15+ Top AI Story Generator Tools for Writers (2024)

Creating a compelling story can be a daunting task for writers. Often, writer’s block can hinder your creative flow, interrupting your writing sessions. This is where AI Story Generators come to the rescue.

AI Story Generators are invaluable tools that can help you brainstorm unique ideas, plot twists, and characters, and even assist in writing your story. Whether you seek inspiration or wish for the tool to craft the entire story, these AI story generators can be your creative companions.

In this article, we’ll explore 15+ of the best AI story generator tools for writers in 2023, each capable of helping you generate captivating storylines, plots, titles, and more. Let’s dive in.

What is an AI Story Generator?

AI Story Generators are AI-powered assistants designed to help users create unique and engaging stories using Artificial Intelligence. To utilize these AI story generators, users typically provide a prompt explaining the type of story they desire. The AI then generates well-crafted fiction stories instantly. These tools are not limited to story creation; they can also aid in brainstorming ideas, titles, plot twists, characters, and more. AI Story Generators are user-friendly and accessible to writers of all skill levels.

15+ Top AI Story Generator Tools for Writers (2023)

1. Jasper

Jasper stands out as one of the premier AI story-generating tools on the market. It excels in generating engaging and memorable stories within minutes, covering various content types like blogs, novels, songs, captions, and more. Jasper can assist you in outlining your story, crafting twists and plots, and even generating entire stories using natural language.

Moreover, Jasper is versatile, capable of generating AI stories across multiple genres, including mystery, horror, fantasy, and romance. Its user-friendly interface ensures effortless access, making it suitable for both novice and experienced writers.


  • Produces high-quality stories
  • Flexible tool
  • User-friendly interface
  • Active community for support


  • May have a learning curve
  • Lacks a free plan


  • Creator Plan: $49/month
  • Teams Plan: $125/month

2. Plot Factory

Plot Factory is an online story planner that enables users to plan, organize, and write their stories. This tool empowers users to create entire universes, develop rich characters, and craft engaging narratives. It consolidates all your story-related information into a single dashboard, simplifying the writing process.

Plot Factory also offers the capability to narrate your stories in lifelike voices, allowing you to hear your content and identify grammatical mistakes and errors. Moreover, you retain full ownership of your work created on the platform.


  • Mobile-friendly
  • Supports universe creation
  • Feature-rich writing assistance
  • Organizes information effectively


  • Limited to English for narration
  • Paid plans required for extensive features


  • Basic: Free
  • Hobbyist: $9/month
  • Enthusiast: $14/month
  • Novelist: $19/month

3. Sudowrite

Sudowrite serves as an AI writing partner, guiding users in story writing, editing, brainstorming, and more. Sudowrite’s canvas generates multiple plot points, character secrets, and twists to enhance your story’s appeal. Powered by language models GPT-3 and GPT-4, Sudowrite offers quick feedback by analyzing your work within seconds.

This tool can auto-complete sentences by considering tone, plot, and characters, providing multiple options for the next 300 words of your story. Sudowrite is an excellent choice for authors seeking assistance in generating exciting stories.


  • Capable of rewriting your story
  • Maintains tone consistency
  • Facilitates brainstorming of ideas, plot, and titles


  • Canvas may require more structure
  • Can be overwhelming at times


  • Hobby & Student: $10/month
  • Professional: $25/month
  • Max: $100/month

4. Writesonic

Writesonic is a versatile AI writing tool that generates compelling stories, ideas, and outlines. It employs artificial intelligence to process your input and create engaging AI stories. Users provide a sentence or paragraph explaining their desired story, and Writesonic instantly processes the input to generate a story plot and character profiles that align with your provided information.

Writesonic excels in producing relatable scenarios that seamlessly integrate with your input. It also polishes your content to perfection, reducing the need for extensive editing.


  • Helps create exciting stories, outlines, and plots
  • Provides instant results
  • Generates AI stories from scratch


  • Limited customization options
  • Occasional complexity in usage


  • Free Plan: $0/month
  • Unlimited Plan: $16/month
  • Business Plan: Starting at $12.67

5. Scalenut

Scalenut offers a robust AI story-generating tool that enhances storytelling skills through natural language processing. Users can craft entirely new stories or enhance existing ones with intriguing plots and twists. Scalenut encourages creativity by combining various scenarios and plot points.

This platform includes a feedback loop to help users gauge their writing skills and track their progress. It also corrects grammatical mistakes, making it an ideal choice for aspiring writers seeking to improve their storytelling abilities.


  • Offers multiple options for improving storytelling skills
  • Automatically corrects grammatical mistakes
  • User-friendly interface


  • Occasional repetition in content
  • Limited template options


  • Individual: $12/month
  • Growth: $32/month
  • Pro: $60/month

6. Rytr

Rytr serves as an AI writing assistant, utilizing the GPT-3 language model to process input and generate engaging stories. This tool specializes in long-form content generation, allowing users to create different versions of their stories and choose the most suitable one. Rytr continuously updates and learns from new stories.

To generate an AI story on Rytr, you provide a prompt or short description of your idea, and GPT-3 analyzes it to generate a full-fledged story. It also includes an in-built plagiarism checker, providing added value to authors.


  • Contains an in-built plagiarism checker
  • Allows users to choose creativity levels
  • Generates multiple story versions


  • May lack streamlined experience
  • Not ideal for very long content


  • Free Plan: Free
  • Saver Plan: $9/month
  • Unlimited Plan: $29/month

7. Copy AI

Copy AI is a leading AI story generator powered by the GPT-3 large language model. Users provide input regarding the plot, story, and genre, and Copy AI processes this information to generate engaging and unique stories. It includes various templates designed for story generation.

One standout feature of Copy AI is its ability to produce natural-sounding stories that closely resemble human writing. It also offers a Chrome extension for simplifying the story generation process. Additionally, Copy AI can be used for copywriting, advertisements, blogs, emails, and more.


  • Provides various freestyle template options
  • Includes a Chrome Extension
  • Easy to access and versatile


  • May occasionally generate unwanted content
  • Requires proofreading


  • Pro Plan: $49/month (Unlimited story generation)

8. OpenAI Story Generator

The OpenAI story generator harnesses advanced AI technology to produce interesting stories within minutes. To generate a story, users provide prompts specifying genres, tones, plots, story lengths, and more.

OpenAI’s interface is user-friendly, making it accessible to anyone seeking to generate AI stories without complications. While it can save time, it may not always provide completely original ideas.


  • Time-saving
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Offers story rewriting options


  • May lack entirely original ideas
  • Occasionally may not follow commands precisely


  • OpenAI Story Generator is free to use.

9. NovelAI

NovelAI is a powerful AI writing tool tailored for novelists. It excels in brainstorming fresh and captivating ideas that align with your preferences. NovelAI generates unique and detailed storylines, characters, plots, dialogues, and more based on user prompts.

This tool ensures that your voice and perspective are maintained throughout your story. It excels at maintaining long-term coherence in narratives, making it an ideal choice for authors working on novels.


  • Encourages creativity
  • Tailored for novelists
  • Brainstorms fresh and engaging ideas


  • Sign-up process may be challenging for some users
  • Limited free trial


  • Free Trial: $0
  • Tablet: $10/month
  • Scroll: $15/month
  • Opus: $25/month

10. Shortly AI

Shortly AI is a story-generating tool powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence technology. It provides a remarkable story-writing experience, using GPT-3 technology to create short and long-form content.

To generate stories on Shortly AI, you provide keywords or a short phrase, specify the type of content you desire, and the tool generates suitable ideas. It is especially useful for authors, content creators, and writers seeking intriguing and engaging story ideas.


  • Allows users to generate stories using commands
  • Users can determine the story’s length
  • Generates high-quality output


  • May occasionally be inaccurate
  • Limited character count


  • Shortly AI offers a premium plan for $79/month (Unlimited story generation).

11. Inferkit

Inferkit is a versatile AI story generator that uses advanced AI language models to produce high-quality stories. Users provide input or keywords, and Inferkit generates natural-sounding stories based on this input.

Inferkit’s strength lies in its ability to resemble human-written content. It is also capable of generating long-form content, making it suitable for novelists and writers seeking to explore their creativity.


  • Fun and entertaining
  • Generates natural-sounding stories
  • Offers a free plan for limited character count


  • Limited character count in free plan
  • May occasionally generate offensive content


  • Basic Plan: $20/month
  • Premium Plan: $60/month

12. Canva Magic Write

Canva Magic Writer, powered by OpenAI, is an AI story generator that kickstarts your creative process and generates your first draft instantly. Simply provide a prompt explaining your thoughts, and Canva Magic Write generates brainstorming ideas, copy, outlines, and more within seconds.

This tool extends beyond story generation and can be used for social media captions, blogs, articles, and long-form content. Canva Magic Write organizes and stores all your ideas and content in one place for seamless access.


  • Streamlines the drafting process
  • Versatile for various content types
  • Fast and efficient


  • May generate random plots at times
  • Relatively expensive


  • Canva Magic Write offers a pro plan starting at $29.99/month.

13. AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon is a story-writing tool that allows users to generate unlimited content online for free. It uses advanced AI technology to create engaging and unique stories. To generate AI stories on AI Dungeon, users input a prompt or short description, and AI analyzes this input to generate a story.

AI Dungeon encourages creativity, allowing users to take their stories in various directions with endless possibilities. You can add thrilling elements to a romance novel or infuse comedy into a fantasy narrative, giving you complete control.


  • Offers endless story possibilities
  • Free to use
  • Provides unique and immersive scenarios


  • May generate sensitive content
  • Requires an internet connection


  • AI Dungeon is free to use for unlimited content generation online.

14. ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy is an ideal AI story generator for fiction writers. It excels in generating exciting ideas for captivating and engaging stories. Users provide input about the story they seek, along with genre, style, tone, and length preferences.

ClosersCopy then analyzes this information and generates a story outline tailored to your needs. If you’re looking for a tool to help generate interesting story ideas and outlines, ClosersCopy is an excellent choice.


  • Extensive knowledge base
  • Supports long-form content
  • Generates unique AI stories


  • Complex interface
  • Slower processing at times
  • Varied output quality


  • Power: $49.99/month
  • Superpower: $79.99/month
  • Superpower Squad: $99.99/month

15. Narrative Device AI

Narrative Device AI is a computer program that generates story inspiration using Artificial Intelligence. Users provide two themes or keywords, and the tool generates a story paragraph based on these themes. Unlike other story generators, Narrative Device AI doesn’t require long sentences; a few words are sufficient.

To generate AI stories, users need tokens, and they can obtain five free tokens by providing their email. This tool is a great choice for creating fictional stories.


  • Easy to access
  • Capable of generating stories with minimal input
  • Interprets provided themes


  • May not always be entirely accurate


  • Users can purchase 100 tokens for $5 on Narrative Device AI.

16. StoryLab

StoryLab is a writing assistant that helps writers find connections between content elements. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, it generates story ideas, titles, outlines, characters, and more. Users can specify the story’s length, genre, and style, and StoryLab provides a detailed outline accordingly.

StoryLab employs neural network techniques to create high-quality and engaging stories. It also allows new writers to share their stories and receive feedback from other users, enhancing their writing skills.


  • Fast and efficient
  • Generates unique story ideas
  • Facilitates sharing and feedback


  • May have a learning curve
  • Relatively expensive


  • Free Plan: $0/month
  • Pro Plan: $15/month
  • Unlimited Plan: $19/month

How to Create an AI Story?

To create an AI story, follow these steps:

  1. Select a reliable AI story generator from the options listed above.
  2. Input your story requirements, including the genre, style, tone, length, and any specific ideas you have.
  3. Click on the “Generate” button to let the AI process your input.
  4. Utilize the AI-generated content to outline your story, create a plot, develop characters, or even write the entire story.

It’s important to use AI story generators as assistants rather than outsourcing the entire writing process. These tools can provide valuable inspiration and ideas to enhance your creative process.


What is the best AI story generator app?

The best AI story generator app may vary depending on your specific needs. Some popular options include Plot Factory, Shortly AI, Canva Magic Write, and StoryLab.

Can AI generate stories?

Yes, AI story generators are capable of generating stories. Users provide prompts describing the type of story they want, and AI algorithms create engaging narratives. These tools can also generate story titles, plots, characters, twists, and more.

Is there a free AI story generator?

Yes, there are several free AI story generators available, such as OpenAI Story Generator, AI Dungeon, NovelAI, and more.

Can AI write my life story?

Yes, AI story generators can write your life story, but you need to provide detailed information about your life for accurate representation.

What is the AI website to write stories?

There are multiple AI websites for writing stories, including Jasper AI, Sudowrite, Writesonic, Copy AI, Rytr, and more.

In conclusion, AI story generator tools are valuable resources for authors and writers, offering inspiration for story ideas, titles, plots, and more. These tools leverage text prompts to generate unique and engaging stories instantly.

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