What is Google Link Spam Update 2023 – How to Optimize Blog for this?

What is Google Link Spam Update, Google Algorithm Link Spam Update : If you are a blogger, then you must have heard about the recently launched Algorithm Link Spam Update by Google, but if you are not aware about it at all or have some doubts about this update then this After reading the post, you will get answers to all the questions related to it.

Because in today’s post you will know what is this Google Link Spam Update 2022? And how do you have to optimize your website or blog for this update?

By the way, Google keeps on making a lot of changes in its Search Algorithm from time to time to improve the User Experience, some of which are quite major updates. Link Span Update is one such update. Most of the new bloggers are worried about this update, how to deal with this Google’s Link Span Update? So do not take tension, in this post you are going to get A to Z Solution.

Keeping in mind the Relationship Attributes of External Linking (Backlinks), on 26/July/2021, Google has launched this Core Update named Link Spam Update which will be completely rolled out after the coming 2 weeks.

If we talk about the main purpose of Google behind this update, then they are mainly made to control External Linking like Spamy, Malicious, Affiliate Links and Guest Post in a better way.

If you accept Guest Post for your site, apply Affiliate Links to Earn Online Earning from Affiliate Marketing then you should take this update seriously. Due to the arrival of this update, you will need to make some important changes inside your site, which we will know in this post today.

What are Google’s Link Spam Updates?

As I just mentioned above, Google has made this Link Spam Update to keep an eye on External Links, especially on those sites which use Guest Post Articles and Affiliate Links.

Through this update, Google wants to keep an eye on the quality of external links linked to sites and the link attributes given in them. As you must know, to earn online from blogging, we can monetize the blog in many ways, out of which Affiliate Marketing and Guest Posting are very popular Monetization Ways.

And for Affiliate Links, we currently give No-Follow Attributes Link and Do-Follow Attributes Link for Guest Posting, but due to the roll out of this Broad Core Update, now you will have to apply these Attributes as per Google’s rules.

Because Google wants all the external linking you are adding to your site, you should define the link relationship of all of them in such a way that Google is linking to your site and the site to which you are linking to your site. What exactly are relations?

With the help of this Link Span Update, Google’s Crawlers will be able to understand the External Linking (such as Affiliate Links. Spam Links and Guest Post Linking) done on any site better than before.

If we talk about now, then now you must have linked Affiliate Links on your site like this:

<a href =”https://yoursite.com”>Anchor Text</a> otherwise
<a href =”https://yoursite.com”rel=”nofollow”>Anchor Text</a>

But because of this update, now you have to make some changes in these links according to the guidelines of Google such as

<a href =”https://yoursite.com”rel=”>Affiliate Link URL</a>
<a href=”https://yoursite.com”rel=”nofollow”>Guest Post URL</a>
<a href =”https://yoursite.com”rel=”sponsored”>sponsored URL</a>

How Will Link Spam Update Affect Your Site?

See, if you keep your site optimized according to Google’s guidelines and all the updates, then you will never have any problem from Google. In the same way, this is also Link Spam Update.

According to this, you just have to optimize all your Affiliate Links, Guest Post Links and Any Other External Links according to this update. If you do this then there is no need to worry about this update.

But if you do not optimize your content according to this update, then you may see a slight downfall in your ranking and your site may also get a penalty from Google. That’s why you need to pay attention to it in time.

How to Optimize Site for Google Link Spam Update?

As I mentioned earlier, this Update Specially Affiliate Links has been made keeping in mind the DO-Follow Backlinks given for Guest Post, so you have to work only in these two areas at most. Let us understand step by step about these two one by one.

If you use WordPress for blogging, then you must have noticed that just a few days ago there was an update of WordPress, which you must have updated. In which WordPress has added a very easy option for this Google Link Spam Update.

While writing a post in WordPress, you can give Link Attributes (Sponsored) in your content according to Link Spam Update in Affiliate Links, Guest Posting Links and Any Other Links. Let’s understand how?

According to the screenshot given below, when you put an affiliate link while writing a blog post, you now get 3 options there in WordPress. So for Affiliate Links you have to turn on the option with Set to sponsored.

And if you want to give backlink to that site for a guest post, which we used to give dofollow link earlier, now for that you have to turn on the option with set to nofollow here. As you can see in the image below.

So now if this whole thing is to be explained in very simple words, then they are that backlinks sponsored for Affiliate Links and backlinks for Guest Posts have to be linked with the nofollow attribute.

Note: Here it is also necessary to highlight this condition that if you publish a Paid Guest Post on your blog, then in that case you will have to give a Sponsored Tag for it and No-Follow Tag will have to be applied for Free Guest Post.

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Friends, with the help of this post, you learned about Google’s New Link Spam Update, what is Google Link Spam Update? And how do you have to optimize your blog for this update?

I hope today’s information has been helpful to you! And you will be able to prepare your blog for this Google New Algorithm Link Spam Update. If you have any confusion then you can convey your point to us through comment.

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