Ron Cook: A Pillar of Pittsburgh Sports Media

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Ron Cook, a cherished figure in the Pittsburgh sports scene, has bid farewell to his illustrious career at 93.7 The Fan. Let’s explore the journey of this esteemed sports columnist and radio host.

Who Is Ron Cook?

Ron Cook is a seasoned sports columnist and radio host who has made a significant impact on the Pittsburgh sports scene. With a career spanning several decades, he has contributed to esteemed outlets such as the Beaver County Times, the Pittsburgh Press, and the Post-Gazette. His tenure at 93.7 The Fan solidified his status as a trusted voice in sports commentary, covering a wide range of Pittsburgh sports.

Ron Cook Early Years and Career Path

Ron Cook’s association with Pittsburgh sports media began at the Beaver County Times, leading to contributions to renowned outlets like the Pittsburgh Press and the Post-Gazette. His impactful career, which began in 1990, has covered Pittsburgh sports since the 1970s, establishing him as an iconic figure in the city’s sports landscape.

The Fan Journey and Credibility

Joining 93.7 The Fan at its inception, Ron Cook brought instant credibility to the station. His 14-year tenure at The Fan has left an indelible mark on both the station and its listeners. Cook’s insights and commentary have resonated with sports fans, making him a beloved and respected figure in the local sports community.

Ron Cook Radio Days and Noteworthy Partnerships

Before his time at The Fan, Cook hosted “Sports Saturday” on KDKA Radio from 1993 to 2002. At The Fan, his partnerships, from Vinnie Richichi to Joe Starkey, have been instrumental in delivering quality sports content to Pittsburgh sports enthusiasts.

Ron Cook Farewell Announcement and Reflections

During a poignant moment on The Cook & Joe Show, Ron Cook officially announced his retirement, expressing a mix of anticipation and nostalgia. His plans to relocate to Fort Meyers, Florida, add a personal touch to his retirement, reflecting on his fond memories covering Pirates Spring Training as a high school senior.

Ron Cook Impact on Pittsburgh Sports

Cook’s influence extends beyond broadcasting, as he has been a witness to and chronicler of significant sporting events in Pittsburgh. His legacy as a true Pittsburgh sports icon is a testament to his longevity and profound impact on the local sports community.

Ron Cook Acknowledgments and Gratitude

Statements from Audacy Pittsburgh Senior Vice President Michael Spacciapolli express gratitude for Cook’s contributions, echoing sentiments shared throughout the Pittsburgh sports community.


Ron Cook’s retirement marks the end of an era in Pittsburgh sports media. As we bid farewell to this seasoned journalist and charismatic radio host, we celebrate his legacy—a legacy synonymous with credibility, trust, and passion for Pittsburgh sports.

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  1. Why did Ron Cook decide to retire from 93.7 The Fan? Ron Cook mentioned that it was time for him to retire, expressing a mix of anticipation for the future and sadness for leaving behind a significant part of his career.
  2. How long has Ron Cook been associated with 93.7 The Fan? Ron Cook has been with 93.7 The Fan since its inception, marking a tenure of 14 years with the station.
  3. What was Ron Cook’s role before joining 93.7 The Fan? Before joining The Fan, Ron Cook hosted “Sports Saturday” on KDKA Radio from 1993 to 2002.
  4. Where does Ron Cook plan to relocate after retirement? Ron Cook plans to move to Fort Meyers, Florida, a place he fell in love with while covering Pirates Spring Training as a senior in high school.
  5. Who were Ron Cook’s notable co-hosts during his time at 93.7 The Fan? Ron Cook collaborated with various co-hosts over the years, including Vinnie Richichi, Andrew Fillipponi, and, most recently, Joe Starkey.

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