What are blogs where people place ads for items for sale?

What are blogs where people place ads for items for sale? : Before knowing the answers to these questions, let’s talk about some interesting statistics related to it:

According to Statista, by October 2011, about 173 million blogs had been created worldwide.

Now according to an estimate, the number of blogs on the whole internet has exceeded 44 crores.

More than 700 million posts are written on these blogs every month.

Every month more than 400 million people like you and I read these blogs, even if we are not aware of this.

These figures prove how important blogging is in the world of internet today. What if you blog? And want more information about blogging, then definitely read this article. And where and on which blog should you advertise your item?

What are blogs

Blog means a type of website that people use as a digital diary and on this they share their experiences, their thoughts and information with the people through text, images, videos etc. The blog was initially called Weblog.

What is a blog post? The content of a blog is called a blog post. And a blog can have many blog posts. Blog posts are shown in an order by the date they were updated, with new posts shown first and old posts after.

Blogs can also be kept private so that others can’t see it. But most of the blogs on the internet are public which can be read by anyone.

A blog is run by a single person or a team. Now big corporates have entered the world of blogging and they share a lot of content on their blog and for this work they keep a whole team of many people.

Blog posts can be shared on social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.

Most of the blogs have a comment section at the bottom of every article in which any person can give their opinion about that content.

Why do people blogging? What are the benefits of creating a blog?

There are many benefits of creating a blog and different people do blogging for their different benefits. The purpose of many people is to earn money from it, then many people start blogs to help others.

The benefits of blogs are many and there can be many reasons behind people’s blogging, such as:

  • to express your thoughts
  • to share your information
  • To get a new job by creating an online portfolio
  • to earn money online
  • to earn a name
  • to advance the business
  • To master your field
  • it makes you a better writer
  • to build a network
  • to help others
  • to learn from others

Apart from all this, what can be the other benefits of blogging, if you know, then do tell by commenting below.

Where people place ads for items for sale?

There are many types of blogs as I have given above, if you want to advertise your product or item, first of all you have to find blog or website according to your item, such as food related website for food items or A blog about technology items, you will get a lot like this.

When you find a blog according to your product, the next task will be to check the traffic of all those websites, you will see its traffic, how old is the domain, what is the value of the domain and how is the speed of the website. After checking all these, you will contact the website owner who will be on the contact page of that website, almost all the websites have a contact page.

You will ask him for the charge of placing ads for your product, (every website places the ad on its website according to its own and also charges its different fees, although the place with the header of the website is the best because a user is the best. First opens the first page, then sees above).

When you will get the confirmation from there, then you can place the ad of your item on that website.

The Benefits

  • This will increase the sale of your item. Because only those people come to the relevant website who need that thing.
  • Your brand name will grow
  • Your company’s reputation will increase
  • and more…

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