Best 10 AI Portrait Generators 2024

Looking for ways to craft exquisite Portraits from the comfort of your space? You’re in luck! Explore an array of elite AI Portrait Generators that open the gateway to crafting distinct AI Portraits.

AI Portrait generators possess the ability to craft captivating portraits by leveraging existing images and prompts. These tools not only birth novel portraits but also extend the freedom to tailor them by manipulating image size, selecting diverse styles, altering appearances, and more.

Operating these tools doesn’t mandate any extra expertise or technical acumen. However, amidst the plethora of AI Portrait Generators available, pinpointing the ideal one can be a challenge. Thus, below are the leading 10 AI Portrait Generators for 2023, each a masterstroke in enabling the creation of breathtaking portraits using preexisting images.

What are AI Portrait Generators?

AI Portrait Generators stand as remarkable instruments harnessing deep learning and neural networks to spawn extraordinary Portraits. These generators craft portraits from either textual descriptions or preexisting photos.

Through textual input, users articulate their portrait through minutiae like facial traits, hair color, attire, expressions, and more. The AI algorithm meticulously processes the input, conjuring a lifelike portrait mirroring the user’s description.

Alternatively, employing an existing image as input deploys deep learning technology to dissect the image, yielding a new portrait embellished with a gamut of artistic styles and themes. Leveraging existing images often leads to richer AI Portraits. Users further possess the capacity to refine and tweak images, birthing the desired portrait. The advent of AI Portrait Generators has ingeniously revamped the landscape of digital portrait creation, fusing creativity and convenience.

Top 10 AI Portrait Generators

1. Dawn AI

Dawn AI, a preeminent AI Portrait Generator, empowers users to forge captivating AI Portraits via image uploads. Available on Android and iOS platforms, Dawn AI is downloadable free of charge. This tool boasts a plethora of style options, accommodating 3D renders, vibrant hyper-realistic depictions, black and white renditions, and more.

Its user-friendly interface offers an accessible gateway for all. Dawn AI’s unique facet lies in its capacity to create adorable AI Portraits of pets. The tool safeguards user data, erasing uploaded images from its database after a span of 30 days.

Features of Dawn AI:

  • Incorporates a plethora of artistic styles for AI Portrait creation.
  • Transmutes pet images into captivating AI Portraits.
  • Offers varied style options such as vibrant hyper-realistic, anime, 3D renders, and more.


  • Embodies limitless creativity.
  • User-friendly and intuitive.
  • Sires eye-catching AI Portraits.


  • Customization is slightly limited.
  • Occasional instances of sluggishness.

Pricing of Dawn AI:

  • Dawn AI proffers a free plan that encompasses 10 AI Portraits.
  • For unlimited AI Portrait generation, users can opt for the Pro Plan ($4.99/month) or the Team Plan ($19.99/month).

2. emerges as a trailblazing AI portrait-generating app, bestowing AI flair to 18th-century portraits through neural network technology. This platform transfigures ordinary images into imaginative portraits. Users materialize stunning AI portraits by submitting selfies, adhering to specific guidelines.

To optimize results, passport-sized images without glasses or headwear are favored. prioritizes user privacy, erasing uploaded images within 24-48 hours. An excellent choice for those embracing the fun of portrait creation in various filters.

Features of

  • Leverages neural networks to craft captivating AI Portraits.
  • Diverse filters available, from anime to fantasy.


  • A plethora of filters on offer.
  • Yields classic portraits.
  • Watermark-free paid and free trial versions.


  • Focuses largely on European ethnicity.
  • Instances of glitches and bugs.

Pricing of

  • Weekly subscription plan: $4.99.
  • Monthly subscription plan: $19.99.

3. Avatar AI

Avatar AI, an outstanding AI portrait-creating app, epitomizes versatility by generating over 120 portrait styles. Transforming a mere 30 images of varied contexts, settings, attire, and times into lifelike portraits is Avatar AI’s forte. Users articulate specifics via prompts, amplifying customization.

With an arsenal of templates and advanced AI, users engineer personalized portraits minus the costly photoshoots.

Features of Avatar AI:

  • Embodies 120+ portrait styles.
  • Abounds in customizable templates.
  • Capitalizes on advanced AI for portrait creation.


  • User-friendly.
  • Multitude of styles.
  • Ease of use.


  • Occasional accuracy lapses.
  • Pricing tiers: Pro Plan ($29/month), Premium Plan ($99/month), Business Plan ($299/month).

4. Lensa

Lensa, a paragon of AI Portrait Generating apps, wields advanced AI to breathe life into existing images. Transforming selfies into striking portraits, Lensa’s magic unfolds via simple steps: image upload, gender selection, avatar pack choice.

Lensa’s charm lies not only in the generation of exquisite AI Portraits but also in the ability to refine, retouch, and enhance these portraits. Catering to a variety of creative inclinations, Lensa accommodates a range of art styles and editing features.

Features of Lensa:

  • Converts portraits into diverse art styles.
  • Encompasses diverse retouching options.
  • Equipped with an “Eraser” for object removal.


  • Abundant portrait editing tools.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • 7-day free trial.


  • Performance fluctuations.
  • Occasional generation of inappropriate portraits.

Pricing of Lensa:

  • 7-day Free Trial followed by an annual paid plan ($29.99, 70% off).

5., a neural network-powered portrait generator, nurtures creativity by translating imagination into captivating portraits. Generating AI Portraits necessitates uploading five distinct images, showcasing varied angles of the user’s face. Adhering to certain guidelines, such as excluding glasses or hats, ensures optimal results.

With more than 50 styles available, users have ample room to craft personalized portraits. Customization through text prompts further empowers users to sculpt portraits aligned with their vision.

Features of

  • Relies on neural networks for customized AI portraits.
  • Gallery browsing for inspiration.
  • Customization through textual prompts.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Versatile styles.
  • Diverse customization options.


  • Constraints on nuanced details.
  • Resource-intensive for complex portraits.

Pricing of

  • Basic Plan: $9 for 200 avatars (1024x1024px).

6. ImgCreator.AI

ImgCreator.AI, a comprehensive AI Portrait Generator, thrives on existing images to craft portraits spanning anime, illustrations, fantasy, and more. By uploading 15-20 images against diverse backdrops, users unlock a wealth of styles. The outcome: a collection of 100+ portraits in a mere 20 minutes.

Perfect for those seeking playful AI portrait generation.

Features of ImgCreator.AI:

  • Multiple styles available.
  • Community gallery for inspiration.
  • Supports various formats.


  • Diverse art styles.
  • Supports multiple photo formats.
  • Swift portrait generation.


  • Free version limitations.
  • Watermarked free plan portraits.

Pricing of ImgCreator.AI:

  • Premium Plan: $19/month.

7., an AI Portrait Generator, transforms images into high-quality portraits. Besides crafting stunning portraits, it empowers users to elevate image quality. Notably, generated portraits are eligible for commercial use, under a CC0 license.

Beyond portraits, accommodates resizing, text-generated AI images, video enhancement, catering to freelancers, content creators, and professionals.

Features of

  • Resizable portraits for various platforms.
  • Image enhancement capabilities.
  • Commercial usage enabled.


  • Multiple trial opportunities.
  • Image enhancement and more.
  • User-friendly.


  • Occasional accuracy deviations.

Pricing of

  • Subscription plan: $30/month (300 credits).
  • Pay-as-you-go: $57 for 300 credits.

8., designed for pets, converts images into exquisite portraits. Crafting unique portraits in high resolution, it offers a seamless experience for pet owners.

Simply select style, pet type, quantity, and upload an image to have an AI-generated portrait in hand. Perfect for immortalizing furry companions.

Features of

  • Deep learning for pet portraits.
  • High resolution options.
  • Customized styles.


  • User-friendly.
  • Variety of styles.
  • Portraits for personal use.


  • Cost.
  • Delivery time (24-48 hours).

Pricing of

  • Standard Package: $24.

9. Pfpmaker

Pfpmaker, a professional AI Portrait Generator, empowers users to craft personalized, high-quality portraits. User-friendly and versatile, Pfpmaker generates portraits for professional and personal use.

Seamlessly altering backgrounds, enhancing images, and facilitating color changes, Pfpmaker offers practicality for users to generate numerous portraits across settings.

Features of Pfpmaker:

  • Background removal.
  • Image customization.
  • Background matching.


  • JPEG and PNG support.
  • Versatile usage.
  • Time-efficient.


  • Free version limitations.

Pricing of Pfpmaker:

  • Premium plan: $15 for 120+ AI headshots.

10. Epic Avatar

Epic Avatar, a robust AI Portrait Generator, thrives on existing images to craft custom AI portraits. Ideal for users seeking uniqueness, Epic Avatar fosters fun and creativity through themed portraits.

By uploading around 20 images, users can immerse themselves in the realm of custom AI portraits, receiving an email link to download the masterpieces.

Features of Epic Avatar:

  • Custom AI portrait generation.
  • Wide thematic variety.
  • Privacy measures.


  • Personalized profile flair.
  • User-friendly.
  • Numerous portraits.


  • Lack of affiliate program.

Pricing of Epic Avatar:

  • Subscription plan: $9.99.

Creating Your Own AI Portrait

Creating your AI portrait becomes a reality through these steps:

  1. Select an AI Portrait Generator like Lensa, Dawn AI, Epic Avatar, etc.
  2. Register and log in to the platform.
  3. Upload existing images showcasing your face sans glasses or hats.
  4. Opt for a desired style.
  5. Click “Generate.”
  6. The AI Portrait Generator processes your images and unveils your AI portrait.
  7. Download and share your creation.

Benefits of AI Portrait Generators

  • Streamline high-quality portrait creation without complex skills.
  • Swift portrait generation spares time.
  • Enhance portraits according to preferences.
  • Experiment with creativity through diverse styles.
  • Resize, enhance, and refine portraits with ease.
  • Tailor portraits to desired resolutions.


Is there a free AI portrait generator?

Indeed, numerous free options exist, such as DeepArt, CapCut, Pfpmaker, etc.

What is the app that makes AI portraits?

Apps like Lensa,, Dawn AI, and more serve as AI portrait creators.

Are AI portrait generators free?

Yes, various free options and free trials exist, while some offer subscription plans.

Can I use AI-generated portraits commercially?

Certain generators, like, allow commercial usage, but always check terms.

Do I need special software for AI portrait generators?

No, web applications or official app downloads suffice for usage.

Are AI portrait generators beginner-friendly?

Yes, with user-friendly interfaces, they cater to beginners.

In Conclusion

AI Portrait Generators stand as remarkable tools, crafting stunning portraits with unmatched convenience. These generators reflect the perfect blend of creativity and ease, empowering users to shape portraits aligned with their vision.

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