Top 11 Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Top 11 Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers: Blogging is not an easy task and no shortcut to succeed in it. If work is done continuously in the right manner, then any success can be achieved in this.

Those bloggers who use Google Chrome browser in their computer, I myself use Google Chrome, so I do because I find it easy and works very fast.

If you also use Google Chrome, then this Google Chrome extension will make your blogging work easier. By installing these extensions in the browser, you will be able to do many of your blogging tasks easily, such as checking the ranking of a site, using Adsense, you can see your income or you can check the backlink of a site.

Whenever you want to add a link to your site on any other website, you want to check its domain authority and ranking, you will be able to do all these things easily with the Google Chrome extension mentioned here.

There are many useful extensions available in Google Chrome browser which make daily work of blogger more easy.

Top 11 Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Keywords everywhere

The Keywords Everywhere extension is a free SEO keyword research tool that you can install in your browser and do keyword research that shows you the search volume and cost per click of the term.


Using Grammarly Extension lets you know if you want to write a document, post or any content that you create and can remove the mistake(s) from it.

Evernote Web Clipper

You can clip the webpage you want to keep for the note using the extension. You can save any webpage you want in Evernote using this extension and open it and read it anytime.

SEO for Chrome

This extension is made by Voorank. With the help of the extension, you can get the deep SEO report of any website, so that you get complete information related to SEO.

Majestic Backlink Analyzer

You can get information about backlinks of any website by using extension. This is a free SEO extension that I want to count the backlinks of any website.


SEOQuake is a free extension that gives you information on SEO metrics and audits. You can get this a complete SEO audit of a webpage.

Shareaholic for Google Chrome

This is a Bahrain Google Chrome extension using which you can share a blog article on all your social services accounts. You can also customize it, that is, on which social sites you have to share the link together and on which you do not.

Link Miner

Can you check the broken link of a website by using the extension. You can export all the links given on a page, as well as find out how many external link sources have been given on any one webpage.

Awesome creenshot

This is a great extension that is designed to take screenshots and add annotations to use. With its help, you can easily take a screenshot of any webpage.

Google Publisher Toolbar

If you use Adsense for monetization from your blog, then this extension is very useful for you. You can check your daily earnings with this extension as well as know which sites are earning how much. The jury has been able to get all the basic information from Adsense Earning.

Search by Image

By using this extension, you can do any search on the internet from the medium of the image. Often when you have to search, you search by liking the text, but the extension me feature was given, so that you can upload the image and search for its bare me information.

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My Last Word:

Here, I shared the best and top 11 Google Chrome extensions for bloggers, which will make your work very easy and save a lot of time. If you liked this information, then do share it.

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