Jasmine Dhunna (Veerana) Wiki, Biography, Caste, Net Worth: Unraveling the Tale of an Enigmatic Actress

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Who is Jasmine Dhunna (Veerana)?

Jasmine Dhunna, also known as Jasmin, graced the Indian film industry as an actress and television personality, leaving an indelible mark with her captivating performances in a select number of Hindi films. Born in the early 1960s, she embarked on her journey in the entertainment realm during her teenage years in the late ’70s. Despite the brevity of her career, her legacy endures, particularly for her memorable role in the horror classic “Veerana” (1988).

Unveiling the Cinematic Journey

Jasmine Dhunna’s cinematic odyssey commenced in 1979 with the Malayalam film “Swapnadanam.” She adorned the screens in multiple Hindi films, with the pinnacle of her career being the iconic “Veerana” (1988). Noteworthy mentions include her roles in films like “Sarkaari Mehmaan,” “Divorce,” and “Hatim Tai.”

A Glimpse into Jasmine Dhunna’s Profile

Full Name: Jasmine Dhunna

Date of Birth: Early 1960

Age: 57-65 years (As of 2023)

Birthplace: India

Profession: Actress

Nationality: Indian

Religion: Hindu

Caste: Jat

School: Local School

Height: 5 feet 4 inches

Husband: Rahul Tugnait

Alma Mater: Local College

Net Worth: INR 2 crore-3 crore (approx)

The Enigma of Disappearance

After a brief appearance in the film “Hatim Tai” (1990), Jasmine Dhunna mysteriously vanished from the entertainment landscape. Her current whereabouts remain shrouded in mystery, with some speculating that she adopted the name Jasmine Bhatia. Allegations surfaced, suggesting that she received unsuitable offers from criminal organizations, prompting her exit from the entertainment industry.

Insight into Personal Life

Jasmine Dhunna shares her life with Rahul Tugnait, a Non-Resident Indian (NRI), in the sacred institution of marriage.

Unraveling the Financial Tapestry

Net Worth: Approximately INR 2 crore-3 crore (approx)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Religion of Jasmine Dhunna?

Jasmine Dhunna practices Hinduism.

What is the Age of Jasmine Dhunna?

As of 2023, Jasmine Dhunna is in the age range of 57-65 years.

What is the Height of Jasmine Dhunna?

Jasmine Dhunna stands at an approximate height of 5 feet 4 inches.

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