What is eSim? How does e-SIM work Supporting devices

What is eSim?, How does e-SIM work and on which devices will it support? –We all know that no phone can be used without SIM card and do you know that SIM means Subscriber Identity Module . It is a small chip, in the last years, the size of the sim card was reduced, we are using mini sim for many years.

After this the trend of micro and nano sim started which is going on till the present. But, apart from this, talking about the present, now eSIM has come in the market, which many people do not know about what it is and how it works.

Because, Apple has used this in its new phone XS and Max. Since then this question is arising in everyone’s mind that in which brand it will be supported, what will be the benefit, all these questions are going to be seen in this article, you just have to continue reading the article further.

What is e-sim?

eSim full form is Embedded sim card. This little thing that allows your phone to connect to your cellular provider’s network. When you buy a new phone, you put your SIM card in your slot or buy a new one.

But, this eSIM card is completely different. Because, as the name suggests from the “embedded” part, it is actually built into the mainboard of the phone.

It is rewritable as an NFC chip and will be compatible with all major carriers, regardless of the type of network they use.

E-sim is not required to be installed on the phone, all the services of physical sim can be accessed through e-sim, it is a type of chip which acts like a sim card.

The e-SIM is installed with the phone develop and you cannot remove it. Also, you cannot install it on all devices. SIM is activated by telecom companies. Its specialty is that after changing the operator, you do not need to change the SIM card. The biggest thing is that there will be no need for SIM card slot in the smartphone.

And people who travel will benefit the most. Permanent SIM cards do not allow access to your number when traveling to other countries. In this way you can embed eSIM roaming in your phone. With this you will not have to pay roaming charges, most importantly, eSIM entitles you to use it while traveling to another country.

How does e-sim work?

If you have a physical and an eSIM and are connected to two different networks, your iPhone will show both networks on the screen at the same time. You will be able to put a second SIM with this small chip, that is, you will be able to use two numbers.

If you want, you can also change the network of the e-SIM and you will not need to remove this SIM. If you have bought an iPhone with Airtel e-SIM and you want to continue with the e-SIM, you can do so.

Both do the same thing, but e-SIM is considered more efficient than a normal physical SIM. Apart from this, you will not need to run with another SIM, through e-SIM you can use different data packs of two companies. Can use calling plan and can also keep two numbers.

Which devices will support e-SIM?

Apple has turned to eSIM for the Apple Watch Series 3 and Watch Series 4 and Series 5, as well as the iPhone XS and XS Max and iPhone XR, as well as the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro and Pro.

And Google’s  Pixel 2 also supported eSIM, but it was originally only for use in the US for Google’s Google Fi. Not yet in India, hope it will definitely be launched by the end of the coming year.

This technology will and should be emerging in all the countries in future. Because the network operator can be switched very easily, they can also change easily by calling from the customer operator and the operator can be changed due to the rewriter features, as well as it is very good for the traveler. Because, there is no need to collect the Sim like a bundle.

Now I hope that what is E-SIM, how it works and in which devices it supports all these information. If you have any question regarding e-SIM in your mind, then definitely tell us through comment.

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