Lokesh Kanagaraj Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Height

Lokesh Kanagaraj Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Height

Name: Lokesh Kanagaraj
Age: 38 Years Old
Birth Date: March 14, 1986
Birth Place: Kinathukadavu, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
Material status: Married
Wife: Aishwarya Lokesh
Nationality: Indian
Father: Aishwarya Lokesh
Mother: Sunitha Parameswaran
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5 Feet 9 Inches
Weight: 75 kg
Net Worth: INR 10 Crore

Who is Lokesh Kanagaraj?

Lokesh Kanagaraj is a renowned Indian film director, screenwriter, and producer, specializing in Tamil cinema. He gained recognition for his directorial debut in 2017 with the film “Maangaram” and further solidified his reputation with successful films like “Kaithi” and “Master.” Known for his captivating storytelling and action-packed scripts, Lokesh has garnered numerous awards and accolades for his contributions to the Kollywood industry.

Early Life and Education:

Born on March 14, 1986, in Kinathukadavu, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, Lokesh pursued his education in fashion technology before earning an MBA from PSG College of Arts and Sciences. His passion for filmmaking led him to participate in a corporate short film competition, where he impressed judge Karthik Subbaraj, who encouraged him to pursue a career in directing.


Lokesh’s career began with the short film “Acham Thavir,” which earned him several awards. He made his directorial debut with the anthology film “Aviyal” in 2016, showcasing his talent with the segment titled “Kalam.” Subsequently, Lokesh directed his first feature film, “Maangaram,” followed by successful ventures like “Kaithi,” “Master,” and “Vikram.” His contributions to Tamil cinema have propelled him to fame, with his upcoming projects generating significant anticipation among audiences and critics alike.

Personal Life:

Lokesh Kanagaraj is married to Aishwarya Lokesh, and the couple has two children, a son named Aarudhra Lokesh and a daughter named Adhvika Lokesh. He shares a strong bond with his family and finds joy in spending time with them alongside his busy career in the film industry.

Net Worth:

With a successful career in filmmaking, Lokesh Kanagaraj has accumulated a net worth of approximately INR 10 Crore. His box office successes and contributions to Tamil cinema have significantly contributed to his financial success and stature in the industry.

Social Media Presence:

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Some Important Facts:

  • The screenplay for the Bollywood film “Bholla,” starring Ajay Devgan and Tabu, was adapted from Lokesh’s Tamil film “Kaithi.”
  • Lokesh directed the short film “Customer Delight” in 2014, which received the Best Shortfilm award at the All India Corporate Film Competition.
  • Following the success of the film “Vikram,” Kamal Haasan gifted Lokesh a Lexus ES 300h luxury automobile.
  • Lokesh rose to prominence in 2022 after directing the action thriller film “Vikram,” which was commercially successful.
  • Lokesh developed a film series called Lokesh Cinematic Universe (LCU), blending Tamil action thriller flicks directed by him, with the name “LCU” suggested by fans.

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