Unveiling Verizon’s $100 Million Settlement: Your Guide to Claiming Your Share

Verizon patrons slapped with administrative fees now have an opportunity to grab a piece of the pie from a substantial $100 million settlement. While payouts are expected to be modest, they could reach up to $100. Discover the ins and outs of this settlement and how you can stake your claim.

Unlocking the Verizon Settlement: What You Need to Know

Verizon subscribers, who found themselves burdened by administrative fees, may qualify to be part of a $100 million settlement. This resolution stems from a class-action lawsuit that Verizon agreed to settle, addressing allegations of unfair administrative fees that were not adequately disclosed to customers. A dedicated claims website has been established by the settlement administrator to facilitate the process.

The legal battle unfolded in the Superior Court of New Jersey, with the court approving the settlement on December 15. Plaintiffs, represented by court-appointed lawyers, took action against Verizon’s allegedly deceptive administrative fee practices. Notifications regarding eligibility and the claims process have been dispatched via email and postcards to affected customers.

Stephen DeNittis, the attorney representing the plaintiffs, highlighted that this $100 million settlement ranks among the largest ever secured against a company for imposing administrative fees.

Unraveling the Allegations: What Prompted the Lawsuit?

The genesis of this legal saga traces back to a 2021 lawsuit filed in California, merging four distinct cases. The consolidated complaint, filed on November 10, accused Verizon of misleading customers by prominently advertising specific monthly rates for postpaid wireless service plans.

However, the crux of the matter surfaced when customers, having subscribed to Verizon’s services, discovered the actual monthly rates exceeded the advertised and promised figures. This discrepancy, the lawsuit argued, was a result of Verizon tacking on an ‘Administrative Charge’ to customers’ bills.

Verizon, in response, has vehemently denied these allegations.

Rich Young, a Verizon spokesperson, defended the company, asserting that it clearly identifies and describes its wireless consumer admin charge throughout the sales transaction, marketing, contracts, and billing. As part of the settlement agreement, Verizon has made modifications to how the charge is described.

President Biden has also weighed in on the issue, urging Congress to enact laws prohibiting “surprise fees” levied by companies, spanning industries such as hotels and service providers.

Navigating the Claim Process: How to Secure Your Compensation

Eligibility Criteria

If you are a U.S. customer with postpaid wireless phone or data plans—services billed on a monthly cycle—you may be eligible for a slice of the settlement. This pertains to customers charged administrative fees between January 1, 2016, and November 8, 2023.

Potential Payouts

Affected customers could potentially receive up to $100, contingent on factors like the duration of their Verizon service usage and the number of claimants. The actual payout may vary, and the claim form provides detailed insights.

Filing Your Claim

To stake your claim, complete and sign the two-page claim form. Indicate your preferred payment method—check, bank transfer, or digital payment service. Act swiftly as the deadline to submit a claim is April 15, 2024.

Additionally, customers have the option to opt out of the settlement class. Opting out retains your right to pursue a separate lawsuit against Verizon for the matters outlined in the New Jersey class-action suit.

In conclusion, if you’ve been on the receiving end of Verizon’s administrative fees, this settlement offers an avenue to recoup a portion of your hard-earned money. Act promptly to secure your share and be part of this landmark resolution.

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