Best British TV Shows on Netflix

When it comes to the best British TV shows on Netflix, you’re in for a treat. Netflix offers an extensive collection of top-tier British shows, ranging from gripping dramas to hilarious comedies and everything in between. Let’s delve into some of the most compelling British series you can binge-watch right now.

British British TV Shows on Netflix

Black Mirror: Dystopian Brilliance

One of Netflix’s standout hits, Black Mirror, presents a dystopian view of modern society, exploring the darker side of technology and human behavior.

The Crown: Royal Drama Unveiled

Delve into the intricate lives of the British royal family with The Crown. This historical drama series offers a fascinating glimpse into the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and the events that shaped modern Britain.

Top Boy: Gritty Urban Realism

Top Boy takes viewers into the gritty underworld of London, showcasing the challenges faced by individuals navigating the city’s complex criminal landscape.

Call the Midwife: Heartfelt Period Drama

Set in the mid-20th century, Call the Midwife follows a group of nurse midwives as they navigate the challenges of healthcare in post-war London.

Baby Reindeer: Gripping Thriller

Baby Reindeer is a compelling British drama thriller that delves into the complexities of obsession and harassment, offering a unique perspective on these themes.

Peppa Pig: Family-Friendly Animation

For younger audiences, Peppa Pig remains a beloved British animated series that combines entertainment with valuable life lessons.

Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father

Join comedian Jack Whitehall and his father on a comedic journey around the world, filled with laughter, cultural insights, and heartwarming moments.

Last Tango in Halifax: Romantic Comedy-Drama

This charming series explores late-life romance and family dynamics, proving that love knows no age limits.

Beckham: The Iconic Journey

Beckham offers an intimate look into the life of football legend David Beckham, showcasing his triumphs, challenges, and personal growth.

Robbie Williams: Musical Legacy Unveiled

Delve into the life and career of pop icon Robbie Williams, from his early days with Take That to his solo success and personal struggles.

Heartstopper: Emotional Coming-of-Age Tale

Based on the acclaimed graphic novel, Heartstopper follows the romantic journey of two young men, offering a poignant portrayal of LGBTQ+ relationships.

Sex Education: Insightful Comedy-Drama

Sex Education blends humor with heartfelt storytelling, tackling sensitive topics with empathy and wit.

Black Mirror: Dystopian Wonders

One standout series that showcases the dark side of technology is Black Mirror. Created by Charlie Brooker, this dystopian masterpiece delves into our complex relationship with technology and its potential consequences. With six seasons of mind-bending narratives, each episode offers a unique and thought-provoking story that will leave you captivated.

Call the Midwife: Historical Drama

Set in the late ’50s and ’60s in London’s East End, Call the Midwife is a compelling drama that follows a group of nurse midwives navigating major historical events and social issues. From the Baby Boom era to post-war challenges, the series provides a poignant look at healthcare and societal changes.

The Crown: Royal Intrigues

For fans of historical drama, The Crown is a must-watch. Spanning six seasons, this series chronicles pivotal moments in Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, including political shifts, royal scandals, and personal struggles. With stellar performances and lavish production, it’s a captivating journey through British history.

Top Boy: Gritty Crime Drama

Top Boy offers a gritty portrayal of life in London’s criminal underworld. With compelling characters and intense storylines, this crime drama delves into themes of power, loyalty, and survival. The series has garnered critical acclaim for its authenticity and gripping narrative.

Peaky Blinders: Gangster Saga

Step into the world of 1920s Birmingham with Peaky Blinders. Led by the enigmatic Tommy Shelby, the Peaky Blinders gang navigates the dangerous world of organized crime, facing rivals, betrayal, and family drama. With its stylish period setting and gripping plot twists, it’s a binge-worthy experience.

Sex Education: Comedy with Heart

Sex Education blends comedy and drama in a coming-of-age story set in a British high school. With a talented cast led by Asa Butterfield and Gillian Anderson, the series tackles sensitive topics with humor and heart, resonating with audiences worldwide.

Last Tango in Halifax: Heartwarming Romance

Delve into the world of later-life romance with Last Tango in Halifax. This charming comedy-drama follows two widowers who reconnect in their golden years, exploring love, family dynamics, and the joys of second chances. It’s a feel-good series that celebrates love at any age.

Inside Man: Intriguing Thriller

In the gripping miniseries Inside Man, the lines between truth and deception blur as characters navigate complex mysteries. With stellar performances from David Tennant and Stanley Tucci, the series keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with its twists and turns.

Derry Girls: Hilarious Coming-of-Age

Derry Girls offers a hilarious take on adolescence in Northern Ireland. With its irreverent humor and relatable characters, the series explores friendship, family, and teenage antics against the backdrop of a politically charged environment.

Requiem: Haunting Mystery

Enter a world of dark secrets and mysteries with Requiem. This gripping drama follows a cellist’s journey to uncover the truth about her past, leading to eerie revelations and chilling encounters. With its atmospheric storytelling, it’s a binge-worthy thriller.

The End of the F*ing World (2017)

Based on the Charles Forsman mini-comics, this dark comedy-drama is a unique take on teenage life and relationships. It follows the story of James, who believes he’s a psychopath, and Alyssa, his classmate with a troubled home life. The series has been praised for its dark humor and the chemistry between the lead characters.

Get Even (2020)

This British teen thriller is based on the book series “Don’t Get Mad” by Gretchen McNeil. It follows a group of schoolgirls who form a group called DMG (Don’t Get Mad) to take down bullies at their school. However, their actions lead to unexpected consequences when one of their classmates is murdered, and they become the prime suspects. It’s a gripping series that delves into themes of friendship, revenge, and mystery.

Monty Python’s Flying Circus (1969)

A legendary sketch comedy series created and performed by the iconic Monty Python comedy group. Known for its absurd humor, clever wordplay, and memorable characters, “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” has become a classic in British comedy. The show’s influence can still be seen in comedy today, making it a must-watch for fans of humor that pushes boundaries.

Crashing (2016)

Created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who also stars in it, “Crashing” is a British comedy-drama that revolves around six 20-somethings living together in a disused hospital. They enjoy cheap rent but have to manage the property and ensure its security. The series is known for its quirky characters, witty dialogue, and Waller-Bridge’s unique storytelling style.

Collateral (2018)

This British drama series is a police procedural that delves into a murder investigation led by Detective Inspector Kip Glaspie, played by Carey Mulligan. The story starts with the murder of a pizza delivery man but uncovers larger and more complex issues as it progresses. “Collateral” received praise for its strong performances and engaging storyline.

The Great British Bake Off (2010)

Known as “The Great British Baking Show” in the United States, this baking competition series has gained immense popularity for its wholesome content and talented amateur bakers. Contestants compete in challenges to showcase their baking skills under the guidance of judges Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood, and Prue Leith. It’s a delightful show that combines culinary creativity with friendly competition.

Bodyguard (2018)

“Bodyguard” is a gripping British series starring Richard Madden as David Budd, a police sergeant and war veteran assigned to protect a high-profile politician. The show explores themes of political intrigue, personal struggles, and the complexities of modern security issues. Richard Madden’s performance and the intense plot have earned the series critical acclaim.


With a diverse range of genres and captivating storytelling, Netflix’s selection of best British TV shows promises entertainment for every viewer. Whether you’re in the mood for gripping dramas, heartwarming comedies, or insightful documentaries, these British series deliver top-notch content right to your screen.

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