What is Pillar Content or Post – Its Value for SEO

What is Pillar Content or Post – Its Value for SEO: Hello friends, today when I came to my blog, I thought it is necessary to tell you about the pillar content because I have also known it for a long time, so let’s start what is pillar post or content and how important it is for SEO.

While doing SEO, you must have heard about the pillar page. Pillar page name can be understood why it will be important for SEO.

Pillar Pages does the same thing. This is the foundation that supports the rest of your content marketing.

What is a pillar Content page?

Pillar page is such a page that the content which is written on it is long. In it all aspects of the subject are written. Not all aspects are explained in detail, only the meaning is told in few words.

The link is given through the pillar page of the post which is different aspects of the subject.

This gives the viewer detailed information about that topic. When the viewer feels that on some aspect of this topic, by going through the link for more information, he will read and understand that aspect in detail.

How to make pillar content in your blog?

For this you need to do a little research. You should first check in your blog that how many posts you have made in any one topic. If you have made 5 or more posts in this topic, then you should include all of them in one post. To include all the posts in a single topic, instead of giving you direct links, by giving knowledge of that topic in detail, wherever the topic of the post comes, you can divert the traffic in the post by giving the post link here.


If you want to create pillar content about yoga and you have 7 like posts available about yoga. Now you make a post in which information has been given in the context of Yoga. Now whenever there is talk about your post, then you can divert traffic by giving the link of that post there. And in this way pillar post can be made.

Choose the best Niche –

When you understand the interest of your user correctly to do best research on the internet, then you should select Best Nich for the site. About which people want to know more.

This article help you to choose best niche

Write the best content –

It is very important to have quality in a quality content. We have to write such quality content whose direct effect falls directly on the visitor.

Content should be written in such a way that the given steps should be followed immediately.

  • We should take care of the headline while writing the post.
  • The structure of the blog post should also be good.
  • We should prepare the post only by doing Keyword Research.
  • The post should be updated from time to time.

Do More Internal Linking

When you write the best content, after that you should connect all your posts to each other through internal linking and by internal linking in all related posts, backlink to the main post which is your pillar post.

You should do more internal linking so that visitors can spend more time on your website and the bounce rate also decreases.

By doing internal linking, you can divert traffic to your other posts, doing so increases the chances of ranking on the search engine. Let me now tell you the next step.

Update from time to time

Now you know that what is Pillar Post? And when you prepare Pillar Post and do internal linking in it, it does not mean that your work is completed on that post.

When your post is ready, then you should keep checking all your posts from time to time whether there is any deficiency in your post, there is no broken link, if there is any such deficiency, then fix and update all of them. You can So that your visitors can get the right information.

Why are pillar pages effective for SEO?

The pillar becomes a group of the page’s content and the posts that link to it. Search engines like well organized content.

For this reason, while ranking the post, he feels that all the information is well present, then he promotes it at the time of ranking.

You have many different posts on that topic and they are not interlinked properly. There efforts have to be made to rank each post separately. The search engine understands that every post is different, so they should be ranked accordingly.

Rather, the pillar page structure allows the search engine to consolidate all the posts into one page, so that content becomes more powerful to rank.

Why do we need to write how many posts in the pillar page?

It depends on the topic on your pillar page. It is good if you make 10 posts. So many posts are usually enough.

One purpose of the search engine is that how the viewer can get the answer of the keyword he has searched very easily.

Benefits of Pillar Content

There are many benefits of pillar content which we have mentioned below.

Because of this, the visitor’s visit time to your post increases.

Pillar Content is a long post in which the link of the internal post can be kept in large numbers, which can also divert traffic to other posts.

The chances of getting backlink increase.

The reason for having a good and big post is that all the information is available and due to the likes of the user, the number of shares is also available.

It can always give you traffic like an evergreen post.

Due to more words, more number of shares and backlinks, one can get a good rank in Google.

When you do Keyword Research in Google Trends Tool, you also get the option to compare there. From there you can compare the keywords among themselves, which helps you to choose a better Niche.

I hope you enjoy this article. Have realized the importance of pillar content in getting traffic and backlinks to your site. If you like this article “What is Pillar Content or Post – Its Value for SEO”, then you can share it with other people. If you have any question then you can comment, we will definitely answer you.

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