Noah LaLonde: A Rising Star’s Journey Unveiled

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Discover the vibrant life and flourishing career of Noah LaLonde, a dynamic actor, storyteller, and film producer making waves in the entertainment industry. Dive into his bio, early life, achievements, and upcoming projects, providing a comprehensive look into the talent behind the name.

Noah LaLonde’s Profile at a Glance

Explore the key details encapsulating Noah LaLonde’s life, including his bio, family background, physical attributes, professional achievements, net worth, and notable projects.

Noah LaLonde’s Bio

Delve into Noah LaLonde’s background, covering his early life, education, and essential details, from birth date to family ties, capturing the essence of the rising star.

Early Life and Education

Trace Noah LaLonde’s journey from his birthplace in Macomb, Michigan, to his artistic inclinations in school plays and choir. Witness the evolution of his passion, leading him to study theater at Grand Valley State University.

Family Background

Learn about Noah’s supportive family, born to John and Lisa LaLonde, and discover the shared passion for arts and crafts with his younger sisters, Emma and Mia.

Physical Attributes

Get insights into Noah’s physical presence, standing tall at 6 feet 1 inch, maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular workouts.

Noah LaLonde’s Professional Journey

Explore the beginnings of Noah LaLonde’s career, initiated during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Follow his trajectory from significant film roles to his television debut in the popular series “Criminal Minds” in 2022.

Career Beginnings

Witness Noah’s foray into the entertainment industry with notable roles in films such as “Toby with an I” and “The Smile I Wear.” Follow his progression to a starring role and producer responsibilities in “Summer Flings & Funerals” in 2021.

Versatility and Collaborations

Discover Noah’s versatility beyond acting, as a writer, filmmaker, and photographer. Explore his collaborations with renowned companies and artists like Percy Hynes White, showcasing his creative contributions.

Net Worth

Get insights into Noah’s financial success, with an estimated net worth of $500,000, primarily derived from a successful acting and film-producing career spanning over a decade.

Notable Projects and Upcoming Ventures

Explore Noah LaLonde’s noteworthy projects, from pivotal roles in films like “Toby with an I” to his television debut in “Criminal Minds.” Anticipate his upcoming role as Cole Walter in the Netflix series “My Life with the Walters,” set for release on December 7, 2023.

Noah LaLonde on Social Media

Connect with Noah LaLonde on various social media platforms to stay updated on his latest insights, projects, and behind-the-scenes moments.


Noah LaLonde’s journey from the challenges of 2020 to becoming a rising star in the entertainment world is a testament to his passion and dedication. With a supportive family, a diverse skill set, and notable achievements in both film and television, Noah is undoubtedly a talent to watch. As he continues to make his mark in the industry, audiences can anticipate more captivating performances and contributions from this multi-talented individual.

FAQ: Noah LaLonde

Get quick answers to common questions about Noah LaLonde.

  • How old is Noah LaLonde?
    • Noah LaLonde is currently 25 years old, born on March 22, 1998.
  • Who plays Cole in “My Life with the Walters”?
    • Noah LaLonde portrays the character of Cole Walter in “My Life with the Walters.” The series is set to debut on Netflix on December 7, 2023.

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