How do you get Stories on Google Discover?

Hello friends, if you also want to know How do you get stories on Google Discover? So today you have come to the right place.

Today, through this article, we will tell you how you can double, triple and ten times the organic traffic of your blog by bringing your web stories to google discover.

Yes! Nowadays by creating web stories, you can take a lot of organic traffic to your blog because nowadays Google itself is promoting Web Stories a lot.

From the below screen shot, you can see how much traffic has come from web stories in my Google Search Console within just 7 days, if you also want to bring organic traffic to your blog, then you have to create web stories and put it in Google Discover must bring .

If you do not know what is web stories and how to create web stories from your WordPress blog , then you read this article.

All the bloggers who are getting to know about web stories, they are making web stories from their blogs, all of them are getting organic traffic as well as their AdSense earning is also improving.

Because you can earn money from adsense by running adsense ads on web stories

Now it comes to How do you get stories on Google Discover? let’s know

How do you get stories on Google Discover?

To bring Web Stories to Google Discover, you have to create Web stories in the right way, these web stories not only allow the user to see in Google Discover but also in Google Search and Google Images .

If you create web stories in the right way, then Google will see your stories everywhere, due to which you will get organic traffic on a very large scale.

Google sees your stories only those people who can be your potential audience means that stories are seen on the Internet on the interest bases of the user, which you can also increase your online audience.

Let us know what to do to bring Google Discover Web Stories?

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Create Web Stories

To bring Web Stories to Google Discover, first of all you have to create web stories. See, web stories are also like a web page in which visual story format is made using Text, Image, Video, Audio and GIF. Is .

In web stories too, you do all the same things that you do to rank a web page and article such as :-

Title Tag

In Web Stories, you have to give the title, about which you have made a web story, write it in the same title. See, the title should be simple and attractive, there should not be any kind of clickbait in that.

Meta Data

In web stories also we write meta data as we write in article if you are a wordpress blogger and with the help of plugin you are creating web stories then in left side you have to go to web stories documentation there you will get meta data of web stories You will get the option to write there you can write meta description.


You also have to make permalink of web stories in the same way as you make your article SEO friendly permalink keeping in mind the short and focus keywords.

The structure of Web Story Permalink is like this


In web stories, you have to upload your logo, which will be the logo of your blog and website or you can use your own image as a logo.


To make Web Stories popular, you should use tags which are relevant to your Web Stories, you should use those tags.

Banner/ Poster Image

Just like we make thumbnail for our YouTube channel and featured image for blog post, similarly we have to create banner or poster image for web stories and upload it.


You put all the web stories you create in some specific category.


This question is very important that we should make web stories of how many pages, see? You have to create web stories of at least 5 pages and maximum 30 pages, but if I advise you, then it is one of the good practice to make web story between 10 to 15.

Check AMP Validity

When you make a web story, then definitely check that your web story is not AMP valid hai? Google sees the user of Web Stories in AMP version, it does not mean that you have to enter the code of AMP, you only have to check the AMP validity of Web Stories.

To know whether your web stories AMP is valid or not, you should use this website.

Google Web Stories AMP Validate
Google Web Stories AMP Validate

Use Mobile Friendly Theme

If you are a WordPress blogger and you want your blog to be successful, whatever web stories you are creating are very popular and you get full organic traffic from google, then you will get Mobile Responsive and many more in your blog. Only light weight theme should be used.


When web stories are indexed well in the search console, only then you will see them in Google Discover, then once you must check your robot.txt file whether or not the URL of your web stories is blocked in the robot.txt file through Google bot. If it is not in index tag then your web stories will not be indexed and will not come in discover.


Today we learned that How do you get stories on Google Discover? ? How to bring Web Stories to Google Discover? When you create google web stories for your blog, then within two to three days you will get the option of discover inside your search console.

You have to create very creative content and attractive web stories, so that the reach of your web stories reaches more and more people and your blog also gets a lot of organic traffic.


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