Top 30 Netflix Movies for Every Taste

Unlock the Cinematic Treasure Trove: Top 30 Netflix Movies for Every Taste

By Brian Tallerico, a seasoned film critic boasting over two decades of expertise in the realm of movies and TV. As the president of the Chicago Film Critics Association, co-producer of the Chicago Critics Film Festival, and managing editor of, Tallerico is your trusted guide to the world of cinema.

Navigating the Netflix Cinematic Maze

Unleash the potential of your Netflix subscription with our curated list of the 30 best movies available on the streaming giant. From gripping dramas and side-splitting comedies to heart-pounding action and spine-chilling horror, we’ve got it all covered. Plus, for family time, we’ve handpicked some gems suitable for kids. Stay in the know as our list is regularly updated, ensuring you never miss a cinematic masterpiece.

The Week’s Must-See: Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

Year: 1993 Runtime: 2h 6m Director: Steven Spielberg

An iconic classic since its 1993 release, Steven Spielberg’s dinosaur epic, Jurassic Park, kickstarted a franchise that continues to captivate audiences. With the first three films, including Spielberg’s sequel, The Lost World, and the thrilling Camp Cretaceous, currently on Netflix, it’s a journey into prehistoric wonder that you shouldn’t miss.

Behind the Scenes: How We Curate

Ever wondered how we select these cinematic treasures? Brian Tallerico, our resident critic, personally sifts through Netflix’s extensive catalog. Ditching the algorithm, he relies on his seasoned taste and a lifetime of cinematic study. Each film undergoes meticulous scrutiny to ensure it deserves a spot on our list. We prioritize thought-provoking ideas, cultural impact, and films that left an indelible mark on cinema.

Unveiling the Drama Collection

Call Me by Your Name

Year: 2017 Runtime: 2h 6m Director: Luca Guadagnino

Timothée Chalamet shines in this drama exploring self-discovery and love. Call Me by Your Name is a poignant journey anchored by remarkable performances, including the standout work of Armie Hammer and Michael Stuhlbarg.

The Conversation

Year: 1974 Runtime: 1h 53m Director: Francis Ford Coppola

Francis Ford Coppola takes a break from The Godfather to deliver a paranoia-infused masterpiece. The Conversation, featuring Gene Hackman’s stellar performance, remains a gripping exploration of surveillance, violence, and paranoia.

L.A. Confidential

Year: 1997 Runtime: 2h 17m Director: Curtis Hanson

Curtis Hanson’s adaptation of James Ellroy’s crime novel takes us to 1950s Los Angeles. Starring Guy Pearce, Russell Crowe, Kevin Spacey, and Kim Basinger, L.A. Confidential stands as a timeless thriller, a testament to the difficulties of being cool.

May December

Year: 2023 Runtime: 1h 57m Director: Todd Haynes

Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman lead in Todd Haynes’ character study. May December delves into the complexity of human relationships, offering a riveting exploration of characters stuck in the enigmatic web of life.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Year: 1975 Runtime: 2h 13m Director: Milos Forman

Experience the roots of Netflix’s Ratched by delving into Milos Forman’s classic. Jack Nicholson delivers an iconic performance in this timeless tale of individualism and rebellion against authority.

The Power of the Dog

Year: 2021 Runtime: 2h 6m Director: Jane Campion

Jane Campion’s Oscar-winning masterpiece, The Power of the Dog, unfolds a visually stunning period drama that explores toxic masculinity and manipulation. A Netflix gem that stands among the best of the 2020s.


Year: 2014 Runtime: 1h 46m Director: Damien Chazelle

Damien Chazelle’s riveting drama about a perfectionist drummer and his relentless teacher, Whiplash, earned universal praise. Immerse yourself in the world of music, ambition, and intensity with this modern classic.

Action Extravaganza


Year: 2021 Runtime: 2h 35m Director: Denis Villeneuve

Denis Villeneuve’s epic adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novels, Dune, takes you on a sci-fi journey like no other. With accolades galore, this Oscar-winning film promises a visual spectacle that sets the stage for its highly anticipated sequel.


Year: 2013 Runtime: 1h 30m Director: Alfonso Cuarón

Alfonso Cuarón’s sci-fi masterpiece, Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock, unfolds the gripping tale of an astronaut stranded in space. While best experienced on the big screen, its intense narrative and stellar performances make it a must-watch on Netflix.


Year: 1995 Runtime: 2h 50m Director: Michael Mann

Robert De Niro and Al Pacino lead in Michael Mann’s gripping cat-and-mouse game, Heat. A ’90s masterpiece, this crime thriller holds its ground, captivating audiences with its timeless narrative.

John Wick

Year: 2014 Runtime: 1h 41m Director: Chad Stahelski

Embark on the adrenaline-pumping journey that started it all. John Wick, featuring Keanu Reeves, showcases remarkable stunt choreography and charismatic performances. Brace yourself for a marathon with the entire franchise now on Netflix.


Year: 2003 Runtime: 2h Director: Park Chan-wook

Rediscover the gripping tale of Oldboy, a movie that left an indelible mark on film enthusiasts worldwide. With its recent restoration, this 2003 classic weaves a narrative that is as searing and powerful as ever.


Year: 2022 Runtime: 3h 5m Director: S.S. Rajamouli

Witness the cinematic spectacle that took 2022 by storm. RRR, a genre-defying action flick, offers a cinematic rollercoaster encompassing music, romance, comedy, and drama. Brace yourself for an immersive experience.


Year: 2013 Runtime: 2h 6m Director: Bong Joon-ho

Before Parasite claimed the Oscars, Bong Joon-ho delivered the visually striking Snowpiercer. Set in a dystopian world, this sci-fi action flick explores class divisions, forming a narrative that gains significance with each passing year.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Year: 2023 Runtime: 2h 20m Director: Joaquim Dos Santos, Kemp Powers, Justin K. Thompson

A treat for Netflix subscribers, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse arrives on the service shortly after its theatrical run. Packed with creativity and detail, this blockbuster sequel sets the stage for an exceptional superhero trilogy.

The Woman King

Year: 2022 Runtime: 2h 14m Director: Gina Prince-Bythewood

Immerse yourself in the retelling of the all-female warriors of Dahomey. The Woman King, starring Viola Davis, unfolds a tale of leadership, training, and a rock star ensemble cast. A historical drama that promises to be unforgettable.

Wonder Woman

Year: 2017 Runtime: 2h 21m Director: Patty Jenkins

Bypass the misstep of Wonder Woman 1984 and revisit Patty Jenkins’ original. Gal Gadot anchors this old-fashioned adventure film, offering a refreshing take on the modern DC Universe.

Comedy Classics

Blazing Saddles

Year: 1974 Runtime: 1h 32m Director: Mel Brooks

Join the laughter with Mel Brooks’ timeless comedy, Blazing Saddles. A genre-defying conversation piece that remains one of the funniest films ever made, blending Western conventions with sharp satire on race relations.

The Blues Brothers

Year: 1980 Runtime: 2h 12m Director: John Landis

Embark on a musical journey with John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd in The Blues Brothers. This beloved comedy, featuring an ensemble of musical legends, seamlessly combines humor with an unforgettable soundtrack.

Lady Bird

Year: 2017 Runtime: 1h 33m Director: Greta Gerwig

Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird offers a personal and striking coming-of-age tale. Saoirse Ronan leads an exceptional cast in this heartfelt film that resonates with audiences through its smart storytelling and stellar performances.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Year: 1975 Runtime: 1h 29m Directors: Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones

Delve into comedy gold with Monty Python’s timeless classic, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. A legendary film that transcends time, delivering laughs and cementing the Python crew’s place in movie history.

School of Rock

Year: 2003 Runtime: 1h 49m Director: Richard Linklater

Richard Linklater directs Jack Black in a career-defining performance in School of Rock. A smart and funny family comedy with a heart, this film is a testament to Black’s comedic prowess.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Year: 2010 Runtime: 1h 52m Director: Edgar Wright

Michael Cera stars in Edgar Wright’s vibrant adaptation of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novel, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. A film that continues to resonate, thanks to Wright’s sharp editing and wit.

Horror Gems

Black Swan

Year: 2010 Runtime: 1h 48m Director: Darren Aronofsky

Natalie Portman delivers an Oscar-winning performance in Darren Aronofsky’s psychological thriller, Black Swan. Immerse yourself in a world where dedication leads to madness, crafting an unforgettable horror experience.

Gerald’s Game

Year: 2017 Runtime: 1h 43m Director: Mike Flanagan

Before The Haunting of Hill House, Mike Flanagan helmed the chilling Gerald’s Game. Based on Stephen King’s novel, this Netflix Original explores survival, trauma, and the depths of human resilience.

For Kids & Family Delight

How to Train Your Dragon

Year: 2010 Runtime: 1h 39m Directors: Dean DeBlois, Chris Sanders

Embark on a heartwarming adventure with How to Train Your Dragon. This DreamWorks classic, based on Cressida Cowell’s book, sets the stage for one of the best trilogies of the 2010s, delivering a tale of friendship and acceptance.

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio

Year: 2022 Runtime: 1h 56m Directors: Guillermo del Toro, Mark Gustafson

Guillermo del Toro’s visionary stop-motion animation breathes new life into the classic tale of Pinocchio. With stunning visuals and a deeply personal narrative, this instant classic explores innocence and the human experience.

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

Year: 2023 Runtime: 1h 42m Director: Joel Crawford

The Shrek universe surprises with Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. A spin-off sequel that defies expectations, this film explores mortality with humor and heart, making it a critical and commercial success.

Wendell & Wild

Year: 2022 Runtime: 1h 46m Director: Henry Selick

Henry Selick, master of stop-motion animation, returns with Wendell & Wild. Co-written by Jordan Peele, this clever and twisted tale becomes a new Halloween classic, showcasing Selick’s visual prowess in unexpected ways.

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