Google Can Penalize for These Bad Links

Google Can Penalize for These Bad Links : Every blogger knows how important backlinks are for SEO of our blog. But incorrectly created backlinks (or bad links) are dangerous for the blog. So much so that because of these bad links, you can also get penalty by Google. In this article today I am telling you about 10 such bad links.

Backlink is a significant ranking factor but you should also know how bad links harm the SEO of your site.

Poor linking can cause your site rank to be downgraded by Google algorithmically or, worse, get you a manual action.

Although Google may ignore some one bad link, too many bad links can do a big damage to your site’s ranking. Even Google can penalize you.

Here we will explain 10 different types of bad links that can get you punished by Google.

10 Types of Bad Links That Can Get You Penalty From Google

Most of the bloggers build backlinks in this way in order to get rank quickly, but the opposite happens with them and the rank of their website or blog decreases instead of increasing.

1. Press Release Links

Press release link were very popular about 10 years ago. It was so easy to create such links that everyone used to make press release links very easily.

At that time just one press release had to be written and it had to syndicate hundreds of press release distribution sites.

Many people still do this. This was an abuse of SEO strategy, and now Google considers this type of press release link to be a link scheme.

That’s why you should avoid creating this type of press release link and if you have already done so, you should stop it, you should create only one backlink in this way.

Otherwise google can penalize you because of this.

2. Discussion Forum Links

First of all I want to tell you that the liver created from all discussion forums is not bad. If the link is coming from a good quality forum site then it is fine.

But if you are getting thousands of links from any discussion forum or you are maintaining links from spam and low quality discussion forum then it is wrong.

Any link that is made from spam and law quality forum can get your site penalized by Google.

3. Many Random Nofollow Links

Some people want to fool Google by randomizing so that Google cannot detect their spammy link building trick. But just think.

Earlier this used to happen and many people used to be successful in this too but is it possible now, not sure because now Google algorithms have become very advanced.

If you are using an automated program to generate website backlinks then it is very likely that Google will not do well with the footprint of that automated program and then your site.

Thousands of Nofollow backlinks from many different sites are a sign that something different and unwanted is going on on your site. This can get you a penalty from Google.

4. Foreign Guestbooks Links

There is a lot of manipulation of this type of gender too. The gender of foreign guestbooks is placed manually or automatically, this type of link can lead to a drop in your site’s ranking.

If you suspect that this is happening to you, then you should immediately disavow those links . Otherwise you can get a Google penalty because of them too.

And never make such kind of links, and if you are doing this then stop doing it now. Otherwise this may be the reason that Google penalizes your website.

5. Private Blog Networks (PBNs)

At one time private blog network ie PBN used to be a great way to build backlinks to get ranking in Google. But now this method doesn’t work.

Now doing PBN on a large scale can lose organic traffic to your website. Although it still takes time for Google to catch some PBNs but OK eventually Google will catch up.

6. Social Bookmark Links

Now social bookmarking links are also considered manipulative by Google. If you do this too much it will get you in trouble.

Think about it and avoid it, otherwise it will put you in hell and Google can penalize your site because of spam, because Google also considers link scheme .

7. Directory Submission

Directory submission service likes to tell you that you will get great traction from their links. They claim that “we will help you increase your Google ranking!”

But the truth is something else. Submitting a site to a low-quality directory could potentially result in your site ranking worse instead of good.

So it would not be wrong to say that “this is the exception” but it is okay to create natural links from relevant and targeted directories.

There are many directories like BOTW, AboutUs,, Blogarama which are still valuable but mostly of low quality, linking to them is dangerous.

8. Blog Comments

Historically, blog comments have been one of the most misused strategies in SEO. Which is used to create backlinks in a wrong way.

Nofollow backlinks are mostly created through blog commenting. Spammers easily take advantage of the blog comment system.

But it is not wrong to make backlink from all websites through comments, a nofollow link from some good quality website is also valuable.

But thousands of links created through commenting from spam websites are dangerous and due to these you can get penalty by Google.

9. Fiverr or other Cheap Links

This is the biggest abuse policy in SEO yet. Under this people want to get rank in Google by buying backlink from website like fiverr.

This is a very bad way to build backlinks and it is not a part of Google guidelines, it is completely against it and is enough to be punished by Google.

If you have bought links to your website in this way and Google comes to know about it, then there is no doubt that Google will not punish your site for this.

10. Automatic Link Building Programs

Have you heard of GSA Search Engine Ranker, Scrape Box, or XRumer? You can create lots of links with these tools.

But now over the years this method has become less effective. Google does not allow link building in this manner. Especially you should not do this on your main site at all.

If anyone does, know that Google is already several steps ahead with pattern changes built into its algorithm. Google can punish him for that.


Backlinks created in this way can get your website penalized by Google. That’s why you should avoid making links in this way, and use it the right way.

If you have created links to your website by mistake in this way, then you should try to get them deleted as well as disavow all those bad links.

On disavowing the links, Google will filter them from the backlinks of your site. But remember it can take maximum time of 6-8 months.

If your site’s search ranking is downgraded due to Google algorithms then you should check your link profile and disavow bad links.

And if you are getting the identification of Negative SEO attack then you should immediately block all bad bots except major Google, Bing, Yahoo.

Also, you can tell your problem in the comment section below, we will try to tell you every possible solution.

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