Larsa Pippen’s Love Life Unveiled: Dating History, Current Flame, and More

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Larsa Pippen, a name that resonates with glamour, intrigue, and celebrity connections. As a public figure, her romantic journey has been a rollercoaster ride that has captivated the public’s attention. This article dives into the details of who Larsa Pippen is dating now and delves into her dating history, engagements, and her current boyfriend, revealing the fascinating world of her love life.

Who Is Larsa Pippen?

Larsa Pippen is a prominent personality who first rose to fame through her marriage to NBA legend Scottie Pippen. Born on July 6, 1974, in Chicago, Illinois, she grew up in a Middle Eastern household. Her educational background is impressive, having attended the University of Illinois and earned a degree in political science. Larsa’s initial claim to fame came through her high-profile marriage to Scottie Pippen, a former professional basketball player renowned for his time with the Chicago Bulls during their championship runs in the 1990s.

Beyond her marriage to Scottie, Larsa made her mark in the reality television world by appearing on “The Real Housewives of Miami” in 2011, giving the audience a glimpse into her opulent lifestyle and personal relationships. Additionally, she ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing her own jewelry line, “Larsa Marie,” featuring stylish and contemporary designs.

Larsa’s Marriage to Scottie Pippen (1987-2018)

Larsa’s most notable relationship was, without a doubt, her marriage to Scottie Pippen. The two exchanged vows in 1997 and shared the joy of raising four children together: Scotty Jr., Preston, Justin, and Sophia. However, their journey was not without its share of ups and downs. In 2016, they made the difficult decision to part ways, culminating in the finalization of their divorce in 2018.

A Glimpse into Larsa’s Dating History

Following her separation from Scottie Pippen, Larsa’s dating life became a subject of intense media scrutiny. Here’s an overview of her subsequent relationships:

Future (2016)

In 2016, speculations arose surrounding Larsa’s involvement with the rapper Future. Numerous sightings of them together ignited dating rumors. However, neither Larsa nor Future confirmed the extent or duration of their relationship publicly, leaving it shrouded in mystery.

Malik Beasley (2020)

In late 2020, Larsa’s name made headlines when photographs surfaced of her holding hands with NBA player Malik Beasley. At the time, Beasley was still married to his wife, Montana Yao, leading to considerable controversy and media attention. Larsa and Beasley were frequently seen in public together and even shared some moments on social media, hinting at a romantic connection. Nevertheless, their relationship was relatively short-lived, coming to an end after just a few months.

Larsa’s Current Love Interest: Marcus Jordan

As of our latest update, Larsa Pippen has embarked on a new chapter in her love life, now romantically linked with Marcus Jordan, the son of basketball legend Michael Jordan. This relationship has garnered substantial attention, thanks in part to the notable connection between their families.

Their journey began in September 2022 when they were first spotted together. Initially, Larsa maintained that they were just friends. However, photographic evidence and inside sources confirmed the romantic nature of their involvement. They were seen together at events and even shared a kiss in Miami. In January 2023, Larsa openly acknowledged their relationship on Instagram.

Larsa and Marcus have been vocal about their affection for each other on social media platforms. Larsa went as far as expressing her willingness to change her last name to Jordan if they decide to marry, underscoring the depth of their connection. Their frequent public appearances as a couple in Miami have left people intrigued, partly due to Larsa’s previous marriage to Scottie Pippen and Marcus’s father, Michael Jordan.

In candid discussions about their relationship, Larsa and Marcus have revealed their initial hesitations and the surprise it caused among their families. Initially, Larsa intended to keep their relationship private, even saving Marcus’s phone number under a fake name. However, as their bond grew stronger, they became more open about their love for each other.

Larsa’s Love Life: A Compelling Journey

Larsa Pippen’s love life has been a captivating narrative, from her enduring marriage to Scottie Pippen to her romantic entanglements with celebrities and athletes. Her relationship with Marcus Jordan showcases a new chapter of happiness for both, and they continue to embrace their affection for each other openly.

So, who is Larsa Pippen dating now? The answer is Marcus Jordan, the son of a basketball legend. Their relationship is far from ordinary and continues to capture the interest of fans and the media. As Larsa’s love journey unfolds, one thing is certain: her story reminds us that love can be a beautiful and sometimes complex adventure.


Is Larsa Pippen engaged to Marcus Jordan?

Larsa Pippen playfully responded to this question, stating, “We’re looking for a location, and it’s in the works.” Jordan, the son of basketball legend Michael Jordan, echoed her sentiment. Although this response triggered an avalanche of calls and messages from well-wishers, Larsa clarified that they are not engaged.

What happened with Pippen and Jordan?

While Pippen initially claimed there was no animosity between them, he later expressed in his memoir, “Unguarded,” that the documentary had “glorified” Jordan and did not give “nearly enough praise to me and my proud teammates.”

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