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Exploring the Life and Career of Tavon Austin

Tavon Austin Quick Facts:

  • Full Name: Tavon Wesley Austin
  • Date of Birth: March 15, 1990
  • Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland, United States
  • Age: 32 years
  • Height: 1.73 m
  • Weight: 84 kg
  • Nationality: American
  • Parents: Cathy Green
  • Siblings: Carlos Austin
  • Education: West Virginia University
  • Profession: Professional Football Player
  • Net Worth: $65 Million
  • Yearly Income: $11 Million
  • Monthly Income: $0.9 Million

Tavon Austin: Early Life and Career Beginnings

Passion for Football

  • Born on March 15, 1990, in Maryland, U.S., Tavon Wesley Austin discovered his passion for football early in life.
  • His professional football journey began in 2013 when he was selected in the first round of the NFL by the Los Angeles Rams.

Tavon Austin: Contractual Success with the Rams

Financial Empire with the Rams

  • Signed a four-year contract worth $12 million in 2013 with the Los Angeles Rams.
  • Contract renegotiation in 2016 extended for four more years, earning him $42 million.
  • Ram’s contracts contribute 86% to his overall net worth.

Stints with Other NFL Teams

Contributions Beyond the Rams

  • Played for the Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers, and Jacksonville Jaguars.
  • Contracts with the Cowboys contributing 5%, and others contributing 3% to Tavon Austin’s net worth.

Tavon Austin: Challenges and Terminated Contracts

Facing Setbacks

  • Faced challenges with terminated contracts, including with the Buffalo Bills in 2022.
  • Signed a one-year practice contract with the Bills, earning $28K.
  • Terminated contracts constitute a smaller but notable 2% of his net worth.

Tavon Austin: Current Commitment with Houston Roughnecks

New Chapter with the X Football League

  • Currently signed with the Houston Roughnecks for the “X Football League.”
  • Financial details of this contract are undisclosed at present.

Tavon Austin: Net Worth

Financial Success in Football

  • Estimated net worth of $65 million, showcasing his success as a professional football player.
  • Diverse income sources include lucrative contracts, bonuses, and associations with different NFL teams.

Tavon Austin: Lifestyle

Beyond the Football Field

  • Enjoys a luxurious lifestyle with spending on cars, homes, and jewelry.
  • Passion for high-end vehicles reflected in his collection of luxury cars.
  • Real estate details undisclosed, but glimpses reveal a penchant for a lavish lifestyle.
  • Boasts an impressive collection of men’s bracelets, necklaces, watches, and rings.

Tavon Austin: Philanthropy

Making a Difference Off the Field

  • Actively contributes to charitable causes, focusing on providing shelter to the homeless and needy.
  • Childhood dream of making a difference in his homeland realized through generous contributions.

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Tavon Austin’s journey from a football enthusiast in Maryland to a renowned NFL player is a testament to his dedication and hard work. His financial success, coupled with a commitment to philanthropy, paints a holistic picture of a sports personality who transcends the boundaries of the football field. As Tavon continues his career with the Houston Roughnecks, his impact on and off the field remains an inspiring narrative in the world of professional sports.


  1. Did Tavon Austin retire?
    • Yes, Tavon Austin has retired from professional football.
  2. What happened to Tavon Austin?
    • Tavon Austin decided to retire from his football career.
  3. What team is Tavon Austin on right now?
    • Since Tavon Austin has retired, he is not currently a part of any football team.
  4. What was Tavon Austin’s 40-yard dash time?
    • Tavon Austin’s official 40-yard dash time, according to the NFL, is 4.34 seconds. This impressive speed contributed to his success as a skilled football player during his active career.

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