Cody Rigsby’s Love Life: Unveiling His Relationship, Partner, and Dating History

Cody Rigsby’s Relationship with Andrés Alfaro: A Love Unveiled

In the realm of fitness, Cody Rigsby isn’t just a Peloton icon; he’s also a Dancing With the Stars sensation. Beyond the workout routines and dazzling dance floors, Cody’s life unfolds with a captivating love story, a remarkable professional journey, and an unexpected twist fueled by the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cody and Andrés: A Love Story Behind Closed Doors

In 2018, Cody Rigsby discovered more than fitness success; he found love with Andrés Alfaro. The couple kept their relationship private for the first two years. However, a 2020 Vogue profile and an increase in shared Instagram photos thrust their love story into the spotlight. Andrés, an instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp, became the not-so-secret other half of the Peloton sensation.

Andrés Alfaro: More Than a Fitness Enthusiast

Andrés Alfaro, a Barry’s Bootcamp instructor, transcends the fitness world. Describing himself as someone who “can’t live without my Nespresso,” Andrés shares glimpses of his personality, including guilty pleasures like sleeping in and indulging in cream cheese bagels. Friends characterize him as “commanding, opinionated, and playfully sassy,” adding a layer of personality to the duo’s public narrative.

Cody and Andrés on Instagram: A Visual Love Story

Since going public with their relationship, Cody and Andrés share their love story through sweet moments captured on Instagram. While their captions may be brief, the pictures speak volumes, offering a glimpse into the joy they find in each other’s company.

Cody’s Fitness Fame: A Unique Journey

Cody Rigsby’s path to fame wasn’t conventional. Introduced to Peloton by a friend who raved about the lucrative $150 per class payment, Cody decided to bring a different energy to the workout scene. Dissatisfied with the seriousness of other instructors, he developed a unique and lively style that resonated with Peloton users. With over 900,000 Instagram followers, Cody has become one of Peloton’s main faces, surpassing even some of the brand’s other prominent instructors.

Dancing With the Stars: Cody’s Extravaganza

Cody’s Peloton fame transcended the exercise bike onto the glittering dance floor of Dancing With the Stars. Paired with Cheryl Burke, Cody became a fan favorite in the latest season. Despite being considered contenders for victory, a sudden obstacle threatened to derail their journey.

Cody and Cheryl’s Positive Tests: Overcoming Adversity

On September 26, 2021, Cheryl Burke shared on Instagram that she had tested positive for COVID-19, leading to a 10-day quarantine. Just days later, on October 1, 2021, Cody also announced his positive test, marking his second bout with the virus that year. Despite the challenges, Cody expressed gratitude for the vaccine and antibodies, highlighting his minor symptoms.

Cody and Cheryl’s Remote Journey: Dancing from Home

Undeterred by positive tests, Cody and Cheryl decided to continue their Dancing With the Stars journey remotely. In a virtual appearance on Good Morning America, they revealed their commitment to dancing from the comfort of their own homes. Cheryl humorously mentioned turning her living room into a ballroom, emphasizing their determination to persevere through challenging circumstances.

Cody’s Enthusiasm and Cheryl’s Hopes: Perseverance Amid Challenges

Despite the hurdles, Cody maintained his excitement for the competition, especially for the Britney Spears-themed week. Cheryl expressed pride in Cody’s hard work and hoped for a swift return to the ballroom. The duo’s perseverance reflects not only their dedication to the competition but also their ability to find joy in the face of adversity.

Cody Rigsby’s Love Saga: A Conclusion

Cody Rigsby’s journey from Peloton instructor to Dancing With the Stars contestant is a testament to his vibrant personality and unwavering determination. His love story with Andrés Alfaro adds a personal touch to the narrative, showcasing the human side of a fitness icon. Despite the unexpected challenges posed by COVID-19, Cody and Cheryl’s decision to dance remotely symbolizes resilience and the ability to find light in challenging times. As Cody continues to inspire through fitness and dance, his story reminds us that even in the face of adversity, the show—and the dance—must go on.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Cody Rigsby dating?

Cody Rigsby has been in a relationship with Andrés Alfaro since 2018. The couple decided to keep their relationship private, choosing not to share much about it with the public.

Why did Cody Rigsby apologize?

Cody Rigsby publicly and privately apologized for making negative comments about another fitness entrepreneur, Kristina Girod. She gained popularity on TikTok for her energetic and well-choreographed rides. Girod expressed disappointment in Cody for speaking negatively about a locally-owned, black-owned, women-owned business.

What happened to Cody Rigsby?

Cody Rigsby experienced a whirlwind of events since the pandemic started. Feeling the need to take a break and prioritize his mental health, he paused during the past summer. During this time, he focused on recalibrating through activities like meditation, therapy, and conversations with friends and colleagues.

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