Evan Spiegel Jewish, Wikipedia: Architect of Snapchat’s Success

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Evan Spiegel: Shaping the Digital Landscape


  • Birthdate: June 4, 1990
  • Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
  • Age: 33 years
  • Birth Sign: Gemini
  • Full Name: Evan Spiegel
  • Education: Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences (Santa Monica), Art Center College of Design (Pasadena), Stanford University (Product Design Program)
  • Career: Co-founder and CEO of Snapchat Inc.

Evan Spiegel’s Early Journey

Affluent Upbringing:

  • Born into affluence in Los Angeles.
  • Parents: Melissa Ann Thomas and John W. Spiegel, both lawyers.
  • Weekly allowance during teenage years: $250.

Education and Passion for Technology:

  • Attended Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences and Art Center College of Design.
  • Pursued a product design program at Stanford University.
  • Early fascination with technology marked his high school years.

Evan Spiegel’s Personal Life


  • Dated Taylor Swift.
  • Married supermodel Miranda Kerr in 2017.
  • Parents of two children.


  • Height: 6 feet 0 inch
  • Weight: 78 kg
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Black

Snapchat’s Genesis

Entrepreneurial Spirit:

  • Met Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown at Stanford.
  • Co-founded Snapchat, initially inspired by Google Circles.
  • Experimented with an online social network and Future Freshman project.

The Birth of Snapchat:

  • Reggie Brown’s suggestion led to the creation of a disappearing images app.
  • Launched as “Picaboo” in 2011, later rebranded as Snapchat.

Evan Spiegel’s Career Milestones

Snapchat’s Evolution:

  • Introduced innovative features like “My Story” and video chat.
  • Surpassed 10 billion daily video views by 2016.
  • Most downloaded app in 28 countries.

Achievements and Awards:

  • Crunchies Best Mobile Application award in 2013 for Snapchat.
  • 2015 Eddy Award by LAEDC for leadership and job creation.

Evan Spiegel’s Net Worth

  • Estimated net worth: $13 billion (approx.).

Evan Spiegel on Social Media


Evan Spiegel’s journey from a tech enthusiast to the CEO of Snapchat exemplifies determination and innovation. Snapchat, under his leadership, transformed communication globally. Beyond financial success, Spiegel’s visionary approach continues to shape the tech industry. He stands as a symbol of perseverance and leadership, influencing the future of technology.


1. How much is the CEO of Snapchat worth?

  • Evan Spiegel, the CEO of Snapchat, is estimated to be worth $13 billion.

2. What does Evan Spiegel do now?

  • Evan Spiegel is currently the co-founder and CEO of Snapchat Inc., overseeing the company’s operations and strategic direction.

3. Who is the CEO of Snapchat?

  • Evan Spiegel is the CEO of Snapchat.

4. Who did Evan Spiegel date before marrying Miranda Kerr?

  • Evan Spiegel dated singer Taylor Swift before meeting and eventually marrying supermodel Miranda Kerr in 2017.

5. At what age did Evan Spiegel become a billionaire?

  • Evan Spiegel became a billionaire at a young age, achieving billionaire status by 2016, primarily due to the success of Snapchat.

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