10Do-Follow
Startup InspireInspiration gallery to promote your startup.27Do-Follow
Start-up Nation FinderOnly for startups/companies from Israel.53Do-Follow
Startup ResourcesOnly for tools used by startups (Ex: live chat, CRM, etc).44Do-Follow
Startup RouletteExplore amazing startups or share your startup with the world.11Do-Follow
Startup TrackerDiscover and track startups from MVP to IPO.37Do-Follow
StartupBaseDiscover the best new startups every day.22Do-Follow
StartupListerDiscover and share new startups.36Do-Follow
StartupmatcherOnly for Nordic Startups.47Do-Follow
Startups WatchOnly for Turkish startups.29Do-Follow
StartupStashOnly for tools used by startups (Ex: live chat, CRM, etc).48No-Follow
StartupxploreInvest in tech startups that want to keep growing.55No-Follow
StartUsCommunity of European founders, startup enthusiasts and mentors.52No-Follow
StoreboardSearch businesses, products and media in your community.58Do-Follow
SuperPagesOnly for Australian startups/companies.26Do-Follow
Tech in AsiaConnecting Asia's startup ecosystem.88Do-Follow
TechDirectoryGlobal online directory for tech companies and innovations.56No-Follow
The DotsProfessional networking for the new world of work.57No-Follow
Topio NetworksDiscover relevant business information.40No-Follow
Trendy StartupsDiscover startups and blogging. Expedite your Startup and share your blog posts.17Do-Follow
TrepupA secure, smart and easy-to-use e-commerce platform to start or grow your business52No-Follow
TRUEenA growing business community providing online search facilities for companies around the world.33Do-Follow
Trust RadiusOnly for software startups/companies.60Do-Follow
TuugoThe global platform for companies and clients50No-Follow
UNLTDFind any business anywhere.7No-Follow
VentureRadarDiscover the innovators and disruptors.44Do-Follow
Web Design InspirationWe find and showcase the best web design inspirations and trends.42No-Follow
WebwikiWeb-based platform for consumers to find trustworthy websites.51No-Follow
WhaTechWe keep you connected with what's happening in the markets, technology, business, and technology companies.52No-Follow
WhatsYourHours.comList your business for free and get targeted traffic.31No-Follow
WhoDoYouLocal businesses recommended on social media.44No-Follow
Word of MouthOnly for Australian startups/companies.40No-Follow
YalwaFind over 17,000,000 local businesses41No-Follow
Yell.comOnly for startups/companies from the United Kingdom.72No-Follow
Yellow PlaceSearch and find nearby places.51Do-Follow
Your StoryThe definitive platform for startups and entrepreneurs-related stories.86No-Follow
ZoneClassifiedsConnecting business owners in modern e-commerce to reach the right audience.63No-Follow
ZumvuEasy-to-use all-in-one marketing platform that increases website traffic, generation of leads and includes Sales CRM to help grow your business.50Do-Follow

How to do Directory Submission?

  • First of all, go to the Directory submission site.
  • There in Menu or Navigation you will find a Submit Link or Add Link. Click on this
  • Now here you choose a category related to your site. Such as Blog, Entertainment, Photography or Dating.
  • After that select the list in Directory. Like FREE (regular), PAID (features), or reciprocal link. As we have already known. If you want to get your directory approved quickly, then you can choose the paid option. Otherwise choose Free Submission only.
  • Now here you give information about your blog or site. Such as Site Title, Website Url, Meta Description, Meta Keyword, Owner Name, Short Description and Owner Email Id. (Note: – Save all these details in a notepad. Because they may be needed later.)
  • Now in the last step of Directory Submission. All you have to do is click on the Continue or Submit button.
  • Now you verify your Email-Id.

Advantages of Directory Submission

Although you have many benefits of directory submission, but out of all those benefits, the most important and important benefits are mentioned below.

  • Directory submission gives quality backlinks to your website.
  • The PR of your site i.e., page rank increases
  • directory submission Your blog posts. Sees in Top Position in the search engine.
  • Directory submission increases the DA (domain authority) of your site.
  • This also increases the Aexa rank.
  • With this, every post on your site is quickly cached (indexed).
  • Web directory gives one way link to your site. Due to which the value of the site increases in the search engine.

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