Unveiling the Snowman Outfit in GTA Online: Mastering the Snowman Locations

Unlocking Festive Magic: Master the Snowman Locations in GTA Online 2023

In the thrilling 2023 Festive Surprise event within the realm of GTA 5 Online, Los Santos undergoes a magical winter transformation, adorned with festive splendor. Amidst the snowy panorama, a captivating challenge awaits players — the quest to discover and dismantle scattered snowmen. Triumphing over this challenge unlocks the coveted Snowman Outfit, an exclusive addition to your in-game wardrobe. Embrace the holiday spirit by embodying the iconic Frosty figure and traverse Los Santos with a festive aura. For those with time constraints, we’ve meticulously crafted a comprehensive guide, detailing locations and steps to claim the cherished Snowman Outfit.

Exploring Snowmen Havens

To pinpoint all the snowmen in GTA 5 Online, employing a strategic approach involves revisiting locations from the previous year’s Snowman Hunt. Leverage interactive maps such as those offered by GTALens to identify the 25 snowmen scattered across Los Santos and Blaine County. Keep in mind that these snowmen aren’t typically positioned on main roads; instead, you’ll encounter them in yards, grassy areas near structures, or cleverly tucked away in backyards. Prepare for a thorough search, as some may be concealed behind structures, within enclosed yards, or in unexpected corners.

Snowman Spots Unveiled

  1. BJ Smith Recreational Centre, Chamberlain Hills: Near the bench.
  2. Goma Street, Vespucci Canals: Adjacent to a bush at the road’s corner.
  3. 12 Sustancia Road, El Burro Heights: Front yard of the house.
  4. Legion Square, Downtown Los Santos: Proximate to the red square.
  5. Decker Park, Vespucci Canals: Positioned on one of the ramps.
  6. De Santa Residence, Rockford Hills
  7. Spanish Avenue, Hawick: Between two houses.
  8. East Mirror Dave, Mirror Park: Near the fountain.
  9. East Mirror Dave, Mirror Park: In front of a house.
  10. Banham Canyon: Behind a house down the stairs.

… and so on.

Unveiling the Snowman Outfit

To procure the Snowman Outfit in GTA 5 Online, your mission involves locating and dismantling all 25 snowmen scattered throughout the game environment. Beyond adding the outfit to your wardrobe, each eliminated snowman rewards you with $5,000. Cap off the challenge, and an additional bonus of $125,000 awaits, providing newcomers a lucrative opportunity to bolster their earnings during the winter-themed festivities.

Equipping the Snowman Outfit is a straightforward process:

  1. Go to your apartment.
  2. Open the wardrobe.
  3. Navigate to the “Outfits” section.
  4. Click on the “Festive” option.
  5. Select “The Snowman” outfit.

For enthusiasts eyeing this distinctive outfit, urgency is paramount, as Rockstar Games plans to conclude the event soon. Fortunately, alongside the festive update, developers have woven other exciting elements into the game. Immerse yourself in GTA Online, tackle the event, and become entranced in the enchanting winter landscape of Los Santos.

Anticipated Update: ‘The Chop Shop’

Beyond the holiday revelry, the GTA 5 Online community can look forward to an upcoming update titled ‘The Chop Shop,’ expected on December 12, 2023. Rockstar Games periodically introduces these updates, or patches, addressing issues and infusing fresh features into the game. While the official release date hasn’t been confirmed, speculation abounds that it might coincide with the conclusion of the ongoing weekly event on December 12. This eagerly awaited update promises substantial modifications and additions, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Discovering GTA 5

In Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5), players can immerse themselves in both third-person and first-person perspectives while navigating missions that propel the narrative forward. Spanning the scenic landscapes of San Andreas, the fictional region of Blaine County, and the dynamic urban setting of Los Santos, the expansive game world encourages exploration. With three primary protagonists—Michael, Trevor, and Franklin—each entwined in distinct criminal tales, players encounter diverse gameplay choices, ranging from combat and intense battles to driving vehicles and piloting planes.

Embracing the GTA 5 Experience

In summary, claiming the Snowman Outfit in GTA 5 Online involves uncovering and dismantling all 25 snowmen scattered across the wintry landscape. Refer to our guide for assistance in locating these snowmen, and upon successful completion, revel in adorning the celebratory Snowman Outfit from your wardrobe. Act swiftly, as time is limited for this event. Immerse yourself fully in the captivating gameplay of GTA 5 Online, where the expansive world offers a myriad of missions and activities to explore and enjoy.


Q: What is the duration of the Snowman Outfit event? A: Hurry up! The event won’t last long, so make sure you join in time to get the Snowman Outfit.

Q: Do players receive any benefits for locating and eliminating the snowmen? A: Absolutely! Destroying each snowman will grant you $5,000. Additionally, there’s a special bonus of $125,000 waiting at the conclusion.

Q: Which additional elements will gamers encounter in the holiday update? A: Alongside the Snowman Outfit event, players can anticipate a range of thrilling features and surprises in the festive update. Dive into the game to experience them!

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