Bernice Burgos: A Multifaceted Entrepreneur and Devoted Mother

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Bernice Burgos is not just a name; she is a force to be reckoned with in the realms of business, modeling, and social media. Let’s delve into her life and family.

Who Is Bernice Burgos?

Bernice Burgos is a multifaceted American businesswoman, model, and social media personality born on April 17, 1980, in the Bronx, New York. Rising to fame through appearances in music videos for artists like Rick Ross and Drake, she has ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing clothing lines and a sleepwear brand called Bold & Beautiful.

How Many Kids Does Bernice Burgos Have?

Bernice Burgos is a proud mother of two daughters:

  1. Ashley Burgos: Her eldest daughter, Ashley, has gained prominence in fashion and modeling alongside her mother. They’ve collaborated on various ventures, showcasing a strong mother-daughter bond.
  2. Sarai Burgos: Bernice’s younger daughter, Sarai, is also carving her own path to success with her mother’s support and encouragement.


Bernice Burgos’s dedication to her family alongside her entrepreneurial spirit exemplifies strength and resilience. Her bond with her daughters serves as an inspiration, showcasing the importance of family and nurturing relationships.

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  1. Does Bernice have a daughter? Yes, Bernice Burgos has two daughters named Ashley Burgos and Sarai Burgos.
  2. What is Burgos’s net worth? Bernice Burgos’s net worth is estimated at $4 Million, primarily from her successful career as a model, businesswoman, and social media influencer.
  3. What is Bernice Burgos known for? Bernice Burgos is known for being a prominent American businesswoman, model, and social media personality.
  4. Is Bernice Burgos active on social media? Yes, Bernice Burgos is active on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, where she has amassed a large following.
  5. What business ventures have Bernice Burgos pursued? Bernice Burgos has ventured into entrepreneurship with her own clothing line catering to women and children, as well as a sleepwear brand named Bold & Beautiful.

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