Callum Walsh: Rising Boxing Star, Career Highlights, Age and Personal Life

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At just 22 years old, Callum Walsh is making significant waves in the boxing world. The Cork-born fighter has climbed the ranks, facing formidable opponents and never taking the easy route. Walsh is set to face Ismael Villarreal at Madison Square Garden’s Hulu Theatre on November 9. This ten-round bout will air on UFC Fight Pass and is closely watched by UFC CEO Dana White, who aims to make a splash in New York just days before UFC 295.

Callum Walsh: A New Face in Irish Boxing

Ireland’s Rich Boxing Heritage

Ireland has a storied history of producing elite-level boxers such as Jimmy McLarnin, Barry McGuigan, Carl Frampton, Wayne McCullough, and Steve Collins. Recently, Katie Taylor and Michael Conlan have led the charge for Irish boxing. Now, Callum Walsh is ready to take up the mantle and become the new face of Irish boxing.

“I believe I can be the new face of Irish boxing,” Walsh told The Ring. “The time is now to fight in New York City because many people are following me now and they know I take real fights. Look at my opponent. No one with my record or age would fight this guy and I am not only fighting them, I am also knocking them out.”

The Journey of Callum Walsh

Who is Callum Walsh?

Callum Walsh is a six-time Irish champion and a European gold medalist, trained by the legendary Freddie Roach and promoted by Tom Loeffler. He turned professional in 2021 and has quickly built an impressive 8-0 record.

Recent Fights and Achievements

Known by his nickname “King,” Walsh has won three fights in 2023, all by knockout. His last three opponents, Wesley Tucker, Carson Jones, and Juan Jose Velasco, were seasoned fighters with over 15 wins each. Walsh’s most recent victory came in August against Velasco, where he secured a retirement win, marking his seventh knockout.

“Every time I get in the ring, I’m trying to hurt them,” Walsh said. “It’s either them or me. I picture the ring as a coliseum, and we are Roman gladiators. I watch Troy and Gladiator before my fights because I feel it’s like life or death in there.”

Callum Walsh’s Social Media Presence

Fans can follow Callum Walsh on various social media platforms to keep up with his latest updates and insights into his boxing career:

Personal Life and Relationships

Breakup with Jess

Callum Walsh’s personal life has also garnered attention, particularly his breakup with Jess. The couple parted ways after a calm discussion at an event. Jess clarified that the breakup wasn’t due to any behavior at the event itself. There wasn’t a big argument or dramatic confrontation; instead, they mutually decided to stop communicating with each other, leading to the end of their relationship.

Is Callum Walsh from Love Island Australia?

There seems to be some confusion regarding Callum Walsh’s connection to Love Island Australia. This mix-up might be due to the presence of Callum Hole, a participant on Love Island Australia. However, Walsh is solely focused on his boxing career and is not associated with the show.

Current Relationship Status

As of now, Callum Walsh is single. Following his split from Jess, he described his dating life as “nonexistent, really.”


Callum Walsh is a young, determined boxer with a bright future ahead of him. His impressive record and dedication to the sport have positioned him as a rising star in the boxing world. As he continues to climb the ranks, fans eagerly await his next bout and the impact he will undoubtedly make in the ring. Keep an eye on Callum Walsh as he strives to become the new face of Irish boxing.