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Barry Manilow, the iconic singer, has captivated audiences with his music for over five decades. Beyond the spotlight, the tale of his marriage to Garry Kief is a heartwarming journey that remained concealed for years. Unraveling in the shadows of fame, their love story came to light in a surprising union. This article delves into the intricacies of Barry Manilow’s married life, exploring the depths of his relationship, the unexpected wedding, and the resounding acceptance they found among fans.

Love’s Genesis: Meeting and Falling in Love (1978)

In the backdrop of 1978, Barry and Garry’s story began. Introduced to each other, Manilow confessed to an instant connection, proclaiming, “I knew that this was it.” Their relationship evolved organically, shielded from the pressures of fame as Kief initially remained unaware of Manilow’s musical stardom.

The Quiet Union: Tying the Knot (April 2014)

In a surprising turn of events, Manilow and Kief exchanged vows at their Palm Springs residence in April 2014. Breaking the news a year later, the couple opted for an intimate celebration, catching fans off guard. Reflecting on the emotional ceremony, Manilow later shared, “It was deeper than we thought it was going to be.”

Manager and Life Partner

Garry Kief not only bears the title of Barry Manilow’s husband but also serves as his long-time manager. This professional alliance, formed in 1978, is lauded by Suzanne Somers, emphasizing the success rooted in comfort and trust.

Celebrity Clients and Professional Success

Kief, as President and CEO of Stiletto Entertainment, manages a diverse portfolio, including high-profile clients like jazz singer Matt Dusk and actress Lorna Luft. Additionally, his role as the trustee of the Judy Garland Heirs Trust adds another layer to his professional accomplishments.

Fan Acceptance and Support (2017)

Manilow’s public acknowledgment of his gay identity in 2017 was met with overwhelming fan support. Initially apprehensive, he found the reaction “beautiful,” with fans celebrating his relationship with Kief. The positive response became a source of gratitude, with Manilow expressing, “These people, these strangers — they care for me.”

Home in Palm Springs

Choosing Palm Springs, California, as their haven, the couple found solace away from the demands of Manilow’s musical career. Their 53-acre property became the backdrop for their wedding and a sanctuary for their private life.

Family Life

Kief’s daughter, Kirsten, became an integral part of their lives at just a year old. As they approach 40 years together, the couple now celebrates the joy of being grandparents as Kirsten welcomes her first child through adoption.


Barry Manilow and Garry Kief’s love story is a testament to enduring love, privacy, and the triumph of acceptance. From a discreet meeting in 1978 to a surprising wedding in 2014, their journey mirrors the beauty of love that defies societal expectations. As Manilow sings on stage and Kief manages behind the scenes, their story inspires others to embrace their true selves and celebrate a love that knows no boundaries.

Barry Manilow’s Parenthood

Yes, Barry Manilow proudly identifies as a father. His daughter, Kirsten, born from his marriage to Garry Kief, holds a special place in their family. Barry expresses joy in both fatherhood and, more recently, grandfatherhood.

Unveiling Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow stands as an incredible talent in the entertainment industry. An American singer-songwriter, arranger, musician, producer, and actor, his prolific career spans over 50 years. A veteran in Hollywood, Manilow is renowned for his remarkable contributions to music and the arts.

The Man Behind the Husband

Yes, Barry Manilow has been happily married to his husband, Garry Kief, for 45 years. Their enduring relationship, marked by a private ceremony, continues to inspire as they navigate life’s journey together.

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