Top 10 Current Trends in Digital Marketing For 2024 – Boost Your Campaigns

In this modern age, people are always chasing the latest trends, be it trendy clothes, catchy phrases or viral videos. This desire for trend is prevalent not only among regular people but also among celebrities, businesses and their customers.

The world is in a constant state of flux, and the digital sphere is no exception. Nothing remains constant or permanent in this ever-evolving landscape, as new advances and innovations arise regularly.

As a result, the latest digital marketing trends, marketing strategies and marketing platforms are also subject to change with time. To stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing digital world, businesses must keep up with these trends and adapt accordingly.

In such a situation, if you are still following old Digital Marketing Trends for Business Marketing or using old Marketing Strategies, then you may lose your Clients and Customers.

Everyone has to change with the changing times. If we say in the language of the digital world, then with the changing digital marketing trends, marketing strategies also have to change.

Therefore, to cope up with these changing trends and make your business a little more trendy, we have enlisted the digital marketing trends of 2024.

At this point, let us know what the latest Digital Marketing Trends 2024 are and how to implement them in your business.

1. Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence

AI Is The Future!

It Is One Of The Current Trends In Digital Marketing.

Before talking further on this, first let us know in brief what is Artificial Intelligence?

To understand Artificial Intelligence in simple words, let’s start with its Literal Meaning.

Artificial means which is made, not natural and Intelligence means the ability to think, understand and take decisions or Capacity.

So basically AI is such a technology that gives a machine the ability to think like a human mind.

What will be the effect of AI on Manpower, it is a matter of debate, but AI is the future, now there is no scope for debate in it.

Google Search, Google Voice Assistant are all examples of AI and an example of this which is very much discussed nowadays is ChatGPT.

ChatGPT in itself is one of the latest Digital Marketing Trends in 2024. It is being seen as a revolution in the content industry.

It is believed that by 2025, 97 million people will work in the field of AI.

The AI ​​market is growing by 120% every year and 83% of companies claim that AI is a top priority in their business plans.

Read this blog to know more about AI

2. Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Automation means using technology to minimize human efforts.

Automation is not just one of the digital marketing trends but is trending in every industry.

But here we will talk about Marketing Automation.

Marketing automation is like a software that can perform repetitive tasks without any human intervention.

Many Tasks can be easily performed through Marketing Automation like Email Marketing, Social Media Postings, Personalized Offers And Updates Relating Information Etc.

Let’s understand it with an example. Every brand keeps posting posts related to Festival Greetings on its social media account.

In such a situation, Automation Permits them that they can schedule all the posts in advance by setting a particular date and particular time and will be posted automatically at the fixed time.

Automation has made Digital Marketing very easy and it will continue to make Digital Marketing Process very Easy and Effortless even further, hence it has been included in the Latest Digital Marketing Trends.

As far as the figures related to automation are concerned, it was predicted that by the end of 2022, Humans would do only 58% work and the remaining 42% work would be managed by Machines.

77% of marketers believe that using marketing automation has increased their conversions.

Whereas 51% of businesses are using Marketing Automation and more than half of B2B Enterprises want to implement technology in their business.

3. Chatbots

Top 10 Current Trends in Digital Marketing - Chatbot

If you have ever booked a ticket from IRCTC, then you must have seen Disha there, this is not a girl but IRCTC’s Chatbot who helps you while interacting with IRCTC.

There are many Chatbots like Disha which are available 24*7 and provide you a standard solution to your problems without the involvement of any Human Chat Agent.

Chatbots have greatly improved the Digital Presence and have also improved the User Experience, so it has been included in the Latest Digital Marketing Trends.

Chatbots are also called Conversational Agents and just like AI, Chatbots will now create a Boom in Customer Relations by reducing Human Intervention.

Some surprising statistics show that a Customer Care Representative; Handles an average of 17 interactions per day. On the other hand, if Chatbots are used, then 2.5 Billion Man Hours of a business can be saved.

About 74% of customers prefer to interact with Chatbots instead of Human Agents.

In 2024, it is expected that Chatbots will be able to deal with 90% of Financial and Healthcare Enquiries.

4. Shorts And Reels

You must have also noticed that people spend hours on YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels while this is the shortest form of content!

You will say that it is true, but why are you mentioning it in the articles describing digital marketing trends of 2024?

The answer to this is also very simple, now where there is traffic, marketing will also be done there, will it not?

If we talk about YouTube Shorts, till now its Maximum Length is 60 Seconds and about 72% YouTube Shorts are more than 15 Seconds.

Do you know how many views per day come on YouTube Shorts?

50 Billion, this figure was 30 Billion in 2022.

On the other hand, if we talk about Instagram Reels, then its maximum length is up to 90 Seconds.

According to data from Meta, Instagram Reels Advertisements can reach 675.3 Million people.

According to Hootsuite Analysis, On An Average 300 to 800 Likes come on Instagram Reels, only 100 to 200 Likes on the content uploaded on IGTV.

With the help of Instagram Reels’ Paid Program, which is now going to be discontinued by Meta, some Creators got $36k Bonus in a month for reaching 60 Million Views.

Apart from this, there are many such creators who have a good number of followers and decent views on their content. They have already earned between $500 to $10K in the first year.

Both of these are Digital Marketing Trends in themselves.

Influencers and Creators not only generate a lot of income from this, but Brands also use Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts to fulfill  their many Objectives like Product Recommendations, Product Usage, Brand Awareness and many other Objectives.

5. Social Media Marketing

It may not be necessary to tell how important and effective Social Media Marketing is, nor why it has been included in the list of Digital Marketing Trends!

Nowadays even children know about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Look at some surprising statistics, in January 2023 there were 467.0 Million Social Media Users in India only, then the world is very big.

But today we are not going to talk about Social Media but about Social Media Marketing.

In terms of marketing, Social Media Platforms have been divided into several categories such as Social Media Sites, Social Review Sites, Image Sharing Sites, Social Publishing Forums, Video Hosting Sites, Community Blogs, Discussion Sites Etc.

But this is in terms of Classification Brands and Digital Marketers. All these are just Social Media Apps for the common people.

At this time, social media is as important for marketers as Arjuna in the battle of Mahabharata!

Whether it is Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing or any other Marketing Tool or Strategy; Everyone’s Dependency is on Social Media, and hence it is considered to be one of the Most Important Digital Marketing Trends in 2024.

By the way, there is another term with Social Media which is very much discussed nowadays – Social Commerce.

Social Commerce means Social Media Sites like Facebook, Instagram Etc. Promoting and selling products using.

Social Commerce Professionals; Interactive Graphics, Posts Etc. Publish so that Customer Engagement Increases and Sales too.

An example of this is #Shareacoke Campaign. In this campaign, the name of the users was written on the Coke Bottles and they used to upload the photo of that bottle with the hashtag   #Shareacoke.

Last year only $ 315 Billion Social Commerce Sale took place in China only, seeing which the future of Social Commerce is very bright.

Social Commerce is a very big topic in itself, a complete article can be written on it separately, if you want us to write an article on this subject, then you will definitely tell by commenting.

If we talk about the trends of Social Media Marketing, then YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels are very popular and their reach is also very high.

Influencer Marketing, YouTube Live, Insta & Facebook Ads and Performance Marketing are also trending.

If you look at the figures, in 2023 the Projected Social Media Ad Spending will reach more than $268 Billion.

As far as Social Media Engagement is concerned, 130 Million Social Media Users engage with Shopping Posts every month.

Read this blog to know in detail about social media marketing. 

Many days will also be less to talk about Social Media Marketing. Now let’s pause it here and discuss the rest of the digital marketing trends of 2024.

6. Mobile Marketing

Why was Mobile Marketing included in Digital Marketing Trends 2024? You will get the answer to this question as soon as you answer a basic question.

Are you around your computer or laptop all day or near mobile phone?

It is obvious that Mobile has it!

Now every time you will be sitting near Computer and Laptop, in the same way your users will not access your Profiles, Content and Website every time through Laptop or Computer but through Mobile.

Knowing this basic thing, there are dozens of websites which are not mobile optimized.

Whenever users access them through mobile, they either do not load properly or crash, due to which the Bounce Back Rate also increases and the User Experience is also bad.

Mobile Optimization and Mobile Marketing both are very important, and the figures are showing the same.

According to a survey, mobile advertising spending will reach  about $413 billion by 2024.

Apart from this, in 2022, about 60% of the money spent in Digital Advertisement was spent on Mobile Marketing.

93% of people use their Smartphones to find Local Businesses.

Think With Google reported that 51% of customers use their mobiles to find or buy any new products or services.

Mobile marketing is an important part of digital marketing trends, without which it is very difficult to get desired results from your marketing spend.

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7. Content Marketing

In the digital world, if there is any currency, then it is content.

What to do, content is so important!

As you all know, Content Marketing is a technique in which Relevant Content is created and distributed to Defined or Target Audience.

There are many different forms of content like Blogs, Articles, Short Paragraph, Ad Copy, Video Script, etc.

It is said Its The Content That Speaks For You! Your content only tells about you.

You provide value to the audience only through content.

As soon as the audience starts getting value, they will trust you and then on the basis of that trust they will engage in monetary transactions with you.

Many of you must have seen Shark Tank India and must have noticed that the focus of Sharks is always on Branding and Content.

A large part of branding is also related to content.

It is a simple funda, the better the content, the more engagement and the better sales.

When we have talked so much, let us also see some figures related to it.

29% of B2B Marketers believe that because of Content Marketing, their organizations are running very successfully today.

While 47% of marketers believe that they will hire content producers in 2024.

The same 71% of B2B marketers believe that content marketing is an important marketing strategy for their organization since last year.

Now it’s up to you to decide whether you should be a part of the marketing trends of 2024 or not.

Read this blog to know in detail about Content Marketing. 

8. Influencer Marketing

How can this happen if there is talk of digital marketing trends of 2024 and there is no talk of Influencer Marketing?

Do you remember Actress and Entrepreneur Parul Gulati from Shark Tank India?

Yes, the one who is the founder of Nish Hair.

She used Influencer Marketing in the best way and if we talk about her Projected Net Profit for this year, then she will earn 5 Crore this year.

If we talk about the Net Profit of 2022 of Nish Hair, then this brand has earned 30% Net Profit in FY 2022.

On the other hand, if we look at the Marketing Spend of Nish Hair, then Parul spends only 1.83 Lakhs Per Month on its Marketing, while many Businesses spend 10 to 40% of their Earnings on Marketing, yet they are not able to sell crores.

Parul As An Influencer promotes his product himself and earns money from Acting and Influencing apart from his business. He has 1.4 Million followers  on Instagram.

Hopefully, with this example, you must have understood why Influencer Marketing got a place in Current Trends In Digital Marketing!

Influencer Marketing is considered a great tool for creating Brand Awareness and Product Promotions; At least the figures say so.

According to statistics published in HubSpot, 50% of Millennials trust the product recommendations of Influencers, while on the other hand this figure is 38% among Celebrities.

Apart from this, 38% of Marketers say that they use Influencer Marketing to increase sales and in 2022, 39% of Marketers spent their 10 to 20% Marketing Budget on Influencer Marketing.

Seeing this growing trend of Influencer Marketing, it has got a place in Top Digital Marketing Trends.

9. Omnichannel Marketing

Top 10 trending in digital marketing - Omnichannel Marketing

Let us know why Omni Channel Marketing has been kept in the list of Current Trends in Digital Marketing.

Through Omni Channel Marketing Strategy, you give options to your customer that he can communicate with you through different marketing channels and purchase or acquire your products and services from different marketplaces and websites.

It is not necessary that these Multiple Channels are Completely Brand Owned or your Brand or Business has ownership over them, it is important that your Product or Services are listed on those Channels and your Consumers can purchase them from there.

Let’s understand it with an example, by this you will understand Omni Channel Marketing as well as why we have kept it in Digital Marketing Trends.

Bata is a very old and well known Shoe Brand. If we talk about Bata’s Omni Channel Presence, then Bata has its own offline stores, Bata stores are also there in big malls, apart from this, online shopping sites like Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon also have Bata’s products and Bata’s own There is also a website where its products are sold.

This means that Bata’s products can be bought from so many places and information can be collected about their products and feedback can also be given on their products.

Due to this, the customer gets Multiple Buying Options, his Ease of Buying increases and Brand Trust Increases due to Omnipresence i.e. Availability on Multiple Channels.

On the other hand, through Omni Channel Marketing, Brands are able to Cater a Larger Audience, that means they can reach their goods to more people.

A recent survey states that Businesses that have a Strong Omni Channel Customer Engagement have 9.5% more Annual Revenue in comparison to the rest of the Businesses.

Apart from this, it has also been told in this survey that about 42% of the Executives spend half of their Marketing Budget in Omni Channel Initiatives.

Apart from this, if we talk about the Global Omni Channel Retail Commerce Market, then by 2024 it can increase to  $ 11.01 Billion.

In the coming times, AI and Robotics will also be an important part of Omni Channel Marketing, which itself is a part of Digital Marketing Trends In 2024.

10. Voice SEO

Voice Search in SEO

In earlier articles, we also talked about Voice Search and due to its increasing popularity, it was also included in Digital Marketing Current Trends.

But if we talk about the digital marketing trends of 2024, then here we will talk about Voice SEO, not Voice Search.

You must be aware that we got Voice Search around 2014 with our Smartphones. Since then it became quite popular and with time Smart Speakers also came into vogue.

According to an article published in, there has been a 78% increase in Voice Searching on Google in 2022 as compared to 2021.

Now Voice Search is being used on such a large scale and it has become so popular that it has become necessary for marketers to generate Voice Search Optimized Content and the process by which this is done is called Voice SEO.

Through Voice SEO, Keywords and Keyword Phrases are optimized according to Voice Search in Content so that whenever someone searches your Business or Related Keyword through Voice Assistant, your Content is easily Visible to him.

Content is optimized through Voice SEO so that Voice Assistant can easily find it whenever Relevant Keywords are searched on Through Search Engine of Voice Search.

By now you must have understood that Voice SEO has been included in the list of Digital Marketing Trends In 2024 in view of the increasing popularity of Voice Search.

Google itself has stated that the use of Voice Search in India is twice the Global Average Voice Searching.

However, Voice SEO is still a new concept and it will be interesting to see how and in what time this marketing tool makes a strong place in the digital marketing world.


In this article we talked about Top Digital Marketing Trends and know what has changed in Digital Marketing World!

Many big advances have been seen in the digital world in 2024, be it AI, use of Chatbots or automation; All these have changed the structure of Digital Marketing a lot and hence we mentioned them in the article of Digital Marketing Trends 2024.

With the advent of Technologies like AI and Chatbots, there will be a direct impact on the people working in the world of Digital Marketing and this market will become more competitive.

Only he will be able to Sustain in this who will understand the nuances of Digital Marketing along with following the Current Trends in Digital Marketing.

Even after having thousands of marketers in the world, why are there only a few people who make substantial earnings and the rest do not! This is because very few Digital Marketing Practitioners are implementing the Trending Techniques & Strategies related to Digital Marketing at the right time.

They know very well what are the Current Digital Marketing Trends and how to use them.

Knowing, Understanding and Implementing Current Digital Marketing Trends, these are 3 different Subjects.

With the right implementation of these trends, you will be able to be successful in this digital world.

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