How to increase followers on Instagram? Organically (20 Tips)

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Instagram is one of the world’s top 4 largest and most used social media networking site. If you use Facebook, whatsaap and youtube then you must also know about Instagram.

It is also one of the free social media networking site where you can connect to the whole world by creating your personal or business account for free.

See like in facebook you can join maximum 5000 thousand people in your friend list but there is no such limit in instagram you can get Million, Billions Followers in your instagram account

Instagram is the most reach or amazing app that helps you to promote your page around the world, help you stay connected with your friends, relatives and your favorite people and even help you in marketing, promotion of your business. It also helps in doing branding and earning money online.

Let’s start and know how to increase instagram followers? how to increase followers on instagram 2022 and how to increase followers on instagram

How to increase follower on instagram

You have to understand all the steps given below carefully only then you will be able to create your real audience and followers on your instagram.

If you have made a time followers on your Instagram, then you can not even imagine how many benefits you will have :-

  1. You will become very popular and famous among the people
  2. Live your life like a celebrity
  3. You will be known as instagram influencer and leader
  4. Many companies will offer you to brand their products and services.
  5. Sitting at home, you will get to do many sponsored ads, from which you will be able to earn a lot of money.
  6. You will be able to do your own affiliate sales
  7. You will be able to promote the products and services of your business

So now you must have understood that why today people work so hard to increase the followers of their Instagram because they all know that once they increase the followers of Insta then they have many benefits.

1. Create a Professional Account.

See, you can create an account in Instagram in two ways, first personal and second professional, if you want to get more and more followers in Instagram, then you create a professional account in Instagram and if you want to use Instagram for personal use only then only you Keep it personal.

In Instagram, you can create a professional account for free, due to which your follower grows rapidly, as well as here you get to access more features than personal account such as :-

  • You can see Instagram insight and analytics
  • How many people saw your post, how many followers or non-followers were shown your post, what was the reaction of the people or all you can see from business account
  • You can add contact button in Professional account.
  • You can use link in your instagram stories
  • You can also promote advertisement and post from Instagram.
  • And at the same time, the reach of your published content from Instagram professional account also reaches more and more people.

Convert Instagram personal account to professional account?

  • First of all, you have to login to your instagram account, after login, you have to click on the setting on the top corner of the right hand side by clicking on the three lines visible on the side of the plus.
  • After clicking here, another window will open in front of you, there you will be viewing the account, click there below.
  • After coming to the account, now you will have to open another page, you have to come down from everything, in the last you will see the switch account written there, click there.
  • After coming here, you will get the do option in front.
    1. Switch to Personal Account
    2. Switch to Business Account
  • From here you can convert your Instagram account into a professional business account.

2. Create a Professional Bio

In Instagram, whenever any user sees you with any of your post or Instagram recommendation, then he checks your profile before following you. If there is power in your profile then that user will follow you immediately.

So to increase the follower on instagram, you should make your insta bio very professional so that the user is impressed and follow you immediately.

3. Instagram Profile Picture

See brother, what he sees is sold until you see how people will come to you, so you should either put a professional and attractive image of yourself on your instagram profile or you can create a logo for your branding and use it. Use it in your Instagram profile image.

4. Choose Your Niche

Now it comes to creating an Instagram account, but what will you publish in it, so to be a professional Instagram user always you need to choose a niche for your Instagram account.

Niche means that you mostly create information, content, videos, posts and reels related to which topic, whether you want to make about personal life or choose a profitable niche, so that you can make money from your Instagram account in future. Can earn ,

5. Do Regular Post

Whatever be the work, if the work is done consistently then one day it is definitely successful and social media is such a platform, people who are very active here, they succeed very quickly and very fast.

Then to increase followers on Instagram and to be successful here you have to be persistent, for this you should update something daily from Instagram account, whether it is video, image, text or reel, publish posts regularly. By publishing regular posts, Instagram will only promote you.

Instagram itself promotes people who are more and more active on Instagram and create content for better user experience.

6. Insta Stories

There is one thing that is most viewed on Instagram, it is instagram stories. If you want to increase your instagram followers very fast, then you should create daily instagram stories.

These stories are for 24 Hrs and then get removed automatically, but according to a research, most Instagram stories are seen, so you have to keep updating the content in stories that attracts attention of people daily.

7. Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels has created a lot of buzz ever since tiktok was closed, since then those people who got used to making short videos and those people who want to watch shorts videos, all those people now started taking interest in Instagram Reels.

Whoever liked the reels, they became instagram start and super start, people started following them in millions.

Pro Tips:- If you also want to increase the followers of Instagram very quickly, then you also start making Instagram reels.

As Instagram Reels is a new feature of Instagram, Instagram itself promotes the reels of the logo, due to which you will get to see a lot of Reach in the reels.

Some people even started wishing millions of rupees a month from Instagram reels, if you do not know how you can earn money from Instagram reels, then read the article given below.

8. Keyword on Bio

This is a very big and great trick that when I used it, I got to see very good results, you put those keywords in your name or in your bio from which you want to rank.

With which you will come in the search result of instagram and when people search for such a keyword, then you will find them there, there are many chances that people will follow you.

The people who will follow you from Instagram search will be very target audience and quality followers for you.

As a quote, I want to rank by Fastread keyword or blogger or blogging.

People who want to learn blogging, similar people, I want followers of instagram, so I have optimized my bio in this way

See my Profile 

9. Like & Comment on Popular Post

In your own niche, you should comment well on the popular posts of those people, in which many people like Comment, and save their post. Which when people see their comments, then their audience can follow you here, such chances can be made.

For this, you have to make your mind that the attraction of people comes to you and you do not have to do any spamming, you have to do a lot of genuin work and you will get to see the result very well.

10. Connection with Others

Follow good big Instagram users and people of your niche, as much as you follow there are chances that people will also follow you and make good relation with them.

Like, comment and give good feedback on his post, which will increase your followers very fast.

11. Use proper Hashtag

Who has not heard about Instagram hashtag, if not heard then read the article given below, you will understand what is hashtag?

You have to use Instagram hashtags related to the same post in all your posts, with hashtags your post becomes very viral and more and more people are seen.

You can also increase your Instagram followers by using hashtag.

12. Schedule Your Post

You can schedule your posts with Instagram professional account, see if you want to increase the followers of Instagram and want to achieve success quickly, then you have to do very professional work.

Fix time for regular posting, make a schedule of which post, video, reels will come on which day of the month or weekly and publish your post at the same time.

You can also schedule your Instagram post so that it will be auto published.

13. Trending Keywords

Trending topics are popular quickly, if you want to increase the follower of instagram fast, then you should publish post on trending topic of your niche and also apply trending hashtag so that your content will see more people in instagram and your followers will also increase.

14. Avoid Fake Followers

Many instagram users increase followers through fake followers, artificial bots in their instagram, this is not true at all, you will never do this. There will be no benefit from this, but only you are harmed, your account can also be created by instagram.

15. Promote on Other Platform

Tell about your Instagram account to your friends, your fans and your audience and users if you are a youtuber, blogger or run facebook or any other social media platform wherever your audio is, tell about your instagram account and people Tell us to follow our account.

16. Understand your Audience

You will have to do research in your own Instagram account and see what kind of people are joining you, which of your posts are getting more reach, which content is being liked more, you have to create more similar content and to publish.

17. Use caption

Whenever you post on instagram, use the caption in it and ask some questions to the people there, so that people will comment on your post and answer them, so that more people will see that post.

18. Be creative

You have to be very creative to publish any kind of content on Instagram. Attractive things attract people’s attention and user’s engagement also increases.

See, Instagram promotes more of those posts, videos, reels and content, in which people make good comments in long form, like and save your post. First instagram sees your post in a small group, according to how their reaction is, then it spreads the content to the large group.

That’s why you have to be very creative to grow followers on Instagram.

19. Links Instagram to Facebook

To increase the reach of instagram, link your instagram account with facebook account so that your instagram post automatically comes in facebook’s recommendation and you get more likes and followers.

20. Follow Unfollow

You must have seen many people, they have told that follow a lot of people in a day and after that when they follow you back, then unfollow them after a few days.

See, this trick is not right at all, Instagram now sees your every activities, if you use this trick, then Instagram itself will reduce the reach of your Instagram.

Therefore, do not use this method too much and if possible, do not do it, just follow the genuine people and follow the right methods mentioned above.

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Today we saw how to increase follower on Instagram? About How to Increase Instagram Followers – Best Tips and Tricks I hope you liked this article as well as the above mentioned tips and tricks will help you in increasing your Instagram followers.

Instagram is such a free social media platform from where you can earn name, fame and money, you can come in front of the world as a big influencer, for this you increase your Instagram followers, you too are successful in instagram marketing. Sure will be.

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