Navigating UPC Insurance Claims 2024: Your Guide to Policies, Services & More

If you are in search of an insurance provider offering extensive coverage and unparalleled customer service, UPC Insurance emerges as a standout choice. As a prominent property and casualty insurance company catering to homeowners, renters, and commercial property owners, UPC Insurance has earned its reputation through a commitment to customer satisfaction. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into crucial aspects of UPC Insurance to empower you in making an informed decision regarding your insurance requirements.

Unveiling UPC Insurance: A Brief Overview

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, UPC Insurance, also known as United Property & Casualty Insurance Company, has positioned itself as a reliable option with a diverse range of insurance solutions. Let’s explore ten essential facets that make UPC Insurance a notable choice:

  • 1. Diverse Coverage Options
  • 2. Attractive Multiple Policy Discounts
  • 3. Flexible Deductible Choices
  • 4. Outstanding Claim Services
  • 5. Competitive Affordability
  • 6. Robust Financial Stability
  • 7. Intuitive User-Friendly Online Tools
  • 8. Superior Customer Service
  • 9. Active Community Involvement
  • 10. Commitment to Transparent and Ethical Practices

While UPC Insurance might have been a preferred choice for homeowners in certain high-risk areas, particularly for those who valued in-person agent interactions, it’s crucial to note that the company is no longer issuing new policies due to its declared insolvency.

Navigating UPC Insurance Company Details

Let’s delve into specific details about UPC Insurance:

  • Parent Organization: American Coastal Insurance Ltd
  • Headquarters: St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
  • Revenue: $723.9 million USD (2018)
  • Traded as: Nasdaq: UIHC
  • Founded: 1999, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Unfortunately, UPC Home Insurance policies are no longer available. The company’s insolvency, declared on February 16, 2023, by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR), led to the transfer of some policies to the state and others to Slide Insurance. Louisiana UPC policyholders found their policies transferred to Louisiana Citizens.

Understanding UPC Home Insurance Information

For those who held UPC policies, especially in high-risk coastal areas where insurance options were limited, it’s essential to be vigilant about communications from the company regarding policy management. Your policy might be transferred to another provider, or you may need to seek new coverage.

While UPC Insurance Policies were relatively basic, offering coverage for homes in challenging areas, optional coverage types such as service line coverage and home systems protection could be added to enhance your policy.

Pros and Cons of UPC Home Inc


  • Provided home insurance in some risk-prone states
  • Products distributed through local independent agents
  • Offered select optional coverage types


  • The company is insolvent, leading to the discontinuation of policies
  • Limited state availability
  • Above-average NAIC Complaint Index

Filing a Claim with UPC Insurance

For those who were UPC customers and need to file a claim, there are two avenues:

  1. Online Claim Form: Fill out the claim form on the official website.
  2. Phone: Call 1-888-256-3378 to initiate the claims process.

If your UPC policy was transferred to Slide, the following options are available:

  • Phone: Call 1-866-230-3758
  • Online Claim Form: Fill out the form on Slide’s official website.

Slide Insurance provides a convenient online claims center, and you can even seek assistance from a pre-approved contractor by calling 1-833-854-3440.


  1. What coverage options did UPC Insurance offer?
    • UPC Insurance provided diverse coverage options, including home, renters, and commercial property insurance.
  2. Is UPC Insurance still issuing new policies?
    • No, UPC Insurance has been declared insolvent, and new policies are no longer available.
  3. How can I file a claim with UPC Insurance?
    • You can file a claim through the online form on their website or by calling 1-888-256-3378.
  4. If my UPC policy was transferred, how do I file a claim with Slide Insurance?
    • File a claim with Slide by calling 1-866-230-3758 or filling out the online form on Slide’s official website.

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