What is Video Marketing? How to do it? Strategy, Solutions & Advantage

What is Video Marketing? How to do it? Strategy, Solutions & Advantage : In today’s time, people are more like watching video content, so video is being used more to do digital marketing, if you want to know what is video marketing? How many types are there? And how is it done? Then you have come to the right place

In this article, we will know how over time people are choosing to watch video content and how you can successfully use video marketing in your marketing strategy .

What is Video Marketing? How to do it?

When you use video to promote your product or service to people and to increase engagement with people on social media and other digital channels, then it is called video marketing .

Why should you focus on video marketing ?

In today’s time, running the internet in India has become very cheap, so the number of internet users is increasing in India, so people are preferring to watch videos due to cheap and fast internet.

According to a HubSpot survey, 50% of consumers prefer to watch video content from brands over other content, which makes the use of video very important for digital marketing.

Videos are not only used for entertainment but also for learning and taking information from it.

90% of the consumers say that video helps them to buy any product.

Types of Marketing Videos?

If you want to make videos for your digital marketing strategy , then first of all you have to understand what type of video you should make, so let’s know how many types of videos are there for marketing.

You can know about 12 types of marketing videos below :

1) Demo Video: In this type of video you explain how your product works.

2) Brand Video: Brand video type is used to increase brand awareness and to showcase your product and service to the people.

3) Event Video: If you want to tell people about an event, then this type of video is used.

4) Education related: You can make education related videos to reach the knowledge to the people.

5) Interview: You can make this type of video for the customer by interviewing the experts of your industry, yes.

6) Animated Videos: You can make animated (cartoon) videos to explain a difficult concept.

7) Explainer video: If you want to explain things to your customer to buy your product, then you can make an explaining video.

8) Case Study: If your customers know that you can give solution to their problem then you should make case study video.

9) AR Video (Augmented Reality): Suppose you are buying a chair and want to know how it will look in your house, then you can use AR video before buying that chair in your house. How does he look?

10) Live Video: You can use live video to do QnA with your customers.

11) 360 Degree & Virtual Reality (VR) Video : You can see around you at the same time using 360 video and you can get a real feel of anything using VR video.

Now you must have understood that how many types of videos are there for marketing, so let us now know how you can make videos for marketing?

How to make video? How to Make video for marketing?

To make a video, we have told all the steps below, which will help you to make your videos.

Plan your video

If you are making a video, then it is very important to know the answer to the question of why and for whom you are making it.

Before making a video, find the answers to these questions:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the goal of the video?
  • Where will the video be live?
  • How much is the budget?
  • Last day to publish video?
  • What creative will you need?

Script the video

If you want to give the right information in a short time, then you have to prepare a script of your video so that you can create valuable video content in the available time.

Know your camera well

If you have a smartphone with a good camera, then you can record videos from your mobile itself, but if you have the budget, I advise you to take a DSLR, with this you can also make 4k videos which keeps your customer very engaged.

Set up your studio

I’m not talking about big studios. You’ll need some basic studio setup to create your videos, such as:

  • camera
  • tripod
  • light
  • microphone
  • green screen
  • a small and quiet room

Once you have all the things mentioned above, then you will have a small studio ready where you can make your videos well.

Create video content

Now that you have your video planning, script, camera, and studio in place, start creating videos.
While making a video, keep in mind whether the video you want to make is being made according to it or not because it takes a lot of time and money to make a video, so take care of quality content while making a video.

Now that your video is ready, edit it with a good video editor like Adobe Premier Pro and complete the video by doing voice over, after that your marketing video content is ready to reach the people.

Upload your video to Youtube

Now that your video is completely ready to reach your audience, you will have to resort to the YouTube platform because more than 80% of the people use YouTube to watch the video.

For you to be successful on YouTube:

  • You have to create your account and then channel
  • After that you have to upload the video
  • Now as you upload videos your Subscriber will increase

By the way, apart from YouTube, you can also use video platforms like Vimeo, Facebook, and Instagram, but you will get the most video audience on YouTube itself.

More than 50 million videos are watched on YouTube every day, so that you can get an idea of ​​its user base.
YouTube delivers your videos to people for free and if your videos have quality and value then people engage with your videos and also share.

Attract Your Customers With Inbound Marketing

Now you also have video content and you have also published it on different video platforms, but by doing only this your target customers will not buy your product, for this you have to follow 4 steps of inbound marketing.

1) Attract: A customer can access your video when they need to find a solution to a problem. People will trust you because the problem is solved in your video.

2) Convert: Now you have to convert all the customers who are watching your videos into leads i.e. you have to use the form to get their phone number or email so that you can contact them.

3) Close: Close means that the customer who is your lead will have to ask them to buy your product because that product is the solution to your customer’s problem.

4) Delight: Delight means when a customer buys a product after watching one of your videos, then you can also sell your other products to them.

When you will complete all the above mentioned 4 steps properly then your video marketing will be successful.


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We hope that after reading this post you must have understood what is video marketing? how many types are there and how can it be done.

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