15 Top AI Headshot Generators for Creating Professional Headshots

In the digital landscape of today, cultivating a polished and professional online presence is paramount, especially on platforms like LinkedIn. A well-executed headshot not only leaves a lasting impression on potential recruiters but also bolsters your online visibility, unlocking a multitude of opportunities.

Nevertheless, procuring a professional photoshoot solely for headshots can often be both pricey and time-intensive. Thanks to AI-powered headshot generators, individuals can now craft stunning headshots from the comfort of their own homes using a simple laptop.

In this comprehensive article, we will showcase the crème de la crème of AI headshot generators that empower users to produce top-tier headshots effortlessly.

The 15 Best AI Headshot Generators

1. NightCafe Profile Picture Maker

NightCafe stands as a pioneering AI art-generating tool, enabling users to fabricate high-quality headshots and profile images within mere minutes. Employing advanced AI technology, NightCafe swiftly generates captivating AI headshots.

Users are prompted to upload their images or selfies along with text prompts outlining their specifications. Subsequently, NightCafe crafts remarkable AI headshots and profile pictures promptly. The Explore section on NightCafe provides additional inspiration by showcasing an array of images produced by other creators.


  • Accommodates text prompts
  • User-friendly accessibility
  • Intuitive interface


  • Not ideal for generating professional AI headshots

Pricing of NightCafe:

  • AI Beginner ($5.99 USD/month)
  • AI Hobbyist ($9.99 USD/month)
  • AI Enthusiast ($19.99 USD/month)
  • AI Artist ($49.99 USD/month)

2. ProPhotos.ai

ProPhotos.ai emerges as a premier AI professional headshot generator that employs advanced AI technologies to metamorphose existing images or selfies into polished headshots. Users simply need to upload their photos, select a suitable style, and ProPhotos.ai will create high-quality headshots fit for business profiles.


  • Generates high-quality headshots
  • Customizable headshot options
  • User-friendly interface


  • Occasional inaccuracies in output

Pricing of ProPhotos.ai:

  • Basic Plan – $25/month
  • Premium Plan – $55/month
  • Professional Plan – $155/month
  • Enterprise Plan – Custom

3. Remini

Remini, another AI-powered app, seamlessly transforms selfies into professional-grade headshots. With a user-friendly interface, generating AI headshots becomes a breeze. After uploading a set of images and selecting a model, Remini swiftly processes the data to produce high-quality headshots.

In addition to headshots, Remini offers additional features including photo restoration and enhancement of facial features and color tones.


  • Creates high-quality headshots
  • Allows enhancement of face and background
  • Photo restoration capabilities


  • Unsuitable for low-resolution images
  • Requires a minimum of 12 images

Pricing of Remini:

  • In-app purchases starting from $9.99

4. Headshot AI

Headshot AI shines as a pinnacle AI headshot generator, crafting professional headshots with an artist’s touch. This tool refines headshots through the expertise of artists, resulting in curated and top-notch outcomes.

The process entails uploading a variety of images from different angles and styles. Although Headshot AI excels in quality, occasional variations from traditional photography may occur.


  • Supports multiple image formats
  • User-friendly and efficient
  • Offers versatile customization options


  • Variability in quality
  • Some results may be inaccurate

Pricing of Headshot AI:

  • Professional Package: $23.95
  • Executive Package: $39.95

5. Aragon

Aragon, fortified by leading AI researchers, constructs personalized AI models based on user images. This platform requires a minimum of 12 images, after which Aragon crafts custom AI headshots within 90 minutes.

The resulting headshots boast a resolution ideal for various online platforms. Aragon’s commercial licensing further enhances its appeal.


  • Offers full commercial license
  • Generates high-resolution headshots
  • Provides a variety of styles


  • Lacks a free trial
  • Minimum 12 images needed

Pricing of Aragon:

  • Starter Plan: $29
  • Basic Plan: $39
  • Premium Plan: $69

6. Hotpot

Hotpot distinguishes itself with an intuitive AI headshot generator capable of transforming standard images into professional headshots, AI selfies, and glamor shots. The process only requires five images, a notable departure from the typical image volume.

Hotpot is an excellent choice for crafting headshots for websites, LinkedIn, and various social media platforms.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Generates images in different styles
  • Requires only 5 images for AI headshots


  • Lacks a monthly subscription
  • Occasional processing delays

Pricing of Hotpot:

  • Pricing varies based on image count
  • e.g., 40 images – $10, 80 images – $15

7. Dreamwave.ai

Dreamwave AI specializes in creating natural-looking headshots, delivering high-quality results within an hour. Users submit a minimum of eight images, and Dreamwave AI transforms them into professional headshots using proprietary technology.

Customization options are abundant, including unlimited scenes, hairstyles, and outfits. The tool ensures that the AI-generated headshots maintain a realistic appearance.


  • Generates natural-looking headshots
  • Requires only 8 images
  • Offers extensive customization options


  • Limited functionality in certain aspects

Pricing of Dreamwave.ai:

  • Starts from $39 for 40 AI headshots

8. StudioShot

StudioShot operates as a virtual photography studio, enhancing uploaded images into stunning headshots using advanced AI. A unique feature is the final touch-ups provided by a photography team, ensuring authenticity.

Users supply around 10-20 images showcasing their face. Additionally, StudioShot collects details about hair and eye color to tailor the final product. Results are delivered within two days.


  • Final touch-ups by photography team
  • User-friendly access
  • Generates natural-looking headshots


  • Two-day processing time
  • Requires 10-20 images

Pricing of StudioShot:

  • Premium plan starting at $29.25 per person

9. Fotor

Fotor incorporates an in-built AI headshot generator leveraging powerful algorithms to create high-quality AI headshots instantly. Users can upload multiple images and select their preferred style to yield personalized headshots.

Versatility and quality are the hallmarks of Fotor, making it an excellent choice for professional use.


  • Provides a free trial
  • Allows commercial usage of generated headshots
  • Offers specific customization using text prompts


  • Limited free credits
  • Requires sign-up for access

Pricing of Fotor:

  • Pro: $3.33 per month
  • Pro Plus: $7.49 per month

10. HeadshotPro

HeadshotPro excels in generating high-quality corporate headshots using advanced facial recognition technology. Users upload images and select from various styles, resulting in over 120 headshots within minutes.

The tool offers background and clothing options, although inaccuracies can occasionally occur.


  • Background and clothing options
  • Offers various customization choices


  • Requires 20 images
  • Potential for inaccuracies

Pricing of HeadshotPro:

  • Small Plan: $29 per person
  • Normal Plan: $39 per team

11. Try it on AI

Try it on AI is a viable option for professional headshots or portraits. Users select gender and upload 10-20 images, receiving AI headshots within hours. Human editors can further refine the results for a fee.


  • Generates AI headshots promptly
  • Accessible without password
  • Human editors available for touch-ups


  • Imperfections in some generated headshots
  • Customization mainly available for larger orders

Pricing of Try it on AI:

  • Starts from $17 for 100 images

12. ProfilePicture AI

ProfilePicture AI boasts a unique approach to generating headshots and profile pictures, offering over 375 styles. After uploading images from various angles, users select a style to generate high-quality headshots.


  • Wide range of styles
  • Generates high-quality headshots
  • User-friendly interface


  • Not suited for professional use

Pricing of ProfilePicture AI:

  • Small Plan: $6.40
  • XL Plan: $11.80
  • All Plan: $19.80

13. PFPMaker

PFPMaker, equipped with Stable Diffusion technology, crafts studio-quality headshots in HD. Users upload images from different angles and styles, and PFPMaker generates over 100 headshots within an hour.


  • Customizable features
  • SD/HD quality headshots
  • Supports multiple image formats


  • 60-minute processing time

Pricing of PFPMaker:

  • Starts at $9

14. Artbreeder

Artbreeder, powered by AI, generates high-resolution headshots by transforming uploaded images and utilizing various sliders to modify facial features.


  • Offers customization options
  • Generates high-resolution headshots


  • Complex interface
  • Limited features in the free plan

Pricing of Artbreeder:

  • Starter Plan: $8.99/month
  • Advanced Plan: $18.99/month
  • Champion Plan: $38.99/month

15. Secta AI

Secta AI requires users to upload 25 images, yielding 100+ professional headshots in under an hour. With diverse style options, Secta AI is a valuable tool for creating various headshot designs.


  • Customizable features
  • Generates over 100 headshots
  • Cost-effective and time-saving


  • Occasional imperfections

Pricing of Secta AI:

  • Premium plan: Discounted at $49 (original price: $99)

Understanding AI Headshot Generators

AI headshot generators are revolutionary tools that leverage advanced AI technology to transform casual images and selfies into polished and professional headshots. These generators cater to diverse styles, rendering them suitable for personal and professional spaces alike.

By uploading a set of images and specifying the preferred style, users can effortlessly generate top-notch headshots. The fusion of cutting-edge AI technology and user-friendly interfaces facilitates the creation of exceptional AI headshots.

How Do AI Headshot Generators Operate?

AI headshot generators harness the power of AI technology to transform user-uploaded images into refined AI headshots. This process is instrumental in creating professional headshots for various applications, ranging from profiles to CVs.

Crafting LinkedIn Headshots with AI

To create LinkedIn-worthy headshots using AI, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a reputable AI headshot generator like Artbreeder, ProPhotos, Hotpot, etc.
  2. Sign in using your email or preferred credentials.
  3. Click on the “Generate AI Headshot” option to initiate the process.
  4. Upload your images or selfies, ensuring clear visibility of your face without any obstructions.
  5. Select your desired headshot style from the options provided.
  6. Click on “Generate” to commence the transformation process.

Within a short span, your AI-generated headshot will be ready for download. Utilize the generated headshot on your LinkedIn profile, website, and other professional platforms.

Are AI-Generated Headshots Fit for Professional Use?

Absolutely, AI-generated headshots are apt for professional applications. These headshot generators often produce realistic and natural-looking headshots suitable for various professional contexts, including profiles, CVs, and websites.

Are Free AI Headshot Generators Available?

Certainly, there are several AI headshot generators that offer free options, such as Fotor, Media.io, and Aragon.


The world of AI headshot generators offers a plethora of options for individuals seeking to enhance their professional image online. These tools leverage advanced AI technology to transform ordinary images into polished and professional headshots. From NightCafe’s artistic touch to StudioShot’s virtual photography studio, each generator has its unique strengths.

ProPhotos.ai and Remini excel in generating high-quality headshots with customizable features, while Aragon stands out with its personalized AI models. Meanwhile, Dreamwave.ai focuses on natural-looking headshots, and ProfilePicture AI offers an extensive range of styles. These are just a few examples of the diverse options available in the realm of AI headshot generators.

Whether you need headshots for LinkedIn, business profiles, or personal websites, these AI-powered tools provide a convenient and efficient solution. As technology continues to advance, the quality and variety of AI-generated headshots are poised to improve even further, ensuring that individuals can always put their best face forward in the digital world. So, explore these AI headshot generators and elevate your online presence with professional and captivating headshots.

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