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Exploring Charlie Woods: Golf Prodigy’s Wikipedia, Life, and Rising Career

In the realm of golf, Tiger Woods stands as a symbol of greatness. But what about his son, Charlie Woods? Born in 2009 to Tiger and his ex-wife Elin Nordegren, Charlie is creating ripples in the golfing world, displaying extraordinary talent from a young age. Let’s delve into Charlie Woods’ life, family, education, and burgeoning golf career.

Charlie Woods: Childhood and Family

Charlie Woods entered the world in 2009, a result of the union between Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren. Despite their separation in 2010, they maintained an amicable relationship, sharing joint custody of their two children – Charlie and his older sister, Sam, born in 2007. Interestingly, Charlie also has a half-brother, Arthur Nordegren Cameron, born to Elin Nordegren and former NFL star Jordan Cameron.

Key Details:

  • Full Name: Charlie Axel Woods
  • Known As: Charlie Woods
  • Born: February 8, 2009
  • Age: 14
  • Occupation: Golf player
  • Net Worth: $3 million

Charlie Woods: Ethnicity

Charlie Woods boasts a diverse heritage. His mother, Elin Nordegren, hails from Sweden, contributing to Charlie’s Swedish roots. On the other hand, Tiger Woods’ ancestry includes African-American, Native American, Chinese, Dutch, and Thai origins, creating a rich tapestry of ethnic influences for Charlie.

Physically, at the age of 11 in 2020, Charlie stood at 4 feet 7 inches and weighed 36 kilograms. With his blonde hair inherited from his mother, he presents a youthful appearance reminiscent of his father’s early years.

Charlie Woods: Education

Details about Charlie’s education remain private, shrouded from the public eye. However, his golfing journey began at an incredibly young age – four years old, to be precise. Starting at the Hammock Creek Golf Club in Florida, Charlie quickly demonstrated his talent by winning double junior tournaments at the Palm City tournament. Under the 11-year-old division, he achieved a remarkable three-under 33 in a 9-hole game.

Charlie Woods: Professional Career

Tiger Woods, a golf legend with multiple accolades, has played a pivotal role in shaping Charlie’s golf career. The father-son duo participated in various Florida-based tournaments, including the PNC Championship in Orlando. Their remarkable performance, concluding with a score of 62 in both rounds, brought Charlie into the limelight as a rising golf personality.

While Tiger Woods earned his stripes early, Charlie made his professional debut in a Florida tournament, securing the second position with a score of 55 for 9 holes. Notably, Charlie clinched two PGA Junior Tour titles with his father as his caddie, marking a significant early achievement in his promising career.

Tiger Woods, a child prodigy himself, introduced Charlie to golf at the age of four. In his first professional tournament in Florida, Charlie finished second with a score of 55. Tiger, speaking about his son on GolfTV, expressed pride in Charlie’s growing interest and understanding of the competitive aspects of the game. Tiger also acknowledged Charlie’s superior golf swing, wishing he could replicate the fluidity displayed by his son.

Charlie Woods: Social Media Presence

While Charlie Woods doesn’t have an active social media presence, glimpses of his life can be found on his father’s Instagram account, followed by over 2 million fans. Some lesser-known facts about Charlie include his full name, Charlie Axel Woods, and his zodiac sign, Aquarius. His maternal grandfather, Thomas Nordegren, is a renowned radio journalist, while his grandmother, Barbro Holmberg, is a former politician.


At such a young age, Charlie Woods has carved a niche for himself in the golfing world, blending his father’s legacy with his unique talent. As he continues to evolve as a golfer, the world eagerly awaits the unfolding chapters of Charlie’s promising career. Born into a family of athletic and influential individuals, Charlie Axel Woods seems destined for greatness on the greens.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How old is Charlie Woods?

Charlie Woods is currently 14 years old. He recently contributed to his school team’s victory, helping them secure the Florida High School Athletic Association Class A state championship.

What does Tiger Woods’ daughter do?

Tiger Woods has a daughter named Sam Alexis Woods. Unfortunately, the provided information does not specify what Sam does. As of now, her activities or profession are not disclosed.

How does Charlie Woods earn money?

Charlie Woods accumulates his wealth through potential endorsement deals and a trust fund established by his father, Tiger Woods. As he continues to grow in the world of golf, opportunities for endorsements and sponsorships may contribute to his income.

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