Shadasia Green Wikipedia: Dominating Women’s Boxing with Undefeated Streak and Anticipated Match

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Unveiling Shadasia Green’s Remarkable Journey

Shadasia Green, a formidable boxer hailing from New Jersey, USA, has captivated the spotlight with her exceptional talent and an upcoming face-off against the undefeated Savannah Marshall. Boasting a flawless record of 12 wins, including 11 knockouts, Green is making significant waves in the realm of women’s boxing. Let’s dive into the intricacies of her life, career, and the thrilling journey that lies ahead.

Shadasia Green: Early Life and Family Ties

Birth and Family Background: Born on August 7, 1989, in Patterson, New Jersey, USA, Shadasia Green is the daughter of Gregory Fair Green and Rechelle Green. With a family of six, including three brothers – Gregory, Tyras, and Tydis – and a sister named Tiarah, Green keeps family details private despite her rising fame.

Key Details:

  • Full Name: Shadasia Amanda Green
  • Nickname: Shadasia Green
  • Gender: Female
  • Profession: Boxer
  • Height: 5 Feet 8 Inches
  • Weight: 64 Kg
  • Date of Birth: August 7, 1989
  • Age: 33 years old
  • Birthplace: Patterson, New Jersey, USA
  • Nationality: American
  • Religion: Christianity

Shadasia Green: Educational Journey

Commitment to Education: Green’s dedication to education is evident as she completed her schooling at Paterson East Side High School. Following high school, she pursued higher education in Recreation and Tourism Studies at a reputable university, although specific details about her college are currently unavailable.

Shadasia Green: Personal Life and Relationships

Marital Bliss: Beyond the boxing ring, Shadasia Green enjoys a fulfilling personal life. She tied the knot with her long-time partner, Desha Bland, in 2022 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The couple, together for a decade before marriage, shares a strong bond. Details about their first meeting remain undisclosed, and Green prefers to keep certain aspects of her personal life private.

Previous Relationships: Before Desha Bland, Green had a committed relationship, details of which are unknown. The boxer maintains privacy regarding certain aspects of her personal life.

Shadasia Green: Financial Triumphs

Boxing Career as a Revenue Source: Shadasia Green’s primary source of income is her flourishing boxing career. Commanding a significant purse of $25,000 per match, her total net worth remains undisclosed. However, Green enjoys a lavish lifestyle with her family, reaping the rewards of her hard-earned success.

Shadasia Green: A Boxing Sensation

Professional Debut: In 2020, Shadasia Green entered the professional boxing arena, marking the commencement of a remarkable journey. Boasting an unblemished record of 12 victories, including 11 knockouts, she swiftly rose to prominence. Her exceptional skills earned her the title of WBC Silver Champion at super middleweight, showcasing her prowess in the ring.

Notable Triumphs: Green’s journey soared when she defeated Elin Cederroos in February 2023, securing the title of WBC’s mandatory challenger. This victory added to her growing list of achievements, solidifying her status as a rising star in women’s boxing.

Shadasia Green: Facing Savannah Marshall

High-Stakes Bout: Currently, all eyes are on Shadasia Green as she prepares for her upcoming match against the undefeated Savannah Marshall. Speculated to be one of the biggest women’s boxing fights globally, the bout has garnered immense attention. Adding to the anticipation, Green is being promoted by Jake Paul, elevating the stakes for this high-profile match.

Shadasia Green: Digital Presence

Lesser-Known Facts About Shadasia Green

1. Early Fame: A native of New Jersey, Shadasia Green quickly rose to fame in the world of women’s boxing. 2. Upcoming Match: The anticipation for her bout against Savannah Marshall is reaching unprecedented levels. 3. Siblings: Green comes from a large family, with three brothers – Gregory, Tyras, and Tydis – and a sister named Tiarah. 4. Earnings: The talented boxer earns an impressive $25,000 per match, showcasing her financial success. 5. Private Life: Despite her public persona, Shadasia Green maintains a level of privacy, especially regarding her family and early life.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Shadasia Green’s journey from a rising talent to a prominent figure in women’s boxing is nothing short of inspiring. With remarkable achievements, an upcoming mega-fight, and a fulfilling personal life, Green stands as a force to be reckoned with both inside and outside the boxing ring. As she continues to break barriers and set new standards, the world eagerly awaits the next chapter in the extraordinary story of Shadasia Green.

Quick FAQs:

  • Who is Shadasia Green? Shadasia Green is a talented and renowned boxer from New Jersey, USA, known for her impressive record and upcoming match against Savannah Marshall.
  • When was Shadasia Green born? Shadasia Green was born on August 7, 1989, in Patterson, New Jersey, USA. She is currently 33 years old.
  • What titles has Shadasia Green won in her boxing career? Shadasia Green holds the title of WBC Silver Champion at super middleweight and secured the position of WBC’s mandatory challenger after defeating Elin Cederroos.

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