Why Website Search Ranking and Traffic Is Down – 20 Reasons

Hi friends let’s learn Why Website Search Ranking Down, Blog Traffic Down / Dropped reason – 20 Reasons here in this article we provide.

Google search engine is the main traffic source of any website or blog. In today’s technological and online environment, having search traffic to your site is the key to success. Therefore, when there is a decrease in the search ranking and traffic of a site, then its earnings also go down or there is a lot of loss. In this article, we will talk about website search ranking and 20 reasons that drop traffic.

Everyone wants to grow in their business and Google is an important and major source of traffic flow. That’s why getting top ranking in Google search results is very important for the success of the site.

To boost Google search ranking, your site needs to be properly setup and search engine optimization done properly. Webmasters also do this and get their site ranked.

But when the search engine rank of the site drops, the reason is not even known, due to which it becomes very difficult to solve it and recover the site search ranking.

If you website search ranking is down, then you can easily recover the organic traffic of your site by fixing it.

There are many reasons for website search ranking and traffic down. Here we are giving you 20 reasons for search ranking and traffic being down.

Why Website Search Ranking And Traffic Is Down / Dropped

Read this, you can fix them and bring the site to the top of Google again.

1. Tracking Wrong Rankings

One of the important reasons why your site ranking drops is because you are tracking ranking error. You may have used keywords that are not relevant to your site.

Google does not like such a site at all, which has high health and they write content about cricket.

2. Lost Links

The backlink is not retained by us, the site owner can also remove the link to your site. When you lose the backlinks created for your site, your site’s search ranking also goes down.

You can use research tools like Mojestic ya Ahrefs to find out how many links have been lost in the last 90 days.

3. Broken Redirect

The same settings have to be used when you launch a new website or migrate an old site to a new server. As the site has to redirect www and https.

If your site doesn’t have a 301 redirect for www or https then your site’s search ranking may drop. When doing a 301 redirect, you should also confirm that the sitemap, canonical tags and all links on your site are working properly.

4. Manual Actions

If you see a sudden drop in your website’s traffic and search ranking, then one of the reasons could also be that Google is penalizing your site.

If your site is ranking top in bing, yahoo and other search engine search engine means google penalize your site and decrease rank.

You can see the Google Search Console manual action option to see why Google has penalized your site.

5. Algorithm Transformation

Google searches for us to improve its search algorithms with return strategies and search results.

Some websites or blogs are hurt by Google in algorithms and their search ranking goes down.

6. Geolocation Anomalies

Displays results from Google user activity and location history. Your site’s search ranking will vary depending on the location where the search is performed.

For example, if an article on your site is ranking in the top 10 for a specific keyword or phrase in a device other than 67% your site’s search ranking will not be the same.

7. Google Natural Changes

Google displays random results and manipulates search results from user behavior history.

You must have also seen when your site is not ranking for any keyword or your page is in 2-3 pages but for some time poor search your site’s page comes in top 10 with the same keyword.

8. Other Website Completion

It may also happen that you are doing everything right, yet your site’s search ranking and organic traffic goes down. The reason for this is competition.

When your competitors outnumber you or do a better job than you, your site’s search rank goes down. Track your competitor’s social media activity, link building and content quality.

9. Page Speed

How fast your site’s pages load does not only improve your site’s search ranking but also provides a better user-experience to your site’s visitors.

When pages on your site load slowly, more users leave the site, resulting in a higher bounce rate and lower Google search ranking.

10. Server Problem

If your site encountered server issue, such as frequent server down, another problem is broken caching. Due to all this, the search ranking of the site goes down.

It is important that you make the site live by fast fixing the server issue and it is also important that you use the best and best SEO-friendly hosting server which has better uptime.

11. Click Through Rate Changes

Google also sees how satisfied visitors are with your site’s content and how long they spend reading your content, how much time they spend on your site.

If the bounce rate is high and if your site’s bounce rate is high or it was and now it is high, then search ranking can be down.

There are other reasons for the drop in click through rate such as slow loading of the site, many popups etc.

12. Poor Quality Link Penalty

Even if you do spammy, risky and paid linking, Google can remove your site from the search result by penalizing it or even down the rank of the site.

Google clearly tell us that create quality backlinks and follow our search guideline or webmaster guideline.

13. Website Changes and Redesign

Even when you make some changes to your website or make changes in the design, your site’s Google rank and traffic may decrease.

We make some mistakes while making website changes, theme changes and redesigns and the site does not work as before. For example, redirection, permalinks, markup, SEO settings, etc.

14. More Customization

SEO of the site is necessary to get the website top rank in Google. We can bring our site to the top of Google by doing proper search engine optimization.

But many times we are over-optimizing in the matter of SEO optimization due to which Google penalizes our site and lowers the search rank.

15. Simple Technical SEP Points

The website brings me down the search ranking of the google site even if i have technical seo mistakes. Technical SEO You decide how search engines crawl and index your site’s content.

Spam link building, structure data markup, poor navigation, site not fully search friendly, bad redirection, broken links, messy urls, slow page loading speed, all these are technical issues and fix them.

16. Meta Information

Meta information i.e. meta tag or title tag is used to let the search engines know which junkery has been provided in your article.

Avoid making mistakes in the meta information on your site. Because of this your site’s search ranking may go down.

For example, if you change the date of a page or post on your site, then also change the meta description and do not use duplicate meta descriptions or duplicate title tags.

17. Server overload

Your site’s server is not ready to increase the site traffic suddenly and the site traffic suddenly increases and crashes, then it can also be the reason for your site’s google rank down.

Use a server that handles high traffic and does not have the problem of overloading and your site should work properly at all times.

18. Bounce Rate

The bounce rate of the website is not the same to us, it keeps getting less high than your content quality, user satisfactory behavior. You can view my Google Analytics report here.

Bounce rate tells you how good content you are offering to the visitors of your site and how satisfied they are with your content.

19. Traffic Source

Google also sees from where the traffic comes to your site, what is the traffic source of your site in Matlab, and when other sources come to your site well, then Google also ranks the site.

Traffic can come from various sources like email marketing, referrals, direct traffic, organic search, paid search, social media etc.

20. Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is a problem caused by multiple locations of similar content on a single domain website. But this does not affect us bad search ranking.

But when this is done deliberately to manipulate the Google search ranking on a website, then Google down the search rank of the US site.

Even if you are not doing this intentionally and there is a problem of too much duplicate content on your site, then Google lowers the search rank of your site.

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These were 20 reasons for website search ranking being down. Due to 20 reasons, the search rank and traffic of the website or blog is down. If the traffic of your site is down and there is any deficiency on your site, then fix it as soon as possible to use.

Follow Google’s guideline for top ranking panel in Google Don’t use stupid tips and tricks. The best is to write quality content and satisfy your users.

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