What is Ezoic? How to get Ezoic approval in Blog? Full Guide

Hi, Friends today we read in this article What is Ezoic? How to get Ezoic approval in Blog? Ezoic Review Full Guide

With Ezoic, you can also monetize your blog and earn money from your blog sitting at home, as well as it secures your blog from hackers, fraudsters, and bots , increases website speed, improves your artificial intelligence technology. This increases the user experience and doubles and triples the earning of your blog, do you know what Ezoic is? How does Ezoic Work.

In today’s time, most bloggers make blogs to earn money and all the new bloggers want to monetize their blog with google adsense.

Google AdSense is very popular, famous and good ad network, you can earn money sitting at home by monetizing your blog with Google AdSense.

But even today there are many bloggers who did not get the approval of Google AdSense even after applying in Google Adsense many times and there are some bloggers who got the approval of AdSense but due to earning very little from it, they remain very upset. What is the solution to all this ?

The all solutions is Ezoic.

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Yes! Ezoic . Let us understand what is Ezoic?

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is not an Ad-Network Ezoic is a technology that has many ad networks, whose ads theyshow in their publisher’s blog/website by optimizing it better, which means which user has to see which ads, when and how much. Manages Ezoic.

As a quote, one user will see 10-15 ads, while the other will see only 5-6 ads, it is not necessary that the ads that see one user should see the other, treat every user according to their interest and quality. Ezoic knows by doing with the help of its artificial intelligence and machine learning. By which :-

  • Your blog has an earning increase
  • Website has growth
  • User Experience Increases

Any blogger can add his blog to ezoic for free, if you also publish quality content in your blog and follow the policies of Google Adsense, then you should also join your blog to ezoic today .

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Ezoic is a Certified Publishing Partner of Google which is a trusted source for both Google AdSense and Google Ad-wards and helps in better performance in Publisher’s blog website, similarly Ezoic has many other ad networks whose ads you want. With the help of Ezoic, you can run your blog.

You have to link those ad networks with Ezoic, so that Ezoic will manage all those ads itself, which ads to see in your blog, according to the layout, according to the CPC and according to the type of users.

So now you must have understood that what is Ezoic? Now we will know what are the benefits of Ezoic to us? And how does Ezoic work?

How does Ezoic Work?

How does Ezoic work? Ezoic is a system that tests more than thousands of placeholders for your blog with the help of machine learning algorithms, in which it tests using different combinations of ad locations, ad design and ads sizes in your blog.

And when a visitor comes to your blog then Ezoic loads the content in an experimental layout and checks the user ‘s activities like page views per visitors, bounce rate, and ad income of each layout and in them. Searches for your site from top-performing layouts.

Then using the same best performing layout in your blog increases the user experience as well as doubles and triples your earning.

Benefits of Ezoic ?

Advantages of Ezoic – Ezoic is an Artificial Intelligence Technology which is made for the publisher, so that the publisher can take the benefits of premium monetization features for free, let’s see what are the benefits of Ezoic to us:-

Increased revenue by ad testing

Ezoic is an ad testing tool that searches thousands of ad placeholders in your blog under its ad testing strategies and shows ads at the best place, due to which your user experience is good and you also get more and more clicks on ads. From which the revenue of your ads becomes double triple.

Double AdSense Earning

If you also have the approval of Google AdSense then it is very bad for you Ezoic is a certified publishing partner of google AdSense which means you can link your Google AdSense with Ezoic.

With which Ezoic will show your adsense ads in your blog and monetize your blog properly.

Earlier, if you used to get low CPC ads from Google Adsense, then now your earning is going to be double and triple, now the bid will be here on one side of Ezoic ads and on the other hand Google AdSense.

So Ezoic will see those ads in your blog whose CPC will be high, that means if the CPC of AdSense ads is high then AdSense ads will be seen there and if Ezoic’s AIDS CPC is high then Ezoic’s AIDS will be seen.

After joining ezoic, you will get high CPC ads displayed in your blog and your AdSense earning will also double as well as earning from ezoic.

Website Speed Will Increase

add your blog to Ezoic
add your blog to Ezoic

When you add your blog to Ezoic, then you have to do a badge prep course to increase website speed there, by which you can increase the speed of your blog by 200% with the help of Ezoic leap automatically Ezoic is your blog. will speed up.

Website Security Increase

We all are very worried about the security of our blog, Ezoic secures  your blog from hackers, fraudsters, and bots . And also avoids fraud-click, ad penalty, and modern attack through IntelliProtect

Ezoic Cloud Security System
Ezoic Cloud Security System

In Ezoic you get Free Cloud Hosting Services, which is very beneficial for your google core web important. You no longer need to use plugins and JavaScript without any means.

Big Data Analytics System of Ezoic

Like you must have been using google analytics before, to know the analytics data and records of your blog, in the same way you get big data analytics in Ezoic which has many advanced features, here you can see the activities, behavior and activities of the users coming to your blog. You can know the sources, as well as how much revenue is being generated from which of your pages, you can also see this in big data analytics.

You can Complete Control

You have full control on Ezoic ads that how many ads you have to show per page, what should be the color of those ads, what should be the size, in which pages to see and which pages are not to be seen, where to show mobile desktop and tab Where else you can control all this with the features given in the Ezoic dashboard.

User experience best

Ezoic optimizes your blog properly such that according to the user and blog layout, he sees the ads to the user, first the content is loaded, after that the ads are loaded, increases the speed of the website, which improves your user’s experience.

How to apply Ezoic?

There are total 5 steps to apply Ezoic.

  • Create your account on Ezoic and link it to your blog with the help of Ezoic Integration.
  • Add the script to the header of your blog.
  • Covert all existing ad units in Ezoic Ad units and create new ad units.
  • Apply for Google’s Ad Exchange program.
  • Use Ezoic Ad Tester.

Create your account on Ezoic and link it to your blog with the help of Ezoic Integration.

Click on Start Free Trial. Then continue by entering your gmail. Then you have to enter your domain name. After entering the domain name, click on continue. After that tick you on Ad Revenue and click on continue. Click on Get Started.

Apply on Ezoic
Apply on Ezoic

After Get Started you will come to home where you have to do 2 steps.

Integrate Your site – For Integrate, you have to activate by installing Ezoic Integration Plugin on your blog.

Ezoic Plugin Install
Ezoic Plugin Install

Setup Ad testing – After the site is integrated, you have to setup Ads. Covert all existing ad units in Ezoic Ad units and create new ad units. Apply for Google’s Ad Exchange program. Use Ezoic Ad Tester.

How to get Ezoic Approval?

Some questions related to taking Ezoic approval, which often run in the mind of all bloggers, first let’s discuss about them?

Q. Is it necessary to have Adsense approval for Ezoic Approval?

No! Even if you do not have the approval of Google Adsense, you will still get the approval of Ezoic and you will see the ads of Ezoic in your blog, from which you can earn a lot.

Q. Is it necessary to have 10,000 sessions for the approval of Ezoic?

Not! For approval of Ezoic now 10k session is not required now this ceriteria has been removed earlier you needed 10000 session for approval of Ezoic but now you can also get approval under 10K session on your blog under growing site.

Ezoic Approval Traffic Criteria
Ezoic Approval Traffic Criteria
Q. Can I get Ezoic approval with Google Adsense?

Yes! Ezoic is the certifield partner of google adsense, so you can link google adsense aacount with ezoic and run ads of both in your blog, this will not cause any kind of problem but your earning will be increase.

Q. Is it okay to get ezoic approval in Indian website?

Yes! Ezoic is not an ad network , it is a technology that helps in properly optimizing your blog, increasing your user’s experience, increasing website speed or earning your blog as well.

How To get ezoic Approval?

To get the approval of Ezoic and to earn money from Ezoic, you must have a blog or website, if you have not yet created your blog, then you can create a blog with the help of this article on how to create a blog.

After creating a blog, you will have to publish quality content in it and try to optimize your blog according to Google Adsense Program Policies , so that you will get the approval of Ezoic quickly.

By clicking on the referal link given below, you can create your account in Ezoic for free, so now you create an account in Ezoic for your blog.

Sign Up for Ezoic Now for Free

What should be the minimum amount in Ezoic for withdrawal?

Ezoic must have at least 20$ for withdrawal. You can take withdrawal from Paypal, Payoneer or Check.

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Today we learned What is Ezoic? How does Ezoic work? Ezoic works according to an artificial intelligence that makes your blog and website user friendly, helps you in your blog SEO as well as improves the earning of your website.

There is not even a single reason because of which I should tell you not to join Ezoic, but there are many reasons from which I would tell you to join Ezoic and take your blog to the next level.

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